Creative mechanics IV.: structure and function


There are many possible views of Creation. Depending on where we look at it, it seems to us. The creation has a holo-graphic essence (holos = whole, grafos = picture). It is a multi-dimensional fully conscious energy structure, composed of different vibrational bands: It is similar to waves in radio: long, medium, short, etc. They are different, they are in the same space and at the same time they do not mind at all. All you have to do is tune in to them. One possible view of Creation Mechanics is, for example, in the intentions of 'master-manifestation'. Within this view, it has already been indicated how the space projector works. How the planet Earth and also its human being Man, her closest friend and helper, manifest through their designs created by someone else. It was also mentioned how Man, already created by someone else, realizes through himself his creative intentions when he acts in matter, in his HU1 Density.

Another such possible view is in the intentions of 'structure-function'. These are two aspects of Oneness, two manifestations of creative polarity. The structure is perceived as a rather static holding skeleton that carries the entire Creation and allows its transformation. The function is tied to the structure and is perceived as a dynamic possibility of change and development within this structure, but it also changes and develops this structure (two-way coupling). They are two sides of the same coin. It's similar to anatomy and physiology. Both aspects are interlinked. This division is merely an aid and is as illusory as the division of Things in Creation into two groups: Places and People. But it is useful because it will help us understand the matter more easily.

A nice example of the interrelationship between structure and function is the creative act of God-Source, when the Outer Domains arise on our Etora Side ('in front of the mirror') in the creation of one Cosmic Matrix (also: Energy Matrix, Eu-Ka-Tha-Ra -Ista Body, Yunasai, abbreviated just 'cosmos'). This little cosmos is just one bubble in the foam of larger units. But it is important to us that we belong to him and his destiny is also our destiny. The following example "How does the Cosmos come into being?" is an illustrative case of cosmic embryo-genesis, which shows the harmony between structures and their functions at this level of Creation. It is a concrete example of how KRIST Code works in practice. The result is a cosmic hierarchy of interposed Kathahra grids, Shields generated by them, Merkabs created by them, within which, in their bowels, are Shape Constants that function as Radial Bodies and contain Holograms of Being of all vibrational levels, ie Dense Hova Bodies, as a distinctive Real Estate Field, for all organizational levels of complexity of Being: universes, galaxies, solar systems, planets, their life fields, biological species, races, nations, genera, families, individuals. All this is originally Divine and Christ.

How is the Cosmos created?

Cosmic Forces - Yunasai and Trinity

The structure and function of the manifested Creation are fully governed by the CHRIST Code. It begins with God descending in and down, and at the point of his original purpose of creation he creates the first emanation in himself - Yunasai: the point of all unity, of all that is, the point of eternal divine identity. Yunasai contains the divine Trinity: ManU, EirA, ManA. These are the three conscious fields of eternal divine creative power, created by the polarization of the neutral field ManU (resonant tone), into the magnetic aspect of EirA (lower tone, feminine principle) and the electrical aspect of ManA (upper tone, masculine principle).

ManU - the first Partiki particles of divine consciousness, cosmic NIC, primordial eternal fixed point, emptiness, cavity of primordial creative intention, cosmic uterus, Holy Spirit.

EirA - the first Particum particle of divine consciousness, the first presonic vibration, contractive, astringent and restraining / receiving creative power, (seed, grain, nucleus, embryo, egg), Divine Mother.

ManA - the first particle of the particle of divine consciousness, the first pre-light oscillation, expansive and emitting / giving creative power, (spark, discharge, flash, seed, sperm), the Divine Father.

These three primordial FORCE fields of divine consciousness within Yunasai represent the living Crystal of the Cosmic Plan, within which all creation takes place.

Cosmic Christ - Divine Master, Cosmic Kathara, Krystalla + Kristos

Creation is created, as proposed by God, within Yunasai, according to a specific creative program of mathematical-geometric relations of the fields of consciousness that suits Kathar's model of God's plan and is based on the number 12 ('divine twelve'). Within the MaU field in Yunasai, the 2 force fields EirA and ManA each form their own Kathara grid (the original Tree of Life, 12 Sefir), carrying a program of their polar creative aspect.

