How to think right


Of course, before you achieve truly remarkable results, you will have to go through various stages. Depending on your abilities and perseverance, this will take a shorter or longer time. What to watch out for the most? To negative thoughts, which attract negative and which in turn attracts negative thoughts ... and therefore it is necessary to get out of this vicious circle, free yourself from the burden of fear and anxiety. The important thing is to think positively.

It is not enough to think "I am happy" or "my problems are solved" (or will be solved) or "I will meet someone I will love and who will love me" for that to happen! In addition, this idea needs to have warmth of the heart As they say: we often tend to repeat the same things mechanically just because we do them too often, be careful, because it is the power of our thinking that is the driving force !!! in the end, it always becomes a concrete reality, but we do not think positive enough to elicit real positive and effective reactions in our lives, at least most of us.


One of the most effective methods to concretize your idea (there are many other methods) is to create an image of it! So visually depict any situation one wants. There is no need to imagine any long scenarios, just a single scene that really captures the materialization of your wishes. You have to have it in front of you with all the details by believing that it is a fact and you identify with it.

It is not recommended to look for "unrealizable" plans in the beginning. Learn to control the power of your thinking gradually. Until you improve your production tool, you cannot think that you will be able to get a dizzying amount or eliminate all the difficulties in a while. start with the simplest before, then move on to the harder ones, etc. And also don't think that learning has to take a long time, i.e. just an example of negative thinking that you have to get rid of first. You can make progress quickly, even very quickly. you really wish it and you believe in what you do !!!

"Faith transmits the mountain!" - ie the truth that must always be repeated over and over again !!!


You will also find that your words, not only the ones you say but also the ones you are about to say, are an important source of success or failure. Two words will help you change. It's "I want" and "I can". It clearly doesn't make sense to formulate ideas like "I'm rich" or "I'm healthy" (except when you're imagining a future situation) if the person is poor or sick.

To say and think, "I want to become rich and I have enough strength to do so," to say and to think, "I want to win and I have the ability to do that," sounds more realistic.

In a way, however, this realism has nothing to do with the usual understanding of the term. Because this realism lies in creating reality. By learning how to change our way of formulating things and by changing our inner reality, we are also changing our external reality !!!

Most often we call ourselves what we are afraid of. Our thinking controls fear and manipulates it until it really becomes what we encountered in our fears ...


Our time tends to confuse militancy, efficiency and aggression. And it is aggression, contrary to how it might seem, that is the element that works against happiness and success, even in that it causes stress, which is the source of many diseases. Eternal jealousy, bitterness and greed never pay off. Neither short term nor long term. Being ambitious does not mean stop being honest and generous, which are qualities that pay off in the long run, as they inspire confidence, which increases your confidence in your own abilities and also greatly speeds up things.

Great leaders do not have to be beautiful and rich, but they have confidence in themselves and gain love by what they do. Those who despise the women they seduce may certainly succeed, but they gradually become bitter and bitter. Many people think that dishonesty and greed can bring something, and this view is led by the fact that a large number of honest people live either in very modest conditions or have a number of problems. To say that only greed and dishonesty make it possible to gain wealth means, above all, that such a state is allowed to become a reality. It is necessary to constantly remind ourselves that WE SELF OUR FUTURE AND THAT WHAT HAPPENS IN ACTION EXISTS BEFORE IT IN OUR THINKING !!! And if you want to die of cancer, for example, no one will bother you to try it out ... There are two things you can follow from the frequently given examples. Beware of honest and generous people who live modestly. You will often find that they are not ambitious and that they still managed to do what they wanted. When it comes to people with many problems, they are mostly people who have negative thoughts, are full of jealousy of their opponents and live in fear of losing what they have !!!

However, we said to ourselves that we call upon ourselves exactly what we fear, because by focusing our thoughts on negative events, they will inevitably become a tangible reality. To think "I will not succeed" is already destined to fail. THINKING MEANS TO DO! "

The goal of this school is to learn to speed things up so that they are harmoniously coordinated and evolving. But you cannot achieve this development of all the possibilities and abilities that you have within you, but you have mostly neglected them, unless you develop your own personality. As you will find out, happiness is a strict discipline, it is learning. There is a mechanism, a kind of dynamics of happiness. Happiness attracts happiness, misfortune attracts unhappiness. This seems obvious, but it is more difficult to apply in everyday life. To do this, you need to have a certain method. This is undoubtedly optimism. It is necessary to learn to think differently than usual and to find a positive part in everything. It exists everywhere, even in the most negative one there is always something encouraging.

