Training of mental wandering

Anyone who has already managed to get their emotions under control at least can start another exercise. This exercise focuses on mental travel. The first stage to this skill is the transfer of consciousness. It's not difficult, we all use it very often in its simplest form.


You have returned from a beautiful holiday and in moments of rest you return there in thought, imagine the places you liked. You are relaxed and often do not even perceive your surroundings. Surely everyone knows these conditions and you do not consider them extraordinary or difficult. At that moment, your consciousness, which is without time and space, wanders to those places and you are actually mentally present there. If your state of release is deep enough, you will also notice the changes that have taken place since your departure.

And our whole exercise is based on this principle. Of course, he will not stay with these ideas, but we will learn to work mentally with our minds. He who manages emotions also controls his thoughts. And that is needed now. When an idea creeps into our mind, it is difficult to work with the mind. She must not be employed by anything else. Therefore, do this exercise only if you have no responsibilities in front of you and time does not push you. It is best done on a free day, in the morning after waking up. When the mind is not yet burdened, everyone is good at dreaming. And this is just the right time for our workouts. Just do it once a week, when it's time and more often it's appropriate. At your discretion.


Keep calm for at least one hour. Sit comfortably so that nothing pushes you. This is a mental job where the shushumna channel is not used, so it doesn't matter what position you exercise in, mainly to make it comfortable for you. If you exercise in the morning after waking up, you don't even need any preparatory techniques. If you exercise during the day or in the evening, then you can't do without them. Then it is necessary to first release the muscle tension, to transfer to the alpha state with deep breaths. Then watch the thoughts fall around you and reject one by one. When the mind is calm, the exercise itself begins. Who exercises in the morning after waking up, starts from this point.

Imagine your house where you live, standing in front of it. It's a familiar picture that everyone knows. That's why you can certainly remember the details. If you are worried that you will not be able to do this, you will thoroughly inspect your house for a few days before starting this exercise.

When you have an idea, look for the window of your favorite room. You are still standing in front of the house, imagining that the walls of your room are transparent and you can see the arrangement of the furniture and everything you know intimately. You can also ask a question - is anyone in this room? And if so, you'll see the man there. If you are aware of the room you are currently lying in and working mentally, then you can see yourself. It's natural. You just need to know that mental perception is a little different from normal. You see everything as if vague or blurred, someone sees it as if they are looking through a peephole. Everyone has slightly different perceptions, but that doesn't change the result.

Now that you've looked at the room from the sidewalk in front of the house, make a wish that you want to enter this room from where you are. That goes well. The mind has no obstacles, so it can pass through the wall and the closed window and it is no problem. So enter this room and watch the changes in your perception. Then turn around and look back at the sidewalk. Practice these views in a familiar environment. You should not only perceive the image, but also the sounds. If it's a silent film, ask yourself - are there any sounds? Then you will definitely hear the clock ticking, play the radio, talk to someone, etc. Don't try to understand the speech, let it go freely as it comes. When you are tired of exercising or are tired or lose perception, stop work. It is advisable to get up, wash with water and then engage in normal activities. But first, write down the findings of this exercise in your mystical diary. It will be useful to you later. And this way you can walk through all your familiar rooms, you can also visit your friends in their apartment that you know well. It will be an interesting exercise, then you can check by phone to see if they are doing what you saw. However, please maintain their privacy.

Later, once you have mastered this exercise in a familiar environment, you can embark on a more complex exercise. You do not imagine a place there, but a person you know well. And you ask her - where is this person? What is he doing who he is with? And this way you can reliably learn a lot of information about famous people and even check the truth by asking them what they were doing at that and that hour. Yes, it can be abused. Psychotronic espionage works on this principle. But it can also be abused in other ways, for example to look after an unfaithful husband. Here I need to first realize if I want to know such a truth at all. And not only that, but if, when I see something really compromising, if I can bear it. I write about it because everyone will try it. It attracts a lot. However, when a person is unprepared and then encounters something that will hurt him, this ability usually closes. And tabout permanent because the subconscious is afraid of further injury. Therefore, be careful when choosing exercises.

Otherwise, this exercise is playful and fun. It gives many options and variants. In the beginning, I recommend exercising in the morning after waking up, it is 50% easier. You can train later at any time, you will get better and better. When you can't see or hear something, you help yourself with a question. Of course, not aloud, but only a thought. Don't set big goals, even small successes are nice. The development of this ability is important for further exercises, where displaced consciousness helps astral travel. You've actually worked with it before, concentrating on the tree. Even there, when it really worked, it was a displaced consciousness, but only in a static form. Today's exercise already has a dynamic form, there are many possibilities that everyone will experience in their own way. Regular exercise will make it your second nature and open up many possibilities for you. It's not easy. You only have to use your imagination from the beginning. And there is no need to look for a limit when it is imagination and when it is a real mental perception. It always comes together at one point anyway. Therefore, send logical thinking during such an exercise on vacation and follow only your feelings and perceptions that come to you.

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