Kathara grid EirA field is called Krystalla, which means: God intends, means, intends, wants, intends, intends.

Kathara grid ManA field is called Christ, which means: God expresses, pronounces, manifests, shows, does, acts.

From our point of view from the Etora Party (in front of the mirror), which is base-electric, the Krystalla lattice is small and horizontal (the divine feminine aspect). The Christ grid is large and vertical (the divine masculine aspect). They are placed crosswise on top of each other, inserted in each other (small in large) and have a common geometric central center point (zero point, center point). It is the center of the Sefir 6-7 connectors of the two perpendicular grids. It is the key energy center of Azur-A. The combination of both of these grids creates a Cosmic Kathara of the "Base-12/24-points" type. Kathara's concept: "Ka" - light, emanation, expression; "Tha" - sound, intention; "Ra" - unity, One Spirit. Both grids are drawn in a horizontal plane perpendicular to each other, as on a sheet of paper lying on a table. From the perspective of the Adora Party (behind the mirror), which are our dual universes, base-magnetic, it is the opposite. The polarities of the grids are precisely balanced. Symmetry is absolute.

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Space Clock - 12 Reuche Pillars

The two polarized forces of the divine trinity (EirA + ManA) projected into the Cosmic Qatar interact vibrationally and during three more vibrational dips create a set of 12 standing cylindrical scalar waves inside this Qatar, in Yunasai, which merge Se'-Ur columns or pillars. Also called Reuche Scepter Pillars, or just Reuche Pillars. These Rusi Pillars are like columns of standing scalar waves perpendicular to the plane in which both Kathara grids lie. They are arranged in two concentric circles (inner 4 pcs and outer 8 pcs), it is centrally symmetrical. They have a common geometric Central Center Point (zero point) that coincides with the center-point of the Cosmic Kathara. Together, the Pillars create an original scalar wave field, called the Core (primordial, supreme) Divine World of Creation. Here's how it goes.

The first vibrational drop polarizes the center point of the Cosmic Qatar to form a pair of pillars: No. 12 ManA and No. 6 EirA. They run out of the center of the dial and are pushed back to opposite sides by repulsions. It is the polarization of the MaU Pole. It stands at clock positions 12 and 6 to form a vertical composition, vertically across the dial (12-6).

With the second vibration drop, Pillar No. 12 (ManA) will create a new Pillar No. 3 (EirA) and also Pillar No. 6 (EirA) will create a new Pillar No. 9 (ManA). It is the self-polarization and emanation of the deflection field. These pillars are placed in clock positions 3 and 6 to form a horizontal composition, horizontally across the dial (3-9). This creates the first inner circle of 4 pillars at positions 3,6,9,12.

The third vibration drop polarizes all 4 existing pillars of the inner circle. One polar pair runs out of each of them, like a rectangular 90º fork. It is the self-polarization and emanation of the deflection field. The pair of new pillars is deviated from the projection axis by an angle of +/- 45º. This creates a second outer circle of 8 pillars, built roughly in the direction of these clock faces: 1 (Pillar No. 11, ManA), 2 (Pillar No. 1, EirA), 4 (Pillar No. 2, ManA), 5 (Pillar No. 4, ManA), 7 (Pillar No. 5, EirA), 8 (Pillar No. 7, ManA), 10 (Pillar No. 8, EirA), 11 (Pillar No. 10, EirA). Thus, at each position of the clock on the dial 1-12, we can imagine one perpendicular Ru ‰ Pilíř standing.

