Karmic law

It is the law of cause and retribution. What you sow you reap. It is an incorruptible law that cannot be circumvented, it is absolutely fair. Not punishing just the same pays the same. And within our free will in the present, we decide our future.

"Everyone is their own ancestor and their own heir. Man creates his own future and inherits his own past." "As soon as one settles down, he lies down" - "As one calls to the forest, so he speaks from the forest."

Karma is the sum of all the good and bad deeds of man, which affect how the next life of man will go. The bearer of karma is the subtle body, which survives after the death of the physical body and is reincarnated at the next birth.

Sometimes people see karma only as retribution for bad deeds, which is usually an illness, misfortune, catastrophe, physical disability, but karmic origin or talent can also be as retribution for the good deeds of past lives. In addition to physical beauty and talent, this includes all good qualities, such as adaptability, forgiveness, compassion, etc.


Karmic law has been working for ages and forever. He is incorruptible and relentless, which makes him very wise. The same pays off with the same. And so, when we do good, good returns to us, when evil returns to evil. The principle is simple and is based on another law. And that is the law of attraction. The same attracts the same.

The greater the intensity, the greater the attraction. Therefore, a slightly bad act attracts only a little negative vibration. However, an insidious act, where evil is purposefully programmed, attracts strong negative vibrations. This guarantees that justice will be truly just. And there is another admirable feature of karmic law. Every action in the acacia causes ripples. You can imagine it as if you throw a stone into the water. Wheels will be made that will run wide across the surface before disappearing. The actions of ignorant people and not striving for the spiritual path are like circles on a stagnant surface. They slowly take off and slowly gain consensual energies. Therefore, karma is discharged in these people only in future lives. They have plenty of time to understand their mistakes.

However, when one enters the spiritual path, one suddenly feels a change. Suddenly it works like throwing running water. The circles no longer extend into the distance, but soon disappear. And so it is with karma. Every action quickly returns, karma begins to discharge quickly. It is not a double standard, but it is to the benefit of spiritual development. When we look for the right way forward, the lesson of error cannot come until many years later. He must come now. It protects us from bad behavior and we immediately learn a lesson, then the soul changes quickly when it knows what mistake it has made. When she knows she went the wrong way. He can go back and fix everything now, without undue delay. That is why this is happening, it has its justification. But before karma works like this, a transition period comes. Everyone has prepared tasks for their lives to solve in the coming years. When he begins to work spiritually, karma begins to discharge quickly, and all tasks and trials fall on him in a very short time. Sometimes it takes half a year, a year, up to two years. This is a very difficult period, because what we were supposed to do for the rest of our lives, we suddenly have to solve during these few months. Sometimes it's unbearable, relationships break down, sometimes even jobs, people around you also exchange. It is too much and in a very short time. That's why it's good to prepare for this, to know why it's happening, not to resist it, it only makes it worse. It is also advisable to help. In meditation, to break down karma, which has already been partly worked on, to solve karma that does not hinder knowledge in further spiritual work.

Usually, it then discharges in dreams and disappears without it really entering your life. When karma is broken down, the body is healed, the aura is cleansed, then nothing prevents them from following the path of knowledge.

We have this task ahead of us. And gradually we will work on it so that everyone can go their own way. Then he chooses the path that is most suitable for him and that will bring him the greatest benefit. By this I do not mean medicine, numerology, astrology, kinesiology, or other fields. These are not spiritual directions, but spiritual vocations. It is true that most spiritual people perform spiritual vocations, but this is not a developmental path.

If you want to have wisdom and be knowing, you still need to understand something from each of these fields. Esoterics is a very extensive science. It must be said that it does not matter which of the paths you choose. There is never a way back. It can't be, because once you run out of knowledge, it's hard for anyone to refute it.

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