It is a word that spreads a certain vibration into space, which then triggers the desired events. If you want to chant the mantra or otherwise use it, you should know its meaning. It is not only a vibration, but also a meaning that will come true. So when you pronounce a mantra in a foreign language, first find out the meaning of these words. Also find out the correct pronunciation. Sometimes a slightly different intonation is enough and the meaning of the word changes. You need to be careful about that. There are also mantras that are not harmless. They carry your energy to another person - usually to the one who gave you the mantra.

If the mantra is to have the right vibration, it must have a certain intonation. It's good if someone sings it to you. Or then you have to try different techniques and perceive how the space will sound. A well-sung mantra vibrates and cleans the space. Then he fills him with positive energy.

OM - is the highest mantra, vibrates by the fertile force, the force of protection of the order and the force of fulfillment of the meaning of life. OM is a tone that still sounds through the universe on a subtle level.

OM MANI PADNE HUM - I carry in me the gems of divine qualities - I bow to the lotus feet of my teacher

ALAKH NIRANDJAN - indescribable and spotless

SO HAM - HAM SO - it's me, it's me (tone of soul)

ANANDHOHAM - I am glad

ANANDAM BRAHMANANDAM - I have universal joy

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