Sexuality II.


Sexuality and reversal

Earth's planetary sexuality was long ago heavily mutated by Predators and used to energetically milk humanity and mutually reverse human models in sexual interaction and to enhance damage in procreation. This happened with the help of many implants, both within the models at the level of the Light Body (Radon) and the Raša Body (Edon).

Radon: innumerable mutations, especially the Metatronic Seed Atom of Death in AzurA (Demon Seed), which blocks the connection to the Source, as a result of which the Atom cannot be recharged, its initial quantum gradually depletes, rotation slows down, biological form withers, ill, until finally he dies. Because it is not possible to ascend and get away (many other mutations prevent this), the released Soul is captured in the Hibernation Zones and recycled back, bringing in another amount of energy. The rate of dissipation is genetically adjusted by life expectancy, which has been reduced by Predators from 120 to 80 to make it spin faster. The birth-giving dose of life force Resources radiate into biofields and the planetary environment during a painful human life based on the VV Game scheme (implant program) of eternal struggle with each other and anything, from which it is withdrawn using reverse merkabic fields and other conquest technologies into fallen universes and feeds with it, for example, the BEAST system so that it can conquer further and more powerfully.

Edon: for example, the Sextant Shield is a mutational implant inserted into the natural Takeyon cycle that prevents it from reaching the culmination point of the accumulated energy and withdraws, reverses and removes the energy produced just before, and returns the cycle to its beginning to start from zero and create another dose of energy. Mutation effects are amplified in each cycle. A metatronic reverse implant (eg as a cover around it) is used directly on the Umšadi Shield, which degrades the Energy Keys (Sextant Reverse Interface Shield Implant). Here's how it works. The shield itself generates pure Keys from the edonic frequency that accumulate in it. The implant ensures (blocks the performance of the Shield) that only a small number of Keys are generated, which are not enough to open the Diamond Door and pass to the Source. It then recodes (turns them reverse) these Keys and redirects their natural flows to the Central Tube, where they radiate through the chakras into the auric layers and out into the planet's biofields. Damaged Keys are energy emitters and wherever they go, they damage because they emit their reverse programs to the environment. Instead of strengthening and healing us and the planet (which the Keys make clean), they weaken and destroy us. From the personal and planetary levels, this energy is harvested by the predatory Yoke Fields, which are anchored in them. This applies to all animal species on Earth that copulate, the largest extraction coming from mammals. The human body is a predatory factory for the production of reverse keys, which destroy ourselves and the planet. Various strategies for directing human sexuality are derived from this. E.g. The slogan 'love and multiply' means to produce a lot of biomass that can be used as a mass of obedient soldiers of God to conquer regions of competing Predatory races (ie to kill human beings). At the same time, a quantum of reverse energy is generated, which destroys humans and the planet and which is then fed to BEAST. Another strategy is to focus on free sex and drugs, while breaking down the values ​​of the traditional family, thus eliminating from the inside, especially the current Western civilization, which is to be erased. This reduces the reproductive potential by permanent existential stress in a highly competitive environment, all-round intoxication and hormonal attacks on female organs and their function. Then it is said that Europe is not multiplying and new wild blood (= genes) needs to be imported here. No Christian being or civilization can reproduce like rats. It is mainly about the quality of the offspring and the choice of suitable conditions for their safe evolution. And also about their maximum contribution to the development of their home planet and all their fields of life, because it is all one big family.
There are severe mutations linked to sexuality and reproduction that you may not be better aware of. Interventions in sperm models increasing the rate of hereditary mutations. Energy filters in egg masters preferring sperm with a maximum of reverse codes and energetically killing Christian sperm. The possibility of direct incarnation of predatory consciousness into the human fetus. In the past, mothers recognized this and killed the devil's child immediately (this is a sensible solution, but there are other possibilities).

