Guardian races: Defenders



Throughout Creation, strong and powerful cosmic races are planted on all its vibrational levels, serving as Guardians of the Cosmic Laws and warriors for their preservation. They are Space Cops, but in the original good sense, as we no longer know here on Earth. They protect the Law and not the citizen. He protects the Law against the citizen who violates it. The citizen is to protect himself by obeying the Law. They help those who need and ask for help, not criminals who escape the law. They serve the Principle of the Eternal Christ and not any corrupt political party or multinational corporation or JRC. These Ranger races monitor the security situation in space and closely monitor all outbreaks of evil. Their work is fully subject to the Law of Unity. They have no right to intervene directly in the war conflicts caused by the lower races themselves. It's their evolutionary lesson, and they have to go through it painfully to learn from it and not do it next time. They persistently offer opportunities to stop conflicts and find amicable solutions and help. They must follow very strict protocols before they can restrict one's free will, even if it leads to overt self-destruction or the destruction of other beings. They have to wait a long time before they can hit anywhere. If all negotiations fail and there is no other option, they will be allowed to intervene directly. However, if they hit hard, their blow is completely devastating. It is called the Strike of Christ because it is in accordance with the Law of Oneness and serves to preserve the Principle of the Eternal Christ in Creation. These Ranger races have direct access to the most powerful creative energies that exist in Creation. They are the Primordial Streams of the Life Forces of the Source God who have supernatural power and authority. Everything was created with them. They can also be used to create everything if needed. They can easily literally vaporize entire universes, even with their aggressive invading violent and parasitic predatory races, if they are unteachable and maladapted and incurable and repeatedly violate the Law. The basic carrier wave of these energies, as if the conductor along which all these frequencies go down from the Source, is the Absolute Love of God, as the force of the highest (infinite) vibration. Watch out for her. She is very strong and we are not used to her. This Love contains the Law. And this Law protects those who respect it and punishes those who do not respect it.

Ranger humanity

The original Angelic Humanity was created long ago by advanced beings from the high Christ guardian civilizations as the new Guardian Race to protect parts of the universe at higher vibrational levels (HU-2) than we are now (HU-1). Due to gross errors in evolution, through the fault of the alien and one's own, these original pure and fully Christian human races have fallen to the very bottom of Creation, to the densest vibrational levels, furthest from the Source, where evil thrives best. There, in its degenerate and mutated form, humanity entered the final phase of an irreversible fall in 2003. It was to culminate in 2012 with the reversal of the Earth's electromagnetic field and the total reversal of planetary shields and gratings. This would align us with the reverse Merkaba of our falling Milky Way galaxy and drag us into the vortex of the Toral Rift, which would suck our entire solar system into a massive black hole in the galactic center. Other pieces of our universe fall in the same way. Spiral galaxies have black holes in them and are in the final stages of their devolution. The same happens in the surrounding universes, which have the structure of bubbles in bubbles. Through a system of local black holes, local galactic vacuum cleaners, it all ends up in huge fallen real estate fields. They are entire universes built on the anti-Christ Code, metatronic space gulags. So it is clear that we humans, as a space guard race, have failed perfectly. These guard races are still on the line of the Predatory Races, which are eliminated by joint forces. Such a predatory ending has been successfully taking place on our planet, especially for the last 10-20 thousand years, the culmination of which was SAC-2012. World War 3 was planned in quick succession to bring down the vibrational level of humanity and thus the planet. The last one in 2008 failed. It happened despite the fact that other Ranger Races from higher levels constantly tried to help us, throughout our development, which took many millions of years (humanity is much older than corrupt official sources tell us). But it was not enough. Fighting took place there as well, and the Predators won. Both sides constantly planted their incarnations, both demonic and Christ, in powerful waves on Earth, who performed their missions here and influenced planetary development, because they had a direct physical influence on it. This cannot be done without a body. That is why the physical body is an immense gift: it allows us to act in the Density and to intervene immediately in the events of the Planetary Hologram. The whole history of earthly humanity is about the struggle of Good with Evil, about the struggle of the Rangers with the Predators, whose background is perfectly hidden from ordinary people. More precisely, the whole bloody history of mankind is more of a struggle between evil and evil, it is a struggle of rival Predator Races for control. the planet and its energy system (Planetary Temple Complex of the Earth), as the Rangers often failed here. Those ordinary people have always served only as consumables and as military ammunition from a rapidly renewable source according to the motto: 'love and multiply'. Once sacred sexuality was degraded to the process of producing waste biomass. And so it is still so.

