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The mission of real science is to reveal these laws of God and thus understand the essence of Creation. The laws are revealed because they are already here, but due to our ignorance we do not know and do not see them. Laws are not derived, for they are nothing: they are the ultimate truths (axioms). It is part of our evolution (as well as of every cosmic race and species and of all beings) to reveal an ever wider and wider variety of Laws, their larger and larger parts and aspects. This is the purpose of Sacred Science, which is a tool developed for this purpose (it has its rules, procedures, like any method). This tremendous image is contemporary earth science based on the destruction of investigated objects. It is a damaged predatory variant of the original Divine Science. It is a matter of raping Nature and snatching its secrets from it. It is as sick an approach as conquering a mountain or defeating the depths, or conquering and taking over the universe, or torturing someone to extract information. This is how fallen races and sick beings behave. However, even such a declining approach leads to the goal and makes it possible to reveal the correct Natural Laws. This applies especially to the so-called natural sciences, when it comes to understanding natural phenomena. Here it is possible to make speculations, hypotheses and theories, ie to form ideas of what it might be. Their veracity (accuracy) is verified by experiment, by comparison with the reality of how nature really behaves (experiment, observation, measurement, data, facts, empirical practice). The advantage of the natural sciences is the fact that their truth can be objectively proven by experiment (so-called 'hard sciences'). It does not matter that the observer himself and the state of his consciousness are part of this experiment. It is only a small evolutionary lesson of humility for human materialists, who in their delusion believe that they can observe everything 'objectively and independently' as if from outside (see Lenin's thesis that matter is an objective reality existing independently of our consciousness, etc.). That the human-observer is separate from the observed. This rough approximation holds well, but only within a very narrow range of parameters. The essence of Creation is that everything is connected to everything.

Hard science. In the natural sciences, there is not much room for manipulation by interest groups, unless it is a direct falsification or restriction of the research framework or a false interpretation of the results obtained. However, this manipulation space can be forcibly created, which Predators make extensive use of. The Church's interventions in the development of science are now publicly known and properly documented, because it is a thing of the past and the demon of the Vatican has not ruled the planet. It was a matter of destroying information and its bearers, who threatened the predatory control paradigm through which humanity was controlled and enslaved. At the end of its era, when it was already clear that the communist system was going into an irreversible fall, higher-level perversions began. At university seminars on the Marxist-Leninist philosophy of science, very curious views began to emerge, well documenting the depth of the regime's internal destruction. One example: the criterion for the truth of scientific theory is not experiment, but the generalized historical experience of the working class. So if workers and peasants decide (preferably in the restaurant U kaštanu, shortly before closing time), then Stefan-Boltzmann's radiation law will not be ~ T4, but will go with a power other than the fourth power of temperature, according to their historical experience (workers 'and peasants' erudition in interaction matter and radiation is obvious, it has the status of a political axiom, the questioning of which is criminal). Second example: the study of bifurcation theory is politically dangerous and amounts to ideological diversion and will therefore be banned. The point is that in the mathematical theory of abstract nonlinear dynamical systems it can happen that with a smooth change of the control parameter the current state or mode of behavior becomes unstable and the system can jump to a qualitatively different mode due to fluctuations. Another thing is that there are more of these new modes to choose from, where it can jump. It's like having a vertical beam and a load on it (a straight bar perpendicular to the ground with the weight at the top). As I gradually increase the weight, the bar will stay straight for a while, but then it will bend to the side: either left or right. This is a matter of chance, because both directions (or all directions round) are physically equally valuable and possible (symmetry breaking bifurcation). And that was a big problem for the workers and peasants. First, that the evolution equations allow for sudden and repeated qualitative changes, and second, that these changes are random in nature. The Bolshevik would have tried the first one, but if the sequence of those changes (ie the dynamic regimes of human society) were final and looked something like this: primordial common → slavery → feudalism → capitalism → imperialism → revolution → socialism → communism = The End of History and the Last Man : Soviet striker. He could not try the latter: no developmental changes must be random, because it violates their political 'natural law' (= sociological-ideological dogma) of historical determinism, which unmistakably leads to a single target variant, namely government rule. and the pandemic of communism, as the only right and most advanced and ultimate all-planetary social system and order: the universal unity of humanity, a desire anchored deep at the bottom of every human soul. Whoever resists will be destroyed, because he prevents humanity on the path to happiness, to which we will reach him with an iron fist. Again, it was a matter of destroying information and its bearers, who threatened the predator control paradigm. He can talk about it today, because it is a thing of the past and the demon of Moscow did not control the planet.