Perhaps a little more acceptable is another aspect of the Sextant Implant that fits the Violence Mutation. It is caused by reverse interventions in the structure of personal shields, where extreme polarization is performed. Men have twice the dose of expansive quality ManA, including sexual than natural (they are ManA-aggressive: a large snake has power). Women, on the other hand, have a half dose of ManA, which makes them submissive (they are EirA-aggressive: a small snake has poison). These polarized scissors anchor the Female-Male pair to the Victim-Predator control scheme (V-V Game). It is a gladiatorial cage of eternal struggles leading to slow torture and self-destruction on both sides mutual suffering and outbursts of energies carrying the encryption of pain and death, for direct infusion into the veins of Predators. They watch their theater with interest and joy, like human perversions in the forced battle of people or animals (a form of rape). The goal of this mutation is the enslavement of a woman by a man, which is of great importance to Predators:

- it is not possible to achieve inter-sexual harmony, there is a struggle: conquering and defending oneself, different sex-drive,
- human life is one long suffering ('coexistence' from 'coexistence'), which is insured by the impossibility of separation (What God has united, man does not divide),
- all this is passed on as a pattern of behavior to future generations,
- it is not possible to use sexuality for mutual joy, happiness, expansion of consciousness and ascension,
- the man has no natural feedback from a healthy and strong woman, and can be used for any aggression,
- strong intuitive and ID abilities of a woman are suppressed and punished,
- A man cannot be treated through a woman who has certain codes in her female EirA Templates of the Primary Sound Emanation that can correct certain errors in the male ManA templates of the Secondary Light Emanation. [This is not commonly known]

It is beautiful that the emancipation of Planetary Femininity is beginning today, but it must be based on internal personal EirA encryption and not on external reverse programs of aggressive state feminism and socio-terrorist associations and governments, for which the term 'woman' is just a bold voter. They want to put women in a global war against men so that nothing is resolved and everything is damaged even more. The sick woman does not recover from meaningless gender laws or euro grants. This is a typical procedure of parliamentary prostitutes: a cold person will be treated by the law banning colds. The woman must remember her own original Divine Essence and begin to cultivate laboriously again. Nobody will do that for her, she has to do it herself. And men can help her a lot (not with words, but with daily loving practice). The Kathara system is beginning to remove these polar damage on a personal level, thus helping the planetary regeneration processes that are now taking place on a large scale. By cleansing ourselves, we will reduce the burden on the planet. By being better conductors of the new higher frequencies that are flowing in here, we will increase the receiving and processing capacity of the planet for these energies. We will serve as a protective buffer (buffer) field for other creatures and everything will move forward faster and easier. Unnecessary negative impacts and phenomena, which are always related to the transition period, will be reduced. Including the necessary environmental adaptations of the Earth to new energy states that may have an adverse global impact. We will contribute to their smoother course.

Sex: yes or no?

1 Women had a strong intuition and felt what got into them (not always through their fault). Quality women (= clean and highly vibrated) are able to withstand the strong energy load that is a fetus with an anchored higher vibrating being. These women are necessary for the birth of avatars, both white and black (that's why they were also the target of the Predators to give birth to their Dark Avatars, which they sent here on planetary missions). They were able to accurately identify the quality of his being by looking into the newborn's eyes. It is said that the eyes are a mirror of the Soul. That's right. The original human vision was panoramic (saw round, 360º). The main current went through the 3rd Eye (resonant tone). Physical eyes bore right-left polarities (bottom and top tone). It worked like filters: information was obtained from the desired part of the vibrational spectrum in the chosen way of view. The eyes function as both a transmitter and a receiver. Optical transmission currents sent out through the eyes (all three) are very strong and are used for the transmission of energy at a distance (not only in matter, but also outside of time and space), for direct manifestation and other ID operations, these are old practices. It is possible with this ray of creative energy to erase things in the Hologram of Being and draw new ones there. Their quality is always determined by the creator's intention, not his ability to do so.