Cosmic Heart and Fire: ManU Window and Eternal Amoraea Flame

According to the divine programs of the CHRIST-Code stored in the Cosmic Cathar, the 12 Reuche pillars interact vibrationally with each other, within Yunasai, inside Kathara. At the location of the geometric Central Center Point (zero point) of both Qatar and the Pillars, this creates an important energy hole: the ManU Window. It is a direct connection to the ManU force field of the Original Creation and the field of the Eternal Living Consciousness of the Source - God. Through the open ManU Window, the 12 Pillars begin to interact directly with the ManU field (Source, God), as a result of which part of the Source / God energy from his ManU field passes through the Window in the form of a wave pillar that fits the Flame of Amoraea (Eternal Flame of God's Love, Eternal Fire of the Cosmic Christ, Cosmic Fire of the Eternal Christ - fear of all demonic entities). This divine Amoraea Flame there then forms the central 13th Reuche Pillar (13th Scepter). Through the ManU window, the Amoraea Flame then circulates the pulses of the Living Consciousness of God. It pulsates between (I) the creative Source (God, ManU field) and (II) its creative force fields of Eternal Divine Consciousness (EirA, ManA), all in Yunasai. This sets in motion the eternal and constant ever-repeating process of the Creation of Eternal Life. That is why the Amoraea flame is called the constantly beating Heart of God, because with its pulses through the ManU Window the stream of Eternal Life circulates from the Source to the manifestation and from the manifestation back to the Source.

Terminology (synonyms): Amoraea Flame = Ecka ManU Eternal Flame. ManU Window = Zero Point, Manifestation Point, (see Azur-A Point / Center, Seed Atom, Monadic Core).

Space Arches: 12 Reuche Arcs, Space Shield

The 12 Reuche Pillars, inside Cosmic Qatar, all in Yunasai, vibrate with the 13th Pillar, the Amoraea Flame, bending the cylindrical wave pillars toward the center, toward the ManU window, and creating 12 wave arcs, 12 Reuche (Scepter) Arcs. 6 of them carry EirA power and 6 carry ManA power. These 6 + 6 bent arches together pass through the ManU window in their center into the ManU field of the Amoraea flame, where these 3 force fields of God's Trinity (ManU, EirA, ManA) mix and interconnect. This creates 12 partial Reuche Shields, which are interconnected by one central 13th Amoraea Cosmic Shield, which is inside the Amoraea flame. All of these shields are horizontal scalar wave disks rotating around a common axis. Reuche shields are waves of bi-polar EirA-ManA consciousness. The cosmic shield is a mixed wave of tri-polar ManU-EirA-ManA consciousness. Reuche shields create living circles of God's creative forces. 6 shields carry magnetic EirA force and rotate counterclockwise, CCW. 6 shields carry electric ManA power and rotate clockwise, CW.

EirA shields receive the used energy from the Reuche pillars and from the Yunasai field, which has been withdrawn from the manifestation, and returns it through the MaU window back to the De-man Source certification (vibrational energy regeneration in progress).

ManA shields receive fresh energy from the Source through the MaU window and transfer it to the Reuche pillars and to the Yunasai field for subsequent manifestation (vibrational energy degeneration takes place).

The synchronous opposing rotation of the 6 + 6 Reuche shields, held together by 1 Cosmic Shield, creates the first expression of conscious Divine Power in the form of electromagnetic force. As the so-called electro-magnetic "Primordial Currents of Life Forces", from which all manifested worlds arise.

Cosmic Merkaba: Amoraea, Eckasha, Veca Merkabic fields

By rotating 6 + 6 Reuche electromagnetic shields on the same axis, 12 electromagnetic force currents are created. The force of the Amoraea flame separates the currents of the opposing shields, creating two opposing energy spirals. The lower and slower spiral rotates CCW fits the EirA spiral (female). The upper and faster spiral rotates the CW and fits the ManA spiral (male). It is the Cosmic Merkaba, also the Amoraea Merkaba. This name in Anuhazi means: "Mer" - the movement of God's power, "Ka" - the expression of God's power, "Ba" - body, body, chariot. The two spirals of the Cosmic Merkaba have a geometric shape imprinted on the two grids of the Cosmic Cathar and are referred to as "12-point / 12-surface" merkabs. The entire Cosmic Merkaba is then of the "24-points / 24-areas / base-48" type.