It is necessary to learn from failure, but one cannot just come to terms with it and find the meaning of one's existence in one's misfortune. Just at the moment when "nothing comes out", we have to practice as much as possible in optimism and positive thinking. This also develops our will, which is another driving force that changes our destiny and is the main force of the magical ritual!!!


Feeling future feelings in advance and thus evoking them is one of the gears of this mechanism. One wheel drives the other. We must let events mature and feed them with our thoughts!

Indians in North America sometimes used some magical phenomena, but not to misuse them, because everyone was aware of them, but to evoke real events, to summon them. The most important thing is to understand the power of such a technique. To imagine that I am healthy does not mean to evoke health. But don't go into detail, that is, the form in which things will manifest. That way, you just needlessly employ your imagination. It is essential to unleash the power of your spiritual thinking. It can do an enormous amount, whether in terms of health, wealth or love. It's all about not being overwhelmed by the real disease of today's society.


"Every thought is an act!" Every thought has an effect. Stronger or weaker, depending on whether it is repeated or not, whether it is sent by one or more people. Our thoughts are recorded and have a response in one way or another. It can be easily and make it clear in the case of health. Take this test: Get up at some time every morning with the thought, "I'm not feeling well today, I'm sick." In more than 90% of cases, you will first experience extreme fatigue and later depression. And finally, if you don't stop thinking that way, the disease will actually appear in its organic form. This is a "test" that many of us unfortunately do without realizing it in the slightest.

Now I will reverse the meaning of the sentence. In the morning, say to yourself: "I feel great today. Everything that comes my way will be positive and I will achieve everything I want! "It must not be just an ordinary stream of sentences that mean nothing to you. Think of everything that can arouse optimism in you and consider it to exist. among other things, it will increase your influence on others, because you will not waste your mind and undermine your enthusiasm without it being good for someone.

Your thinking works in two directions - on people and events! However, some mistakes are often made in telepsychics. It is not enough to just think of the person we love, because we usually think in general of the person we already love and not of the love she could feel for us, or how that love could begin to manifest. That is exactly the mistake, because it could happen that you would achieve the exact opposite result. If this person is not very inclined to your love in advance, then it is not appropriate for you to constantly show that you will achieve yours at all costs. This could discourage her even more! If you want a person to call you, it doesn't mean that they have to call you and that they will really call you, but you have to be able to imagine it (you have to see them pick up the phone and call you). The moment you have a picture of the person you want to influence, be convinced in yourself that your thoughts on him are they will have an effect!

It is useless to think constantly "I love you" and focus on a certain person. However, to imagine this person, to see him in front of him, as he calls you "I love you" - that means profit!

Another mistake that is often made is to scatter thoughts in many directions, such as trying to convince someone of something, which exhausts your strength. It's a pretty common attitude. However, usually someone who wants to convince another of them at any cost will succeed (if he succeeds at all!) Only at the cost of immense effort. And it is this spent energy that proves that he himself is not convinced of what he is saying or of his ability to convince anyone else of it. Otherwise, he could naturally convince him without having to put so much enthusiasm into it. This is the secret of great entrepreneurs and great seducers. Have you fallen in love and it seems in the wrong place? Talk about it as little as possible, avoid the desire to confide in someone, even if they are your best friend. Do you have to close an important deal? Keep it to yourself. Do not give any information about it, not even the least significant. Why? If you talk about it, you will lose the energy you need to carry out your plan. And an equally bad love tactic is if you keep thinking of one and the same person! We waste a lot of time and energy with useless words. So limit yourself to the bare essentials. As soon as we hear something new, we have nothing to do but share it with someone else. It's an incredible waste of energy. If you do not succumb to such qualities, you will increase your personal magnetism and you will have a greater influence on others! Learn to be as silent as possible !!!


But let's go back to the realm of emotions. You call yourself "I think of this person," and of course you doubt the influence that your thought can have. It ceases to have an effect precisely because you keep thinking about it that way. It is possible to want to beat a person with a thousand glass balls, but if you throw one at a time, then there is little hope that you will succeed!

So you have to send strong energy. To do this, in the initial period, avoid thinking about the person for many hours. As soon as you have a thought that concerns her, drive her away without mercy. Force yourself to a strict schedule that would not leave you time to dream. Of course, such "spiritual education" may seem difficult at first. It really requires complete mental re-education. It is also necessary not to talk about it.


