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Predicting Development: Prophets and Visionaries

The reality of life takes place in two borderline situations: I can do anything - I can't do anything. Therefore, it also has a probabilistic nature. This is given by the interconnection and cooperation of all participants in the Creation, who, according to their will, project their intentions and choices into all the embedded holograms in which they participate. The result will then appear on the projection screen of our consensual reality as the winner or compromise of all those energy struggles for various goals. Therefore, different predictions and prophecies and clairvoyances are always only probabilistic. The more participants enter the game and the different their intentions are, the harder the result is predicted. This is well known to those who play with magic, etc. and tries to guess the results of various allegedly random processes (mantika, doctrine of the scout). It's all about the struggle of energies and their strength.

The reason why some of the prophets saw clearly and accurately from today's perspective lies in the following two things:

1. have a sufficient ability to expand consciousness to get into the evolutionary templates of the relevant holograms and be able to obtain the necessary information from there, eg in the form of visions, which must then be interpreted carefully and accurately. So they could see.

2. they were lucky enough to tune in to the most likely development scenarios and therefore they will probably be implemented. These are either naturally stable or strongly preferred and supported and sponsored by higher interests. Some visions can be created artificially, as desired for someone. Like someone pays their bill in parliament.

The apparition of St. John

A nice example of a strongly sponsored artificial vision is the Revelation of John. This final book of the New Testament is a tough nut to crack for this devotee. The Bible does not know how to deal with it. The Kabbalists consider it the most important text of the script, often together with Genesis and the vision of Ezekiel, whose wheels in wheels are the symbolism of rotating holograms in holograms, and the mystical chariot sometimes refers to the merkaba. John's Vision colorfully describes the gradual destruction of planet Earth as God's punishment for human sins, as a necessary cleansing of the planet before the day of the last reckoning (Judgment Day). The driving force behind the whole apocalyptic action is the Lord-God-Jehovah YHVH, seated on the throne.

The so-called 'Saint John' was a woman with part of the genetics of the Jehovah-Anunnaki line. These Predators are fallen Jehovah's Anna-Elohim and Dolphin Humans. They used this damaged part of her template (reverse coded) to insert an astral implant that evoked the necessary vision. The goal was to put this devastating program into the consciousness and subconscious of all mankind. For humans to energetically strengthen it for another 2,000 years and co-create a manifestation template for this probabilistic development horizon, in which the final battle for planet Earth between two competing predatory races will take place in the period SAC 2000-2022 (sometimes abbreviated as SAC-2012). To anticipate such developments. To even look forward to it. Apocalypse - the gate of Paradise! There will be a cataclysm, a reversal of the Earth. They will all die. It will be Judgment Day. Their souls will reach Heaven because they have faithfully supported these holy visions. Voters can be bought for both goulash and heaven. Christians shout, "Let's go to Heaven!" Yes, you will go somewhere, but it certainly will not be. Your journey will lead through the Phantom Matrix to the fallen universes of WESA and further to the Bourgha Holes.

The required scenario is inserted into the symbolic language of the vision story. Each symbol activates a large morphogenetic field in the evolutionary model. Symbols are the triggers of powerful energy processes. Whoever works with them becomes part of them and participates in creating their final goal. It's like programming in a higher language. Pressing a button with a picture of a function starts a complex process inside the computer, the behavior of which the average presser has no idea, unlike the programmer. If we often replay the story of a vision in the mind, it will be strongly imprinted in our models and biofields and become part of our energy anatomy, Identity, Self. Through our existence, we will then nourish and strengthen it. With each of its activations, we press the buttons that open the energy gates between our biofield and the manifestation hidden behind the symbolism of the story. This is the basic physical principle of scalar technologies based on working with symbols. They are light and sound technologies (visual and sound symbols: image + mantra). All treatment (as well as damage) of the originals is based on them.

Below is what intentions were put into the vision of St. Jana, along with their energetic interpretations. The symbolic struggle of 'good with evil' is about the struggle of two demonic collectives vying for control of our planet and its reversal. The 'good' are the Demons who have ruled the 'holy church' and are writing their script through their spokesmen like this truly moving story of John (the Jehovah's Anna-Elohim and the Dolphin People). The 'evils' are their predatory rivals who did not have dominion over the church at the time (Jehovah's Anunnaci).

7 Seals of the Apocalypse = 7 Jehovah's Seals anchored to the Earth's planetary grid, along the 7th Axiom Line, a vertical line intersecting a set of important Star Crystal Seals of the Planetary Temple Complex (HKP Nos. 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 11). Each J-seal reverses one natural HKP after its activation. All J-seals were actually activated in a fight to reverse the polarity of the planet's el-mag field. The number 7 corresponds to the 7th Space Stargate (Arcturus) which the Predators had under their control and through which they had access to the 7-frequency band and thus the 7th Axiom line in the anatomy of the Earth.

7 angels of the apocalypse = 7 interdimensional cones (HDC - Hyper-Dimensional Cone). Advanced Jehovan death technology based on reverse merkaba implants in earth shields. They are clusters of standing scalar waves in the shape of cones anchored in 7 primary giant selenite and crystal rods inserted deep into the earth's crust (= 7 candles burned in front of the throne of YHVH, Letters to 7 churches). These cones control the function of J-seals, crushing Christ's shields and sucking the released energy into black hole systems.

