Structure of internal domains


Internal Domains

So far, only the so-called External Domains called Radon have been discussed. It seemed that God-Source is like the Great Nothing, the infinite field of Consciousness. Somewhere in it, where his Creative Intent is to create Creation, a construct called Yunasai first appears, which can be imagined as a small ball loaded with the Creative Programs for the Creation of the Cosmos, immersed in the field of God Consciousness. Inside Yunasai, there is a workspace in which the Cosmos is created, as described (Trinity, Cosmic Kathara, Reuche Pillars, etc.). When the whole Cosmos (Energy Matrix, protein) is made there, the Universes (Time Matrices, yolks) begin to form in it. Together, this Vibrational Hierarchy looks like long Stairs to Heaven. Everything is formed vibrationally from top to bottom and spatially from itself into itself, ie higher levels create lower levels of their substance inwards, into their body (just like the mother fetus). Yunasai is big enough so it can all fit there. Everything is inside God and nothing protrudes from him. Thus, one can imagine a work whose result is called the Outer Domain.

Four Domains:

4 layers in Yunasai

In fact, Yunasai has 4 layers (peels) that form gradually from its center outwards, these are 4 Domains. First, the first shell is blown out of it, which are the Core or Seed Domains called Eton (Core / Seed Domains). Here all things have their Core / Seed Rasha Templates and Bodies (Rasha Template, Body). Then, from this first shell, a second shell is blown outwards, which are Inner Hub Domains. Here all things have their Inner Rasa of the Master and Body. Then a third shell is blown outwards from this second shell, which are Middle Domains. Here all things have their Middle Raša Templates and Bodies. This shell and its real estate field are known as the mythical Garden of Eden. These levels cannot fall and are of high Christ quality. Then, from this third shell, the fourth and last shell are blown outwards, which are the Outer Domains. Here all things have their Crystal and Light Patterns and Bodies and their material manifestations. This Domain is farthest from the center of Yunasai, where it is connected to the Source. Therefore, it is most subject to damage and destruction. The lower part of her Stairs to Heaven up to the level of Ecka vto can fall (which is now also our case). The three inner skins are referred to as Rasa-levels, and are sometimes referred to as 'inner' without distinction as to which one they are. It is as a contrast to the fourth shell, which is outer, not Rasha and has a different structure. See. Figure below four domains

čtyři domény sac 2000-2022

For reasons of symmetry, these 4 Domains within Yunasai have their mirror doubles, which have dual polarity. Thus, when the first shell is blown from its center, it is blown simultaneously in two versions with opposite polarity, on two sides. We can imagine that one blows forward and the other backwards, as if they were 2 mirror images: in front of and behind the mirror. The shell in front of the mirror suits Etor, and we live in it. The shell behind the mirror is Adora and there are our dual worlds and me. So in terms of Domains, in Yunasai there are 2 sets of 4 nested Domains, one set is Etora and the other set is Adora.

The terms Etora and Adora.

The creature shown in the Stairs to Heaven vibration diagram shows only our Outer Domains on our Etora side. These Stairs therefore have their other side, where the Outer Domains are on the Adora side. In all Domains, these two sides are mirror-symmetrically symmetrical with respect to electrical and magnetic aspects, positive and negative charges, directions of rotation and spins, orientation of rotational axes, particles and anti-particles, world / anti-world, space / anti-particles. space, etc. The two sides are interconnected and energetically vital. They are complementary or dual to each other, complementary and balancing. They are like 2 connected containers. Energy Sources flow through them simultaneously, back and forth, from one side to the other, in continuous harmonic currents. Our side of Etora (in front of the mirror) is base-electric (ManA-base) and from our point of view, the Cosmic Kathara seems to us that the big grid that stands is Christ (ManA-base) and the small one that lies is Krystallah (EirA-base). ). Their Adora side has the opposite, and our Adora colleagues look the opposite. Our Etora page contains our manifested world in our Outer Domains and its three levels of Rasa masterpieces in our Inner Domains. The Adora party does the same for our local Adora colleagues. Their Adora page contains their manifested world in their Outer Domains and its three levels of Rasha masterpieces in the Inner Domains. The relationship of our Dual Self is interesting. The Etorak on our side has his Adorak on the other side and perceives him as his Spiritual Body. At the same time, Adorák is physically massaged and material there. On the contrary, this physical Adorak perceives us, his Etorak, as his Spiritual Body. He who is materially manifested on the Etora side has his spiritual (spiritual) aspects on the Adora side. There is a difference between the terms mental (soul) and spiritual (spirit). The mental level is the D-4 aspect of our Identity called the Soul (Soul Essence, Soul Essence) in the Outer Domains of Etora, the part of our Self that today is constantly incarnating into the damaged time cycles in HU1. The spiritual level is our dual aspect in Adora. See Fig. Two Sides of Creation.

