Sexuality I.


God and Kundalini

It may seem strange, but Man, in his original Christ form, was created as a Spiritual-Sexual Being. That 'weirdness' is only our non-natural reaction to the nature of God's Creation, thanks to our mutations that have been intentionally introduced into us. In fact, they are only two sides of the same Creation coin. All of God's creation is based on the so-called Primordial Streams of Life Forces, which emanate from the Source and create and revive everything that exists. They are currents of Conscious Energy, which, according to the exact laws of physics, are formatted and thickened and give rise to all created things.

These are the energies that the Source uses for its cosmic creating or producing act. Formation = Birth. It gives rise to something that is not yet and will be. And when it is, it keeps it alive. Both creation and maintenance are provided by the same creative forces: the Life Forces of the Source. It doesn't matter how we label them, what label we put on them. It's still the so-called 15 Rays of Ekash. These 15 Currents form 15 frequency bands called Dimensions, D1-15. They make up the Cosmos and all its Universes and everything that exists in them, including the Earth and its People. Each of these 15 Rays is a huge Field of Consciousness of Divine Creative Intelligence and has its own name, tonal signature and vibrational quality. The common name for Rays D1-9 (Densities HU1,2,3) in the Anuhazi language is Antahkarana, meaning Cosmic Kundalini. It is part of the spectrum of the uniform dimensional energy field of the Cosmos. It is the divine creative and fruitful force for these vibrational levels. This force, based on the Core Encryption of our Identity-Being, will first create our models and our ID energy anatomy. It then flows through these masterpieces (see Manifestation Sequences) and creates our material manifested forms and our entire world. If we learn to work with it, we can create with it as a Source. Everything that man creates, with the help of this energy, is done by Kundalini, in his limited framework D1-3 (in HU1), but without realizing it: he creates unconsciously. By formatting this force according to precise programs (so-called templates), our invisible subtle ID of anatomy (energy structures and their functions) is created. By concentrating this force in accordance with the models, the material particles that make up our bodies (quarks, atoms, cells, organs) are created. Man is only the processed and compacted energy of Kundalini. The densest and very tiny piece of our Being then extends into our perceptual area (the vibrational band that registers our senses), where we then perceive it sensually as our physical, biological, material body. It's like the tip of an iceberg protruding above the water. We see about 10% of its total volume at the glacier. For our Being, it is a very small, almost negligible, fraction of its extent, but it is very important for our development: acting in Density and gathering experience.

God and Gender

Kundalini energy is not exclusively sexual, on the contrary, it is not primarily related to sexuality at all. It is a completely standard creative cosmic force. And as such, in its undamaged form, it has a natural Tri-Tonal structure. Thus, for each Density, it has 3 Dimensional Currents that are differently polarized to form stable forms and structures. In our case, when we live in HU1 having three dimensions D1,2,3, our Kundalini energy has three components: D1 current has a magnetic imprint, carries EirA (contraction -) quality and is called Chi (or), D2 current is electrical quality ManA (expansion +) and fits Ki (ki), the D3 current is omnipolar, of neutral quality ManU (neutral ±, 0), and is called Rei (rej). Every thing in our Density (and analogously in the Higher Densities) is composed of its three Dimensional currents. Thus, every thing has this vibrational structure, which was created by polarizing the ManU field (androgynous) to the aspect of EirA (female) and ManA (male). This polarization of the force of neutral (ManU) to attractive (EirA) and repulsive (ManA) is completely natural and necessary for the manifested Creation to exist, to hold the created things together. The different ratios of the qualities of EirA and ManA determine the character of the created thing and thus of Man. A human being who has a magnetic EirA imprint at its base is called a WOMAN. Therefore, EirA frequency or vibration quality is sometimes referred to as 'female'. A Human Being that has an electric ManA imprint at its base is called a MAN. Therefore, ManA quality is sometimes referred to as 'masculine'. This creates a relationship between the vibrational quality of the divine life force and the human sexes.

