Conditions for successful magical work

Conditions for successful magical work - download here


When a magician casts a spell, he must get paid for it. Not only magic, but also time and art apply! That is why such a service is very expensive. The person in question expresses his willingness and desire at the price, to the spiritual world for change. It is no coincidence that in fairy tales the witch always asks for the most valuable thing she has. This is to express a great desire and willingness to sacrifice something for change. This makes one think, because magic is not a child's play and the magical process evoked in this way cannot be taken back. Everyone who starts working magically MUST OBSERVE THE CONDITIONS FOR SUCCESSFUL MAGIC WORK in order for everything to work as it should! Those who are already working on themselves spiritually already know all these conditions and live according to them in their lives.

We reserve the right to determine to whom the spell will be sold - made and to whom it will not be!



Don't edit the spell - otherwise the spell won't work! And keep the spell a secret, because if someone wishes you the opposite so that your wish is not fulfilled, then the spell has to overcome many obstacles unnecessarily, and then it takes much longer to be fulfilled! You must have a strong desire for the desired result, visualize this result and, most importantly, believe that your wish will come true (which means imagining everything as it should turn out and not putting into the magic of a negative thought that your wish will not come true). Concentrate on it, do not do magic mechanically or carelessly. Read the procedure carefully several times. And most importantly, you need to think right so that you don't like magic. How to think correctly: they did not sit at home and did not expect magic to do everything for you, you must also help the magic in the physical world, eg by inviting to dinner, communication, etc.).



  • Desire or need (you must have a strong desire)
  • Visualization of the desired result (imagine how everything should turn out)
  • Concentration (do not do spells or rituals mechanically)
  • Emotional interest (you must love your partner)
  • Knowledge of how to perform a spell or ritual and watch it until the end (to check the spell or ritual continuously, it is enough at the beginning, whether by interpretation from cards, astral - conscious astral travel ...)
  • Belief in the result (you must not doubt the result)
  • The ability to keep the spell to yourself - keep quiet (as soon as you talk about the spell or show it to someone, the spell loses its power and stops working)
  • To support magic or ritual with effort in the physical world (which means not sitting at home and not expecting magic to do everything for you)

SUMMARY OF IMPORTANT PRINCIPLES FOR MAGIC - if you want your magical work to be successful, you must ONLY follow all the principles listed here as a whole! You must always have a STRONG DESIRE, you must VISUALIZE your goal SPECIFICALLY, you must be MAXIMUM CONCENTRATED in your magical work, you must love the object of your love sincerely, you must be clear how to perform the spell (it is always better to ask more than to do it wrong), then you must have STRONG FAITH IN THE RESULT. Another important principle is SILENCE, do not talk about the spell, do not show the spell to anyone, otherwise there is a risk that the spell will stop working irreversibly! And the last important thing, you have to try to support the magic in the PHYSICAL WORLD and not just wait for a miracle to happen! EVERYTHING RELATED TO EVERYTHING - so before you embark on any magical work, think about whether you can follow these important principles! ALSO RITUALS / MAGICAL ACTIONS ARE GENERALLY REPEATED 462x TO STRENGTHEN THE NECESSARY VOLTAGE TO MAKE IT AUTOMATIC - 400x ASTRAL SF./60x MENTAL SF./2x FATE, KARMA



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