The difference between a spiritual and an unconscious person

An unconscious person leaves responsibility for himself to others. He is not interested in his spiritual life or, at best, he leaves this concern to a church. He does not realize that his health is closely related to his way of life. He leaves the care of his health to doctors. At best, to healers. He accepts his relationships with other people chaotically and randomly as they come. He evaluates them only from the position of his self, his EGA. She eats what he likes and does not realize that food is not just food. He eats in various canteens and restaurants and leaves responsibility for his food to others. The spiritual man is responsible for himself. He strives for his spiritual development because he knows that is the main reason why we were born. He has a great desire for knowledge. He knows that the body reflects his way of life and spiritual development. He knows that every disease has its roots in spirituality. He listens to body language to understand and understand his needs. He knows that spiritual errors are reflected in the material plane. Therefore, when he gets sick, he looks for the causes! Then he listens to his body. When he removes the causes, the body tells him how to heal. He leaves nothing to others! He knows his responsibility and knows that illness is a warning of error. He knows that interpersonal relationships are not accidental. They are here for his instruction and his spiritual development. He respects them because he knows they are helping him understand himself and his mistakes. Even the enemy brings the message. Therefore, even enemies need to be respected. They are our mirror. They alert us to our mistakes. A balanced person no longer has enemies. That's why he develops his relationships, watches what people he meets and thinks about why. He wonders what it should tell him. He learns from this for his further development. He knows that food is an important component of spiritual development. Therefore, he does not consume what anyone offers him. He approaches food responsibly. He chooses them carefully. According to the needs of your body. He doesn't eat what he doesn't know how and by whom it was prepared. In need, she prefers only fruit. She only eats fruit in illness. He knows that food strongly influences emotions. Bad food brings disease. Fruit is a gift of nature and a gift of the gods. It heals the body, purifies harmony and establishes harmony. Eat fruit! Then there are no diseases. There will be good emotions. The spiritual man eats not according to his own taste, but according to the needs of the body!

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