The human body produces about 100 watts of power while resting. When it moves, it can get up to 400 watts. The body generates electricity through chemical reactions between atoms and molecules in the body. In our food we take into our body elements such as oxygen, sodium, potassium, calcium or magnesium, which have a measurable electrical charge and then the molecules react with each other. This chemical process, called electrolysis, produces electricity. One of the most powerful electricity generators is our heart, other "power plants" are the brain and muscles.

Where is this energy going?! For whom?! = U. I. R.


4 very important implants

Together they are known as the four hearts of Metatron and their primary purpose is to block the activation of corresponding strands of DNA and in combination with the other implants, they represent the biggest obstacles for humans.

1.) HEART OF MERLIN - activated in 22,326 BC (Eyian Massacre) and into the D10.75 dimensional band, its purpose is to allow the shadow dancer to operate in the D11 dimension in order to block the individual's spiritual connection with the consciousness of Christ level spiritual family. This artificial blocking of the link between the 11th and 12th morphogenetic chakras has thus completely blocked people from being able to work with the D12 christic mahari energy from the HU-4 reality field, resulting in the gradual loss of awareness of one's spiritual essence, incarnational history, acceptance of ideas from reversal domains, etc.

2.) HEART OF THE DRAGON - activated in 9 558 BC (the final fall of Atlantis) and in the dimensional zone D 7.75, its purpose is to allow the shadow dancer to operate in the D8 monadic dimension in order to block the individual's spiritual connection with the spirit of his own spiritual family. This artificial blocking of the highest physical 7th chakra's connection to the 1st morphogenetic 8th chakra has thus completely blocked people from being able to internally feel their own connection to their spiritual monad operating in the D8 band of the HU-3 reality field.

3.) HEART OF DELPHIN - activated in the period 3 470 BC (Babylonian Massacre) and into the dimensional zone D 4,75 its purpose is to allow the shadow dancer to operate in the D5 dimension in order to block the individual and his conscious/mental connection with his soul or spiritual family residing in the HU-2 reality field. Thus, this implant blocks a person's connection between his D4 astral and D5 archetypal consciousness and since it does not operate directly on the mental level, it still remains undetected by most people. People are completely unaware of this artificial blocking of the interaction of the 4th and 5th chakras. At the same time, this channel is used to manipulate the mind-forms of individuals in order to subvert the "right" ideas and orientations of a fragmentary nature.

4.) HEART OF ANUBISE - activated in our SAC, in our HU-1 reality field on 3/23/2002 and into the dimensional band D 1.75 its purpose is to maintain the shadow dancer connection to the D2 (emotional) frequency field of individuals and to block the interaction - physical and emotional levels of the human personality (1st and 2nd chakras) in the ongoing SAC. At the same time, this channel is used to trigger the emotional, fearful states of individuals in order to take away the energy generated in this way and transfer it to the respective parasite - the provocateur, thus diverting the human attention in the wrong, misleading direction by these "everyday worries" and thereby promoting the already mentioned missed opportunities carried by the very important transformational period of our SAC.

The above implants block the central axis of the kathara grid (the so-called GRU-A1 points 2-5-8-11), which is of course no coincidence. The effectiveness of these implants was brought to full functionality in 2/3 of their activation period. However, the completion of the final full functionality in our SAC depends on the activation of two more implants in the human and terrestrial energetics.

The first of them is the implant known as the EYE OF METATRON, operating in the frequency band D11.5 this implant is also known as the FACE OF AVALON, which implant was activated in the Earth's energetics for this purpose together with the 4th HEART of ANUBISE, i. e. on March 23, 2002.

The term "eye" is not here without relation to the concept of the "ETERNAL EYE" (the Eye of Horus) = it symbolizes divine omni presence, it also represents resurrection and eternal life. The triangle represents mind, body and spirit, which is called the triune divinity. The triad unifies the opposites and elevates them to a higher level, which can be seen on every one-dollar bill. On a universal level, this influence was put into operation in the form of "refractive lens" placed between the system of the fallen collective metatron and our Christ system, and this happened 150 billion years ago. The implant completing the human energy enslavement is represented by our 666 Temple Axion Seal, operating in the D 6.5 (more accurately 6.6.6) frequency band, which is also commonly known as the "SIGN OF THE BEAST". This final implant was activated in terrestrial power with this purpose on March 27, 2003.

With this final activation, the rival technology known as BLUE BEAM, or blue fire of death, was triggered and its final task is to complete the remaining 1/3 of the reverse mutations of the affected Christ energies.

The fake presentation of this technology has been put in the hands of a group of rivals known as CORTEUM, who do this under the commonly known name of WINGMAKERS. Thus, under this technology it is appropriate to imagine a unified, hierarchically organized, energetic network of PIN - a network of rivals, through which the final retrieval of the trapped Christ energies to the reverse reality of the black hole type known under the name WESEDAK is taken and it occurs at all levels of consciousness of our universe (ENERGETIC MATRIX), i. e. at the level of beings, planets, galaxies and cosmoses or so-called time matrixes. The launching of the final activation of this technology was carried out by the opponents on May 27, 2003 and this whole final action of the opponents is known as the so-called BLEND DIMENSION PROJECT aka the space-time merging of dimensions (Christ and reverse) through the operation of the so-called BEST MACHINE, the key product of the Atlantean conspiracy. In the Bible this process is named APOCALYPSE.








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