Gender: Polarization and Orientation

Human energy anatomy is complex and has a layered structure, where magnetic and electrical elements alternate at different levels. The degree of these two qualities contained there then influences the corresponding manifested manifestations and behavior. There can be 3 polar types in each level. Three basic polarizations:

ManU - female / male, androgynous, neutral, amphibian (active or passive) [0 or ±]
EirA - female [-]
ManA - man. [+]

From the point of view of human sexuality, two levels of our anatomy are important: the Body (HW) and the Soul (SW). These two aspects of our Being (Hardware HW and Software SW) can have one of three basic fields arith. This creates different combinations: [HW, SW] = [-, -], [-, +], [-, 0], [+, +], [+, -], [+, 0], where biological hermaphroditism not considered, [0, anything]. The basic two types are ordinary woman [-, -] and ordinary man [+, +], where the Mental Essence (Soul, astral D4) has the same dominant polarity with its biological carrier (Body, atomic-elemental D1-2) and also with fully identifies with it (resonance state). The combination [-, +] has a woman's body, but a man's soul, which can manifest itself in different ways (there is a potential conflict). On the one hand according to the mutual power of these two opposing imprints and on the other hand according to the coding of other aspects of the Being: how the Mental Body D3 reacts to it, what it calls the Emotional Body D2, etc. The case of the polar body and non-polar soul [-, 0] and [+, 0] remains, where according to the settings of the drivers (drivers) the neutral SW treats the body sexually actively in one direction or another, or it does not interest him much. For simplicity, it is possible to distinguish 4 resulting options. Four Basic Orientations:

Heterosexual - identical polarity of body and soul
Homosexual - the opposite polarity of body and soul
Bisexual - actively ambiguous soul, arbitrary body polarity
Asexual - passively ambiguous soul, arbitrary body polarity.

All these cases are possible and have their energy justification and right to exist. If for some reason the Mental Essence has decided to go through this experience, it is her business and it must be respected as a physical givenness (fact). Currently, the ordinary terrestrial man is electric (ManA base) and the female magnetic (EirA base). In this sense, they are like two halves of a broken seal of integrity. The purpose of their mutual and equal coexistence is to be able to put these two polarities back into Oneness, through their mutual unification and fulfillment. It is obvious that this is not an easy task. The mode of sexual realization involves the work of the chakras. The activity of the lower chakras leads to a more physical form (or-gasm). The activity of the upper chakras leads to a more emotional-spiritual form (heart-gasm).

Sexuality and Spirituality

The purpose of Bio-Spiritual Development and Ascension is to know polarity in all its various forms, to experience it empirically and to embrace it experientially, and then to return to Oneness. It happens gradually and the vibrating ladder climbs up and down to the Source. If you contain all the experience you need in the lowest Density HU1 and see its illusory (overcomes polarity or duality), you will know that it is only a game of polarized energies EirA and ManA, which spring from the Unity of ManU and enchant some theater there, which is for his actors completely real. When he sees it, he gets off the stage and sits in the auditorium, so he got to the other side. There he can enjoy for a moment looking at scenes whose causes he already understands. And when he stops enjoying it, he moves to another, larger hall, where a bigger theater is played, which he hasn't figured out yet. Overcoming polarity means de-polarizing the polarized aspects of one's own anatomy and returning to the state of non-polar Oneness, whether at the level of experienced consciousness or material manifestation. Physically, this means that the polarities of Eir + ManA combine to form the initial state of ManU. In this way, one's material aspects can be demanifested by opening the ManU Window inside the atoms, into which the polarized material particles (ionic particles) forming the basis of matter are retracted. At the same time, our particle + anti-particle manifestations combine in a constructive way (not by destructive annihilation).

This way we pack up into a light form (plowing) and we can move between different vibration bands through the ID passages (gates).