The Lamb Breaks the Seal = a natural Maharic D-12 current entering SAC-2012 through the 12-Star Gate into our Universe, which opens the planetary Crystal Seals. "Who is worthy to break these seals? The Lamb who is sacrificed is worthy."

White Lamb = 12. Space Stargate (USG), frequency white-silver (white).

Lamb Sacrificed = Captured and Damaged USG-12 Jehovans to Prevent HU-5 Ranger Breneau (Rishi Breneau) from Accessing Our Universe (Real Estate Field HU1-4, Manifested Arena), But Access to the Maharic Vibration, which is necessary for activation of crystal seals.

4 Horse Riders

4 Horses = the first 4 of the 12 natural stellar energy waves activating the first 4 Stellar Crystalline Seals in planetary anatomy during SAC to further activate the Axiom Lines and the Stargates for planetary ascension.

4 Riders controlling 4 Horses = reverse metatronic coding programs implanted in natural energy currents to control and reverse them. Each rider reverses one stellar current, supplies it and activates one J-seal. It then brings the reverse codes to the currently activating native HKP:

White slider (1-J) = white-silver frequency D11-12, activates the 1st earth seal.
Red slider (2-J) = D1 / 12 red spectrum, activates the 2nd Earth seal.
Black slider (3-J) = D11 / 10 black vibration, activates the 3rd Earth seal.
Pale slider (4-J) = D6 / 7 from HU2 and HU3, pale mixed frequency, activates the 8th Earth seal.

The Pale Rider's name is Death: he takes peace from Earth and Hell immediately follows him = full connection of the plantar grid to the Phantom Matrix, the total collapse of the Christ shields.

Golden Altar in front of the Throne of YHVH = energy field of golden light frequency 8. Cosmic Stargate (Mintaka star, Orion).

4 living beings before the throne = lion, bull, human, eagle (originally the term 'animals'). These are the 4 most powerful APIN systems on the planet, installed by the Rangers (Great White Lion, Blue Oxen, Four Faces of Man, Golden Eagle), which, when viewed from space (photo-radionic scanning), show the body shapes of these animals.

The predatory races sought to control them in order to take control of the Earth's energy grid, which they did in part. They also reflected this intention in the symbolism of Jan's vision.

24 Elders Around the Throne = 24 ancestors of the fallen Jehovian Predators, founders of the Anunnaki Nibiruian Council of 24, which is controlled by the Anunnaki OverLords (absolute ruler, supreme ruler).

Star Wormwood (burning like a torch, falling from the sky, falling on a third of the rivers and springs of water, water turning into wormwood, many people died, water was poisoned) = Nibiruian Anunnaki Battlestar Wormwood (herb: black and white, wormwood). It is a huge space warship (planet), which since 25,500 BC remotely operates reverse metatronic transmission networks (PIN) implanted in the planetary grid of the Earth (Falcon - Falcon, Phoenix - Phoenix, Dragon - Dragon, Serpent - Snake, Dove - dove, Olive Branch).

Trumpets (Angel's Trumpet)

Advanced photo-sonic weapon technology developed by the Jehovian Anunnaki, Necromitons and Andromedans, designed to destroy distant targets, generates a subspace sonic beam in the form of a meion field that has the shape of a cone or trumpet, meions are interdimensional particles at the interface between vibrational levels (I) Particles of scalar fields forming manifestation templates for lower levels and (II) already manifested quarks, mesons, muons, other sub-atom particles, which already form the basis of matter. When the target is hit, the object of destruction is surrounded from above by an ID energy field in the shape of a cone (trumpet) containing precise calibration to reverse its manifest template. After reaching the phase anchor and resonance state between the two fields, the frequency of the cone is rapidly accelerated, the manifestation template of the target object is crushed, the energy / consciousness contained in it is sucked into the desired target destination and the object demanifests destructively, residual dust after it.

The combination (trumpet + holographic inserts) will lead to long-awaited and predicted miracles, for which pure and believers, ie unwanted people, were purposefully programmed. The scenario is this: the sky will open, the gate of light will descend from it, the messiah will come out, the crowds of believers before them will fall to their knees, he will invite them to follow him to the kingdom of heaven, they will pass through the gate and disappear from this reality in the form of light, ie they burn to ashes and their energies and fragmented consciousness drag on into the holes.

Satan, Lucifer, dragon, animal, great beast = competing Predatory races of the Jehovah's Anunnakes, who also wanted to capture the Earth as their prey in SAC-2012. These are, in particular: the Draconians of Omicron, the Marduks and Satans of Alnitak, Orion and Alpha Centauri, the Luciferians of the Pleiades and Nibiru, the Thoth-Enki-Zeta Lulitans of Alkyon, Nibiru and Tiamat. In John's vision, the heroic Jews (= God of YHVH) engage in a tough battle between good (= they) and evil (= their competition) and ultimately triumphantly defeat their traditional and long-standing enemy Predatory races. Nothing prevents them from setting up an NWO.

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