Central source alias God

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The central source is what the people usually think of as God. It is the source of all manifested and unmanifested Creation, everything that exists. It is a living and conscious creative cosmic principle. It has all the attributes of infinity, eternity, incomprehensibility and paradox (apparent inconsistency), etc., which people have invented in their limitations to express what is vastly beyond them and which they cannot grasp, master and contain in an intellectual or other way. That is why they defined God in such a way that they cannot define him. And that is already acceptable to them. They can already come to terms with this state.

What is God?

We can imagine it as a physical energy and information field of infinite Consciousness, Intelligence and Love, which exists in itself and around which there is nothing else, because everything that exists is in it. So there is no "around" and "outside". The source forms "from itself" and "into itself". So no one and nothing is separated from the Source. Everything created is located within the all-embracing Source. Everything created is created from the material of the Source, which is the conscious energy of the highest vibrational level. Everything originally has the basic properties of the Source. Everything is eternal, immortal, alive and conscious, it has the ability to create, the possibility of choice and the free will to make decisions. Everything is pure and has love in it. Everything has a perfect knowledge of the Cosmic Laws of Creation, which express the eternal order of God. Everything promised to keep, protect and defend these Laws. The promise is given within the Covenant of Creation between God and the Being created by him. Under these circumstances, all Things-Beings came out of the Source into manifestation, into this vast experiential Arena of Creation. It's a huge fixed solid and pre-defined training development space, the Hologram of Being. All things go through it and they choose their paths from the pre-allowed development palette.

Why does God exist?

God exists because He has made that decision. He wanted to allow all the things he created from himself and into himself so that they could also exist, to share this possibility with them because he loved them. So that everyone may know the Arena of Creation to explore it. To learn to read and understand this Book of Life. In order to learn to write and to be able to write a few lines of their existence in it and not have to be ashamed of it.

How does God judge?

The real God does not judge. The real God only unconditionally loves and accepts everything. The real God loves everyone equally. But he loves equals the most. And every thing he creates is in a sense equal to him, because it is a small piece of him. If one realizes this and stands before him proudly but humbly, with respect and dignity, and treats him as an equal, then he will receive the most powerful support from him, because he is most like him and resonates with him the most.

How does God punish?

Because the real God does not judge, he does not punish. Everyone punishes himself by breaking his Laws. These are the Laws of Creation, also the Laws of the Cosmic or the Cosmic. They express God's Will and God's order. These are the rules of the game for the whole of Creation. There are not many laws, but they are very hard and completely relentless. They are objective, eternal and unchangeable. It is the Law of Unity, the Law of Settlement, and the Law of Conservation.

The law of unity

The law of Oneness is the very basic law of Creation and expresses the meaning of all existence and God's creation. This law is RECOMMENDED, but it is NOT RECOMMENDED. Everyone can experience what happens when they break it - so God is generous. It is a law of love, respect, tolerance, nonviolence, the simultaneous evolution of all equal and different created things into a common unity, while respecting their identity and their diversity in all aspects. It is a law on cooperation and co-creation, on non-competition and non-competition and on mutual assistance. It is a law of helping the stronger the weaker. It is a law on freedom and the right to self-expression and the obligation to take full responsibility for it. About the right to one's own natural living space (home), to one's own culture, traditions, customs and values, to approaches to knowing the Laws of Creation, to ways of spiritual realization. About the obligation to respect these things in others. About the right to self-preservation and the obligation to defend against attack and aggression. Everyone is a manifestation of God's Will and has all the qualities of God - God's Gifts. He has the right to use these Gifts of his own free will. It has a duty to protect these gifts from misuse and to prevent them from being destroyed. It is a law on the exact balance of rights and obligations. It is a law of distinction where the limits of these rights (freedoms) and obligations (restrictions) are. The law of Oneness is also called the Principle of the Eternal Christ of the Original Creation. His manifestation (implementation) program, which puts this basic Principle of God's Creation into action, is the Christ Code, also the Christ Code. This Christ-Code defines the natural physical laws of the ID of Creation Mechanics, according to which the Consciousness of God-Source is gradually concentrated into many levels of differently conscious energy and matter. The concept of Christ - this principle is embodied in the teachings of the inner Christ, which is a fully ascetic spiritual doctrine for the realization of God through oneself, without the need for any external aids and mentors, built on the basis of the Unity Act. Man is a direct emanation of God, and there is nothing between Man and God.

Compensation Act

There is always someone who will not respect the Law of Unity. This is God's permission. Everyone has the right to break the Law. It is allowed, but not recommended. However, everyone has a duty to bear the appropriate consequences, which cannot be avoided. This is provided by another law, the Law of Settlement, also known as the Law of Karma or the Law of Retribution. This is not a psychological or moral concept. It is an energetic physical principle, an educational compensatory mechanism that teaches the participants of creation to experience what you are doing to others - that is, the highest didactic paradigm. In some way, all events are always returned to its creators: "every act bears the energy signature of its manager". This law has been well known to humans for generations and has been preserved in various terms of folk wisdom. E.g. mills of God grind slowly but surely; as it is called into the forest, so it is heard from the forest; he who sucks the wind reaps the storms; walk with the jug of water until the ear is torn off; whatever one treats, so one also lacks; every bitch will find their butcher.