The Two Sides of Creation in Yunasai:

ETORA = The world in front of the Mirror
ADORA = The World Behind the Mirror

(symmetry, duality, self-adjacency)

Rasha body

The immediate Rasha masterpiece for our Outer Domains (ie, the masterpiece of our Radonic masterpieces and bodies at all levels, from the quark to the universe) is stored in the Middle Domains (Edon, the mythical Garden of Eden). It is formed in the form of Radiation Geleziac Layers. There are a total of 15 layers for each of our dimensions from the D1-15 set. These are templates of our Dimensions for our 15-Dim Time Matrix. By compacting and crystallizing the gel consciousness, the Dark Matter Template is created and the Dark Matter Body is manifested on it, which already directly interferes with our manifested world. It creates a kind of Empty Nothing (quantum vacuum) behind our time-space, from which back and forth, according to the exact laws of symmetry, ephemeral nodules of interdimensional energy leak, which our matter-makers sometimes capture on their side. Probably like Goldfish - not for long.

One important part of the Raša of the middle domain level is the so-called Partekei Body, which is related to what current science calls 'dark' matter or energy (Dark Matter, Energy). They call her dark because they can't see her, but they can observe her physical manifestations and effects. In fact, she is not dark at all, on the contrary, she is extremely radiant, but in a higher vibrational range. RT exists for each Dimension, both at the cosmic level and at the personal level, and always has the same structure.

Planetary Raša body

Illustrative is the case of the planetary RT Earth for Dimension D-2, which we perceive as material, ie the Earth on which we live and walk. In fact, it is her emotional body, or also the Telluric-Physical aspect. We can imagine RT as a set of inserted wheels. There are a total of 15 of them and from the center outwards they are constantly and progressively increasing (in the picture, the circumference is drawn with the same spacing to fit there). Their mutual size ratios are precisely determined by the rotation of Kathar Mřížka, who is still expanding along the Christ Spiral (it is enlarged 16 times in 1 turn). So we have 15 layers or shells (round stripes), which are called Rings (R-Rings, rings, rings): they are gel radiation layers. We also have 15 thin energiestics or barriers (lines separating the Rings), which are called Spans (S-Spans, arcs, spans): these are the crystal plows that separate the Rings. Span S-1 separates Ring R-1 from Ring R-2, etc. Each Ring carries programs for one Sub-Dimensional (PD) band (sub-harmonic, sub-frequency) of one whole Dimension (here it is D-2 of our planet) and has its syllable which expresses its vibration (tonal signature of its creation program). E.g. R-Rings 10,11,12 have Rha, Sha, Lha. Their Spans have names combining the syllables of adjacent rings: Span S-10 lies between Rings R10 and R11 and is therefore called Sha-Rha. The total number of 15 Rings consists of 5 triplets, from the center out. Each of these three encodes some physically well-defined piece of the planetary body in D-2. These 5 triplets also somehow correspond to the 5 Element Fields: Frozen Core Ether, Water, Earth-Crystal, Air, Fire.

1 / The trio of innermost Rings R1-3 correspond to the Earth's Core: R-1 is the Nada Core Crystal, R-2 is the Adama Flame Field, R-3 is the Jha-Fa Void .

2 / Another trio of rings R4-6 encodes a terrestrial Aquifer (huge masses of deep water) having 3 layers: R-4 Lower Aquifer, R-5 Middle Aquifer, R-6 Upper Aquifer .

3 / Another trio encodes an Earth mantle having 3 layers: R-7 Lower Mantle, R-8 Middle Mantle, R-9 Upper Mantle.

4 / The other three encode the Earth's atmosphere having 3 layers: R-10 Inner Atmosphere, R-11 Middle Atmosphere, R-12 Outer Atmosphere.

