Creative mechanics III.: manifestation


Manifestation Sequence: 3D printer

The manifestation sequence is something like an optical assembly, a set of optical elements arranged in a row, the so-called optical bench. There are three main things: the light source, the system of optical elements, the resulting image projected on a screen (screen).

1. The source is clear, that is God-Source and his Primordial Currents of Life Forces - the Energy of Life.

2. The picture is also clear, it is a manifested vision of the creative intent of the Being.

3. The optical system is an interesting thing. It is the whole ID of anatomy, a system of models of the Being, (a) which manifests itself in this way through itself, or (b) creates something else through itself. The living Divine Light passes from the Source down through all the superior levels of Creation and enters the originals of the Being, passes through them and acquires their programs and encryptions. According to them, it is formatted and thickened and printed its material form into our three-dimensional space. The creatures of the Being that are projected on the screen are physically manifested. This is how our computer 3D printers work today, which no longer only print ink on paper, but also print tangible objects into space. It always goes through the models of the manifested thing. All this happens according to the very strict Laws of Symmetry, of which we see only a very small part and we have to guess the larger rest. It is as if someone takes a piece of an unspecified non-polar substance (the Field of Conscious God of Source) and starts playing with it. What he puts on the right, he must also put on the left, so that the polarities fit. Therefore, here are worlds and anti-worlds, worlds and parallel-worlds, worlds and adjacent-worlds, worlds and dual-worlds, etc. These are not synonyms, but different terms expressing different aspects of symmetry. E.g. by cleaving and phasing the original Crystal Monad, different levels of deflection fields (typically 4 deflections) are generated. They are precisely polarized and charge balanced and interconnected so that they can function forever.

Manifestation sequence: Earth

The tangible illusion of the planet Earth, our environment, is created by the flow of energy through its planetary masterpieces, the energy bodies created (programmed) by someone higher and which reach up to the Source through the higher units. It flows from the Source into larger units, which in themselves, in their energetic bowels of the Earth, contain, as an entity embedded in them: our cosmos, the universe, the galaxy and the solar system. It flows through their ID anatomy, through their huge masterpieces, into which the tiny masterpieces of our tiny Earth are also anchored. The Energy beam focuses (from larger units to smaller ones) and thickens (decreases vibrationally). Energy polarizes, bends, breaks, filters, encodes along the way. Subtle currents from higher levels are gradually thickened and structured according to manifestation programs in planetary masters. In their dense form, they blend into the human-perceptible perceptual area at our low vibrational level (Density HU-1). They appear to us as the tips of a glacier protruding from the ocean of a quantum vacuum, as various IDs of a semi-manifested form (today's masses call it, for example, 'strings', etc.). They seep in and leak here like various nodules of volatile energy. According to the exact rules of symmetry, they coagulate, crush and thicken into quarks. These appear, collect, and combine at precise locations in the space-time continuum to form sub-atomic particles, atoms, molecules, and higher material structures of the planetary body. In the same way, hierarchically higher (above-planetary) and lower (below-planetary) units are formed. All things (universes and inhabitants) are created according to the same principle. It always goes from top to bottom, both vibrationally (frequency bands of Creative Forces) and dimensionally (size, range of units). It's similar to glassmakers. They take molten glass (creative energy), pour it into a mold (master, hull) and it solidifies there (the intention is manifested).

Manifestation Sequence: Human

The tangible illusion of ourselves, the inhabitants of the planet Earth, is created in the same way. Templates for all life fields and their forms are part of the planet's manifestation program. These are its sub-programs and their projections are part of the planetary Hologram. Like the planet, man has his personal anatomy stretched up to the Source, through his Higher Self and his creative races. The anatomy is complex and contains many elements. Our whole being serves as an energy lens through which the light of the Source passes. There it is polarized, bent, broken, filtered, coded to eventually fry those few quarks of our physical form to where we are, as the densest part of our consciousness that we experience as our biological body, the carrier of our consciousness.

