False gods


There have been and are many false gods in human history. Basically, all those who pretended to be gods are impostors. They are members of the collectives of fallen alien races (ETs), which feed on conquest raids on the surrounding orderly living parts of the universe. Part of this invasive strategy is to introduce yourself to them as gods and begin to control them. Thus, they begin their colonization first for good. Then it's bad. These races are highly developed and technologically very advanced, completely beyond the comprehension of contemporary humanity and its official science. What is technologically higher does not have to be higher morally. Many of the so-called 'spiritual beings' that have accompanied the evolution of earthly humanity since time immemorial and are historically described and documented are members of extraterrestrial races and civilizations.

The problem is that humans do not know what alien races they belong to and what their intentions and intentions are with humanity. Because it comes from higher vibrational levels, it appears to people as light. But that doesn't mean anything at all, because what's vibrationally higher doesn't have to be morally higher. Unfortunately, most of these 'beings of light and love' are members of fallen races, members of predatory demonic collectives conquering Earth. This category includes most of the reversed aesthetics with which the current esoteric business and spiritual industry (especially the New Age), which was built for this purpose, works. These are, for example, various: light beings, spiritual advisors and guides, cosmic healers, cosmic intelligences, angels, arch-angels, demigods, gods, goddesses, deities, various saints, ascended masters, heaven-taken masters, Atlantic masters , spiritual hierarchies, various fraternities1, underwater Jesus and their boys, mythologies of various races and cultures, entities of evocative magic, galactic federations of light, channeling contacts, doubtful lords and lords.

They can also be various egregors that function independently or as an energy tool of higher entities. Predator Races can perform miracles at lower vibrational levels. Their laws of physics can easily transcend and bend, proving their superiority and their divinity. He also tests these pilgrimage pieces on people. It's like a sophomore crawling over a frightened first grader and he finds it hugely powerful. The real God does not need it, because he really is God and does not have to play it. Moreover, there is no one to play such theater in front of, for all things in Creation are only aspects of himself. And playing theater in front of yourself is quite boring, at least for those who aren't crazy.

The true God has no need to humiliate anyone in any way and to exalt himself in any way. He looks at everything as part of himself. Let's try it with a simple example. Imagine that you are asking your surroundings to be addressed by His Holiness and to worship and kiss your feet. How do you feel internally? If you feel like a spiritual prostitute, you probably won't be far from the truth. All those perverted, tyrannical, judging, punishing, rewarding, humbling, humiliating, intimidating, blackmailing, sacrificing, hateful, violent, fighting and killing inciting, non-acknowledging gender equality, stunned and upset, unhappy and forbidden joy patriarchal idiots and innkeepers are fallen space scumbags in need of healing. Through baptisms, initiations, prayer rituals, sacrifices, and the invocation of 'holy' images and statues, they suck out people's life energy because they no longer have access to it themselves because they have disconnected from the Source. Their false temples and shrines are built on perverted geometry and perched on important lines and nodes of planetary energy networks (both natural and artificial: PIN networks). They serve as energy antennas and lenses to receive damaged frequencies transmitted from fallen universes to bring reverse programs into us and destroy the remnants of our Christian coding. Using holographic inserts, they evoke various apparitions of various 'saints' (see Marian apparitions), weeping statues or paintings and similar tricks to test how people will react to them for further use on a mass scale. These are strongly metatronically coded events, where everyone gets a decent dose of BEST frequencies into their fur.

Because most people have a large proportion of reverse programs in their designs, they do well, because they resonate with it, and these streams of Dead Light keep their bodies in a temporary mayfly life. The real God does not need anyone to build any earthly gingerbread houses for him. And if truly sacred sacral buildings are to be built here, they will certainly not be based on damaged geometry. As time progressed, so did the form of the tabernacles. Today, dedication temples are shopping malls and hypermarkets, where people spend their weekends with their families and invoke their destroyer - the god of consumption. For long hours, they are exposed to subliminal manipulation, subliminal conditioning and control, brainwashing with advertisements, breathing toxic air from air conditioners, and the destruction of sight by artificial lighting. Mass to victory. No pastor can simply compete with that.

The real God is the cosmic creativebased on absolute love. His perverse form of the god-tyrant had to be artificially pushed into humanity. E.g. during the Babylonian massacre, the Earth's Christ potential was weakened and a new terrestrial predatory super-race was created: the Templars. Their task was to implement in all human cultures the concept of a single patriarchal god (= their predatory ET parents from higher HUs) as an external, punishing, conquering, authoritarian ruler to be obeyed, worshiped and feared, a model of a psychopathic god - a tyrant.

