Spiritual paths

Spiritual development of man and his individual directions

There are many spiritual paths. In fact, it is true that no path is repeated, each one is unique, just as every person is unique and unrepeatable. Nevertheless, there are certain rules and laws of spiritual development according to which the paths of each individual are governed. These laws help him not to go astray, to reach the goal unscathed. However, it is a long journey that lasts several lives, sometimes many lives. You can't rush her and chase after the result. Everything has its time and everything needs to mature. Just like good wine. You can't rush anything. After all, the journey itself is actually the goal. On it are the joys of progress, discovery, the development of abilities, understanding and wisdom. The more one knows, the slower one rushes. He could miss something important in a hurry that would come to his senses later. And then he would still have to return and lose more time than he had in a hurry. If we fly a plane, we can hardly see what is actually happening on the ground. Our path will be detached from life and it will be only a path for the path itself. Then it will be artificial and imperfect. If we drive at high speed, we can perceive the landscape in the distance, the one we pass by passes too fast for us to get a true picture. Such a path will be very superficial, will not show us context and will not teach us wisdom. However, if we go on foot, we will not offend such a part of the way, but we can be happy with every flower by the road, relax in the shade of trees, hear the birdsong, feel part of it. It's slower, but there's knowledge. So many comparisons.

There are 3 development paths that are very different. You can't say she's good and she's bad. Each gives a person something different. And so it always makes sense. Mostly these paths follow each other.

The first path is MONTHLY - yin. This includes shamanism, witchcraft, but also hatha yoga, etc. directions. We will first describe this first journey. The adept works here with the energy of the mother earth - APÁNA. Develops monthly hope. It can work at different levels, but it is always a work with nature and its phenomena. Understands plants, animals, can heal, understands herbs. He can often influence or predict the weather. He can also predict the future. It can find and disturb negative zones, water, helps in the birth of animals and humans. It is the first manifestation of the spiritual path.

The second path is the SUNNY path. Develops solar hope - pinkal. He works with cosmic energy - prana. He works on the level of cosmic love, dedicating everything to God. She loves God above all, bows to him and obeys his commands. He always waits for his orders and obeys his prohibitions. He can work on different levels, he can heal people by faith, by word. It can teach them an understanding of God's laws. He can perform various miracles. These include reiki, mysticism, all religions, raja yoga and backpacks yoga.

The third path is the path of CREATION. It develops both nadis, works with cosmic energy and earth energy. It gives the abilities of both previous directions. It's a magical journey. Of the other directions, perhaps only the ré-ki-do system corresponds to it. Beware, this is not Reiki as you know it. Maybe some other system is being born somewhere, because this teaching belongs to the age of Aquarius and will develop more in it.

You can always include every spiritual school and every teaching in these 3 paths. And depending on which energy he works with. You may now be wondering which path is good and which is bad. But that's not how it's built. Imagine a teacher who has three students. The first student is constantly trying something, he is such a handyman. But he doesn't hear his advice. Everything has to happen to him himself, he has great patience with him and tells him that he knows that one day knowledge will also come.

The second student goes to him with all the problems, still waiting for his orders and prohibitions. She looks up to him and the teacher is an unbeatable authority for him. He says that - you also have to have your own opinion, you have to take your own position, you can't just believe you have to be able to do it and want to verify it.

The third student works according to his advice, trying to understand the context and verify everything in practice. He goes to his teacher for instruction, appreciates his advice and tries to understand it. The teacher is God himself. And we are all his disciples. He doesn't like someone more, he tries to give his advice and love to everyone. He leads everyone according to his abilities and possibilities. In spiritual development, everything has its harmonious order. We will first go through the experience of a lunar journey.

Each of us has been a shaman, a witch, an herbalist in past lives. Each of us has some such incarnation there. The soul remembers it, it knows this practice forever. And just like that, everyone went through an incarnation when he was a deep believer. It doesn't matter what religion it was, his self gained a lot here as well. The moment the soul can understand both these directions and unite both directions within itself. Then the path of formation can go. And everyone will benefit.

It could be compared to studying in everyday life. The Monthly Path is an elementary school, the Solar Path is a high school, and the Forming Path is a college that completes your education. We cannot do without a primary school and without a high school it is difficult to go high ou we will study. Everything is connected to each other. However, because each of these paths makes very fundamental changes in the aura of man, also in his life and thinking, there is always only one path in one incarnation. That is the rule. However, it often happens that one path and its direction is followed several lives before the soul understands and processes everything, many days and years pass. Therefore, neither of these directions is right to curse. The soul itself chooses what it will need now. We do not forcibly convince anyone that religion is not the right one. Maybe not for us, but for others it's good now. Let everyone go through their experience and find the right path for themselves.

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