Basics of numerology

Numerology is one of the old disciplines dealing with predictions from numbers. It works with the date of birth of a person, when all numbers are gradually added up and a final one-digit number is obtained (except for numbers 11 and 22, these are not added further) or individual numbers from the date of birth are included in the so-called numerological table (1-9). numeroscope or during numerological analysis. This table lists the numbers present at the date of birth, according to which we judge a person's nature, professional abilities, ability to cope with the world, his abilities, health problems, sexual energy, problems in childhood and many other things.

In the case of summing all numbers from the date of birth, the number VIBRATION or the number LIFE or FATE is created.

Life number is our first business card that communicates what we can expect from each other and what others can expect from us. We get it by the sum of the whole date of birth and reduce it to numbers 1-9. Warning: if you get the number 11 or 22 in the sum, they are already final numbers, because these numbers are no longer reduced!

Example: April 14, 1983
(14 + 4) + (1 + 9 + 8 + 3) = 18 + 21 = 39 and 3 + 9 = 12 and 1 + 2 = 3

The vibration number is therefore, after adding up from the date of birth on April 14, 1983, the number 3.


1 - a person with an independent, courageous, fighting nature, inclinations to leadership, a strong will to assert themselves, management skills. It is good to praise this person, but he should learn to listen to others.

2 - a kind person, tolerant, has a very excellent intuition, but does not have enough courage to realize his own dreams and plans, he prefers to leave the realization to others, he expects devotion from his partner. One with number two should learn patience, diplomacy and should listen to others.

3 - a person creative, original, excels in personal charm and wit, has an active mind, communicative, does not like boredom and is critical. A person number three should learn diplomacy in his behavior, because of criticism of others.

4 - a person who loves order, practical, persistent, tenacious, consistency, conservative personality, achieves work success.

5 - a person looking for adventure, loving freedom and change, hates routine, is sensitive, accessible to everything new, has leadership tendencies, is ambitious, sensitive and has a high chance of assertion.

6 - a person who needs harmony, wants a quiet home and family, likes to help others, but is indecisive.

7 - a person immersed in himself, needs friendships and relationships, follows his own experience, mental work prevails over physical work. He has a high level of mental knowledge and can work on himself to realize his plans and goals.

8 - a person tenacious, ambitious, has strong management skills, longs for power, does not give up and is demanding of himself and others, but often does not have enough courage, resilience and mental balance, is conservative. The number eight man longs for power and money, which he achieves through diligence, strong ambition and perseverance. The problem can be caused by a lack of courage to implement their own plans, which is absolutely necessary for their implementation.

9 - a person who has a responsibility to all, wise, selfless, searching for ideals, a great desire to travel associated with gaining experience and getting to know other people.

11 - a person sensitive, ambitious, prone to visions, mentally strong, often this person voluntarily takes responsibility at the expense of personal life, easily subject to anxiety, irritability and nervousness, but in general, a person with number eleven is charming and successful. Others seek support and recognition from him, and he sometimes abuses this both in love and at work.

22 - a person with high talent, a genius, longing for collective activity, has inspiration and is strong, he should listen to intuition, but he cannot share life with someone who cannot or does not want to follow him, both at work and in a relationship. A man with the number twenty-two is exceptional, he has a very good ability to handle complex situations, he never does business only for himself, but also for others.

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