5 / The last trio, R-13,14,15, encodes the Earth's coronosphere, which was destroyed by the Predators. The coronosphere is a natural part of every star and planet, it is the highest part of it and is fiery, flaming, plasma and allows connection to the endless circulating currents of Yan-Yun and the process of Solar Symbiosis. Only dead or dying planets do not have a coronosphere. Ours was destroyed and replaced by a reverse yoke field of the toroid-shaped magnetosphere (Poison Apple). Looking at the neighboring space, we can easily see that we live in a dying and falling universe: the planets around us do not have a coronosphere. See Picture of Planetary Rasha Earth Body.

Planetary Rasha Earth body for D-2

Invariants Rasha body

In different layers of RT for different Dimensions there are always the same things (unchanging aspects): Inside the core in Ring R-1 there are 3 Core Gates (Ruta, Shala, Urtha) called Prana Seed, which allow connection to Life Streams and their circulation. In the Span S-6 are the Gates of Aquifer.

In the Middle Cloak of R-8 there are Crystal Temples and sub-field biomes, where a large number of different mostly Christian civilizations live. However, they are on a different ARPS spin and therefore we do not see them and cannot detect them. There are, for example, large colonies of the Queventelliur people of friendly guard races, which sometimes rise to the surface of the Earth and are referred to as Yetti.

The surface of the Earth we live on is located at the interface of two Rings: R-9 (Upper Mantle, Ka) and R-10 (Inner Atmosphere, Rha), so it's a Span S-9 called Rha-Ka (hence root of the word 'rock' - rock, crust, earth, crust). This is what we go for, where we have our houses, surface waters and geography.

The S-7,8,9 power Spans and their shields (Alon, Shalon, Kalon) play an important role.

 rasha tělo

Body size

Each Dimension has its Raša Body with the same structure (ie 15 wheels, 15 pieces of R and 15 pieces of S), but different sizes, because different Dimensions have different sized Kathara Grids, which must fit into each other and fold. Higher Dimensions have larger Grids and thus larger RT. Just as Dimensional Grids are inserted into each other, so are the corresponding RTs nested into each other. E.g. The D1 atomic planetary aspect (= part of the Earth Being anchored in the D-1 frequency band) also has its RT composed of 15 interlocking wheels. However, these wheels are smaller than the wheels for planetary RT for Dimension D2 (we perceive them as material). Wheel sizes (RT) for different dimensions are in exact proportions. E.g. the size of the S9 wheel, which in each dimension corresponds to the Earth's surface. In D2, it is the surface of our physical Earth, ie a wheel with a diameter of about 12,000 km. In D1, the S9 wheel is smaller and is deep inside our D-2 Earth, between the lower and middle mantle where our S7 lies. Thus, the surface crust of Span S9 in Dimension D-1 is the size of the level of Span S7 in Dimension D-2. In the D3, the S9 wheel is larger and extends to the top of our upper atmosphere, where our D-2 Span S12 is located.

love spells 

Rasha body of the Earth and Urtha

If some objects are energetically nested at the level of masters, their RTs are also nested into each other. E.g. our Earth is embedded in the planet Urtha, which preserves and protects the Sphere of Amenti with the crystalline models of the Earth. Urtha is a large and powerful Christ planet-star (ie, it is healthy and has a plasma coronosphere) in our HU1 Density in the Andromeda Galaxy, thousands of light-years away. Only a fool would go there with a rocket. After all, everyone knows that they are traveling in the Merkaba through the Stargate. All Creation is in the same place as the waves of a radio and you just have to retune. Urtha is in a different ARPS band, so we don't see or perceive her. Urtha herself is then energetically embedded in Sirius-B in HU2. The smaller RT Earths are tucked1 into the larger RT Urtha. As an example, the correspondences between RT Earth and Urtha in Dimension D2 are given, ie the relationships between Raša's gel templates for their D2 emotional bodies, which both Earthlings and Ursans perceive as the physical body of their planet. This is useful for the Aurora Zones theme. See. Fig. Planetary Rasha Body of the Earth and Urtha.