There are a number of vibrational levels in which we have various parts of our anatomy anchored. From the Source down are the first Plasma Levels of the Internal Creation, where our plasma masters and bodies are. Below are the Keylontic regions of the External Creation, where from the cosmic level of Yunasai down there are 4 Domains. The first 3 of them contain our Raša masters and bodies (Domain's Core / Seed, Internal, Medium). The last densest and most vulnerable is the Domain The outer one, which has a number of sub-layers (called Stairs to Heaven). In each of them we have anchored our other parts: models and bodies of Light and Crystal. On the lowest floor of this Domain (farthest from the Source) is our damaged Veca system having 4 Densities (HU 1-4). In the last, darkest, and coldest Density (HU-1) is our material universe, the galaxy, the solar system, the planet Earth, and we physically manifested people on it. So we have our models especially in Higher Densities (HU 2-4), which we perceive from our stand as intangible, invisible, or a bit as light, depending on how far we can see vibrations and how clear our eyes are. Each Density has 3 Dimensions, so it is 3x4 = 12 Dimensions in Veca anatomy, through which we are connected to higher levels (Ecka, Eckasha, Eckasha-A, Eckasha-Aah, Eu-Kathara-Ista, Yunasai). It is important to have access to all 12 frequency bands of our own Being, in order to connect to the Source. E.g. The real Tree of Life (called Kathara Grid) has 12 Sefir (what sefira, that dimension, that main chakra) and full symmetry (ratio 2: 1). It contains the key Dimension-12, which connects our Veca-I (Christ-Avatar) to a qualitatively higher level of Ecka-I (Rishi). For this reason, the reversed Kabbalistic Death Tree has only 10-11 Sefir and a broken symmetry to disconnect us from the Source (missing Monadic Sefira 8-Daat and Crystal Sefira 12-EjnSof) and tossing chakra energy flows (deformation of grid shape and Sefir position and connection ).

Just to give you an idea, here are some parts of our personal anatomy through which our biological form is created. These energy constructs are also referred to as Personal Templates. We can also look at them as functional elements (energy-optical components) of our personal Manifestation Sequence. This set includes, for example, the following things (sorted vibrating down): Kathara Grid (Tree of Life), Scalar Shields, Light Crystal Body (Scalar Keylon Morphogenetic Field), Merkabic Field, Template (Template) Axiom Lines, DNA Template, Dense Hova Body , Vortexes (Chakras), Ley / Meridian Lines, Radial Body (after activation it is called Flame Body), Radial Line (Radis), Nadial Line (Nadis), Manifested DNA, Biological Body. See text Kathara-1. It is obvious that such things as chakras and ordinary energy lines (meridians and nadis) are at a very low level of masters and are therefore quite close to matter. Working with them is certainly useful and gives the body a relatively quick response and temporary relief. However, in terms of ascension, it is a global Sisyphean effort because it does not eliminate errors in the higher levels of our anatomy. It is these errors that cause the chakras and lines to malfunction and further distortions through them. Our anatomy is damaged up to the lower regions of the Plasma Spectrum, which is quite high. That's why Plasma Therapy Technologies are coming here now. We just don't repaint plasma reverses. See Figure Planetary and Personnel Manifestation Sequence.

manifestační sekvence


DNA is an important thing. It is one of the last instances in the entire Sequence. It has the last word in the creation of a hologram and is also partially manifested in matter, like the tip of an iceberg that is visible above water. It is therefore the easiest to reach and influence from the material side, which has its pros and cons. Number of DNA strands. In its basic version, the Human Race has 12 strands of DNA (full two-helices). The number of fibers manifested today is 4 pcs. It is not a single mass double helix (2 connected dual strands of DNA) as shown in the biological books, but the number of 4 manifested nitrogenous bases (adenine, guanine, cytosine, thymine). During the ascent procedure (according to the achieved and embodied vibration), other fibers begin to manifest from the originals. So your DNA will be different from the commonly accepted one. If it happens to you, then don't go to the doctor with it: they will take away your ID if you are not human and you will go for genetic observation like a Drosophila fly. Eventually, you will receive such psychotropic drugs (tailor-made for this purpose) that will completely block the activation of other sub-harmonicas in the model of your 3rd ev. 4. fibers. Each of the 12 fibers, which correspond to the 12 Dimensions (sections of the vibrational spectrum of the basic 4 Densities), still has a fine structure, 12 sub-fibers (sub-frequency bands). There are other higher human-related guardian racial lines with a more advanced DNA template that has 24-48 strands. Their members, called Indigo Children, have already activated the original for the first 6 threads at birth (Dimension D-6 has a blue indigo color, hence the name). Large numbers (hundreds of thousands) of Indig Types 1 and 2 have incarnated on Earth over the past 100 years, in precise numbers and time waves, to ensure the SAC-2012 process. Their physical presence on the planet is necessary for that. These pure and higher-vibrating beings often have great difficulty coping with the severely damaged reality of the falling Earth and have various mental disorders, such as retreating inside and not communicating with a world of pain that does not contain love - various manifestations of autism. Sometimes they also have psycho-energetic problems in activating the DNA template, which can manifest itself externally. However, local Predators are already waiting for this and scientifically qualifies it as a psychiatric diagnosis, for which it is necessary to use psychotropic drugs. These are intentionally made in such a way that they completely block these activations and thus destroy the Indig's action. More about Indigos can be found, for example, in the books Voyagers I, II and the seminar Architects of Light and Secrets of the Indigo Children.