The current examples are less well known because the demon Washington controls our planet. It is possible to find unique testimonies. E.g. In the work of an American investigative physician (Steven M. Greer), information can be found on how a scientist was brutally murdered by CIA members at the behest of the US government, whose results (publicly published) denied a false control physical dogma of Predators having an ID overlap. In his next work (S. Greer, video Sirius) there is a demonstration of a small strange fossil (Atacama skeleton) and also an analysis of its (physical, biological) DNA on a genetic sequencer by an expert in the field (official scientist). To the question of whether or not this DNA is human, the expert answers that according to current methods of genome processing yes, but that there may be a mismatch in a large number of unanalyzed sequences (Junk DNA). Finally, he says (video time 1:44:30) that he is more afraid to talk because he knows that an attack can come. He is well aware of today's 'freedom of science' (vocamcať-pocamcať), which every researcher will feel as soon as he gets a little closer to the boundary of the matrix: an invisible fence (electric fence). Archaeological cases, which have a stronger public ideological impact: how was it actually? There is such a huge time-lapse amount of inconsistencies and falsifications that whole books are written about it. Not to mention medicine and pharmacy. Food and nutrition vto.


Because these lies are already so widespread, they have been hidden by the fact that they do not hide at all. People read about how they are killed, but there is nothing they can do about it, they are absolutely powerless. This has become a reality that we must accept and 'get used to' (the standard SVS slogan). But if it were to be officially scientifically proven that the predatory version of the theory of the universe is an artificially maintained hoax, that the existence of ET races and their presence on Earth is a reality that free energy has always been and still is here, which would break down their current control paradigm (see the work of S. Greer). So this is happening in the field of natural sciences (so-called hard sciences, where the truth can be ascertained objectively), where a normal person would not expect any political intervention at all (natural sciences are not about politics and only enjoy natural laws). But it has been happening throughout human history and it is still happening.

Soft science. They are the humanities that deal with man, society, world-opinion, philosophy, etc. Their truth is objectively indeterminate and is the result of opinion fights of various interest groups. Many sciences are not even because they are tools of ideology. This is exactly what the ruling system needs: to have something that influences the thinking and thus the behavior of the broad masses, and which can be arbitrarily manipulated, because it cannot be verified. The next step is to elevate these fictional things to social and philosophical 'laws' and turn them into ideologies and control dogmas. The last step is to enforce their compliance with criminal law. The perversion is advancing rapidly and we are entering an ideological situation which, in terms of its harmfulness and global scope, surpasses the previous ones. The goal is to De-Objectify the World. It is about removing the fact of the existence of the Objective Reality of Creation and the fact of the existence of the Objective Cosmic Laws and the fact of the existence of Objective Good and Evil from human consciousness. It is their confusion with the subjective opinion of a lobby group. That is, that objective reality does not exist, that there is no objective truth, that there is no good and no evil, that everything is equal, that the natural sciences study something that does not exist, that Creation is a hallucinatory illusion. All reality is completely virtual and is a product of the human mind. The universe is only a linguistic-social construct (socio-linguistic). All science (including natural!) Is to be only an instrument of political power. It is the last step towards the complete eradication of man and humanity from the original divine manifestations and its transposition and anchoring into artificial matrices of opinion dominated by an ideology that is self-true and whose quality and value cannot be objectively assessed, because there is nothing objective at all.

It follows, for example, that the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 (today's Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms) is equivalent to the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam 1990, drawn up under the Sharia Act (recognized by the UN in 1993). And that the evolutionary and humanitarian value of the Western democracy system, based on the original Christian Christian principles of nonviolence and the values ​​of cooperation and compassion, is equivalent to the system of Islamic ideology of war and violence and the need to conquer the whole world and eliminate all non-Muslims based on the Qur'an. On the basis of this 'equivalence', the Islamization of Europe and the whole world is taking place today, as it is 'enriching' for humanity1. This propaganda, which is necessary for the destruction of humanity, the destruction of all its positive values ​​and the establishment of the NWO, is being targeted by certain interest groups trained and sponsored by the JRC, especially in the United States and
EU (neo-Marxism, liberalism, post-modernism, humanism, left-wing intellectuals, political correctors, human rights lawyers, heartbreakers, etc.).

Another example of this is the international scandal known as the Sokal affair (Sokal hoax). This American physicist, Alan Sokal, (hard science) wrote (1996) in 1 People with different opinions will be enriched by beheading. People who reject the dictatorship of evil will be enriched by crucifixion.

Unfaithful women will be enriched by flogging, burying their shoulders in the sand and stoning. Homosexuals will be enriched by dropping them from the roof and recharging the stones. Women will be enriched by cutting off the labia and clitoris. All this is already happening here. For centuries, a short distance next to us. And now also at home in Europe and soon at home in the Czech Republic.



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