Development and race II.


Through terrorist attacks, they force political, legislative and cultural concessions, systematically, step by step. If social resistance arose, Muslims would start a civil war in which they were trained and often grew up in it for many years (unlike Europeans). This will be seen by EU governments as a 'desperate call for minorities for their rights', the demonstrations will disperse, send their rebel citizens to crime (racism, xeno-Islam phobias) and further tighten the laws: silence + disarmament. This is already happening more and more, and the term 'patriotism' is national extremism. More information on the Islamization of the world, facts and references can be found in B. Kuras' books: How to Kill Civilization and The Last Hope of Civilization.

Today's racial issues

The racial and cultural differences of the damaged human races are quite real, which must be openly acknowledged. You need to know about them and count on them. They can have a significant effect on racial interaction and coexistence, especially if induced artificially. Racial and cultural incompatibilities can create energy tensions and protracted and intractable conflicts. Zejm. in the unnatural forced and long-term co-existence of incompatible races and ethnicities who would normally never voluntarily live together and share the same geographical region. The result is competition, competition, fighting, which harms all participants. Vibrations decrease and evolution turns into devolution. Based on this principle is a predatory ideology called multi-culturalism, which is often applied in the Victim-Predator scheme, where the aggressor has impunity and the victim must not defend himself. There are many racially, ethnically, culturally, religiously, ideologically, etc. specific traits and characteristics that are well known to people from their life experience and that exclude peaceful coexistence. That is why they are taboo today. One must not have a life experience that is contrary to the ruling ideology of absolute equality of everything with everything (including Evil and Good). Today, not only opinions but even personal experiences are criminal. Today, it is a criminal and completely true statement that someone does not like (eg 'insults his feelings' - a complete mockery of freedom of speech). The goal of the JRC is to use this current enormous self-destructive potential of racial and other harm, all-round differences and incompatibilities in coexistence, which the Predators have deliberately created for a long time, to destroy all the positive values ​​of planetary humanity. It is a false unity and equivalence grafted onto targeted violent migration and argued by anti-logical rhetoric. The ground has been prepared for this for a long time. The Predators' last battle for our planet Earth has begun. And we just watch him idly. Reflections on the problems of civilization are found, for example, in the book: S.P. Huntington: Clash of Civilizations. The deadly effect of immigration on Western civilization is well known, such as P.J. Buchanan: The Death of the West and many more. For example, the book P. Bachelor: TABU in Sociology deals with the analysis of racial problems.

Sociology (the science of society) is again fully subordinate to contemporary ideology. The state determines the topics that science may and may not deal with and also determines what results science may and may not obtain or discover (see also the Institute for Research on Taboo Topics, It's like when the pope once gave a message to a physics conference that he must not deal with atomic physics and threaten them with God's wrath, perhaps even curse them. At that time, no one was doing anything about it, because the moral credit of the church oscillated somewhere around -∞ and he could no longer burn them, the year was 1900+. However, it will soon be possible again. In some regions, this is already happening today: crucifixion is a common punishment for deviating from official state ideology, flogging and stoning is a common routine (eg in Saudi Arabia, which is a UN human rights guarantor and a friend of the United States).

Benjamin Kuras' books on the current targeted Islamization of Europe and the world, with the aim of conquering, murdering and destroying them, exterminating the white race, are very topical today and should be read by everyone (compulsory in schools and made papers). The books provide evidence and facts for these claims, as well as literature. The basic starting points and possible solutions follow from the above. Realize that the whole world is at war and the whole planetary Humanity is fatally endangered. Realize that this may be Humanity's last fight for Life and Death. Realize that this is the archetypal struggle of Good with Evil. It is a Global Jihad (= genocidal war) against planetary Humanity. What with this? All of Humanity is attacked as a whole, and therefore must, as a whole, defend itself, as before against Hitler or Stalin and their ideologies of death. Realize that the ruling political 'elites' are corrupt gangs of collaborators and serve the JRC. And act accordingly. To outlaw this ideology of evil disguised as 'religious faith' and all its public manifestations (such as fascism). We have the International Court of Justice, we have criminal reports of abuse of power by a public official, we have demonstrations, elections of referendums. We can (yet) arm ourselves, so quickly and organized (home-defense). To be able to defend each other, our family, our apartment, hallway, floor, house, block, street, neighborhood, village, town, region, state, nation. Let's practice in combat, the war has long since begun. This will ignite the consequences. If we survive, we must also eliminate the causes. Name the perpetrators (SVS, USA, EU, Arabia, etc.) and bring them to justice (punish, pay for war reparations, restore destroyed territories). To return millions of innocent people expelled by war and terror to their original homes (not our homes) and help them restore their original culture (not to destroy our culture).

