Creative mechanics I.: templates and manifestations


What is creation?

Creation Mechanics is the doctrine of how God creates his Creation. It is a clear and logical science that everyone can understand at least a little. It is actually ID Physics (fine-material physics) that describes the laws of the interrelationships and actions between Matter, Energy and Consciousness. It is only a slightly expanded terrestrial gross-material physics, which deals only with matter and energy, and only at our low vibrational level. The biggest difference is that Consciousness is also included. It is the physics of the future that is yet to come.

It works like a human when he does something. He creates his intention, the so-called TEMPLATE, for what he wants to do. It is an energetic image at the level of consciousness: it contains the information - mental side (idea, vision, image, D3 mental body) and the energetic - emotional side (power, free, effective, D2 emotional body). He creates a procedure for realizing the intention: a procedure (instructions, recipe, technological procedure), in which, with the knowledge of the laws of physics, he transforms the intention into matter in order to be realized, realized in order to MANIFEST. To be reflected in his hologram as a perceptually (sensory, experiential) tangible reality.

How does one create?

One grasps the intention to build a house. He creates his vision of what it should look like: a picture in his head (Manifest Template 1º). Then he draws it and has a project: a picture on paper (Manifest Template 2º). Then he uses construction procedures and builds the house (Manifestation Sequence, manifestation process). The house is really physically manifested in his Hologram and is completely real to him (Manifested Reality, Tactile Reality). The house exists on all levels at the same time: in the head, on paper, in matter. The path of its realization leads vibrationally downwards: from conscious vision (morphogenetic field) to dense brick mass (atomic level). Those pre-material images are called Templates. This material result is called Manifestation or Realization (realization) of the Templates. Man is a very powerful Manifestation Machine: he can turn his intentions into reality. When he is born, he is zero, he has nothing at all. When he leaves, he leaves behind huge works (both good and bad, according to the quality of his choice). Where did it come from? Well, he just turned his consciousness into matter. And God does the same thing, just on a slightly larger scale.

Creation like a computer

It's like a computer. Someone grasps the intention to create a picture of a hare. He draws it in a graphical environment on a computer or programs it in a higher language. These creative programs (creation software) translate into a number of different other code instructions at different levels. These are then sent to the printer, which converts them into a set of colored dots on the paper. And the hare is in the world. There are a long series of partial steps between the initial vision as the state of consciousness of the hare's creator and its final material form: it is called the Manifestation Transduction Sequence. It contains the whole vibrational hierarchy of models, which follow each other and communicate with each other, so that the intention gets from consciousness into matter. These templates are ID energy constructs, structures capable of performing various functions.

The connection of the Creator and his works

The manifestation sequence begins with the Creator and ends with his final product. It represents a lasting energy connection and the bond between them. The Creator and his Work are forever together. Each work bears the energetic imprint of its Creator, which contains 2 things: its address and its quality. On the one hand, it bears his unique Divine Birth Number, according to which he can always be traced. Second, he carries an accurate record of his vibrational state in which he carried out his work: his innermost attitudes, motives, intentions, emotions that cannot be hidden and which constantly radiate from his work and energetically encode it. Therefore, let us be very careful whenever we create (which happens all the time!), Especially when it comes to creation with a longer duration, such as procreation, the establishment of empires, intentions of systematic meditations and prayers, fixed ideas and desires. It can really happen one day. There is a piece of ourselves in everything we create, it is similar to us, in fact it is only the result of our creative expression, when we manifest a part of our interior on the outside and then we have to live in this theater. There is nothing more didactic than having to live in a world I have created (what I am preparing for others I will experience myself).

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All this is stored in the creator's karmic bank, which are memory matrices that are part of his own anatomy ID. All this will one day see how fast the film of his autobiography is until his consciousness expands sufficiently. Unfortunately, it is usually during the Bardo process, when it is too late for some quick corrective action, which is made possible by the stay in the body and in matter. As a result, it all takes time and the whole evolution slows down a lot. The introduction of the incarnation mechanism is completely unnatural and its intention is to slow down the development of Humanity so that it cannot reach higher vibrational levels and thus the forces that correspond to them.

In a sense, everything one creates becomes part of it. Obviously, no one will run away from themselves. We are all co-creators of our common Hologram in which we live, at all its levels: personal, partner, friendly, friendly, working, family, ancestral, national, generic all-human, planetary, galactic, cosmic, cosmic. What we do, we will have. What we don't do, we won't have, because it couldn't be our fault. So let's not give up responsibility for our actions, because that's not possible.

According to the Laws of the Cosmos, every created thing is forever and forever directly connected with its creator and is a part and parable of it. For God is the ultimate Creator of all existing things, so all things are part of him and are in constant connection with him. This connection can be forgotten, it can be rejected and ignored, it can be reversed, but it cannot be destroyed. That is why it is said that Man is like God. Everything he tries to get between Man and God is wrong. There is no place to get.

Consequences of the existence of Templates

NOTHING happens by accident. EVERYTHING we observe is a manifestation of one's intention. In this physical fact lies the power of learning about models. Both up and down. Even if we do not see the energy patterns (state above) and we perceive only their manifestations (state below), from observing and understanding what is physically reflected in our hologram, we can very accurately determine who is behind it at higher levels and whose intentions are here they realize. Nothing happens by accident. Everything happens quite deliberately, a thousand times more intentionally than anyone can imagine (even the biggest fantasy). If something appears somewhere, it is a manifestation of his models. E.g. such a virus, an inanimate parasitic formation that attacks and kills cells. Before that, it uses them for its replication and reprograms them for its own needs. How did this protein-coated genetic garnet come about? Where and how did it get into the ground or into the air? How did it come about that his protein contains the exact molecular keys to the cell membrane that protects the cell, and his genome contains the keys to the genetic apparatus of the cell, which he recodes? Science says it all came about 'by accident'. People believe this because science says so, as an external authority, as a control dogma. Just somewhere in the earth, in a lump of clay, atoms happened to come together. Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen, tiny pieces of dead matter that know nothing about the existence of man and humans on Earth. Then lightning struck them, creating a deadly molecular machine, precisely calibrated to blow up the human immune system, to induce cancer, etc. But how did the virus find out about humans? Who gave him the exact molecular keys to penetrating human cells and reversing their genome? This is how the HIV virus originated in American laboratories and was tested on a part of the African population (AIDS). It was expanded with the help of the World Health Organization (WHO), which is the medical equivalent of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which does the same in the field of finance. The results were promising, so it is included in the JRC's arsenal. Likewise, Ebola, Zika, etc. Related to this is a phenomenon called Chemtrails. This is the so-called chemical seeding of the atmosphere (chemical seeding). Mixtures of certain chemical compounds that have the ability to activate the virus, once introduced, are sprayed into local atmospheres in the target regions.

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