dvě strany stvoření

planetární rasha tělo


1 It's like a programmer writing embedded subroutines. These levels of originals are inserted into each other like matryoshka dolls: smaller to larger to larger, etc. Each original determines some manifested thing, but these material things can be very far apart in the space and time when and where the printer prints them. So it is with the scalar masterpieces of Creation. Kathara grids are embedded in each other, but the objects defined by them are far apart. Therefore, it is possible that the originals of the Earth are inside the originals of Urtha, whose originals are inside the originals of Siria-B, etc. The manifested Sirius-B is in HU-2, Urtha is in the higher HU-1 in the galaxy Andromeda M31 and the Earth is in the lower HU-1 in the falling Milky Way galaxy, which has been torn away since Andromeda, as far away today. At the level of the templates, the energy passages and webs of direct interconnection are kept secret. That is why there are disguised public 'space conquest' programs, as the mission of humanity, to which trillions of money are spent, ending up in the accounts of the JRC, whose adepts have long been there.

The crystal core of Nada Urtha at the level of her Ring R-1 is so large that it extends into our Earth's Upper Mantle - our Ring R-9. If underground beds and large deposits of gigantic crystals appear somewhere, even temporarily, it may be parts of Urth's Nada Crystal Base that have vibrated to us for some purpose. However, it is not the deposits of man-made giant selenite crystals in Mexico that are the amplifying stations of the predatory PIN networks that shot down the WTC twins in New York.

Planetary Rasha Body of the Earth and Urtha for Dimension D-2

Urtha Aquifer lies in our Rings R-9,10,11.
Behind our Aurora Zone AZ-4 is the Middle Cloak of Urtha and its underground Adashi Temples of Urtha.
In our Span S-14 (Ra-Tha) there is the physical surface of Urtha, ie their crust S-9.
Because Urtha (Density HU-1) is embedded in the body of Sirius-B (HU-2), their RTs are also embedded in each other. E.g. The crystal core of Nada Siria-B (its Ring R-1) is so large that it reaches as far as the Upper Mantle of Urtha (its Ring R-9).

Rasha body and plasma anatomy

RT is also important for plasma technologies, because through RT the Plasma Body connects with the Physical Body. This is done through 5 Plasma Elemental Command Control Templates, which are part of the Chismatic Field (the KosMYah Plasma Master, most of which is in the Inner Creation). These are the Templates: Asvejža (Ah-SwE'-Jha), Ludfar, Schema, Dreama, Ariona (ARI-Yon'ah). According to elemental correspondences, these are linked to the corresponding 5 parts of RT (5 triplets of Rings). After this connection, the Templates will start to function as Karuso Membranes, which after their activation and opening will open Karuso Passages. This will allow the influx of plasma frequencies from the Inner Creation to the RT and the Physical Body located in the Outer Creation, both for the planet and its life field. The embodied Fascial Layers (5 pcs.) And their corresponding plasma layers Plasmantik Markheture Pole are the energy interfaces between the Outer and Inner Creations. They have a personal aspect, both physical - 5 aspects of the biological body (cardiovascular, body fluids, bones, muscles and tissues, respiration and digestion / respiration and digestion)) and spiritual - 5 Memory Matrixes and levels of consciousness (unfortunately separated today and outside our control). They also have correspondences with Planetary RT, to which they correspond: both natural structures and artificial mutations.

Hibernation Zones and NETs

Hibernation Zones (HZ) are artificially Predator-created unnatural energetic-material constructs in the planetary Raša Body of the Earth. They were formed in the period from 13,400 to 9,562 BC, after the final conquest and fall of Atlantis. They are created and kept alive by a planetary energy field called NET. Hence the name NET-Earth, which we are currently on. This period is called Great Netting, when there was a metatronic networking of the entire planet, which still works today. On the terrestrial side, the NET field is maintained through satellites and HAARP-type systems (so-called 'peace', scientific, research, navigation, monitoring, security maintenance stations). On the non-terrestrial side, it is maintained by technologies such as BEAST, etc. These transmission networks and the yoke energy fields created by them control the Planetary Temple Complex, control the Earth's geo-magnetic field affecting memory records and information flows. In our HU1 Density we have 3 NET networks, one in each Dimension: Derma-NET (D1), Intra-NET (D2), Ego / Epi-NET (D3). In every natural dimension of the Earth, this NET field dominated its sub-dimensions in a certain vibrational band and damaged them.