In short, the first principle is to hold back the strength you have whenever he wants to leave you in any way. This is called "voluntary interruption of thought", which allows the necessary concentration in the desired moment.

It is also necessary to observe very strict behavior. Do not look for special opportunities to meet the person in question (or avoid them) and, if present, behave indifferently, but nevertheless courtly.

It may seem difficult to take such an attitude. However, at this cost, you can succeed. With some variations, these talents also bring good results, especially in professional life and in social life in general. Especially if you work magically.


THINKING IS A "WEAPON" OF A HEAVY CALIBER AND IT MUST BE USED !!! up again and I have enough strength to do it! "

However, if you feel envious, perhaps even intolerant of another person, then if you want to succeed, you need to focus in a positive way. Any anger, envy or resentment means a great expense of energy. To envy - this is not a sign of kindness, tolerance or forgiveness. In particular, it means resolutely refusing to waste the time and strength we need to act effectively. Wishing happiness and success to another is not only proof of goodness and philanthropy, but above all it means directing your thoughts so that "money" gets a positive position in our lives. At the same time, it also attracts all thoughts going in the same direction. This means creating a constructive work for more people, which always has a better chance of success than one's own work, as all occultists, who often practice in a group, create a common active energy that is a combination of the energy of all group participants. Your thinking is a spiritual force nourished by your thoughts.

Convincing your own success already means missing a large part of the path to success. In the evening, before you go to bed, repeat: "I have the ability to become rich and everything I can contribute to will appear as soon as possible!" You can find another sentence that seems more appropriate to you. But it is important that contained the following terms: your desire to win , your ability to achieve this, and the means to lead you to that success.

Sometimes very little is enough and the mechanism goes in the opposite direction. Every loser can become a child of fortune, but on the condition that he really wants it, which sometimes means a hard awareness of reality. Some people find real pleasure in regretting them. They want someone to take care of them, to be taken care of. If this is your case and you do not want to change your attitude, there is no point in continuing.

The speed of your results depends mainly on your ability to use the potential of happiness. If you are unable to recognize means (often very diverse) designed to improve your emotional and financial situation or your health, as well as to perceive signals sent to you just as they are being transmitted, you must wait a while for the signal to be sent again and your perception captures him. This can take a long time. But this is what develops our will and at the same time our intuition! Sometimes we have to see beyond the tip of our own nose to use our capital of happiness.


Who among us does not regret that he did not do this or that, that he did not go in this or that direction that was offered to him? However, some people live their lives only by regretting what they did not do. Try to change the direction of your thinking a bit. You say that you can do what you want at any time, that you can change direction at any time. Life is not unchangeable and uniform. He is satisfied with the change, with the movement. By contemplating our failures, we call for more and more failures. And there is a great danger in that. We reiterate that fear and anxiety are our greatest enemies !!! Say to yourself, "This failure has taught me what I must not do. Now that I have learned, I will return to it and be one hundred percent successful! "That's the only way you can move forward!


The fear of failure is very often paralyzing and is the most important factor leading to failure. However, such fear can take far more insidious forms. E.g. you feel it in front of someone who is the key to your future wealth or is its main obstacle. This person has an influence on you and you do not dare to refer him to the appropriate limits, to pretend that he is not here, not to be afraid of him or to remove him from the path.

However, if you want to succeed, you must first win, removing all the obstacles that stand between you and the money. Naturally, you have already discovered that the biggest obstacle is, of course, yourself! If we want to succeed in what we do, we must do it with love. Work done with love will always turn out better than work done just as well, but done with indifference!


Get up an hour earlier, although it can be done at any hour, but it is most effective one hour before starting your work. You have in front of you the program of your working day. First, imagine every single moment of the day. Then you can move on to the second phase, that is, imagining the images in the spirit - the moment the image of the man or woman you want to convince appears, your thinking is already beginning to affect them! Now, from the group of people you come in contact with every day, choose the ones that may be important to realizing your future plans, the ones whose decisions may be crucial, and let the scales prevail in your favor. Gradually imagine these people one by one. It doesn't matter at all. Hold the image of each one in front of you for a few minutes. During this time, clearly imagine what you want these people to feel, admit, understand, decide, and do. Determine the order that suits your decision. Thoughts are known to have more power than they represent in a momentary image. It can also be quite effective if you observe the facial expressions of the people you want to convince. If you are able to represent your thoughts in physical expression, it will have an even greater impact.