One more well-known guardian incarnate was the Bethlehem Avatar J12, which is a member of the original, not yet fallen, humanity (pure Taran soul from HU2). As part of this mission, with their implementation team of Christ brothers and sisters (the Brotherhood of Essen or the Essenes), they intervened in the Temple Complex of the Earth in preparation for the culmination of the battle for the planet in 2012. (minimum 8) secret genetically pure lines carrying advanced Christic coding in their energetic DNA template. This is necessary for 2 reasons. On the one hand, these people serve as bio-energetic conductors of the high frequencies of the Sources, which constantly radiate through themselves into the planetary shields and grids, thus introducing Christ codes into them and removing the reversals created by the Predators. This creates and maintains the ascension potential of the planet and its life fields. Second, these people serve as biological parents for other genetically pure (non-mutated) and highly vibrating mental essences of members of the Ranger Collectives to incarnate through their earthly missions through them.

Another such was King Arthur (559-608 AD), whose mission was both energetic and military. His sword was neither wooden nor rubber. He really fought because it was necessary. With his Christian retinue, he raised his weapon against Evil, for Evil must be defended. He was a Christ Striker.

Bethlehem Avatar J12

J12 was begotten by the normal physical conception (fertilization) of his biological parents, the incarnations of MCEO. He was born at 00:14 on November 22, 12BC. He left Planet Earth in 27AD, at the age of 39, with biological ascension through the Stargates of the Convention Bridge, through the ascending portal anchored under the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt. Arrival of Avatar J12 (see The Real Christmas Story): "... Once upon a time, on November 22, 12 BC, shortly after midnight at 12:14 a.m., Ben-Jumen's private residence ( later misinterpreted as Benjamin), on the outskirts of Bethlehem, in a country called Israel, from the natural (normal human) conception of two Essays, members of the Brotherhood of the Essays of the Melchizedek Monastery of the Emerald Order (MCEO), a wife of Jeudi and a man of Joehius, The spiritual avatar name of his identity (being, spiritual essence, soul) is: Jesheua Sananda Melchizedek [jesua sananda melkchizedek] Abbreviated, sometimes referred to as Yeshua or avatar J12, because he had activated all the first 12 strands in his DNA genetic master, containing a total of 48 threads ... ". He was also one of what people call the historical, biblical, legendary 'Jesus' or 'Christ' or 'Jesus Christ'. However, these are 3 different historical figures who lived at the same time and their destinies were eventually intertwined into one hybrid pseudo-character called 'Jesus', the hero of fake Christmas and religious stories.

The first person was the Christian MCEO avatar Yeshua J12, who worked in secret on the secret Christ Sowing Mission and was wanted and persecuted. The second person was a non-Christian avatar Jeshewu J9 (9 strands of DNA) sent by Elohim on a biogenesis mission to clean up the damaged genome of some Anunna lineages, who worked more openly and publicly. He traveled and publicly disseminated various varieties of teachings that have been preserved in the damaged Bible and other historical documents, and eventually had to hide because his teachings were too Christian. Interesting fact: the book (and film) "Master Leonardo's Code" (The Da Vinci Code) is inspired by a true story about trying to trace the genetic lines of Avatar J9. The third person was Mr. Arihabi, a native of Jerusalem, an Hebrew-Anunna melchizedek who was not an avatar and served as a cover story for the Elohim to save their J9, instead of which he died on the cross (see The Three Christs, pp. 96-105, in Voyagers II). ). Avatar J12 often went on business trips here in preparation for the Temple Complex of the Earth for the SAC-2012 event, but information is not released. His promise from the Bethlehem Period that he will return here physically for SAC-2012 is well known. He really came back here and today he is fully incarnated on our planet again. Due to the time needed for a quick intervention in the current planetary crisis, he chose the Walk-In method for his arrival, in which the mental essence incarnates into the already grown biological bodies, which he has prepared here within the framework of service contracts. During Thanksgiving (end of November 2007), J12 incarnated simultaneously into 3 different bodies: 1 Jewish person, 1 Tibetan person (woman?), 1 androgyne from an unspecified area. Under understandable strict security measures.