Derma-NET in D-1 ensures the destruction, disease and death of the physical, atomic body, ensures the physical manifestation of the Death Gene in the human genome, and the molecular impossibility of activating Junk-DNA encoding spiritual abilities and moral qualities. It changes the properties of atoms, molecules, their binding and reaction properties so as to create self-destructive and ingesting biological forms, especially they define the directions of biochemical processes and the structure of metabolic schemes, they reverse the functions of the neuro-humoral and immune systems. E.g. the polarity of the proton and electron is reversed, they have opposite signs than they should have in our PCM Veca Quadrant. They have coding for the parallel PKA Quadrant and therefore cause various energy clots in our country, which manifest themselves in many blockages and mutations. An example is our gutted hydrogen atom, which has no proton (= atomic ManU Pole) and therefore it is not possible to merge DNA strands on a physical level, create a trans-dim element Celestalin and transform the body into light using the Merkaba.

Intra-NET in D-2 causes extreme polarization of the emotional body and encodes Escape-Attack (possibly Escape-Attack-Freeze) reflexes as a basic model for resolving human conflicts, including endless fights between the sexes. It maintains in the split the various layers of consciousness that were originally one organic entity fully under our rule (see Plasma Fascia - Markheture Fields). These are subconscious levels beyond the reach of our waking consciousness and free control. It is the deeply engraved subconscious archetypes (reverse programs embedded in plasma bodies) that control us.

Ego / Epi-NET in D-3 perverts the mental body so that in all life and everyday situations it sees conflict and thus perceives the whole life and its mission. To interpret the whole of human existence, but also the meaning of Creation, logically and rationally as a struggle for survival, the meaninglessness of being, the need to either control others or to perish itself, the absence of motivation to live. Ego-NET is so named because this network encodes a perverted version (reverse polarized) of the consciousness of our natural Identity / Individuality Self, as a manifestation of the Uniqueness of Creation. If the spiritual masters are talking about the destruction of the ego, then the Raša Body theory needs to be interpreted so that the disciples know which programs to erase from themselves (the reverse ones) and which to leave (the natural ones). To cleanse their normal Ego without damaging it. So they don't rub themselves. The loss or disintegration of personality is not a manifestation of enlightenment, but a severe mental illness. The natural expansion of consciousness does not destroy our Identity, but expands it in a generic way. The whole predatory trick is to artificially create a damaged and exaggerated version of individuality that is harmful. Then it is said that individuality is harmful per se and needs to be eradicated in order to establish universal unity and peace, that is, the whole uniform world ruled from one center - the NWO. Epi-net is called because this network psychotronically induces in people such ways and patterns of thinking and reasoning that, through psycho-somatic attachment, activate a level of human genetics that serves an epigenetic overlay. The point is that the molecular genetic code in DNA is expressed (expressed, manifested) not only according to its own unchanging and hard-wired time programs, but also according to the presence and concentrations of different types of common low-molecular substances in cells. Thus, genetic expression is a process with two-way feedback. And the presence of these trigger molecules can be influenced by the state of mind, the state of one's consciousness. Therefore, there is a need to induce self-destructive thought patterns in humans that will induce the expression of appropriate reverse genes. This is done by the Western media, the so-called 'American culture', art, etc. This NET zone is energetically held around our planet by a reverse matrix False Net of Christos Consciousness, which is anchored to a large number of surface places and sycenenergy thanks to New Age activists. The planetary Temple of the Earth is literally punctuated by this powerful Anti-Christ PIN network. On the web you can find a list of places with GPS coordinates where you can come to retrieve this 'Christ consciousness' (BEAST and Blue Sword frequencies) and have it reversed. It is also possible to take a group spiritual trip and walk through a number of these places in your area - working in a group is stronger. But there is no need to travel anywhere, there are esoteric groups and seminars in every city today, where you can buy these energies.

Three Hibernation Zones

These three Dimensional NET networks energetically captured large chunks of planetary consciousness at the level of the Earth's Rasa Body and transformed it into the physical form of 3 Hibernation Zones (HZ-1,2,3). Each NET network created one HZ around it, which has 2 layers. One layer is vibrating just below the NET and is called the Lower H-Zone. The second HZ is vibrating just above the NET and is called the Upper H-zone. There are therefore a total of 6 HZ. They are located in the physical levels of the Earth's core, mantle, crust, atmosphere, where they have formed completely unnatural formations: the ozone layer, Van Allen belts, the magnetosphere, etc.

