is a pagan god of fertility, portrayed with a ram's or goat's head = a common symbol of childbearing and fertility


 Quadrilateral B PV M Th

(fire, air, water, earth)

In the original Hebrew language, the vowels are not written B a PV o M e Th


B - it leads to become the absolute master of the electromagnetic fluid in the material world, to settle every disharmony in the human body or in the material world, to cure every disease, it also leads to become the master of life and death in the material world and to control all the four realms - the mineral, plant, animal and human realms

P - is in analogy with all things connected to the instinct of reproduction in the plant, animal and human in the material world. Qualitatively, this letter manifests itself in the material world in human life by showing the love of the child and in the animal in the care of the young.

M - corresponds to everything that is liquid, thus influencing the liquid state in the micro- and macrocosm, as a result it also influences the magnetic fluid and the force of attraction in the material world.

T - corresponds to all the laws of analogies of the three realms and controls their knowledge as well as their value.

H - in the material world influences the meaning of "Let there be", by which it is said that this letter can realise every material wish.


A Kabbalist who is dealing with numerical combinations must insert his wish 462 times no matter by which key.

- into the Akashic principle 2x

- into the mental body 60 times.

- to the astral body 400 times.




"The head of Christ, who was the Baphomet, the idol of which the Templars were accused of worshipping."


The symbol of Baphomet was used by the Templars as a representation of Satan. Baphomet represents the forces of hell, associated with the sexual fertility of the goat. In its pure form, the pentagram depicts a human figure in a five-pointed star - three vertices at the top, two pointing downwards - which symbolize the spiritual foundation of man. Pentagram is also used in Satanism, but since Satanism represents the bodily instincts of man, or the opposite of the spiritual side, it is used upside down - thus perfectly corresponding to the head of a goat. The corners - representing duality, are defiantly pushed forward, the other three points pointing downwards symbolize the denial of St. Trinity. The Hebrew characters in the outer circle of the symbol come from the magical teachings of Kabbalah, giving the word LEVIATHAN (snake from the water abyss identified with Satan). These characters correspond to the five vertices of an inverted star.




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