Conservation Law

Another such compensation law is the Conservation Act. It acts as a self-defensive immune response of the Creation in the event of its damage on a large scale. If all the efforts of the guardian races and the extent of evil fail and its escalation reaches a critical mass of damage to large areas, there is a danger that the very principle of Christ would be destroyed there and all would fall into an irreversible fall. However, this is not allowed: only areas smaller than large can fall. That is why the law of preserving the Christ principle in creation comes in. It is a natural normal xenophobic (foreign repellent) immune response of any healthy organism that resists dangerous infection. This self-preserving mechanism starts spontaneously when a critical degree of damage is reached, and you literally sweep away all the destructive crap from the affected parts of space. This will restore the principle of life and the original order, which belongs there and which was created there by natural development.

Karma and non-karma

Not everything bad that happens to someone can be seduced into his bad karma, that his bad deeds return, for which he must now pay. Only one part of the suffering experienced has a karmic origin. The second part, and often disproportionately larger, has no karmic origin. It is caused by an act of pure aggression on the part of other beings who have abused their free will and ability to create. Their sacrifice is often completely pure and innocent, without karmic burden. It can be difficult to distinguish between the two cases.

Punishment and revenge

Penalty. The rebound of the law of karma can be called punishment. It is a natural defensive energetic reaction of the universe to the fact that someone is hurting it and ie completely fine. Punishment is a basic educational element that applies to all things in creation. The motivation for punishment is help. The aim of the punishment is to seek redress and bring the diverted things back to the right path and restore normal order. Punishment is a positive and constructive act, made from a position of love, so that the experience gained through it is as great as possible and hurts as little as possible. Pain is an accompanying phenomenon of learning things: to know what it is like to go against the laws of creation.

Revenge. It is a damaged act of punishment. The motivation for revenge is harm. The goal of revenge is humiliation and destruction. Revenge is a negative and destructive act, done from a position of hatred, where it is not about gaining experience, but about the greatest possible pain. Everyone can experience how they feel when they act on someone else from a position of power and take on the role: "I am your punishment" or "I am your revenge". The energy constellation usually shows it well.

Punishment and education

Punishment is a natural consequence of the normal functioning of creation, it is part of existence. That is why it is necessary to learn it from the earliest childhood. Everyone has their limits, where their freedom ends and the freedom of others begins. Education is the setting of these limits and restrictions, as well as the setting of punishment for exceeding them. And at all vibrational levels: physical, emotional, mental, etc. The absence of punishment in education is a denial of the natural laws of the universe and their contempt. The injured inmate then does not understand that there is something higher that transcends and limits him, what he must respect and what he will always subdue if he rages and crosses his boundaries. Instead of learning humility against the laws of creation, he learns arrogance towards his surroundings. He becomes a wicked and a tyrant. This blocks his spiritual development, which is conditioned by humility. The role of educators is to mirror the laws of the universe and to pass them on to their charges in a way that is acceptable to them. The God-human relationship is reflected on a small scale as a parent-child relationship. When raising a child, his parents are brought up the most, because they play a demanding two-part role here. They are in the middle of a relational pattern: child - year - God. They are between two millstones. They are like a child before God. They are like God before a child. This change of roles (teacher - student) has great didactic value. There is no better way to know God than to experience Him. In education, it is there a good opportunity: to take on his role and try to act like him. Parents tend to think that their children are the best. For them, yes, relatively. Absolutely not. It is not true that their children are pure angelic souls. Everyone who incarnates carries with them their own burdens, accepts the burdens of parents and the reserves of the planetary environment. All this is not visible from the beginning, because it cannot be fully manifested. However, it is possible to moderate undesirable tendencies with the right education and to desire to support it. Respect the motto that the child belongs to life and to himself. It is a fact that due to the increasing vibration of the planetary gratings due to SAC 2012, beings a little more advanced can come here, so it can also be seen intergenerationally. However, even you must take a certain amount of reversal from damaged models of the Earth.

love spells

Resonance and Dissonance

1. The state of harmony with God is the state of vibrational resonance. If one's actions respect the law of unity, which is recommended but not recommended, then one is in a state of harmonic vibrational resonance with the Source. It is tuned and energetically connected to it and has tremendous support, protection and guidance from it. In this way, it progresses evolutionarily. It is a path of spiritual ascension - immortal absence. He experiences positive and blissful states, and his life is a joy that radiates from him to his surroundings and which he passes on. The goal is eternal existence at the highest vibrational levels.