Junk DNA. This is the name for those parts of the manifested genome (molecules) that do not encode a protein. Thus, they do not have a direct gross expression in the form of proteins, as building blocks of the body. However, these unnecessary (waste) parts make up the majority of our genetic program (about 97% in humans) and encode the higher psychic and spiritual abilities of the human species and its ascension potential. Their expression is intentionally mutationally blocked so that humans live at the animal level. Quote from Wikipedia: "... for most areas of non-coding DNA, however, the function is not known, in which case it is often referred to as junk DNA (" waste DNA ") ... However, although the function of non-coding DNA is often not known, but its removal from the genome usually has serious negative consequences ... "So current human genetic engineering aims to achieve this goal in order to erase from our genetics the unnecessary ballast that burdens us and insert new more useful programs that make us bio -robots.

GMO. At the energy level, at the level of models, attacks on our DNA are carried out using GMO technologies (genetically engineered organisms). The foods we eat have a number of vibrational levels, just like humans and every other thing. We perceive only the material plane, where it is not very knowable. However, the genetically manipulated and reversed models of plant and animal beings that we devour in our depravity are absorbed by our models and bring their damaged programs into them. It is an invisible genetic war at the level of masters. That is why the doctrine of models on our planet has been thoroughly destroyed. But now he's coming back here again.

Epigenetics. It is a 'soft' way of acting on the genetic code. The point is that the DNA of a macro-molecule is not interfered with directly at the level of its structure, but its activity and expression, ie what the genetic code does, is regulated by common low-molecular substances in its environment (cellular environment). It is far easier to create favorable ratios within these small regulatory compounds than to hard-alter DNA sequences (this already requires a Master). These common substances can be influenced by herbs, diet, fasting, psycho-somatics, self-control, right thinking and feeling and meditation. Each of our mental-emotional states is reflected in the chemical picture of our physiological state.


The Merkaba is an important energy construct of ID anatomy. It has 2 main functions. On the one hand, it creates an energetic space for the emergence of manifested forms, holograms of being. Second, it functions as an energy motor or pump, which drives through the manifested creation of the energy of the Source, thus keeping it all alive.

In its simplest form for our low Density, it can present itself as 2 interlocking and counter-rotating four-walls or spirals of opposite polarity. The upper spiral is electric and draws energy from the Source from top to bottom, where it expands. The lower spiral is magnetic and draws energy from the Earth from the bottom up, where it expands. In fact, it is a complex circuit between our world and our parallel world. In our particle universe, electrical polarity rotates clockwise (CW) and magnetic counterclockwise (CCW). In our parallel anti-particle universe, the opposite is true. An important energy field or space called the Form Constant is created in the intersection of the rotating spirals. Both polarities are balanced there and therefore stable structures can be created there. All manifested formations (manifested, material) are realized precisely in this space. E.g. man has his personal merkaba, the planet has his planetary merkaba, as well as the solar system, galaxies, the universe, etc. They are swirling spiral, rotating and interlocking energy formations, across all sizes and levels of Creation. Inside them, in the bowels of the Shape Constant, are stored the manifested Holograms of Being: the real estate field with its inhabitants. Once in a while, in regular cycles (Star Activation Cycle, in our country about 22 thousand years), the rotational axes of these merkabs align with each other in a parallel position, which opens the energy passages between the various Holograms. They are ascension passages or Stargate, through which one can walk to higher levels and ascend. It is a great cosmic holiday, and beings are waiting in line to incarnate at this time. It is currently underway: 2000-2022, peaking in 2017.

Manifestation Sequence: back and forth

An ordinary human projector projects only in one direction, from a light source to a screen. The divine projector has feedback: the projected rays return from the screen. Thus the new rays, which carry the vision of the future, and the old rays, which carry the memory of the past, meet. This has two important consequences.

1. Possibility of correction and targeted development.

2. Possibility to stay in the present.

Ad 1. Both opposing rays meet together along the way and talk about what has been and what will be. It works as a differential controller. I will send some intention to the world, he will manifest and I will experience the result. I will learn from this and decide on another intention, maybe a little different. This is how I create my development through a gradual iteration. Thus one experiences the impression of movement in time, change and development of oneself and things around oneself.

Ad 2. Both opposing rays intersect together somewhere along the way, creating a force point called Presence. This state has special energy properties. If consciousness can be maintained in it and expand to both sides of the projector, then the difference between what has already been and what will be will be erased. It was as if the beam was connected directly and hard back and forth. Thus, the intention is connected with the manifestation, and both of these otherwise separate things become two sides of the same coin at the same time. This has 2 consequences. On the one hand, the perception of change and movement disappears, thus the notion of time (the experience of timelessness) disappears. Second, any intention is immediately realized, it becomes a manifestation. Sometimes it is called the Power of the Present Moment.

