Channeling = connecting to higher realms. Channeling can give you a better understanding, help you answer your questions, etc., in addition to channeling can lead you to wisdom and help you find a personal spiritual guide, some use it to deepen your creative abilities. Spiritual guides help other people in learning, therapy, etc. Every spiritual guide is different, and every connection is different. Spiritual guides help you reach new levels of personal strength and spiritual growth. Channeling always serves other people in some way by raising the vibrations in the world around them.

As a rule, you will go through several stages before you realize the presence of your spiritual guide. In the initial stage, you do not even realize the presence of your guide and everything takes place in dreams. As you evolve, your ability to perceive higher realms increases. Those who are not ready for channeling will know this mainly by the fact that it is clear to them that channeling is not for them, they may not have matured at the soul level or it is not suitable for them.

Some spiritual guides have lived on Earth, now residing as a pure spirit on a causal level and further evolving through service to humanity. Others come from multidimensional reality and are highly developed beings in their environment. Some of you are connected to the higher self in channeling, both your spiritual guide and your higher self are here to help your growth, elevate you higher, and guide you on the path to your higher purpose.





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