2. The state of discord with God is a state of vibrational dissonance. If one's actions do not respect the law of unity and violate it, which is allowed but not recommended, then one is in vibratory disharmonic dissonance with the source. It is not tuned to it, it is energetically disconnected from it and it has no support, protection and guidance from it. This moves the devolution backwards. It is a path of regression and spiritual fall. He experiences negative and terrible states, and his life is a suffering that radiates from him to his surroundings and which he passes on. The ultimate goal of this journey is the destruction and death of all bodies and consciousness at the lowest levels, which at the manifested cosmic level are the so-called black holes, unmistakable signs that this part of creation is on the path of falling and dying. The term "death of consciousness" means the loss of identity (deletion from the Book of Life). Consciousness is energy that cannot be lost, but can change its form. This is a fragmentation of consciousness, its tearing to pieces. Just as when the physical body is torn to pieces, its matter is not lost, but its vital functions are lost. The same thing happens with consciousness when it is fragmented.

Good and evil

The question of good and evil is simple. Acting by good choice is called good. Acting by wrong choice is called evil. These two words, good and evil, are just terminological labels, concepts, expressions by which people in their speech denote real physical reality: the state of energy resonance or dissonance of a being with a source. The vibrational harmony or discrepancy between two things (man and God) is a physical fact that objectively exists. If someone denies the existence of energetic vibrational resonance - dissonance, then he denies the existence of energetic laws of the cosmos and thus stands for them (see various statements such as "evil does not exist", etc.)

The relationship between good and evil

The relationship between good and evil is simple. Good is like health. Evil is like a disease. Illness is not a condition of health, but it is its perversion (destruction, damage). Likewise, evil is not a condition of good, but is its perversion (perversion, absence). It is sometimes said that good and evil are the two basic principles on which creation is based. Two opposing and balancing polarities necessary for the functioning of the universe. This is not the case. Just as health does not rest on sickness and disease is a nuisance to him, so creation rests on good and evil is a nuisance to him. Sometimes this is compared to the relationship between light and darkness. It is said that light has its essence, is a real effective and tangible substance (such as photons) and is created by God. It is said that darkness has no essence and is only a lack of light (absence of photons), so it is not created by God as a tangible substance or reality. Like any analogy, it affects only a piece of the truth. God created the preconditions for good and evil. In this sense, both principles are identical: both are products of the same originator and both are possible. However, they differ in an important matter: good is recommended and supported, and evil is not recommended and unsupported and punished. Everyone has the opportunity to choose and has a duty to bear the consequences of their choice. If there was no choice of evil, there would be no free will to decide, and that is against the law of creation. The price for the existence of free will is the existence of the possibility to do evil. And the remedy is punishment by the law of retribution.

Free will

Free will is the possibility of free choice. I.e. The gift is the most problematic because it carries great risks. The will easily becomes a will.

Good and bad choice

If our choice is in accordance with God's will, it is a good choice. If our choice is inconsistent with God's will, it is a bad choice. The will of God is given by the law of unity and its manifestation - the principle of Christ. A good choice is also called a Christ choice and represents archetypal health. The wrong choice is also called the anti-Christ choice and represents an archetypal disease.

Rise and fall

The state of harmony with God is original, natural, and normal. It is the initial donated state of all created things, which can be maintained by its proper behavior and development. It is the path of ascension, Christ's bio-spiritual evolution and ascension (development forward, promotion, up-grade). The state of non-conformity with God is non-original, non-natural and non-normal. It is a secondary acquired state into which originally Christ things have entered by their erroneous and damaged development. It is the path of fall, anti-Christian de-voluce (development backwards, humiliation, de-grade).

Evil must be defended

This is the promise that all created things made to God-Source when they first came out of him. They promised to u defend the principle of goodness (law of unity). To defend the principle of good (state of resonance and harmony) sometimes means to enter into war and war with the principle of evil (state of dissonance and chaos). Defending and protecting the principle of good is the duty of all who want to stay on the ascending - ascent path. The positive path of spiritual ascension is the birthright of all created things. The negative path of spiritual decline and fall is the renunciation of this right of ascension or its theft by fallen beings. Everyone has not only the right but also the duty to defend their robbery, to defend the right of ascension for themselves and others, and to defend themselves and their cosmic homes. The stronger protects the weaker, because, ie, by the meaning of his power, God bestowed on him. He who does not fight evil supports him by letting him grow. In this way he joins the side of evil and fights against God. And you need to practice in combat. The great spiritual masters were also powerful spiritual warriors.

God and evil

God's tolerance of evil is enormous, especially from the perspective of earthly man, who is at the bottom today, at the very bottom of the vibrational hierarchy of creation. Indeed, God has allowed evil to develop to an immense extent. He allowed the entire universes with all their civilizations and inhabitants to be destroyed arbitrarily. And that's why it's happening, and our universe is proof of that. The extent of evil can be as large as the part of the hologram being programmed for evil (its dark part). Its size is relative. If someone tramples an anthill in the forest, it is certainly a huge tragedy and evil for all its destroyed inhabitants, the greatest they can imagine. On the other hand, from the point of view of the whole cosmos, this tragedy does not look so great. God himself has decided how far evil can go, that is, how much free will (creation) will allow in creation. If the ant understood how great the creature was and how small its anthill is, he would find that God is holding the evil quite in check. But the ant does not understand and burns God. In the same way, people living in our painful planetary anthill burn God.


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