Any politician who declares in the time of the brutal Islamic invasion of Europe and the escalation of Muslim terrorism, not only Western civilization and the Czech Republic, but also the world and humanity in the context of their war, will continue to pursue Václav Havel's humanitarian and multi-cultural policy ', must be immediately brought before a military court (abuse of power, treason, undermining of the foundations of the republic, murder of the Czech nation and culture, support of global terrorism, genocide, etc.). We are constantly indoctrinated by politicians and their media and politrukas by the opinion that we are small and weak: we become so because someone wants it. We are what we think we are, it is Politruk (political commissioner, political leader, enlightenment officer) was the deputy commander for political work. He was an officer, originally usually a non-soldier (ie amateur), who supervised the commander and his entire unit. The original purpose of the politruk was to supervise the former tsarist generals admitted to the Red Army, to fully subordinate this army to party control and to maintain a high level of appropriate ideological awareness among the soldiers (the homeland was not defended, but a foreign ideology). The Politrucs had a more important role to play than the commanders themselves oversaw. They had the right to overturn any order from the commander, or to shoot him if they thought he had betrayed ideas or that he was not fighting with sufficient enthusiasm. Politruk often actually commanded the unit. Although he was politically conscious (indoctrinated), he was completely inexperienced from a military (professional) point of view and often completely humanly incompetent (idiot). His activities had a very negative effect on the combat capability and performance of units. The reader can easily translate it himself into today's situation [help: politruk → multi-cultural advisor; template programming. It forces us to always orient ourselves somewhere, to give our power and self-government to a foreign external authority. Today, the 'orientation to the West' (USA + EU) is sponsored, to the pack of hired assassins of Western civilization. Above all, however, we should focus on ourselves, define our own Czech interests and priorities, and act accordingly. Revive the glory of our Czech ancestors in their collective models and connect to their strength, power and wisdom, thanks to which, today, as Czechs, we live at all. Awaken their legacy mummified in history textbooks and feel their frequencies live, here and now, in the blood of us and our children. To renew our old Czech customs, traditions, rituals, our sacred and power places, our deep spiritual tradition, which did not need any external 'god' and his Vatican pachols (just as we do not need Brussels pachols today). The fact that the EU is an artificial dysfunctional construct and a fraud on the peoples of Europe and their states is very clear today. It is not only the feeling of helplessness perceived from within by the vassals of criminal Brussels, but also from the outside, in a broader political context, see the critical reflection on Europe in the book: Henry Kissinger (HK): World Organization / 2014 / (pp. 101-105, 373). Despite many possible allegations against HK, his certain insight into global politics must be acknowledged. A few observations from his book and their current correspondence.

An honest man in a violent society (Islamization of the West): "It is foolish and treacherous to persuade him to lay down his arms, while men who are dangerous to the community can keep theirs" (p. 255). On the perversion of pseudo-humanism: "I shield and threaten the pseudo-humanitarianism, according to which the progress of civilization necessarily and rightly means the weakening of the fighting spirit, and which therefore calls for the destruction of advanced civilization by some less advanced type" (p. 256). On the suicide of the West: "We must not forget that it would be fatal for the great free nations to condemn themselves to powerlessness, while leaving despots and barbarians armed" (p. 262). One Aesop's fable: Wolves and sheep have agreed to disarm. The sheep sent away their watch dogs as a sign of goodwill, and the wolves ate them (p. 273). On the Islamization of Europe - a combination of violent and non-violent (socio-cultural) Jihad (so-called Integral or Holistic Jihad): "The essence of these reversals lies in the fact that they are usually protected by force The attacked group / European nations / is forced to defend not only its territory, but also the basic preconditions of its way of life / eg Christian principles, cultural values ​​/, its moral right to exist / not to become a kaffir / and the right to act in a way that until the advent of the adversary he was taken for granted / eg freedom of speech and religion, equality of races and sex, etc./ "(p. 371). This procedure is one of the two ways to destabilize the international order and is used by Islam today. It is very destructive because it causes constant existential stress and attacks models at all levels: from the individual, through family and family lines, to national shields. Existential uncertainty weakens the reproductive potential, questions the meaning of existence, blocks the ability of positive self-[removed]which is access to Life Streams), breaks down the immune system and the integrity of the personality. The affected population collapses on its own. It is an instrument of technologically weak but aggressive potent barbarians against a progressive strong but internally degenerate impotent culture. To this end, the West has long been decomposed by the values ​​of so-called 'American culture' and the invasion of this standard of global decline into Europe and the world. One important aspect of this civilizationally dysgenic process is the feminization of humanity - the denigration of men (devirilization), who will not be able to protect or defend anyone and anyone, which is the goal. For these slimly-minded pseudo-men, the question of Islamic terrorism and the colonization of Europe is a mere pretext for an interesting discussion in hipster cafes1 on whether or not this situation can arise in a virtual commander → school principal, teacher; unit → school, class; Tsarist General → normal Czech teacher; Red Army → left-wing Euro-education; party control → political correctness; ideological awareness → xeno-filial pro-union multi-cult control euro-dogma].