By practicing sexuality, we energetically pollute the environment and kill our planet by emitting damaged keys. What if we suppress and reject sexuality? This has even worse consequences - diseases. The human body constantly produces energy keys (damaged by the Implant), which accumulate in the area of ​​the 1st chakra. If this energy is not drained and released, it begins to damage the fine yarn of the originals in the Light Body corresponding to this area. Mutated programs begin to multiply and thrive and eat the original programs. This is then transferred from the templates to the physical body with the development of an organic disease related to gender, sexuality and reproduction. A typical manifestation is cancer. This disease does not exist in the Christ being, it was implanted in the human population in the days of Atlantis. Practicing sexuality is not healthy for humans or the planet. If we have sex, we kill the planet. If we don't sex, we kill ourselves. The pragmatic choice says: a closer shirt than a coat. Recommended answer: it is better to practice sexuality even in its damaged form than to reject it. So sex is healthy even in its mutated form.

It's not even a partner, auto-sexuality (masturbation) will lead us to the same results. There is no need for ritual group sexuality, which increases the energy charge: the pure Being has as much energy as he wants from the Source. It is not even necessary to physically touch your body (someone has it that way, they do not know this body, they are not in it for a long time, they do not know what it is for, they perceive that it is mutated). Just work with the visualization. Mastering one's own sexuality is the first step towards everything else.

magic spellSimple exercises

A few small energy exercises can help you study your own sexuality. In addition, they show how to manage the energy of the pure Keys so that they are not damaged by the Implant, retain the original Christ coding and can be used in any other way (ie it does no harm to the planet or man and helps the planet and man, which is its original intention).

Create an image of Umshadi Shield (horizontal energy light disk, 20-30 cm dia) in the crotch, anchored in its center to the Central Tube in the area of ​​the 1st chakra. Establish a conscious connection with him and ask him to cooperate, tell him what's going on, that you want to try capturing the Enak Energy Keys he creates and transferring them to some other place for further use before they are damaged by the Implant and radiate out. Generate enough sexual energy in the form of Keys in the center of the Shield. At the moment of orgasm, imagine (intention) that you will rake all these Keys and transfer them to some other place (you can address them on their behalf). Keep what belongs to the body, but save the Keys (it is a quantum of pure radonic-edonic frequency).

Where with the Keys? Save them anywhere in the biofield for further use. It is recommended, for example, the area in front of the AzurA (thymus), in front of the heart chakra (center of the chest), up to the 14th chakra (90 cm vertically above the head), etc.

What about them? Everything that can be done with the creative divine power of Kundalini. E.g. healing of oneself, surroundings, environment, situation, planets, universe. Protection, breathe into the aura around you. Inserting this energy of love into our creative expression, into all the products of our activity. The purpose of staying in Density is the maximum possible positive co-creative self-expression. It doesn't matter what it is. It's all one does, even just because it is. When the Gates to Edon open on a planetary level, things encoded in this way will function as powerful energy emitters (paintings, statues, buildings, lyrics, movies, songs, ideas, theories, memories of deeds, etc.).

Manifestation. Create an image (vision) of what you want to demonstrate in the pineal gland in the center of the brain. Take a breath of the Keys (fresh, straight from the Shield), pull them out through the Central Tube into the pineal gland. Exhale them to expand into a vision image. With another exhalation, he fired a charged image along the projection axis of the 6th chakra (3rd eye) to infinity in front of him (energetic future) and let him be there for a while. Then inhale pull him back into the pineal gland and exhale him through a tube perpendicularly down to the center of the Earth, with the intention of entering the core of Urtha, which is there, and manifested through it. Our Earth is centrally embedded in the larger planet Urtha, and their centers merge. Urtha is strong and Christlike, and her pure elemental fields can quickly manifest our intentions (on today's Earth, this energy process takes several days, previously it was immediate).

Who can reproduce and who can't?