It is necessary to know the relevant Doctrine, how to do it. Our physical body has an atomic base in the D1 band, which we do not see and cannot perceive immediately - we perceive only its macroscopic manifestations. It also has an elemental or elemental base in the D2 band, one aspect of which we sensually perceive as our material biological body and its properties. Our body, like all things in Creation, is composed of Elemental or Elemental Fields of Consciousness (5 Elements). These Fields are one of the manifestations of the Streams of Life Forces that take on this expression. They then act as Elements and create atomic-elemental bases of things. Thus, there is a direct relationship between the energy of Kundalini (Primordial Current), the Field of Elements (aspects of Kundalini) and our body (the atomic-elemental base that the Elements form). Working with Kundalini controls the behavior of elemental energies, which determines the vibrational state of our body, the degree of its polarization, the degree of its compaction or dilution, the ability to demanifestate and ID mobility. These processes need to be under full conscious control, which is ensured by our D3 Mental Body, where our normal awake consciousness is anchored, which is again made of Kundalini energy vibrating in the D3 zone. There is also a neutral aspect of ManU. The mental body functions as a resonant tone (non-polar ManU, D3) for the atomic level (basic tone EirA, D1) and elemental (upper tone ManA, D2). Only through the mental level is it possible to combine these two complementary D1 and D2 tones into a state of vibrational resonance, into an intangible form living conscious light and the intention of the mental body (targeted thought) to control and direct it. The Merkaba Vehicle, which is the vehicle of mobility, is also driven. If you deprive a person of reason, you deprive him of the ability of conscious ascension and, in a state of dubious artificially evoked and uncontrollable ecstasy, pull him anywhere on boiled noodles (eg into the reverse astral or Hibernation Zones), which is the goal of the New Age.

A large amount of life force is required for the depolarization process. Only a very strong current of Kundalini and other energies can open the Seal Locks that maintain the state of our being in the normal polarized state (eg, the Seed Crystal Seals in the chakra nuclei). To do this, you need to be healthy and holistic and have a strong connection to the Source, where these forces come from. Practice techniques that cleanse, heal and heal our anatomy and increase its flow, holding and processing capacity. It is a work plan for many lives, it is difficult, it carries many orders and prohibitions, renunciation and even suffering. Few can do it, so ascension is unattainable for most of humanity. This is a sad view of the state of affairs today. It used to be different. Everything worked and ascension was a school of play and was taught in schools as a basic subject. And because God rejoices and loves, so out of his love He has given the people the key to the shortcut, the key to ascension through the Path of Love. This is done through Sacred Sexuality. The point is that human bio-energy is designed so that sexual activity can gain access to the unlimited source of Kundalini's pure life force, directly from the Source. It is possible to generate it in its biofields and use it for various purposes: healing, elemental communication, personal energy work or on a planetary complex, manifestations, opening of depolarization locks, ascents, etc.

love spellsSex and Ascence

In the original natural version of the Guardian Race of Angelic Humanity, it was possible to achieve a state of physical demanifestation and full mobility within the Outer Domains through sexual practices, depending on the level of DNA activation of the practicing partners. But not only that! What's more, it was possible to open the energy passages separating the Outer Domains (Radon) and the Middle Domains (Edon - the mythical Garden of Eden) and walk through them there and back. This is an absolutely wonderful possibility, because in ordinary ascension through the Densities of the Outer Domains, one must first ascend to the level of Ecka in HU5 and only from there (perhaps through the meta-galactic core of our Veca system in HU6) reach the Middle Domains, Edon. This shup-shup acronym within mere HU1 is our sexual Radon ↔ Edon pendulum.