And what if the Rangers fail?

Rangers always work at a certain vibration level assigned to them and the extent of the terrain. Like the cops, they have their own space district. The guards often do not manage their role there, they are not omnipotent, they make mistakes, they are under constant fire from very powerful demons. They are people like us, just vibrating somewhere else. If only a small part of the Creation is endangered (smaller than a large one), then it falls and perishes in the form of a black hole implosion. These are allowable losses (see the situation in our local universe). But if a sufficiently large portion of Creation (greater than a small one) reaches the brink of the fall, the Law of Preservation of the Christ Principle will come in and bring order. His manifestation (manifestation) is also in charge of the guardian races, but from a higher level than that which falls. The closer to the Source, the worse it separates the Law Keeper from the Law itself. The high Rangers are themselves the embodiment of the Law. They are Him and he is Jimi. They are the Field of God-Source Consciousness and have essentially infinite power, which, however, is subject to the Law of Oneness, of which they are the embodiment. These high Rangers will launch various colossal rescue processes organized from cosmic and supra-cosmic levels (the case of the entire system of our falling universes). E.g. The Cosmic Reset process was activated on our planet in 2003, but it was not enough to measure the damage. Therefore, for the first time in the history of our universes, a much stronger and more massive Fail-Safe process was launched, which was activated at the planetary level in the period 2011-2012. It includes a huge stream of strong Christ energies called the Crystal River. These magnificent processes are manifestations of God's Grace and are part of the CHRIST Code. They are also called Christ's Rescue Missions. On the one hand, they cast out the Demons: if they do not retreat to their dark holes in time, then like the paper devils will burn in God's Light. Secondly, it brings with it completely unusual and unique possibilities of development and ascension (evolution and ascension) for all beings who are able to stay on the lush ascension wave: they have enough Christian coding in them and have a sufficiently high vibration and opt for ascension.

And what about us Humans: can we save ourselves?

Thanks to the Fail Safe process, there are opportunities to escape from our planetary prison and incarnations into fully Christ real estate fields (eg the planet Urtha in HU-1), including more advanced versions of our Earth (Median Earth). These appear to us as its possible future forms, as they are vibrationally higher. There are absolutely incredible opportunities to re-establish direct physical contact with advanced extraterrestrial civilizations that are following our evolution and trying to help us. After about 20,000 years, since the fall of Atlantis, we have another hope of going back to where we naturally belong and have always belonged. To the cosmic community of Christ races and civilizations that inhabit vast parts of Creation. They watch with love and pain what problems we are in now. They are waiting to finally break our curse and clearly take the side of Good and defend against Evil. To break our shackles, which we also chained ourselves. They expect us to lay down our lives to defend the Principle of the Eternal Christ if necessary, as they have done for us many times (for example, the Eieyan massacre in the Inner Earth after Thoth's betrayal.1). It's a huge but invisible support, it's like loving parents standing in front of a school where their children are graduating (Maturity Test) and holding their thumbs up and praying for them, but their children have to do the test themselves. Crowds of our cosmic parents and our Higher selves stand before planet Earth and pray for us to do our last possible reparation now.

And what about the Demons?