Manifest Sequence: print speed

A conventional human projector restores the projected image with a frequency of about 50 Hz. The divine projector is a bit faster, because the speed of rewriting the images on the screen of the manifested Hologram is clocked by the appropriate Merkaba (that screen is a spherical Radial Body into whose interior it is projected and the hologram is called Hova Body). For our low dense and slow HU-1 Density, these are frequencies of ~ 1021 Hz (rough order estimate). Which is enough for us not to notice it with our senses. So we're flashing that fast. Every 1 second, we disappear about 1021 times and reappear. This is the rate of manifestation and de-manifestation of all the quarks, atoms and molecules that make up our physical body.

This can lead to interesting physiological effects. E.g. our decision to move our hands will be transferred to our designs with our intention. There, the programs for further printing of our atoms into our time-space will be reconfigured. The hand is now projected a short distance away, which happens very quickly (direct beam). The response to this is information about the change made (back beam), which will tell the templates: Look, your body has moved, do something about it. And the originals begin to send signals to the body's perceptual system about what happened to make one realize it. The nerves in the moving hand send a message to the brain, causing a psycho-somatic reaction, muscle tone, and everything else to make it look like the hand is moving the brain. But it can be the other way around. The brain does not move anything. The brain only mediates communication between the masters and the body.

All this is governed by the achieved vibration level of the individual. If consciousness is high, the biological form is pure and productive, the nervous system is strong and healthy, and the originals are fine, so it is not a problem to modulate our own printing frequency so that we are variously diluted, partially or completely invisible, bi-localized, where part we project our quantum to different places in space, then in time and then to other frequency bands, etc. (we are projected simultaneously on two different monitors).

Manifestation Sequence: memory

Memory records are created and stored as polarized electromagnetic structures of scalar keylon fields (crystals of conscious energy) in various vibrational layers of our anatomy (computer memory works similarly). Basically, each level of our Being, that is, each of our Higher Self, has its own crystalline memory matrix. In addition to its own, it also contains all records of lower levels. Access to this information is important for the proper direction of our development. Due to the damage to the natural polarities of the planetary gratings, our memories have been erased and false memory matrices have been pushed in. In this way we follow the fallen fields of consciousness and their beings and download from them completely erroneous and reverse coded information about ourselves, about the meaning of our existence and distorted spiritual teachings (see opening artificial Akashic records, etc.). Memory at our level works like this (see Kathara-1). Constantly transmitted counter-directional rays of consciousness, carrying (i) future intent and (ii) message of its past realization, pass back and forth through the entire Sequence. Somewhere in the middle of the optical system is our Radial Body for HU-1. It is the cover, bark or shell around our HU-1 Dense Hova Body. It is an electro-magnetic repulsion zone that separates the neighboring Densities and their Hova Bodies, ie our HU1 from the higher HU2. Each Density Body has 3 layers, 3 Dimensions. Our HU-1 contains (outwards) Dimensions D-1,2,3. The radial body that envelops it also has three layers (outwards): magnetic (EirA), electric (ManA) and electromagnetic (ManU), also called fields: Meajhe, Trion, Reion.

Its magnetic layer (Meajhe Pole) has an attractive (passive, holding, absorbing) ability and therefore a personal memory matrix is ​​placed in it at the level of the Incarnate. The Radial Body serves as a polarizing lens for Life Currents, as a spherical slide that is projected into our personal hologram, which is the interior of the Radial Body. The magnetic layer of the Radial Body is just above the D-3 layer of Hova's Body, which is the Mental Body (intellectual, rational). This is where our ideas and visions arise, as our mentality is our strongest creative tool. At the interface of these 2 adjacent fields (bottom D3 Mental - top of Hova's body, top Meajhe Field - bottom of the Radial Body) there is the so-called Eiron / Eiros Point, which serves as a branch for opposite there / back energy currents. It creates backup copies of both streams and diverts them to its memory database, where they remain forever. Our every intention, our every movement of the mind, our every feeling of realizing this intention, whether it is a feeling of well-done work or a sense of guilt and remorse, are forever stored in our personal memory, the memory matrix Meajhe field of the Radial Body. Copies of personal memory are constantly backed up in all our Higher selves, whose personal memory is merely sub-memory. Why: you can't forget. You can only forget that you cannot forget. And our Memory always catches up with us. And sometimes he goes in two: together with the Law of Karma. See. Fig. Eiron Bod.