Sexuality, as a possibility of direct access to the Divine Creative Power, is related to several things. The first is the ascension and experience of the transcendent states of Cosmic Divine Unity. The second is communication with Živlové Poli and the creation of reality. The third is the intimacy of the personal relationship. Another is the procreation of offspring. And that's a big problem. Where is the limit of what can and cannot reproduce. It is an evolutionary lesson for all beings and their collectives. One extreme is hard eugenics, where only what is desirable can reproduce. It depends on how desirability is defined. What traits are considered eugenic? It can be anything that benefits someone (society, government, dictator). The signs reflect aspects of our Density (D1,2,3): physical, emotional, mental and also spiritual. A reasonable society should agree on what benefits it (eu genus) and what harms it (dys genus): decent people vs. criminals. The second extreme is the case where anything can multiply, without any restrictions. In between, there is an attitude that tries to find reasonable boundaries, which is difficult, it is soft eugenics. In the current damaged state, the growth of parasites is deliberately encouraged at the expense of people producing social values, as it is the degeneration of Humanity and the degradation of the planet. How many parasites can a functioning society afford (and why at all?) To still function? What degree of infection (and why at all?) Can an organism (cell, organ, body, nation, race, state, culture, civilization, species, planet, galaxy, universe) afford to survive? They are Predatory ideologies that tell people to let evil go as far as it can go, because evil has the same right to exist as good. If not bigger, because it is well ostracized: it is therefore entitled to moral compensation. It is as if a person is attacked by a deadly disease and the heartbreakers tell him that he must not be treated and defended, because the germs who came to kill him have the right to life and he must not restrict them. And if white blood cells already kill the infection, which is their natural mission, they must be punished by eradicating immunity. A reasonable society must watch over who may and cannot reproduce. He is to function as a wise gardener, so that his garden as a whole may move forward and not even become a mono-cultural stationery and an and a multi-cultural weed weed. They are Predatory ideologies that tell people that everyone has the right to reproduce and has no obligation to do so. On the contrary, society has a duty to take care of their sexual products and sponsor their weed seizures. Worse than killing someone wrong is giving birth to someone wrong: the first one has already done his evil, the second one will only do it. This is a heavy pill for the heartbeat, who typically forms an electorate of the extreme left. They claim that their brightest and purest beings who have ever been here are born here. And the more there is, the sooner the Earth will be saved. Even if some of these demons are born here, Mrs. Kačenka and I will cleanse them and save them. However, he does not know that, especially during the last 20,000 years or so, something has come to come here that they would not want to meet at all (something similar that is now pouring into Europe). He does not know that there is a massive invasion of Predators on our planet, whose battle groups are to deliver the final blow of the SAC-2012 process and support it themselves (they call 'Atlantic masters', etc. elements). They do not understand the basic equation of planetary reality: INCARNATION = IMMIGRATION of new entities into our environment + their further reproduction. They are old predatory practices, where their fast demonic genetic weeds suffocated tall Crystal cultures that grow slowly and well. Here it is worth mentioning the opinion of one person who works in India and is said to be an avatar. It is called Bhagavan and is an icon for the more advanced layer of today's truth-seekers who have already emerged (at least a little) from the clutches of the fraudulent New Age. However, this man, familiarly called Bagi, gives them a good lens. To their heartbeats (it is beautiful that everything can multiply at the speed of rodents, because it is after 2012, the Golden Age has begun and we all live in light, unity and love and similar regiments) this person wisely answers: (Oneness University, script Teachings of Amma Bhagavan, Chapter The Role of the Father When the Child is in the Mother's Womb, p. 17):

"... Parenting is a very difficult and challenging task. Therefore, only those who are really fine after
Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, children should have it. Others will do humanity the greatest
service when the children do not have. This will be their greatest contribution, because they will bring life into the world,
who will suffer both in hell, an unhappy man who will not only suffer but also cause
suffering others and thus creating a miserable planet. But now we find people who are in favor
parenthood absolutely unskilled and want to have children and who give birth to murderers, fraudsters, rapists,
criminals, sadists and people who fail in life. Which is a very serious thing and people need to realize
what is it like to be a parent. Which is very important and important for the company ... ".

Even without this surprising quote from a spiritual leader, it is clear that a rational society must regulate the birth rate toward quality, not quantity. These things are at odds. Future parents must prove their preconditions and their qualifications, ability and willingness to take proper care of their offspring: pass the parental exams. For almost every, even completely banal activity, a citizen must have a permit from the state (driving a moped). How is it possible that he does not have to have it for such a fundamental activity as procreation? Strange, isn't it?