The response is the madness of the Demons, the SVS, and their earthly incarnations and minions. In addition to revenge for escaping prey and humiliation from defeat, the goal is to bring down both our planetary and personal vibrational levels so that the entire rescue process is slowed down and complicated as much as possible. So that Predators can be here and harm as long as possible. So that as many beings as possible could not ascend, they did not cling to the ascension wave and went with them as energetic food to the hells of their black-punched systems. They won't get the planet itself anymore. They could destroy her body, but her consciousness, the Soul of the Earth, is already in the protection of the Crystal River. Vibration is reduced by the action of Evil. Therefore, now on Earth, Evil will grow stronger, in all its forms. And completely uncovered. The time of the Demons is over, and they know it. Every day, every hour, the vibrational level of our planet increases greatly. And that doesn't do them any good. Demons cannot live where the vibration of Christ is high. It's a toxic environment for them, like giving a notorious clean water instead of alcohol. Their damaged and reversed energy models cannot resonate with these energies, which are now flooding the Earth's Earth Complex. They are not compatible with them. The state of vibrational resonance between personal and planetary consciousness is a condition for a given being to be on a given planet. she could incarnate. This is provided genetically, by a suitable template for DNA. Personal genetics is the small key to the big planetary door. That's why the Predators collected human material and hybridized our genome with their own to obtain the key and incorporate it into their models. And these vibrating shears are still opening now. Demons will simply not be able to incarnate here over time, losing direct physical influence to planetary events. And even if they got here, they wouldn't stay here energetically, they would actually burn here. It's like putting a 220V into a 3-volt light bulb. This is a typical example of how the Rangers are fighting. It will slightly increase the Christ Vibration and the parasites themselves will gradually fall away. By increasing the amount of Love in a given area, they will inflict a Christian Strike on them. Sometimes it is possible to fight with Love, but one must understand its structure and use its adequate form. Evil simply cannot manifest, it is not physically possible. The problem, however, is that even normal people and

1 Entity Thoth was a tall being who suffered and fell, adopted a bio-regency program and was able to purify its DNA template up to the level of the 11th strand, thus regenerating its ID anatomy up to the frequency band of Dimension D-11. Unfortunately, it gained more trust than it had and failed in a key historical situation SAC 22 326 BC. Thoth was then one of the 3 MCEO Spokesmen and betrayed the whole project, which had catastrophic consequences: the fall of Atlantis, the destruction of human civilization, the NWO project, which is culminating today. The untreated Thoth (missing the last thread of D-12) heard the voice of the wilderness and succumbed again to his illness: a morbid desire to be more powerful than God. He put his enormous power into the service of Evil and then played the 'god' many more times (Quetzalcoatl, Thoth, Hermes Trismegistos, etc.). He also wrote the Emerald Tablets, where parts of the alienated and bent doctrine of the Inner Christ are. Created the Tarot based on the damaged Hebrew alphabet. His current legacy of death is encoded in a perverted symbology, which includes a reverse merkaba. Recently, there has been an irreversible reversal of the Thothian Shield, and this fallen avatar with his large collective (settled especially on Nibiru) is going into total collapse.

The other life fields on our planet have their templates full of reversals, so they must proceed slowly so that they can handle the vibrational overload and not burn with the Demons. It records the Predators, they have more time to work just the opposite.

It is the personal, collective and planetary responsibility of every single person to work on himself, to purify himself and to increase his and thus the planetary vibrational level. This will help the whole rescue process, support it and speed it up. He doesn't have to turn his head into some meditation position, not everyone is. It is enough for him to live a completely normal, completely ordinary, ordinary human life, with everything that belongs to it, but he will live it consciously, joyfully and morally, and he will behave fully Christianly and defend his natural rights. In doing so, he inflicts a crushing Christ Strike on the Demons. It will help liberate our planet soon and preserve the Principle of Good for the next generation. To keep those next generations coming after us, could again be called the Angelic Christ Humanity, as it was created in God's Original Plan. It is not a shame to fall, but to lie for a long time. And we've been lying for a long time. The greatest ally of the Demons is our inner evil, corruption, ignorance, ignorance, ignorance, passivity, tolerance for evil, our personal evil, the demon in us. Therefore, human wickedness is comprehensively and purposefully supported, cultivated and protected. And for those who are, the Doctrine brings an inexhaustible number of different meditation and other techniques, tailored to the current needs of the mutated but ascension of the lustful person. These processes work with the plasma frequencies of the Crystal River, which are today the most efficient energies that act integrally and keep human personal consciousness in a state of constant synchronization with planetary consciousness, which is constantly increasing in vibration.

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