Interfering with memory matrices is a very delicate matter, as it can affect the structure of our Identity, of which memory is a record. If someone tells you 'you are this and that', you tend to believe it. By accepting it, you start sending it to your templates and thus reprogramming them. When you change your vision (projected slides of yourself), so do your manifestations (what you will be). Restraint and support and protection from the (real) Higher Self are in place. Sometimes it is better not to know something about yourself than to bear that knowledge. It knocks us down unnecessarily, which hinders development. We have lived thousands of our incarnations here and we have done a lot. It is not wise to want to know all this now. Our Higher Self releases just those pieces of memory that we need for our current life mission.

průchod paprsku vědomí

Manifestation Sequence: Divine Currents

It is useful to know what energies actually flow through the Manifestation Sequence. In a regular school optical projector, it is our ordinary light, obv. from some stronger light bulb (electro-magnetic field of our Density HU1, particles photons, especially from the band Dimension D-2, which our perception perceives as physical - tangible and measurable). In the Divine Energy Projector, it is the Living Divine Light, also called the Primordial Currents of the Life Forces of the Source, the Divine Power, the Currents of the Life, etc. (so-called subtle or subtle energies). Eternal Living Light is generated by phasing the Tri-Veca Code and is tri-tonal, ie it has 3 polar aspects: neutral ManU, electric ManA and magnetic EirA.

Damaged Reverse Dead Light used by Predators is only bi-tonal (neutral mode missing) and is a product of the Bi-Veca Code called Vesica Piscis, which builds strongly polarized unnatural universes disconnected from the Source (Bi-Veca cannot phase, the polarities are in it ' frozen '). The Bi-Veca Code itself is neither good nor bad, it is a sacred Creation Code, it is a tool that can also be misused.

Energy Matrix. The Outer Domains of the Energy Matrix are powered by keylon energies (frequencies) from our Yunasai cosmic level. There are 8 Densities (HU1-8), as layers of real estate fields (Harmonic Universe - HU) and they are tucked together like matryoshka dolls or like onion skins. The three highest shells (HU8-6) are the contractive Khundaray Pre-Sound Fields that connect our local cosmos to the Source. They are magnetic, holding, stabilizing. Each HU8-6 Density has 3 sublayers, but they are not dimensioned (they are not called Dimensions). Each of these sublayers is powered by one Source Current. So we have 3x3 = 9 different Currents. Programs for these 9 levels are stored in the Cosmic Kathara Grid, Sephirah 4-12. Her remaining three Sefirs 1-3 encode Pole Keerasha, HU5. In total, this Kathara carries a program for the entire Primary.

Time Matrix. The other five shells (HU5-1) are expansive electric light fields that gradually cool and thicken the primary energies by adiabatic expansion into a vibrating vacuum, creating a Time Matrix inside the Energetic Matrix (like the yolk inside the egg white). The density of HU-5 is called the Keerasha Pre-Light Field, which is the source of the others (HU4-1). The programs for these 4 HU1-4 Veca Quadrant Densities are stored in the Universal Kathara Grid, in its twelve Sephirae 1-12 for Dimensions D1-12.

Each Density of the Time Matrix (HU5-1) is a self-existent vibrational band, the materially manifested levels of Being, where there are vast universes, extraterrestrial races, and their civilizations. Each HU5-1 Density has 3 energy sub-layers (frequency sub-bands) called Dimension (D). So we have 5x3 = 15 Dimensions D1-15. Each Dimension is created and powered by one current of Source Energy (energy field). So we have 15 different Streams of Source here (Primary Streams of Life Forces). These 15 Divine Streams of Conscious Energy Source are also called 15 Rays of Eckasha. Each Density is supplied by 3 different Dimensional Currents, which have different properties. Each Dimensional Current within the Density has a different polarity (vibrating down): neutral (ManU, +/- or 0), electric (ManA, +), magnetic (EirA, -). These 3 Currents (fields) are a physical manifestation of God's Trinity, which is expressed by the Tri-Veca Code of Living Light. These currents are concentrated there and materialize into 3 types of particles: neutrons, electrons, protons. These particles call the Ionic Particulates and create a physical world in every Density, their sun, planets and the biological bodies of their inhabitants, just like in our country.

Source Streams are the Intelligent Field of Source Consciousness and have their names (tonal signatures, sacred syllables, access mantras). These are the words of the Divine Language of Anuhazi. Through these 'sound signatures' they can be tuned to and communicated with. Here is an overview of the Divine Currents for the Energy and Time Matrix, their polarity structure, name, type of Ionic particles (original names).