Note. Bagi's personality is interesting because he can really be a public avatar. Currently, more guard avatars are incarnated on Earth for their SAC-2012 missions. Some have a public contract and are known to people, others are not and work in secret (Predators have the same here). Bagi has a documented contemporary historical story and works with an ID energy called Diksha (Deeksha), which (unlike Reiki, for example) is not only a pleasant medicine, but is supposed to have strong transformational effects on human consciousness and also on brain structures.

These interventions are necessary for a complete reset of the human neurological system, which acts as an interface between the originals and the body and also mediates perception: it determines how we see and perceive reality and how we respond to it with our behavior (Kathara Healing does the same). The goal is to get rid of reverse patterns and patterns of behavior and restore its original humanly pure Christian nature. To do this, it is necessary to reprogram our templates and their interfaces. This, of course, is abused by Predators (eg dolphin brain resampling, etc. New Age products). But no one knows what Diksa is. It is said to be the energy of golden color. If it was a natural thing, it could be the D-8 Gold Monadic Frequency (eg Monadic Gold Wave used in Space Reset) or the D-14 Rishi Frequency of the Golden Flame of the Keerash Light Field from HU5, etc. However, no one knows that .


Fetal integration (Soul Integration) is a physical process in which the Soul (D4 mental essence) of the incarnating Being is energetically anchored in the models of the embryo, which is already physically manifested as an embryo. During each sexual interaction, the shields of the actors connect and copy their programs. At the physical level, biological processes start fertilization that occurs or not. This determines the internal status of the participants, whether they want all their aspects or not. The fusion of germ cells and their masters creates an anchoring bio-energy matrix within a woman that radiates a certain encryption-coding. He hears the mental essences that want to incarnate. According to the law of resonance - similarities, souls related to them, or those who need this experience, are attracted to the given parents. The process of biological proliferation of fertilized cells is controlled by autonomous programs of embryogenesis, as a manifestation of the function of templates for ontogenetic evolution of the individual. The soul waiting for the incarnation closely monitors the bio-energetic development of the fetus and the behavior of its possible parents. Depending on the degree of resonance and the purpose of its mission, a particular Entity then decides to marry or not. This fetal integration cannot occur earlier than 33-56 days after conception (conception, fertilization). The reason is physical: the fetus is not able to anchor (grasp and hold) the energy quantum of the entering soul (it is still small and weak). During this period, it is possible to have an abortion at any time without any remorse (with certainty until the 33rd day). It's just that a small cart (biological carrier) was created for a new incarnation, which is not yet occupied (like an empty car with a locked door, waiting for the driver). Nowadays, the Soul is embodied at any time from day 33 until the moment of birth, thus prolonging the period suitable for abortion. In the case of a late abortion, it is appropriate to find out whether the fetus is already occupied and to behave accordingly (with the coming Soul one can of course be communicated: it is a Being like us).

Some Souls even intentionally wait for childbirth and incarnate up to 3 days after it. In another mode, the Souls of avatars work, which are embodied only when the fetus is in the birth canal or after the birth. Until then, they are waiting nearby. The reason is that neither the fetus nor the pregnant mother could bear the enormous energy load that the highly vibrating Soul of the avatar represents, which could lead to the death of both. The fruit serving as an avatar carrier must have special (strongly above-standard) genetic equipment and develop faster. Within the seventh month, he begins to energetically overload the mother's biofield and has to go outside so as not to harm her. Therefore, avatars are born prematurely, obv. not later than after the seventh month of pregnancy. Warning for heartbreakers and nobles: not every premature is an avatar, even if your fortune teller or fallen angels told you to. Advanced beings often incarnate using the Walk-In method, where they have ready-made bodies ready as part of their service contracts. This happens, for example, during missions of races of related genetic lines. The advantage is a quick and unobtrusive arrival, which eliminates many risks. With this method, Bethlehem's Avatar J12 recently returned here, as part of its promise, out of the time needed to quickly intervene in the current planetary crisis SAC-2012.