External Domains (Radon). The sexual contribution to amplifying the influx of necessary activation currents of Kundalini energy lies in the fact that the bio-energetic construction of a standard woman and a man is dual, ie polarizing complementary, exactly what fits together as a key to the lock (energy lines, eddies, flow directions and rotation, vibration quality, etc.). If everyone works separately, they need to get more energy to open the energy locks for depolarization. If both work together, the frequencies emitted by the partner will cause a partial depolarization of the recipient's biofields, thus reducing the level of activation energy required for unlocking. It is as if one is pushing two equally charged particles against each other, which repel each other strongly. If someone helps him by reducing their charge, sticking a piece of anti-charge on them, then the work is smaller and it's better. In practice, this means mastering the doctrine of ID human anatomy, techniques of working with one's own energy, breathing, etc. Understand and process personal sexuality through abundant auto-sexual practice. Only then do we engage in couple interaction, the essence of which, in order for it to work, must be a state of absolute unconditional love. Then it depends on the permission of the Higher Self, what and how it will take place. The energies used are standard Radonic Life Forces (Kundalini). The acquired (emergent) pair possibilities are mutual help in depolarization, expansion of consciousness to higher levels, individual and joint experience of a higher degree of Oneness, both together, and each with God, and both with God - that is the main goal. It is the fulfillment of the depolarization equation EirA + ManA → ManU, which describes the energetic nature of Sacred Sexuality. It can be rewritten to the equivalent form: Woman + Man → Unity = God. In principle, joint demanifestation is possible, packing both sexually interacting physical bodies into a light form and experiencing the state of Oneness in common plowing, while maintaining awareness of one's individuality (the state of Fully Conscious Oneness). The consciousness of personal Identity (individuality, Self, etc.) must not be lost: it must stretch and expand throughout Creation. It is not a matter of destroying one's Identity, but, on the contrary, of powerfully strengthening and developing it until there is no difference between the Self and God. The self is just a piece of God consciousness, intentionally narrowed and limited to experience this experience and take place in the Densities. By rejuvenating and rebounding, it becomes what it originally was.
Middle Domains (Edon). Here is a qualitative shift or even a breakthrough. Edon is the first level of the so-called inner Domains, which can no longer fall, but can be damaged (the first below us, below Radon). There are templates for our templates. The local Edonic Rasa Body is a model for our radonic Light / Crystal Body (both personal and planetary, cosmic, etc.). While the Light Body is heavily damaged and reversed, its Raša masterpiece bears its original Christ coding. Thus, by gaining access to Rasha programs, we can regenerate our Light Body with unprecedented power. This is an aspect of regeneration and healing.

Another aspect of contact with Edon is defensive. This is due to the fact that the Predator Races escalated the activation of their reverse technologies to the point that they would seize all the elemental fields of the Earth and withdraw them into their fallen systems (Thetans races from Wesedrak, Threshold system, period 2006). Therefore, we would go there with them, because we are part of them (reversal of our planetary and personal Kundalini in D2, and thus all already damaged sexuality). Therefore, the Rangers released a few fragments of the ancient doctrine of Sacred Sexuality, as anti-dote against New Age activities that strengthen the Threshold and spread reverse sexual teachings (false tantra, group sessions, sex in the astral, copulation with foreign ET entities, etc.). ), which also open the door to the demonic sexual vampire races of the Incuba and Sukuba (Incubus, Succubus, fallen EUmbi-Races, U-bys), especially when backed by drugs. The goal was to stabilize the planetary Elemental Fields and not let them fall into the Threshold networks. Follow them on the healthy and strong Urtha Elemental Field, where it would gain hosting and regeneration.

Another aspect is ascension. At the critical time of SAC-2012, several space rescue processes were launched. E.g. the Cosmic Reset process (Second Coming of the Cosmic Christ), the next stage of which is the Star Fire process. Damaged parts of the Universe in Radon have the opportunity to enter take a short moment to Edon and there to fully regenerate your masters. And then, as healed, they return to the Outer Domains to continue their developmental cycle. A healthy thing can handle this great vibrational overload1, such as our guest planet Urtha. Sick Earth 1 Passing through the Stargate requires a temporary strong increase in vibration above the level of the target destination. The energy wall (barrier, repulsion zone) is overcome here, as in the case of a chemical reaction, when it is necessary to overcome the so-called activation energy.

Example. The individual already has the ability to manifest biologically at a higher vibrating energy level, but is not able to get there on his own (he already has a vibration to live there, but not to go through the portal). The term 'assisted passage' means that someone will help him through the passage. On the one hand, the activation of its DNA strands can be temporarily artificially increased, as long as its genetic master is able to do so and can withstand this onslaught without damage ('does not burn'). Secondly, this overload can be shielded by a suitable interface, where the individual passes through the portal, for example in a spaceship or a guest merkaba. This help is provided in collaboration with our Higher Self, the ET races of our parental genetic lines, and the Ranger Collectives. Typical, however, not. Therefore, the possibility was opened for human incarnations to open passages to Edon in their personal anatomy, regenerate there and gain the possibility of individual passage through the Star Fire cycle by reincarnation to Urtha (either by biological transmigration through the Aurora Platform or the Spaner Gate or through the Bardo cycle - typical majority choice).

