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PROTECTIVE INSCRIPTIONS INTO THE AURA - FOR ONE AREA/FOR ALL AREAS - SPECIFIC/GENERAL - what is inscribed into the aura - you are sending out into your environment - therefore you attract to yourself what you are spreading. The most common general inscription in all areas is: harmonious relationships, success in business, strong health... Most common inscription for one area: attractive/appealing to your surroundings (as desired by the client).

For protective entries it is important that you have a clean and closed aura - we have basic aura cleaning online for free (e.g. negative entries in your aura that negatively affect you...etc.), in case of damage to the aura by magical affliction (e.g. by affliction, curse, enchantment, incarnate soul, energy vampire) - it is necessary to remove the magical affliction first, only then the protective entries can be written into the aura (according to your requirements).

The duration of these inscriptions into the aura is individual (3 months - 1 year), it depends on the particular inscription, in case of the most common inscription in one area: attractive/appealing to his surroundings - these inscriptions are one of those that are very quickly drained, because it affects the wide surroundings, and for those people who do not think are attractive at all, for them it will be drained from the inscription even more, it still affects them, they became attractive - but this inscription lasts max. 3 months (basic), anyway it is one of the most popular inscription...

If you are interested in a protective inscription, please send us your photo. Or your initials and date of birth - to the e-mail: including a specific request, what you would like to have inscribed into the aura. Don't be shy, write exactly what you want from us. You don't have to be embarrassed in front of us - we are used to entries like... to be attractive to the surroundings, to be attractive to someone, that he keeps thinking about you etc... or to be sexy to your partner. To be attractive, to desire you and just you... and still want to be with you.. :-) so don't be shy ;-) a lot of clients only dare to get one of these write-ups the second time round - they booked a general one first because they were too shy to ask for what they really wanted and only admitted it to us the second time and some of them even after the third time... :-)

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