If the abortion is performed later, problems arise. The soul, which expects to anchor in the embryo, begins to descend vibrationally from the D-4 astral (in HU2) down (to HU1) so as not to energetically damage the tiny fetus, which is a complex and irreversible energetic process. If the embryo is removed from her at this critical stage, she will get stuck in the mother's biofield. She can't go back up anymore because she has lost the necessary vibrational quantum (up doesn't belong anymore). At the bottom in the lower Density, there is nothing to catch on (down does not yet belong). It's like taking someone's last train (or buying only a One-way ticket to the Earth). From the point of view of Spiritual Ethics, this is classified as a tripping on the part of man, a breach of the covenant, which, however, today's mutated planetary humanity does not know at all. However, the energetic consequence is that the betrayed Soul is linked to the models of an inappropriately more benevolent mother, who will one day have to give birth to her, whether in a given or some future incarnation, when the opportunity arises. This is how people make unnecessary problems: ignorance of sin does not, but ignorance of the laws does not excuse. The only difference between breaking the law in an unconscious and conscious way is the amount of punishment, which is not higher for the former than for the latter (ie it can be the same). Late abortion does not kill the Soul, it still exists, but its incarnation is impossible. And the didactic Law of Karma will allow us to experience what we have done to others. Sometimes late abortion is not only possible but also necessary and is a pure act of Christ. These are the situations where fertilization and pregnancy were: 1. unwanted or violent, 2. abused for the birth and incarnation of predatory demonic beings. Whenever the mother has the right to get such foreign crap out of herself. Sometimes these cases are also solved by our Higher Self. A beautiful, beloved baby can die suddenly, without any symptoms, either during pregnancy or after birth. The reason is that it managed to fit an alien predatory consciousness (Body Snatch) in order to control the original Soul, destroy the mother's body, or destroy the family and damage entire genetic lines. This is impossible for the average person to recognize, because his ability to discriminate and his self-defense xenophobic reaction has been deliberately suppressed. This is where our A hits vatar, who sees and watches all this carefully. It creates a suitable situation for the injured child to be disposed of. This saves his Soul from destruction (cast and irreversible reversal of the originals) and protects his mother and surroundings from damage. In the current period of SAC-2012, the fight is at its peak, so such events may increase. The act of raping a woman is one of the most anti-Christ behaviors in Creation. It is a manifestation of the ultimate non-Divinity and decay1.


By Kamasutra we mean today's damaged teaching about human sexuality. It is a distortion of the original sacred Christian teaching called Ka-Ma-Su-Tha-Ra, which was part of the Maharata Texts, which were translations of CDT Discs. The transcripts of the teachings were pure until the fall of Atlantis (ca. 20,000 BC), when the entire history of the planet was rewritten and all the original doctrines and records were either destroyed or distorted. After that, the basic spirit of teaching was preserved in the old Indian tradition, whether secretly transmitted orally or written down, but over time it also passed away. Today's translations, even of old (but always post-Atlantic) Sanskrit texts, especially for export to the West, are shallow, declining and vulgarized. Probably the only original that remained there are physical positions, but their important energy background is not explained.

The original teaching included an explanation of the physics ID of the Takeyon Cycle, the generation of Energy Keys, access to radonic (Kundalini, Light Body) and edonic (Umshadi, Rasha Body) frequencies and their diverse multi-purpose uses, one of which was Sacred Sexuality, as the purest and Man's most direct path to God (The Art of Divine Coupling). It was about the de-polarization of female and male quality (EirA + ManA) to achieve and excite the common resonant tone of ManU, which is the non-polar quality of the Source. Thus, the archetype of phasing of Partiki particles was realized at a higher level, where it is a synergy of three aspects: Woman, Man, God.