HZ are real physically existing real estate fields, running on the reverse spin of ARPS and therefore they are invisible to us. They are formed from a material substance that corresponds to the original reversed dimensional level: D1-etheric, D2-telluric / physical, D3-atmospheric. All 6 HZ are densely populated by the great civilizations of the Fallen Races, which often compete and fight with each other. They have different types of Metatronic Codes in their DNA, per created elaborate structures of fallen cultures and civilizations in the real estate fields of HZ. Since 13,400 BC, these races have been directly interfering in the evolution of terrestrial life fields to control the entire planet and its energetic Temple. HZ are predatory military bases on Earth from which they can very quickly attack surface planetary life and from where they control the planetary situation. These are, for example, the following localities known from various sources:


Inside the body of the Earth, the upper mantle of the Earth. Fake Agharta and Inner Earth (Hollow Earth) and other sub-field biomes and reverse real estate fields.

Upper HZ. It is in the atmosphere in the ozone layer. This O3 layer is absolutely crucial for the existence of HZ and must not be damaged. Therefore, there is a worldwide trend to protect it. It is a typical predatory technology. If you defend yourself and remove this harmful layer, it will kill you. There are collectives known as the Wizard of Oz and energy channels to the so-called 'sacred' Mount (Mt) Shasta, a predatory ID portal for coding their terrestrial New Age teams.


It is in the Earth's atmosphere, in the area of ​​the inner Van Allen Proton Belt. False Atlantis and Lemuria, military bases of the predatory ET Zeta Ras, which control much of the earth's events. E.g. before 2. sv. During the war, the Zeta races established cooperation with the governments of the USA, UK and Germany, which serve them, in exchange for the provided technology, information and various benefits. Upper HZ. It is in the area of ​​the Van Allen gap (Gap), which is the destroyed coronosphere of the Earth. There is Olympus and his perverted gods, who have long and systematically influenced human history (see various fortune-tellers, etc.).


The bottom layer of the outer Van Allen Electron Belt. Fake Shambhala and the Garden of Eden. Reverse Cloud Cities NET NETWORK.

Upper HZ. The upper layer of the Van Allen electron band in the Earth's magnetosphere. There is a locality called Telos and canals to Mt Shasta. Radio 'St. Germain '.

HZ has accumulated a huge number of attack ID systems with which Predators can quickly wipe out our entire planetary life. If you get there projectively, you can see a parking lot full of military arsenal, which we don't even think about. Some UFO phenomena come from these levels, unless they are organized directly by the JRC that has these technologies available. In the United States (and not only there), there are military bases, completely out of reach and control of the official federal government and military (which are mere puppets of the real SVS), where they operate flying saucers and also have factories for the production of aliens. The state of current official science in all disciplines is absolutely ridiculous with the state of knowledge that the JRC has at its disposal. HZ have the advantage that they are anchored directly into the planetary body of the Earth, so they are in the same Density and control all its 3 Dimensions. Therefore, there is no need to overcome large ID barriers and repulsion zones, which is a complication and costs the predator ET a lot of energy. The fallen races are not able to pass freely (ie energetically free) through the natural Gates, because they no longer have the Keys to them. By reversing them, they damaged their anatomy, in which the Keys were stored. They are here with us. They are lice in the fur of the Earth. They see us from here and monitor our every step in great detail. They have blocked our perceptual system by mutations, so we are unable to see them even when they are at the same vibrational levels. It is the principle of the scout: to see and not to be seen. Therefore, full control of planetary events and lightning strikes are also possible. Because of this, HZ were also done. Because HZs run on a reverse spin and have a different ARPS, they need certain ID passages (gates) to enter our real estate field (hologram) directly. Therefore, there are fights for these invasion gates and their activation and opening. They either capture the natural passages and reverse them, or they create their own, which are reversed from the beginning. All this is part of the Temple Complex of the Earth and that is why there is such a fight for it.

