Elemental magic

Everything that was created, both the macrocosm and the microcosm, the big and small world, was created by the action of the elements. The wisdom of TAROTA can tell about the great secret science of the elements, when the MAG is shown on the first card, which points to the elements and their mastery.

sword - the element of fire
stick - element of air
cup - element of water
coins - the element of the earth

Elemental magic also extends into TATEV, according to the Indian order it is:

Akasha - the principle of ether
Tejas - the principle of fire
Vaju - the principle of air
Apas - the principle of water
Prithivi - the principle of the earth

All the tatvas came out of one, Akash, from whom all things arose. Akasha is the principle of cause. (If you are interested in tatvos, we recommend our basic course on tatvos.)


The first element that arose from Akashi was Tejas and ie the principle of fire. This element, like all other elements, not only affects our material world, but is manifested in everything that has been created. The basic properties of fire are: heat and expansion. The basis of light is fire. Each element has two polarities, active and passive (plus and minus). The plus is always building, creative and fruitful, while the minus is decaying, destructive - the exact opposite.


The water also came from Akash, the etheric principle. The basic features are coolness and download. Water also has two poles, active and passive. Active is life-giving, sustaining and nourishing, passive is decomposing and destructive.

Fire and water work in everything. The fiery principle alone could never succeed in itself if there were no counterpart in it, ie. water. These two elements, fire and water, are the basic elements with which everything was created.


The air also came from Akash, it is the so-called mediator between the element of fire and water. Due to fire, air has the property of dryness and due to water the property of moisture. Without both of these qualities, life would not be possible. Air also has two polarities. Active is destructive and in passive life-giving.


And the element of the earth came from Akash, as it was said. The element of earth, by its specific property, ie solidification, contains all three previous elements. It was this property that gave these previous elements a concrete form and ie spaciousness, measure, time and weight.


From it sprang all the elements - fire, water, air and earth. Akash is therefore the highest, most powerful, unimaginable cause of all things and all creation. So Akash is without time and space.


Man consists of five elements, which correspond to our five senses, and depending on which element prevails, we recognize choleric, sanguine, melancholic and phlegmatic natures. The choleric nature includes the element of fire, the sanguine nature of the element of air, the melancholic element of water and the phlegmatic element of earth.

The element of fire is represented by salamanders, the element of mermaid water, the element of air sylphs and the element of earth gnomes.

Beings created by human thought, whether consciously or unconsciously, are, for example, larvae, phantoms, elementaries, and elementals.

(More about elemental magic, eg the creation of creatures, communication with elemental beings, etc. can be learned in our: School of Magic in Practice, which we will open again from September 1, 2022)

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