1 There is a Great White Brotherhood denoting the real Rishis collectives of consciousness from HU-5, also called the Solar Lords. However, this has nothing to do with the little devils called New Age who play on them.

2 Today it is no longer a secret that the Dalai Lama is a member of the Tibetan tyrannical feudal nobility and black-magic sects, that he organized terrorist guerrilla units, that he was funded by the American CIA and his friends include Chinese leader Mao, members of German SS troops, mass murderer Bush, Mother Tereza, Václav Havel, the Jesuit Halík and others like them. See, for example, the work of Colin Goldner (Dalai Lama: Fall eines Gottkönigs) and other authors.

love spellIt is also the duty of the people to feed him with their energy through prayers and religious ceremonies. The priests then took on the role of God's representatives on earth. This strategy is in place to this day. Today, the Templar circles control, for example, the New Age and the UFO movement. The goal of the first is to provide seekers with distorted spiritual teachings that damage their ID anatomy. The aim of the second is to mystify the public and discredit the possibility of the existence of interdimensional life, thus obscuring the fact about the long-term presence of Predatory ET races on our planet and their activities. If this procedure is no longer sustainable, to present the predatory ET races as our saviors, teachers and leaders, or as our creator ev. as the real owners of the planet Earth (eg Galactic Federation of Light - Jehovan Anunnaci, fallen black-hole YHWH matrix). The so-called The 'unconditional love' for the Creation of one such fallen and mentally ill ET idol is nicely expressed, for example, here:

Genesis, chap. 6, verse 6-7: The LORD repented that he had made man on earth and had pain in his heart. And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created out of the land, both man and beast, even to creeping things, and to the fowls of the air; or I'm sorry I made them. Your loving Lord, the Dark Avatar of the JHVH matrix

The real God does not need anyone to believe in him, and He does not require anyone to do so. There is no reason for that. Faith is a powerful energy process, a bond, a bond, between a person and what he clings to. Faith feeds intent, which is then easier to manifest. All believers are trapped in the traps of faith, this Predatory Energy Network. They do not believe in God, but in the vision of God that has been implanted in them. Externally and artificially, as a dogma elevated to the status of a canon. It is a controlling ideology, like any other. This is based on man's natural need for spirituality, spirituality, transcendence. Therefore, multinational corporations have been built to sell faith, competing for customers. These supermarkets do not compete with their paid fraudulent leaflets, but with wars, where they send their customers, which they have completely free. It's just fast renewable biomass. These corporations were created by abusing the original intention, when pure teaching came here and there was a danger that people could break free with its help. Today comes the time when it is possible to begin the purification of the churches from within, through people instructed, and gradually transform a flock of dumb sheep into self-conscious and free beings. All you have to do is not be afraid and ask suitable questions, such as Antonín Baudyš in the book We and He.

Resolution issues

In your spiritual search, you will often encounter a current of opinion, movement, organization, institution, person, group, direction, order, etc., whether in the traditional and historical concept or the present and the new, and their representatives and disseminators. Always look for their sources, inner motivations and goals they want to achieve, both on a general, social, planetary, and personal level as far as you are concerned. Only when you find out can you form a balanced view of the whole thing. Here are some questions that can help you distinguish the true intentions of these directions. The doctrine is called Questions of Resolution.

1) Who is the real source of these efforts?

2) What are they trying to tell me?

3) Does he really know what he's talking about?

4) Do they really say what they really mean?

5) Where can this information come from?

6) What may be the motives for telling me these things?

7) What do they hope I believe or will believe?

8) Do they really want me to believe this thing?

9) What do they want me to do with my personal strength and self-power? To reveal it within me, to contain it, to control it and to grow further and higher through it? Or to hand it over to some external authority, for example in the form of prayer, ritual, or submissive devotion, submission and service?

10) If they want to help me, how do they do it? What do they want me to achieve, and how will such a thing or journey strengthen me comprehensively and internally?

11) If they try to deceive me secretly, how can it hurt me?

12) Do they want me to go my way through my own inner spiritual strength and wisdom? Or do they convince me that I am small, weak, worthless and helpless, and have to blindly follow some external authority to save me and save me?

13) Believing them and following their instructions will help me to be more conscious, awake, kind and loving, responsible, strong and powerful, spiritually alive, intelligent, compassionate, whole, universally developed, effective and solid?

The art of asking the right questions in all circumstances is a valuable tool for developing an understanding of the situation, awareness of oneself and others, and personal empowerment. Will it bring me closer to God through the activation of my own divine nature and Christ potential? This recommendation applies to all Beings, ie not only to man, but also to higher entities having their identities: eg European nations, etc.

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