The original physics dealt with the energetic dynamics of the edonic Raša Těla. At a certain stage of sexual work, in its circular structure ('wheels') of 15 Rings and 15 Spans, specific formations begin to form - gel light crystals. They are formed on a line called Axis-9, which is an arrow going from the center of the wheel horizontally to the left out, where the number 9 is on the dial. There are three crystals. One is on a Span S7 and combines Ma-Su-Ta Crystal, corresponds to a crystal model of blood and is polarly related to male sperm. The second is on the Span S8 and suits the Ka-Ma-Se-Da Crystal, corresponds to the crystal model of the bones and is polarly related to the female egg. The third is on the Span S12 and suits the Ka-La-Se-Ur Crystal and corresponds to the crystal pattern of the skin. The Takeyon Cycle runs like a clockwise hand, and something different, but important, happens in each part of the dial. As the hand approaches the number 9, the Keys accumulate to the maximum value and are activated - flashing (Flash Point).

This releases great energy, which can open the energy gates of various passages, through which the consciousness or being can pass into other zones (from Radon to Edon). This line 9 opens gradually from the center outwards, with the Initial Creative Point (Na-Da-Or First Creation Point) in the center and the Ring R-15 outside, the highest level of being consciousness on the given vibrational scale. Thus, the frequency of the Source enters from the center first to the lowest level of consciousness R-1, which they pass through and activate, then to the neighboring R-2, etc. Pretty gradually from the densest (R1) to the thinnest (R15). When it gets to R7 and its S7 boundary, the first Crystal lying there is activated. It moves to the neighboring R8, where on its border S8 activates the second Crystal and connects together there. This ally moves to S12, where they activate the third Crystal and connects with it there. This opens the entire 9-Line from the center to the R14 band that serves Tha. This activation is called Ka-Ma-Su-Tha. Then there are other processes that open the gates of the last Ring R15 called Ra. This opens the entire 9-Line from the Source, through all the vibrational levels of the creature, to the highest one, which is connected to the Source from the other side. This activation is called Ka-Ma-Su-Tha-Ra. Now the creature is like a fluorescent lamp inserted into two connector sockets connected to the Source, and the ascension experience or direct de-manifestation can begin. Depending on the quality of its DNA templates, it can be diluted or packed into plowing and projected there on how strong the vibrating card is. These events are reversible if everything works well, so he can go back with the intention (if he knows the map and can consciously control these processes). This was practiced especially in woman-man pairs, where due to the additional polarization of their models there is a massive acceleration of joint sexual performance, deepening of ecstasy and depolarization and thus the experience of Oneness, which is actually the meaning of all sexuality, as well as the whole Being. So this was the original teaching of Kama-Sutra.

1 The relationship of a given culture to women is a sensitive barometer of its vibrational level and Christian quality. Some primitive reversed savage tribes commonly rape women of other tribes in and out of tribal wars. In human history written by Predators, rape was a daily occurrence order (see, for example, the Christian deeds of the Holy Church). This reprehensible crime has been strongly condemned in all progressive civilizations and cultures. In the Islamic tradition, Muslims are directly called upon to rape women: they have sex slaves. A few points from the Sharia law (B. Kuras: How to Kill Civilization, pp. 77-79): A Muslim man is superior to a Muslim woman; a Muslim woman must not marry non-Muslims; a Muslim can marry a non-Muslim and their children are automatically Muslims; a Muslim can divorce by informing his wife; a Muslim woman must apply to the court and defend her reasons; the judicial testimony of a Muslim woman is half as valuable as that of a Muslim; female infidelity in Islam is punished by flogging or stoning; male infidelity is not infidelity because men can have more wives and an unlimited number of sex slaves; a woman is always subordinate to a man (father, brother, husband, slaver) who can punish her for disobedience (even death); every non-Muslim has these four choices: to become a Muslim, to live and pay a tax for it, to be a Muslim slave (a female sex slave), to be killed; a non-Muslim must not criticize any aspect of Islam, even if it is true; criticism of Islam is subject to the death penalty; The punishment for breaking Sharia law can be carried out by any orthodox Muslim, anywhere, anytime, however. The UN-recognized Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam is based on Sharia. Today, Sharia is being incorporated into EU law and is already operational in many countries. It will soon be in the Czech Republic as well.

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