Do you feel that you are suffocating, do you think that your plans are blocked by a specific person or more people who envy you? Defend yourself! Not with black magic, but with this method you can get rid of your own complexes, worries, reduce the power that other people control you and increase your personal influence on them.


Sit comfortably, imagine people who are harming your plans, who stand in your way, or whose contempt is disgusting. Start with the "most resilient". In these images that you imagine in your mind, also be aware of your voice, gestures and attitudes. tell her everything you have on your heart and tell her not to put any more obstacles in your way and to treat you more humbly Show her emphatically that you are as hard as granite and that we will brush your teeth on you If he doesn't leave you alone, the attitude of this person (or those people) will change very quickly, and if you repeat this exercise every day, it strengthens your security and it is called "personal magnetism".

These are only the first foundations of an attitude leading to substantial success and the removal of the barriers between money and you. But it is appropriate to first say these basic principles.


Of course, once we get to the "questions" of health, we come across the most serious problem - it is clear that with the methods we present here, it is unlikely that serious organic disorders can be treated. Why unlikely? Because it always depends on what happens and each person is a special case for which special treatment needs to be determined, and the doctors themselves agree that a large proportion of diseases are of psychosomatic origin, ie that they are caused by our mental state (80% is said).

There was stress in the beginning! The accumulation of stress leads to their somatization, ie they begin to manifest on the human body and become real diseases invading the most delicate organs, especially the intestines - stomach, liver, intestines ...

But let's point out the most important things to watch out for! FEAR OF ILLNESS - I CAUSE ILLNESS !!! Every thought is the "bearer" of action, and it can have concrete consequences in the material world. And this is true in both directions. so we remind you that thinking can directly affect the body! And it is important to point out that in both directions !!! If you are healthy, do not always think about diseases. On the contrary, use the power of your thoughts to strengthen the body so that nothing can damage it. think, "My body is getting more balanced every day and my health is getting stronger." The results will surprise you. However, you need to have no doubt that there is not the slightest loophole in your thinking, because that is usually our weakness!


What are phosgenes? These are light phenomena that we observe after the light source goes out. Thanks to them, it is possible to strengthen the will, the development of the imagination, to evoke parapsychological phenomena, etc. And the phosphine mix means mixing the idea, mostly converted into an image with phosgene.

The procedure is simpler than it seems. Take a night lamp, which you can reach even at a fairly long distance and which has a 75W bulb. Sit a few cm away from the bulb and stare into it for a few seconds (usually 30 seconds are enough) and then turn it off. You will be in complete darkness now. In a moment you will see phosgene, mostly orange (their color may fluctuate partially). Don't lose heart if it disappears, because it will reappear immediately. As soon as phosgenes appear, concentrate and forgive your thought on your imaginary screen. If possible, imagine them as they are trapped inside phosgene. Repeat this operation (takes about 15 minutes) every day, preferably two to three times a day. Your thinking will soon become more balanced, more complete, and its material manifestation will be greater the stronger the belief in you, the certainty that it will happen.

The use of phosgene strengthens the will and increases the power of telepsychic transmission!

For example, you can focus on wealth, but you can also be without phosgene - it depends on what suits you best - go to bed in the evening and think - you can also imagine that you are happily counting banknotes or that you own an object that exposes your material strength - only on the word "wealth" as if it were a lullaby. It is important that in your thoughts there is joy in this wealth. An insatiable and sick pursuit of money aimed only at enriching yourself and gaining power over others, or with someone revenge, it really has very little chance of success.The desire for revenge, for revenge requires a really large expenditure of extremely strong energy.It probably because of this, we are so receptive to small but abundant happiness, if we can realize it.Only too much our imagination we employ rather destruction, which deprives us of a considerable amount of the power we have at our disposal precisely for construction, which is a basic key that must be perfectly mastered not only mentally but also physically - he said. we would "organically". If you think that if you just think of the word "wealth," you will not become rich in any way, it is useless to try. In fact, you will pave the way for your realization.

Have absolute confidence in what you do !!!

Attention! However, do not think that this spiritual preparation frees you from acting alone. Many people are making a big mistake in this. Your work will make things easier. You prepare the terrain, you attract things, people and events, but then you still need to be able to consciously "use" them. Realize well that every person, every situation you encounter is a "tool" for your success!