Back to the Garden of Eden

On the way to Edon (= Eden) it is necessary to have, in addition to the obvious bio-energy qualification, also the appropriate energy Keys to the Gates of Edon. There are 12 x 144 = 1728 pieces of those Keys and they are called Keys of Ena-KA. This name is the tonal signature of 3 (Ena) + 1 (KA) cells of the original phasing pulse generator called Tauren Light Seed. They have a Tri-Veca set inside the packaging sphere. By cycling Tauren, sequences of different energy constructs (sparks, crystals, fire letters, keys) are produced. The next phase is the Ta-KEY-on Cycle, which continues to work and produce other higher units that interact with each other. In this way, the Raša Body structure is created for all 3 inner Domains (Edon, Adon, Eton). The result is a set of 15 interposed Geleziac Radiation Layers, which form the internal structural model of each Dimension (15 Rings + 15 Spans). Based on this Raša model, the Elemental Forces are then organized and form the appropriate structures there.

Many of these things are damaged. E.g. the natural Enaka Keys were metatronically reversed by the High Guru Henoch (Enoch) to the Keys of Enoch. They can be used to call and control reversed elemental fields, which are either involuntarily enslaved and must obey, or voluntarily and gladly serve (just like humans, they are conscious intelligences) and pretend to be the Henochian Angels to make the necessary impression. That is why Henochian magic is so strong, because it broke violently to the elemental masterpieces in Edon. If you want to self-harm in this direction, you will certainly find a suitable initiation into Henochian magic, where the reverse language matrix is ​​created using the graphic characters of the Keys. It is not possible to control natural crystal elemental fields. You can only humbly co-operate and co-create with them if they agree. All that brings esoteric masters are only damaged earthly games of damaged people with damaged elements, which brings damaged results (eg Wicca, etc.). These include the various witchcraft and magical directions where these demonic practices have been practiced for centuries. Reverse elemental technologies have enormous power and can perform many evils, especially foreign indigenous and shamanic practices (eg Africa, Caribbean, WooDoo, zombification of people, etc.). Another reversal related to this is the term TaKEYon, which is a term for energy fields created by super-luminal (above light) particles, ie small pieces of conscious energy of the Life Forces that move so fast that we cannot see them. Like the object, we do not hear a faster sound, ie only afterwards, which may be too late (especially if it is a military application). Metatronic reversal of these frequencies gave rise to the term Tachyon (Tachyon Particles), a field of consciousness bearing the coding of BEAST (see New Age products).

The keys to Eden and the Umshadi shield

The question is where to take those original pure 1728 Enaka Keys from the Garden of Eden. These valuable artifacts are stored in the Seed Atom in the center of the basic Edonic Shield, which carries programs for the manifestation of the entire Middle Domains and all its universes and beings that are there, as well as beings who have protruded from there into the Outer Domains (eg us humans). Believe it or not, we have these keys in our crotch. We have this gift of God between our legs.

External Domains (Radon). The basic program of our Identity, the core of our Being and existence, including all manifestation and polarity programs the settings are stored in our Seed Atom for Outer Domains (Radon). It is only anchored in our biological body, in the AzurA Boda (thymus). The Atom carries the Nuclear Energy Encryption of our Identity in the form of a light-sound crystal, which also contains our memory matrix. The atom is stored in the center of our Monadic Shield. The shield is a flat energy disk that has a certain position and rotation, with the center in the transitions today can be: NET Earth → Median Earth or Urtha. In addition to the physical passage, which is inaccessible to most people today, some suitable personal energy Projection Body is more often used. AzurA. It is surrounded by the sphere in which it rotates. It is a natural part of the anatomy of our Light-Crystal Body, which has been worked on in the Doctrine from the beginning (2000+). However, this Atom and Shield were long ago damaged and reversed (implants: Metatronic Atom of Death, Sextant Shield, etc.). So we worked in reverse. It has not been mentioned for a long time that there was something else, such as other Domains of Existence and the Rasa of the Body in them. It has never been mentioned before that we have a chance to get there. When the time came.
Middle Domains (Edon). The sweet secret was told (2006) that the Human Race has the privilege of having an anchored copy of the Um-Shaddh-Eie Shield anchored in its bio-energetic anatomy, bearing the Seed Atom of the same name, which contain our fully crystalline model from Edon! These programs are stored there in a passive dormant form and must be activated using special techniques (as always). This makes it possible to regenerate our Radon Shield in AzurA and free itself from the reverse yoke field. This will allow us to heal the Light Body, regenerate the personal Elemental Fields, access the pure Kundalini and its versatile use as a divine creative force (if we choose, also for sexual purposes). It gives us powerful protection from the effects of planetary reversed elements and from predatory systems. This will allow us to obtain the Keys from Edon and use them in the case of Star Fire or for ascent mobility training of consciousness using projection techniques (physically, few people get there today).