15 Rays of Eckasha

Ec-Ka-Sha (Ekaša)
Divine Level - Eukatharaista, powered by the Yunasai Source through the ManU field
ManU Void (empty, nothing, el-mag.) Ec (stream name)
ManA God Spark (spark, light, el.) Ka
EirA God Seed (seed, sound, mag.) Sha

Energy Matrix
HU 8-6, Khundaray Pre-Sound Field, is powered by Ekasha
(K-Hu-Khu + D-Ha-Dha + Ra-E-Rea = Khundaray)

HU-8 Reion pole

Science 138/241

Eckatic-3 Rae
Eckatic-2 E
Eckatic-1 Ra

HU -7 Trion pole
Polaric-3 Dha
Polaric-2 Ha
Polaric-1 D

HU-6 Meajhon pole
Triadic-3 Khu
Triadic-2 Hu
Triadic-1 K

Time matrix

HU-5 Pre-Light field KeeRaSha Ionic particles (current material):
D15 Purple Flame Sha Meajhon + Trion (EirA)
D14 Golden Flame Ra Trion + Trion (ManA)
D13 Blue Flame Kee Reion + Trion (ManU)

HU-4 Christ field Maharata (polarity same for HU4-1)
D12 Ma'a Reion (ManU)
D11 Hara Trion (ManA)
D10 Ta'a Meajhon (EirA)

HU-3 Space Kundalini Antahkarana HU3,2,1
D9Yana Raeon
D8 Maya Ectron
D7 Mira Eiron

D6 Traia Ionon (= neutrons in HU2)
D5 Mana Dion (= electrons in HU2)
4 Prana Mion * (= protons in HU2)

HU-1 (our Density)
D3 Rei Neutron (ManU, electro-magnetic)
D2 Ki Electron (ManA, electric)
D1 Chi Proton (EirA, magnetic)

Mion is an interdimensional particle, a proton in HU2 (English Mion, Czech meion). It is not an English Muon which is a Czech muon, a known elementary particle in our HU1. Meion fields are used in Trumpet technologies to destroy target object templates (see Hyperdimension Cone).
In HU1-4 Densities, Dimensional Currents have the following polar structure:
D_upper: ManU, neutral, omnipolar, resonant tone, electromagnetic, neutrons (+/-, 0);
D_medium: ManA, male, bipolar, upper tone, electric, electrons (expansion +);
D_lower: EirA, female, tripolar, lower tone, magnetic, protons (contraction -).

Material of biological forms and bodies

External Domains, Time Matrix Densities HU1-5.

HU1 carbon biology, physical matter,
HU2 carbon-silicon biology, semi-etheric matter,
HU3 silicon biology, etheric matter,
HU4 crystalline liquid light, Pre-Matter,
HU5 flame body in the form of standing wave, ante-matter (Ante Matter)

These materials and their templates in the Outer Domains are created by concentrating 15 Rays of Ekash into the form of Primary Streams of Life Forces and Ionic Particles for the appropriate dimensions. Previously, we had the ability to use special ID organs to convert the energies of Life Streams into the material particles of our body, thereby nourishing and regenerating it. It was not necessary to consume external foreign manifested material forms in order to rob their energy of them.

The mentioned set of Primary Life Currents is only one of many types of vibrational fields of the Source, which is closest to us, because it revives our low levels and their holograms. Other such currents are eg high frequencies Helio-talic, Helio-chroic, Helio-elaisic, frequencies EFFI Fields: spectra of Panakolara, Panakoaleta, Pankléra, etc. Some of them come to us only in special periods. E.g. Heliotalics emanates from Eck the Cores of the Divine Worlds during Star Activation Cycles (current SAC-2012). Plasma currents are rarely available when the connection between the Internal and External Creations is opened through the Dhayatei Plane interface, which is happening today thanks to the Fail Safe process. In a broader context, the overview of 12 steps of materialization, ie the transformation of consciousness into matter (The 1-st 12 Steps of Materialization)

Divine Currents and Kundalini

Some of the mentioned tonal signatures (names, names) of the Currents have remained in a certain form to this day, especially in the Eastern spiritual traditions (India, China). Their combination can be used to obtain the names of composite Trinity Currents of full Density, eg current HU4 is Maharata = Maa + Hara + Taa, eg signature of Pre-Light Field Keerasha = Kee + Ra + Sha. Together, the set of the first 9 streams from below (Dim D1-9) is called the Space Kundalini (Antahkarana) and consists of three triple strands, one triplet each for each density of HU-1,2,3. Thanks to our mutations, we now have access to only a small part, still strongly reverse currents for HU-1 (ie the D1,2,3 bands), which is hardly enough to maintain the basic life functions of our damaged deadly biological bodies, for a very short time. Life expectancy, a little earlier than 120 years and now around 80 years, was deliberately mutated in our genome by Predators, as they are proud of, for example, in their promotional guide to their planetary control dogma called the Bible. It is also related to metatronic implants of the so-called Jehovian Seals and their activation.

