Hologram of being


Things in creation

The laws of Creation are uniform and harmonious. They are complete and indisputable. They are repeated in various variations on many different levels. They are analogous and similar. Just as a mother forms her child, so the Source forms her children. All created are his children. Their creative program is determined by the intention of the Source. It determines their basic mission - what will it be? It can be anything - all that exists are living conscious beings. To better understand this from a human point of view, we can imagine that we have two basic categories of created Things-Beings: Places and People.

1. Places are real estate fields, living spaces where you can live.
2 Humans are their inhabitants, that is, all life fields, forms and species that live there.

The first box includes, for example, the following things: space, universe, galaxy, solar system (solar system, solar), star, planet, continent, landscape, rock, sea, river, forest, etc. The second box includes, for example, these things : fields of consciousness inhabiting the highest cosmic vibrational levels, high intelligence living in the vibrational distances of universes, cosmic alien races inhabiting parts of universes and creating advanced civilizations in their galaxies, racial genetic lines inhabiting solar systems, planetary biological species animating planet surfaces (humans, animals, plants, minerals, etc.) as well as their interior and atmosphere. The two kinds of Things-Beings, that is, Places and People, are actually quite the same and depend only on the point of view. From the point of view of the atom and the molecule, bacteria are their living space and they are its inhabitants and components. From the point of view of the intestinal bacterium Escherichia coli or body cells, man is their habitat and they are its inhabitants. From man's point of view, the planet is his habitat and he is its inhabitant. From the point of view of the universe, the planet is its inhabitant and he is its living space. From the point of view of the cosmos, the small universe is its inhabitant and he is his living space. From the Source's point of view, these are all his Children that he unconditionally loves.

Hologram of Being

All created Things are children of one Source. All of them are created according to his intention, using the creative (creation) program KRIST-Kód. All are created from his substance, by the targeted concentration of his conscious energetic substance. They are all located inside it. The entire Creation is located within the Field of God-Source Consciousness (Field of Ah-Yah), also called the Sea of ​​Dreams. The creature there creates a tiny island of structured being (EFFI Field) within the endless ocean of God's Mind. The manifested, externally manifested, part of Creation is also called the Body of God. The tiny island has the shape of a huge, gigantic macroscopic hologram, a multi-dimensional image of virtual reality in which everything that can be in Creation and what can happen in Creation is programmed and displayed. The whole of Creation is given before. It exists as one single pre-finished and unchanging static motionless entity, the vast Light Crystal of the Conscious Energy Source. It is the Hologram of Being. This hologram is a manifestation arena. It projects real estate fields (living spaces and places), into which their inhabitants are then sent (living fields and forms), 1 To give you an idea, the human body has about 1011 cells and the human intestine contains about the same amount of intestinal microflora bacteria. Obviously, the bacteria must be smaller than the body's cells, because otherwise they would not fit into humans in the same number. In order to co-exist, co-develop, co-work and co-create, they enjoyed and shared and shared experiences. That hologram has a large part that is programmed for good. However, it also has a small part that is programmed for evil.

Every created Thing-Being moves through this predefined hologram, as if a pilgrim were walking through the landscape. The pilgrim has the impression that the landscape around him moves and flickers, and he has the impression of change and movement over time. But this is not the case. It is only the way of his perception (perception) that creates this impression in him. He intends to choose a path through the hologram, within his predefined developmental cycles in which he is seated. With his consciousness, he illuminates the parts of him where he is currently located. He then sees the illuminated parts himself. They are projected to him as his reality, a tangible reality within him, within which he is. It's like a caveman walking through a dark cave and seeing exactly what he shines with his flashlight. The cave is not moving. He and his flashlight are moving.

Creation as a projector

The hologram of being works similarly to a projector. We have a light source (energy), a lamp (light bulb), an image (slide), an optical system (lens) and a projection screen (screen). The stream of consciousness The source that animates a person is the source of light that powers the lamp of his personal consciousness. Each being has within it a small part of the whole large hologram, a microscopic copy of it that concerns it and contains everything that that creature can ever experience. Other fates can be experienced by galaxies and others by a mole. This personal part of the hologram is a complete set of images for the projector and contains all possible states and situations that a given person can experience within a given existence. Not a single picture is missing there and not a single one is left there. According to his intention, motivation of his actions, strength of will and desire and his current vibrational state in which he is currently located, based on the principle of energetic vibrational resonance, he draws from that set the very images that are most in tune with him at that moment. These images-intentions are then automatically projected by the light of the lamp of his personal consciousness into his surroundings. The stream of conscious energy passes through the complex system of energetic lenses of his ID anatomy and creates the reality of his film of life on the projection screen of his personal hologram. In this way, man manifests (realizes, realizes, materializes) his inner energy contents and creates from them the reality he experiences, which he perceives as a sequence of his chosen images. Everyone is actually a very powerful demonstration machine. And the last picture he puts in before bed will be projected into his dream.