Umshadi Shield: key generator

The Umshadi Shield is a flat horizontal energy disk that has the edonic Seed Atom Umshadi anchored in its center. The disc is placed on the central tube at the level of the 1st chakra, which is the area of ​​the genitals. The shield with the Atom rotates around the equator of the energy sphere it creates around itself. The diameter of the Shield can be approx. 20-30 cm. In its Monadic configuration (also: Cancel configuration) it is possible to identify the positions of 12 Monadic cells (Cancel Pillars) in relation to the locations of the body that are related to the anatomy of both sexes. This is important for the bio-energetic anchoring of these constructs. Similarly, other energy centers are anchored to the body, such as chakras through nerve plexuses. These are, for example, these things and their physiological functions. View of the Umshadi Shield in the basic position, from the bottom of the feet towards the crotch (8 cells of the outer circle are phased in pairs so that they merge, so only 4 are visible there). Vertical axis, 5 Monadic cells (phase generators) from top to bottom: outer circle - clitoris (top of scrotum on penis), inner circle - vagina (bottom of scrotum on penis), center of shield (energy passage, Nada Core, Diamond Door) - perineum ( prostate), inner circle - coccyx, outer circle - anal. Horizontal axis: symmetrical paired formations, labia, glands (Bartholini, Skene) and more. For everything to work well, it is necessary to have both physical and non-physical components in perfect order.

The Umshadi shield is closely related to our sexuality and is therefore activated through sexual practices. There are many of them. The difference between Radonic and Edonic sexuality is in the depth of experience and the degree of unification. Edon is one whole domain vibrational band closer to the Source, so the experiences from this Garden of Eden are qualitatively different. As with Radonic sex, the polarity of the Umshadi Shield for woman and man is opposite, that is, complementary. With every sexual act, the Umshadi Shield automatically comes into play, because it is connected and intertwined with our sexuality. However, it happens unconsciously, from which one has little benefit. The power of the Shield is not great and the energy generated is wasted.

During copulation, a whole complex of complex bio-energetic processes occurs at three different levels: 1. physical body (Radon, manifestations), 2. Light Body (Radon, masters), 3. Umshadi Shield (Edon, masters, Rasha aspects).

1. Physical activity elicits a response throughout the anatomy ID. Position, movement, visualization, sound, breath - these are the basic creative tools of man, by which he influences his entire bio-energetics.

2. The Light Body sensitively responds to all actions of the physical body, to all its behavior. E.g. Breath is associated with many important things, and with its help we control and regulate our internal energy. Just for example. The speed of physical breathing (through the lungs) controls the rate of oscillation of the Ethos Pillar

1 Here is a deeper reason for deliberately denouncing the physical sex. Some primitive reversed strains of wild savages her wives clit. In the Islamic tradition, Muslims cut off women's clitoris and labia. This is also happening in Europe today.