With Kundalini energy as with fire: a good servant but an evil lord. These strong currents would activate spontaneously if we were energetically healthy and aligned with God's Laws. But that is not our case. That's why it needs a little help. There are 2 ways.

The first path is natural and is about the non-violent removal of barriers and blockages that are artificially placed in the way of this divine life force. If one himself, with the help and guidance of one's Higher Self, removes these obstacles, Kundalini will flow into him completely safely. Let us realize that what flows into us from above is regulated by our Higher Self. If we, as I from HU-1 (Incarnate), behave decently, then our Self from HU-4 (Christ's Avatar) will probably not deny us a certain encouraging dose of energy. They let go of the vibrating bridle just as much as we can handle the energy jet so as not to injure ourselves and others. If we humbly accept this didactic path, we will go to God in the slowest but most direct way: the path of humility, love, forgiveness, acceptance, and service. Fully conscious, controlled, harmonious.

The second path is unnatural and is about forcibly breaking down barriers or circumventing the blockages that are put in the way of this divine life force, either by artificial intervention or by our own ingenuity and vibrational inadequacy. It is possible to force various things on Creation, we have enough creative power and ignorance to do so. We can use force techniques to excite various energies, but we cannot master and integrate into your bio-spiritual anatomy. It's happening spontaneously, out of our control, it's chaos. It's like riding a horse. Some people think that the greatest experience is when an amateur indulges in a wild ride on a strong untrained animal. It's a mutual struggle and the animal usually wins. Activating Kundalini is not an adrenaline sport as it is sold in the esoteric business today. It is a great responsibility to live with the Deity within us through our personal energies and through the Cosmic Deity through him. It is a sacred act.

Divine Currents and physics

Within the Light Fields of the Time Matrix we have 5 Densities HU1-5, ie 5x3 = 15 Dimensions and also 15 types of their ionic particles. There are 15 types or kinds of ID frequencies, having the exact composition and carrying different qualities and polarity properties determined by the CHRIST Code of the Original Creation. They fall into 15 different vibrational bands, which enliven their presence and allow their manifestation in the Hologram of Being. Their vibrational decrease leads to their physical manifestation even in our narrow perceptual zone, which people perceive as material reality. E.g. Polarly neutral frequencies of the ManU field type are behind the following physical phenomena and material aspects:

Type of manifested matter: ante-matter, dark matter, Dark sub-atomic units of virtual fields: el-mag and neutral, super-luminal, dark matter, Coupled manifested elements: photons, leptons, muons, tauons, calibration bosons , fermions, weacons (weak W and Z bosons), neutrons

Primary forces: neutral mass-velocity, neutron activation, zero point force, el-mag, fusion / fission, particle conversion

Coupled manifested forces: el-mag, weak interactions, strong interactions, gravity and everything related to the motion of time and the projection of the hologram of space.

Official science seeks to uncover the laws of nature in its typically predatory, violent and destructive way (Reversed Metatronic Science). If they want to know something about a particle - a living cosmic being, I will beat it to pieces in my bestial accelerators, which probably won't tell them much. If they tuned in to her and humbly asked her for instruction, they could learn much more. The real purpose of accelerators is not to learn something, their predatory sponsors and
designers have long known. It is about damaging the time-space models of our planet in certain areas and tearing the energy grids for the invasion ID. Where the laboratory is no longer enough, it is built in kilometer proportions, for the money of the people who will be the victims.

love spellsDivine Currents and Reversals

According to the KRIST Code, there are exactly 144 chemical elements in our HU-1 Density (Periodic Table, Mendeleev System). These are combinations of Source Currents that manifest as elements through the Dark Matter Template of the Planetary Rasha Body in the D2 band of our HU-1. Many of them are damaged and their deformed structure is reflected in their reverse functions. It creates such reactionary, biochemical and physiological conditions that our biological forms are damaged, ephemeral, highly deadly and self-killing from birth. Many of them cannot even manifest themselves here more permanently, because the metatronically perverted el-mag planetary model of the Earth simply will not allow them to do so.

E.g. there are completely reversed polarities. In our Particle PCM Veca system (base magnetic, EirA), the proton should be negative and the electron positive. Instead, we have polarities belonging to our Anti-Particle Parallel PKA Veca system (base electric, ManA). It's not just some formalities and the sign +/- convention of our scientists, it's a physical fact of virtual deflection fields. The presence of anti-particle clusters in our particle universes causes blockages in the natural functioning of their templates and creates various types of reverse Yoke Fields. Well-known are, for example, Sho-Na Transposition Filters or Frozen Dead Light, which are implanted in both planetary and personal Radial Bodies. These are strong reverse yoke fields of the Pentagonal Matrix, which, like an energy web, envelop and suck the Earth and pull it into black-hole systems. It is a false Network of Christ Consciousness of the Earth, which is now powerfully activated by esotericists and cordialists to hasten our fall.