The complex process of the formation of the Cosmic Merkaba is replicated and repeated during several stages of further decrease of vibrations, with the formation of many different smaller merkabic formations within the body of the Cosmic Merkaba, whose Shape Constants serve as different manifestation domains. The first drop inside the Cosmic Merkaba creates 2 Eckasha merkabs of the "12-points / 12-areas / base-24" type. The second drop inside the 2 Eckasha merkabs produces 4 Bi-Veca merkabs of the "6-points / 6-areas / base-12" type. The third drop inside the 4 Bi-Veca merkab creates an 8 Veca merkab of the "3-points / 3-surface / base-6" type. This fission follows a factor of 2, ie 1 + 2 + 4 + 8 = 15. So we have 15 merkabs of different calibers, they are inserted into each other (like matryoshka dolls).

Cosmic Eggs: Radial Body, 15 Divine Cells - Cluster of Divine Seed

The rotation of the EirA and ManA spirals creates a special space in the center of the Cosmic Merkaba, within the intersection of both of its spirals, the so-called Shape Constant, where attractive and repulsive forces are precisely balanced and relatively stable forms and manifested shapes can occur. They stay together there, neither implosion (predominance of EirA) nor explosion (predominance of ManA). The area of ​​the Shape Constant is a rotating el-mag. force field in the form of an elliptical sphere or elliptical-spherical domain. This area functions as a Radial Body (layered shell, shell, shell) surrounding the reality manifested in a certain frequency band within it (eg Harmonic Universe, Hova Body, Density HU). It separates her from others so that they do not mix together and nourishes her energetically. This area is called differently: Shape constant, (holographic) Radial body, Cosmic Sphere, Divine Cell.

With the emergence of 15 mercabs (3 vibrational dips), 15 of their Shape Constants, ie 15 Radial Bodies for various real estate fields, ie 15 Cosmic God Cells, also arise simultaneously (another 3 vibration dips). The cluster (set, cluster, set, assembly) of these 15 cells is collectively called the Cosmic Seed of God. The first and largest cell (No. 15), called the First Cell of God or the Amoraea Cell, is the Cosmic Radial Body, which contains all the other cells (No. 1-14).

All this takes place and arises inside the Amoraea flame, which burns from the MaU window, in the center of Cosmic Qatar and the center of the Reuche pillars, all in Yunasai. As the Seed of God Seeds within the Amoraea Flame, it expands and expands, the Flame expands from within and creates a protective spherical wave of MaU energy around the emerging structures, called the Cosmic Amoraea Crystal or the Cosmic Plan Crystal. It is a Cosmic Radial Body (especially its Trion field), in the shape of an elliptical sphere or a Cosmic Egg. See. Fig. Divine Seed.

Božské semeno

Space Eggs: A scaled-down replica of the cosmos

Another process of vibration decrease (6x) gives birth to an analogous structure for the Universes in the bowels of the Cosmos. The Cosmic Seeds of God are formed, containing clusters of 15 Cosmic God Cells, which form the structure of the 15-dim Time Matrices. The universes are formed within the bowels of the Divine Worlds, which arise at the level of cosmic creation and hatch from the Cosmic Seed of God.

The cosmos and its Divine Worlds

The cosmic seed creates 3 levels of Divine Worlds (Core, Higher, Medium) by 3 vibrational drops: Eckasha-Aah (drop 1), Eckasha-A (drop 2), Eckasha (drop 3). In total, however, it is 3 (mercabs) + 3 (shape constants) = 6 dips (order 1-6).

The cosmic seed forms another 6 declines (order 7-12) of clusters (7 Higher Heavens + 7 Lower Heavens) of the Lower Divine Worlds (Ecka level), the Cosmic Veca-systems, the Time Matrix systems.

This view of the Creation of the Outer Domains was guided in terms of structure and function at the same time. That is, how these two aspects are intertwined.

Giant. Divine Seed. Eckasha-Aah (Cosmic God Seed) Energy Background

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