It is sad that this mass of young intelligent and basically good people is voting for the EU and Bilderberg. It is terrible that some of these women are deliberately dressing up in Islamic robes, while Muslim rape gangs, stealing white girls and women are rampant with impunity next to Europe. It is as if a Czech volunteered to paint a hakenkrajc and walk down the street with him during the heydrichiad without it being silly. Muslims use abducted women (in accordance with their EU-recognized laws) as their sex slaves in their conquered territories (No-Go Zones, etc.), which no longer belong (in accordance with their laws) to Europe, but to the Empire of Islam. Sharia: the property of the defeated non-Muslims (kaffirs), including the robbed women, belongs to the Islamic victors. Since the territory of many European states (UK, Sweden, etc.) is declared conquered, ie it is the property of ISIL, it is completely legal to catch local women and abuse them in any way. Their men must not defend them - that is the reality of their world, as a socio-linguistic construct, and what philosophical value they can, after a few shots of Diplomatica, probably assign to it. They will certainly not hear the voice of political reality: "Hopes for order in the world today are again threatened by violent and intimidating doctrines. But when they are thwarted - and this is necessary - perhaps the moment will come ... (to make positive visions a reality)" ( HK, p. 179). This voice is not heard even by the people who are paid for it, elected by us to do our will and responsible to us: our politicians. These puppets are well trained using the method of Brussels sugar and whips in lies and deceptions. For their riverbeds and Euro-pensions, they will sell us death for generations to come. Their pro-immigration arguments are ridiculous. The Czech Republic has several hundred thousand Czech people out of work, including professional parasites. The Czech Republic has tens of thousands of vacancies: there are fewer jobs than people. EU-Left thinking says: (I) we need to help the (un) needy + (II) we need immigration to save the economy. (I) Masses of weedy people are fertilized with social benefits so that they can multiply with impunity and weaken society. These parasites they are pleasant with useful: well-paid childbirth + many pro-minority privileges. (II) The masses of anonymous illiterate mentally ill parasitic proliferating aggressive superior arrogant assassins who can and will never work, despise and despise us and our culture and values ​​deeply and essentially, never conform, will only terrorize and paralyze us, in order to us destroy, are imported to us in millions. These obvious lies are being told against the 4th Industrial Revolution (motto Industry 4.0), which is just beginning, with massive digitization and automation, much human labor becoming unnecessary and employment available only to a handful of highly skilled people. Equally misguided are the demographic arguments that Europe is 'dying out' and can only be saved by an avalanche of foreign raping savages. The goal of Europeans is not to multiply and expand into foreign territories. The aim is to live in peace and quiet with its natural rhythm and not to pop according to the Brussels tables and graphs.

Man and monkey

Man did not evolve from an ape, but was created as a pure cosmic race by high divine Intelligences (ET races from HU-5). The taller monkeys were created by the degeneration of human models by the action of the Predatory Races, in which they excised the necessary sequences from the human genome in order to make their working slaves (eg for gold mining in African mines for the Anunnaki of Syria A). These decay forms then further degenerated and crossed with the developmental branches of the original opicoid forms (lower monkeys). There was an effort to evolutionarily help slave forms and restore the potential of ascension in them. Therefore, the Rangers launched a bio-regency hybridization program (155,000 BC), which used genetic engineering to combine parts of the genetic master DNA of Angelic Humanity and parts of Lulcus (Neanderthal), which was an Anunna slave form and carried the genetics of fallen races , Reptiles). The hybrid was allowed to evolve for thousands of years, and gradually its evolutionary template was upgraded to 4 degrees Kromaňonka. The last fifth step was up to the level of Homo Sapiens-1. This creature reminded of Man because he borrowed from him part of his genetics, 5 low strands of human DNA. However, it exclusively served as an incarnation vehicle for non-human predatory consciousness for the purpose of their regeneration ('genetic mat'). Due to the compatibility of its low fibers with the human genome, it was able to cross biologically with humans, which was not the intention of this project. This possibility was abused by the Predators, and their full-flowing consciousness incarnated into a proliferating hybrid race. They multiplied in such a way that they overcame the original human races, gaining a direct influence on the earth's planetary events, their technology and knowledge. This led to the tragic fall of Atlantis and the destruction of Christ values ​​on the entire planet pushed to the brink of fall. The result was the collapse of the previous SAC, the installation of predatory PIN networks, the reversal of the Earth's models, a time of terrible darkness of over 20 thousand. years, which continues to this day, culminating. In the meantime, advanced human-predatory hybrid forms have been developed that allow direct incarnations of predatory consciousness into human bodies without the possibility of visually recognizing it (Face Mutation). These non-human beings form the SVS and its tools for controlling the planet. Look not for man in all men: not all men are men.

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