lovePersonal and planetary hologram

In fact, the individual is not only in his personal hologram, but at the same time he is immersed (inserted, like matryoshka dolls) into holograms of all higher degrees, which create his surroundings and significantly limit and modify his manifestational power. It is part of all higher units with which it is energetically connected. Therefore, their holograms co-create his life reality. It is, for example, the following holograms of life fields: interpersonal relationships, family, genus, nation, race, biological species, extraterrestrial races and intelligences that created this planetary species and their superior cosmic fields of consciousness. But they are also holograms of living places (real estate fields): the planet on which the individual is incarnated, its solar system, the galaxy, the universe, the cosmos. The interaction works on both sides: there and back. The hologram of the surroundings influences the individual who lives in it as in his larger reality (context, framework). An individual acts on his surroundings by projecting the contents of his personal hologram into it, thus changing his surroundings. Thanks to the Law of Unity, everything is connected to everything. Everything is strongly energetically connected with everything else. This energy web is extremely strong and cannot be escaped. It creates the very basis of Creation, its common energy field, a kind of basic matrix or base matrix - canvas. It is a multi-layered Field of Source Consciousness, in which everything is contained, from whose substance everything is made and into which all holograms are immersed.

Hologram: escape or overcoming

It is not the goal to somehow get out of the Hologram of Being, get out, and run away. Firstly, because it doesn't work. Secondly, because there is nowhere. Third, because it is not the meaning of existence. The meaning of being is the vibrational ascension and expansion of consciousness to such an extent that it gradually grasps into itself all those holograms of various sizes and nested inside and encompasses all their life experience that they have embedded in themselves. When he embraces and experiences the whole Hologram of Being, he becomes one, becoming that tiny island within the infinite ocean of the Source Consciousness Field. He can return to it and dissolve, while fully preserving his identity. It is a fully conscious return home. He can stay there like this. Or he can return to the Creation Arena, perhaps to help someone there or teach someone there.

Interweaving of holograms - common development

The joint life journey of two partners physically means that they are both found not only in their personal holograms, but also in a larger common hologram, which includes the two personal ones and has something extra. The basic lesson here is the inequality: 1 + 1> 2, so one plus one is more than two. In the place of common overlaps of personal holograms, a new quality is created, a new realization space, which contains everything that the two can experience and do together, but which neither of them could experience on their own. There is room for qualitatively new and unpredictable collective or emergent modes of behavior1. It also means that in this common energy space they both copy and transfer all the energies from all their development and from all the holograms of which they were and are, despite all times and history: families, families, tribes, nations, cultures, races, etc. There the memory matrices of their evolutionary lines are copied and crossed. These powerful and strongly coded energies then pre-determine and co-determine their joint development. The victims are often the victims, especially if there is a cross between completely incompatible genetic lines and traditions. The choice of a partner is a great responsibility, because it sets in motion great collective energies, the interaction of which will result in the offspring being born: divine or demonic? Be very careful about who you cross your genes with!

Interweaving of holograms - procreation of offspring

During each sexual act, the partners copy the energy programs of their masters into each other and program and code each other. It was also the energetic target of invading races, conquerors, missionaries, mass migration and other destructive acts. Therefore, let us maintain the energetic purity of our sexuality. These programs determine the quality of genetic material (DNA) physically manifested (biologically manifested) in the offspring. Carefully review the family history of your partners before opening your biofields to them. Realize that your children will enter the entire energy arsenal of all the genetic lines behind your partner, with all the problems that have ever been there, thousands and years back and forth. Time means nothing here. Time is simultaneous and runs everywhere at the same time. That something happened a long time ago means nothing at all. The important thing is the energy footprint, the charge of the event. She's still here, she's closer than we can imagine, she's right next to us, but we don't notice her. When the time is right, it will show. It happens when he resonates with some current event. An honest joint search for mistakes in the evolution of both partners and their lineages is the best protection. Finding mutual mistakes, understanding them, naming them, not judging, accepting and healing has great power. He can do such a common treatment miracles and can cleanse even the entire lineage. The reason is simple. This action has the support of the Law of Oneness, because it is the co-creation of the healing process. After all, admitting a mistake and trying to correct it is the most natural thing.

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