We have already explained the hierarchy of spiritual beings of the elements, as well as beings of the sphere of God. We will now explain the crown of God's creation. It is a person. No, there is nothing to be proud of, because that does not mean that we are perfect, but that we have the highest creative potential, which was given to us by free will and also a great opportunity for personal development.

So how is it actually? In essence, we are actually one, we are all connected by our origins. We just forgot about it on our long journey through development. Man consists of three parts, in which the triune of God is reflected. That is why it is said that we are created in the image of God. It's not meant literally, it's an analogy. Man is essentially a being of God because he is part of God. If it remains in unity, it is perfect, it is like a small particle of God and it does not realize its individuality. And because God wanted evolution to go forward, He created the material world. Where for many thousands of years, the sparks of God will incarnate in matter and improve on their pilgrimage. And the reason for this pilgrimage is to learn to live in individuality and later to live in duality. Be aware of your self and still love others as well and help them on their journey. To know that in unity when we were, we were all equal, and on an earthly pilgrimage, one advances quickly, another wanders. Each soul improves according to its own. Someone needs a lot of time for that, but in the end they reach the end of their pilgrimage. Therefore, do not condemn any human being, regret it the most that he does not yet understand and therefore makes mistakes. Also, realize that you once went through this stage of development. You also once hurt others what took them from them, perhaps even took life.

In the developmental lives of many, everyone goes through it and everyone also feels it on their own skin to appreciate living and coexistence. When the spark of God separates and enters matter, it splits into two dualities. And this yin and yang do not know about each other for long. They learn to live in individuality, to defend their lives and their interests. It is necessary for survival. It is also necessary for development. It is taught in the rock, it is taught in the plant, it is most evident when it enters the animal. Even though animals still have a collective soul, they are already personalities, they can already live with individuality and defend their interests. And here the spark of God enters man. It is no longer controlled by the collective soul, individuality has matured so much that it can decide on its own, has free will and can further develop. This individuality, which he gained through long development, is his soul. God's spark is our spirit, our higher self, which is our god. This is meant literally, because in the unity of our higher self lies. He is still there and through the soul he connects with us in matter. The soul is the immaterial polarity of every human being, whether inside or outside the body. If a person is incarnated in the body, then the soul resides in him. Because its essence is immaterial, it must detach itself from the body and gain new strength in the spiritual world. It happens every night. That is why it is also said that morning is a wiser evening. The soul not only draws strength and energy, but also acquires information, which it then processes in the material body. Therefore, it is difficult to live without sleep and it can take life!

When one learns to live one's individuality, then one must learn to discern selfishness and begin to honor duality. It's sometimes difficult, in a world where individuality usually predominates and everyone usurps for themselves as much as possible. However, there is no other way, none of the people will change it. The only thing that can be, stop in your development and maybe even many lives and be one point. To live in duality and to respect selflessness, yet to defend oneself, is a fragile harmony and it takes a long time to discover. Also because a person needs his other self for that. He often has to wait until this second half of his development reaches this goal. And this part of development, when we move from individuality to duality and later return in connection with our dual to unity, is called the spiritual path. It is the task of many lives, it is the development of soul and spirit. The goal is for duality to be mastered so that the two parts of God's spark can merge together again, aware of their belonging, so that they can retain their individuality. And so they could later reunite.

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