It is interesting to note that in HZ there is really a real terrestrial Atlantis and Lemuria. After the fall and sinking of Atlantis, this entire continent was picked up from the ocean floor using special technologies (Threshold, Time Warp, etc.) (scars are still visible there) and its models were recoded to reverse spin, so that it was physically manifested in a different vibrational zone. Atlantis is now located above us in HZ-2, its lower layer, in the region of the Van Allen proton belt. It is inhabited by aggressive Zeta races that have military bases there. Its importance lies in the fact that the Atlantic continent had a large number of energy centers, passages and gates, both towards the Earth, with which it is directly connected, and out into space. These old Atlantic gates were to be activated for the direct invasion of predatory UFOs on Earth. This is also where the so-called false Atlantic Masters come to us, predatory entities responsible for the fall of Atlantis and the subsequent tragedy in the development of the Earth during the last 20-10 thousand flight BC. New Age teams open entrance portals from the terrestrial side. Many human and the Media consciously receives the so-called spiritual message and communication from these zones. Countless people get it subconsciously, in different ways: creative inspiration, ideas, stimuli, misguided leadership, manipulation at all levels. It goes through the Metatronic Broadcast System Mass Control Matrix, which is a NET application. These HZs can also capture the extracorporeal aspects of man (and not only his: consciousness of all life fields on our planet) when he is projected or embodied during meditations or sleep states, etc. ) in a way through the Bardo Cycle. HZ are gulags for spiritual essences captured in NET networks. A huge number of souls of dead people are trapped there, who therefore cannot go through natural developmental cycles leading to evolutionary ascension. Without proper training and protection through HZ, it is practically impossible to walk further into normal Christ fields. It is possible (and it is happening) that a person can get into HZ. E.g. as a reward, 'beings of light and love' will take him there and guide him this way. It is decently coded there and next time it will go there automatically. There are real large civilizations, some have interesting architecture. E.g. the fallen races inhabiting the false Shambhala have Gaudí-style buildings inspired by this reverse-coded and self-deforming geometry.

Aurora Zone

Aurora Zones (AZ) are a kind of anti-poison against predatory HZ. They are Aurora Safe Slide Zones built in the planetary Raša Těla near HZ, where you can escape from them. In addition to the rescue function, they serve as springboards from which it is possible to slide into the height of vibrating ascension fields (Urtha, Sirius B, Middle Domains of Edon, parallel side of Adora - behind the mirror). The nickname slide means slip (also projection screens or transparencies, folk slides, because they slide well on each other). It has to do with different degrees of human projection skills: Glide, Slide, Span. These are work markings according to the increasing vibration level, so that he can move to various rescue sites (platforms) if necessary and not get stuck in the fire brigade. E.g. Death is an important process that needs to be trained for a lifetime.

We have 5 AZ. AZ1 and AZ2 surround D-1 Derma-NET and its 2 HZ (Lower + Upper). AZ3 is above the Lower HZ of Derma-NET and below the Upper HZ of the D-2 Intra-NET network. AZ4 is above the Upper HZ of the D-3 Ego / Epi-NET network. AZ5 is high, above the magnetosphere, at a level corresponding to the physical surface of the planet Urtha. Like HZ, these AZs are in HU-1 and run on a different ARPS spin, so they are invisible and unreal to us. However, it is possible to project into them or even see them with the inner vision, if our consciousness expands to the appropriate vibrational levels. They have different names: AZ1-Ahrůnéva (sub-surface zone between the middle and upper mantle of the earth), AZ2 - Cloud Cities (Cloud Cities, can sometimes be seen in the Earth's thermosphere), AZ3 - Ocean Cities (Ocean Cities, in our country they are in Van However, Allen's gaps on Urtha are in her Aquifer - deep subsurface masses of water: hence the name), AZ4 - Winterlands (Winterlands, beyond the outer Van Allen belt), AZ5 - Frozen Cities.

In addition to AZ on our side (Etora), similar platforms have been built on the dual other side, behind the mirror (Adora). These are platforms called Ecousha-Zones, EZ1-5.

At the time of SAC-2012, the HZ gradually dissolved and their damaged ARPS was reversed. Their energy and manifestation contents are released. Their inhabitants have the opportunity to adopt bio-regeneration programs and embark on the path of ascension. The trapped mental essences from our planetary life fields are released and return to normal ascension cycles. See Figure Planetary Rasha Bodies and Zones HZ and AZ.

 planetární rasha tělo země a urtha

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