SEMINAR SAC 2000 - 2022

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Topics: the origin of our universe, the origin and primordial settlement of our universe (15-dimensional universe), the time matrix, the Angel Wars... consciousness, races and spiritual families... Jehovah's Seals... Electrical Wars, Millennial Wars... Building Egyptian Civilization and Pyramids... Law of Unity... Atlantic Conspiracy... Montauk Project... Earthly Situation in SAC 2000 - 2022... Evolutionary Cycles... Planetary Cycles... 12-Element Kathara Grid... Metatron... inner domains... merkaba... morphogenetics... holographic reality... reversals... sense of existence... race development... hologram of being... development prediction... creation mechanics... polarities: electrical and magnetic... sexuality... human anatomy... shadow human anatomy... structure of internal domains... structure of internal creation... Kathara healing: technology of light and sound...

Date: Saturday, March 14, 2020

All day / time: from 9:30 am - 5:30 pm

Maximum number of people: 1200

You can order tickets via the e-shop or by e-mail: 

Each participant of the seminar will receive the book SAC 2000 - 2022 (Daniela Krejčí) - FREE OF CHARGE



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