We waste much of our energy trying to do things that inspire others. Don't try to get it at all costs. Suppress this inclination. It is important that your actions are in line with yourself, to consider them correct. Don't worry so much about the opinion of others! Be locked up without being cold. Don't talk to yourself, not to you what you want to do! When it comes to your private life, be as secretive and taciturn as possible. Don't reveal your behavior to the first person to appear. This also prevents you from gaining influence over you in order to get to know you better and to meet you. Let others talk about themselves and you talk as little as possible. This will give you the huge amount of energy you need to carry out your plans. And your words will carry far more weight. The shorter you are, the more you will be sought as companions. Learn to control words! Speak only slowly and never lose your composure!

If you feel that nervousness is rising and that you could lose ground, take two or three deep breaths, relax your muscles and imagine soothing things. Keep in mind that everything is calming down and that you are out of the buzz. That peace has spread in you. If it helps, you can imagine that you are surrounded by blue, because it is a calming color. The will, which is the main driving force of creative thinking, as we have already defined it, can develop.


We have already said that it is better not to talk about plans and good news, because otherwise the energy they have brought us will be wasted. From the beginning, of course, in addition to work responsibilities, if you learn a message that you think is important, extraordinary, interesting, or unusual, allow at least one hour to elapse before you tell it to anyone. Then give up the joy and do not open the letter immediately. Watch it for a few minutes and try to imagine the content. Such instructions may seem strange, but they contribute to the growth of your will!

The biggest obstacle in gaining more power of suggestion - and therefore also the power of sending creative thinking - is curiosity !!! Voluntarily give up everything that would be caused by curiosity. This falls into what we call "word control" and which is extremely important. And we also mention fear, which is a major obstacle to your happiness and development! Control your immediate stimuli and learn to differentiate them. This will also give you much greater For 10 minutes, stare at a certain object without looking away! Next, take an object and analyze everything you can think of. But be careful, your thoughts must not be left seduce by secondary thoughts and must not relate to anything other than the object in question, its most frequent use, how and from what it was made.

Read the whole newspaper and don't skip the news that interests you. Read everything to the end. When you take a book, resist the urge to look at the end!

Why do exercises that may seem protracted? Our attention is constantly distracted by the events of everyday life, external influences and the effect of our thinking can also often be absorbed by other people's thoughts. We often find it difficult to concentrate. And it is concentration that is necessary for us to properly manage the spiritual power of our thoughts. If during our exercise some foreign external thought grabs our thinking, we frame it in another train and have no idea where it is taking us, but certainly not to the desired goal, from which we are moving further and further away. If you think of the word "money" and a passing car suddenly takes your thoughts on taxes, you will never be able to imagine your thoughts correctly. Whatever happens in your area, you must remain steadfast and keep your mind focused on the same goal! In that case, even if you are a little prone to distracted thinking, you will make progress in learning!

It is important to concretize your wishes

If an object or photograph can be a symbol of your wishes and help you focus your thoughts on the desired goal, use them in your exercises!

But first you have to ask yourself, "What do I want?" There is nothing clearer. Many of us don't know what we want, no matter what the area. Learning to set a wish is already a big step on the way to realizing it. you can fix your thoughts on them! We recommend writing a specific wish on a card. For example, "I want my inconveniences to end with this and that person." Or, "I want this and that person to have a favorable opinion of me." Or, "I want my money troubles to end." When you feel at ease, sit comfortably in a chair and focus intensively on the goal written on the white card. Now your thinking must do the preliminary work: What is the source of your inconvenience? How could they end? What suggestions could you give the person you want to influence to change your mind about you? Depending on the answers to these questions, you can act and steer your thinking in the desired direction. Be careful - you must not "control" your opponent now. If you get to know him better, you will be able to better influence him and instill appropriate stimuli on him, until you, according to your nature, feel that he should do so.


You know that a person is crucial to what you want to accomplish and that you need to convince them of it at the first meeting so that you can move on to what you really want. But you don't really know the person. But surely someone described it to you. So you have the necessary elements to let your imagination work. Create a person matching the image you made of them. It is important that you really identify the image created in this way with the person in question. Once your image is clear, let your thoughts work, imagine your wishes, and also imagine the person in favor of your wishes. Tell her to let them go. Don't be afraid to order! The result will surprise you!

You can do the same if you want to have more influence in the meeting you are worried about: repeat the arguments or comments and your answers. Imagine this scene on your "imaginary screen" and reassure yourself that you are absolutely convincing in it. Of course, some adjustments will be needed, because the replicas of your counterpart may not be exactly as we imagined them, but when you go through the story on your "imaginary screen" again, you will find that all fear has disappeared and that you have a far greater ability to persuade and influence someone.



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