2 in the Central Tube (up / down) and the phasing rate of the Lotus Leaves, which controls the movement of Radon Cells and Monadic Flames, which controls the phasing rate of Radon, Eiradon, Monadic Flames, which controls the Pulse Rate of the Monad, which controls the speed and frequency of Time Pulse Waves generated Monad, which controls the Speed ​​of Shield Rotation, which controls the Basic Pulse Rhythm, which controls the Personal Axiom Template, and the embodied Time Wave, which determines personal perception of the speed of time. By changing the personal vibrational state, it is possible to 'bend time': either slow down or speed up its flow within the personal real estate hologram. By reducing the respiratory rate to about 1/2 normal, we get to Alpha Rhythm. Every single mentioned construct and process can be learned in detail within the Doctrine. For simplicity, suffice it to say that the breath puts into oscillating motion the so-called Ethos Pillar, which runs in our Central Energy Tube, similar to the piston in the cylinder of an internal combustion engine. In the engine, the spark causes the piston to move, the spark plug to ignite, and expansion to occur. The movement of the Pillar is driven by the breath and produces energy sparks (spark generator) during each cycle. These sparks collect in energy lines and centers (reservoirs). After reaching the critical quantum, the energy is synchronously released and passes like a wave (avalanche) through the structures of the originals and partially opens the dimensional and density Seal Locks, activates the chakra nuclei, etc. Through these half-open energy doors our consciousness can expand into higher vibrational bands and enter us. stronger currents of the Life Forces (eg Kundalini). After that happens, the wave of energy spontaneously radiates into the biofields and the planetary environment, where it dissipates and dissipates, thereby losing it. This is the case with unconscious sexuality. If we can control this energy, we can use it in a controlled way for various purposes. The connection between physical activity and the Light Body is two-sided and the provoked energy processes are projected back into the complex physiological state of the individual.

3. The Umshadi Shield starts with physical sexual activity (activates: spins and lights up) and begins the production of Enaka's edonic energy Keys. The complex process of phasing Tauren and the Takeyon cycle produces a quantum of edonic energy. There are similar events as in the creation of the Raša Body, but they are limited to the production of the energy quantum of edonic frequencies, which are the building blocks of the Raša anatomy. The Monadic Cells of the outer circle of the Umshadi Shield (outer Cells, 8 pcs.), Which control the movement of the Interfering Spiral, phase and produce Keylon Sparks. These are pulled into the inner circle of the Shield, where they activate the local Cells (4 pieces). These inner Cells then open the seals on the chakras and allow the mixing of the radonic energies of the chakras with the edonic frequencies produced by the rotating Umshadi Shield (frequency blending). The keys are then pulled into the center of the Shield to its Nada Center, where they accumulate. After reaching the critical amount of energy charge in the Shield, the Flash Point state (something like a dielectric breakthrough) is reached, when the accumulated energy is released. Unconsciously, it radiates into the biofield and loses its surroundings. If it is under conscious control, it can be grasped and directed like a laser beam to the very center of the Shield, into the interior of its Seed Atom, where the energy protective barrier of the Edonic Diamond Door is located, behind which is the Original Creative Point ( First Creation Point) stored in the Field of God-Source Consciousness, at all domain levels. If we manage to open the Door, we have access to deeper levels. We can pass this way from Radon to Edon ev. even further and deeper, into the Domains of the Inner and then the Core, or indeed as far as the interior of the Yunasai and the Source. This is usually done by projecting the part of consciousness that can expand there. In principle, however, it is possible to pack the material body into light plowing and walk there with it (and the two loving partners together) and return again. The goal of this is the ascent experience of the experience of Oneness, unification: whether with a partner, or with my Edonic Self (an aspect of my Identity anchored in the edonic frequency bands of the Middle Domains), or with the Edonic level as such - is much closer to the Source than ours and far away cleaner (enjoy your stay in the Garden of Eden), or combine with your Edonic masterpiece and take from it the original Christ coding for the healing of the Light and therefore the physical body, etc.

In addition to this experience, another energy process is taking place. By passing the quantum of our conscious energy through the Umshadi Seed Atom and the Creative Point it protects from us back to the Source (stream or flow of conscious energy called Back-Flow), an automatic reaction of the Source is triggered, which multiplies this energy quantum and sends it to us. back (flow called Back-Flow Return). This will regenerate the Seed Atom, charge it with new energy, start rotating faster and with it the whole Shield, which is spun by the Atom. The vibration increases, the Shield expands and carries more energy, and can hold and activate other parts of the man andestation and evolutionary templates. The creature can implement larger and more extensive programs of its Identity and expand into higher frequency bands. This is the basic mechanism of Christ's Bio-Spiritual Ascension of the eternal immortal Beings riding on the CHRIST-Code that the People once were. Therefore, it is important to have a fully functional Seed Atom (both radonic and edonic) and a constantly open two-way connection to the Source. As a by-product, this automatically ensures a lasting state of God's Presence, strong protection, and reliable guidance.

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