Another trifle is the missing neutron in the hydrogen atom. This missing ManU field from the pilot building block of the entire chemical table has huge consequences. Our planetary life is based on water, which is an amazing Elemental Being. Hydrogen is a key element in the existence of life forms, the stability and function of cellular structures and the environment. The so-called Hydrogen bridges are a viable phenomenon. Predators managed to cripple the hydrogen and water templates. Due to the missing neutron, hydrogen is unable to open its ManU Window, which is the interface between coarse and fine matter (between its manifested and non-manifested form). Due to this, it is not possible to perform a natural demanifestation of the human body into its natural light form. If we spit it on the merkaba, we'll just rip it off. The problem is in physics. Demanifestation begins with the activation of DNA strands. It starts at the level of the templates (DNA Template) according to the achieved vibrational level of the Soul. Then these frequencies return to the body and try to dilute it through the manifested biological DNA. If the body is in order, then the molecular double helices, which are connected by hydrogen bonds, begin to manifest. It is a delicate energy process, during which various ID (semi-material) substances, such as the element Celestalin, are formed during a rapid chain reaction. It happens through the ManU Hydrogen Neutron Window. Because the manifested form is the result of the biological expression of DNA, with its disappearance (withdrawal back to the originals) the body is withdrawn there. All the molecules created by the genetic code will simply disappear from our world. It's as if the projector sucked back the image she had previously projected on the screen and put it back on the slide. The creature can then manifest itself elsewhere, eg in another spatio-temporal coordinate of the same Density. Or in Density Other, where he can create a body from local building particles, invisible to us, finer forms of atoms.

The reason for the severe mutations of our planetary elements is to block people from this natural ID mobility. That's why they took the neutron from hydrogen so that we wouldn't run away from their terrestrial gulag and be able to benefit us all the time. But today, techniques are coming here to put it back in order.

Conscious Creative Breath

At the personal level, the energetic currents of the Life Forces are closely related to the breath. All the physiological and vital functions of our body reflect the basic plan of God's Creation and its polar aspects. There are expansive and contractive cycles, because only cyclicality guarantees eternal movement that never ends. Breath is related to sound, and sound is related to word, and the word is at the beginning of Creation. Conscious breathing has enormous creative power and can be used for the purposes of direct manifestation: the immediate materialization of intentions and visions. From this point of view, it is appropriate to distinguish the following 3 phases of breath: inhale, pause, exhale and relate them to the Manifestation Sequence: contraction, calm, expansion. Thus, each state of the breath corresponds to one state Sequence: inhale = EirA contraction, hold = ManU state of rest, exhale = ManA expansion. The connection of the breath with the Life Streams is simple. During each phase of the breath, we pronounce a sequence of corresponding Sacred Syllables, always from the Source down (značka mark). Thus, for example, the EirA Current signatures are vocalized (pronounced, mantra, toned) on the breath through all vibrational levels, which from HU4  HU1 reads: Ta'a-Mira-Prana-Chi (taa mira prana or). Before that, there are syllables from HU85, where the ratios are a bit more complicated. E.g. in the Keerasha HU-5 field, D13 (Blue Flame) is the lowest vibrationally, but has the strongest encryption and controls D14-15 (Gold and Purple Flame). Non-dimerized densities of HU8-6 also have their own specifics. However, it looks like this:

TEA = DE-MANIFESTATION. The contraction of Creation, the withdrawal of an old image from the canvas, the sucking of the Hologram into the Nothingness of the originals. It takes place against the direction of the Manifestation Sequence, the return flow of the Creative Force from the Manifestation back to the Source. The sequence of EirA syllables is vocalized. Vocalization always vibrates from top to bottom, from Zdroj to HU1.

PAUSE = NON-MANIFESTATION. The Creative Power is held by the breath after the entire Creation is withdrawn from the manifestation back to the Source, to its ManU field of Original Cause. During the pause, the process of creating a new image takes place, which will then be projected. It is to / re-format the manifest templates with a new intention, adjustments in the slide, interventions in the program that will be sent to the printer. The sequence of ManU syllables is vocalized.

EXHAUST = MANIFESTATION. The expansion of the Creative Force takes place in the direction of the Manifestation Sequence, from the Source down, through the originals, to the manifestation. The sequence of ManA syllables is vocalized. On this simple physical principle is based one exercise from a set of so-called manifestation techniques that serve the Incarnation of God's Breath. Following the example of God, Man was constructed as a Conscious Manifestation Machine. In his small human creative framework, his performance can match him: what people have been able to create. May he also be equal to him in his purpose, wisdom and love.

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