Creative mechanics II.: templates II.


Another nice example of the struggle for designs is the so-called 'Learning about I Am'. It is spread personally among the Czech esoteric spiritual elite through manuscript samizdat publicly unsaleable texts: "Conversations about I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain" and "Meditation". This teaching was passed on to the people by the so-called 'in-heaven-ascended master' Saint Germain and his friend Jesus in the 1930s in the United States, at a time when US governments began establishing contacts with the Predatory Races in preparation for final planetary rule during SAC-2012. and enable them to act directly on the population. These 'masters' probably belong to the collective of Necromitons of Andromeda, a hybrid race of fallen Anna-Serafim of Andromeda, the founders of UIR. They probably have their transmitting stations in the lower part of the 3rd Hibernation Zone, in the region of the reverse Van Allen electron band. The teachings were passed on to an American group of religious people, with ties to the theosophical movements and Masonic circles, associated with various doubts and deceptions that protected him, so that he could publicly relax and carry out his work of doom at the appropriate time.

The first basic tool of this teaching is the misuse of the sacred mantra I-I (I AM), which puts a person in a state of deep vibrational resonance with the Nuclear Energy Encryption of his Identity. This encryption is stored in its D-8 Monadic Core at the level of the personal anatomy of the Keylon Outer Domains of the External Creation. At the higher levels, in the plasma vibrational bands of the Inner Creation, it is stored as the Trhuah-Self Plasma Encryption in the EFFI Field, in its Effiyah energy spaces, also called the Cave of Creation, where programs of identities of all created things are created. Each thing becomes a Self-Conscious Being with a unique Divine birth number, by combining the two components (energy + information) in the Effiyah fields: (I) the quantum of pure unnamed Conscious Energy of the God-Source Consciousness Field (Ah-Yah Field) (II) energy encryption-a program encoding a new identity, defining its individuality, its SELF-capable self-reflection and self-awareness, through the core mantra I AM. If the Being utters this mantra, he automatically connects through his masters to his entire hierarchy of his Christ Higher Selfs. In addition, if he is aware of these higher aspects of himself and knows what he is building on, then it is a very powerful tool to tune in to them and get help, support, protection, guidance, healing, learning, etc. If he has no idea that something like this is and she is pushed by false patterns, so she follows her models to them. This is also the principle of learning about I Am. E.g. on page 5: "... These High Beings ... Only they themselves have the ability to mediate ... what happens by using the two words 'I AM' ...". Here it is interesting that some foreign ET predatory entities stand between me and my Higher Self, decide what happens when I turn to my Self, and in this action they even have exclusivity. Not only do they stand there, but they even pretend to be my Higher Self, p. 19: "... If at any time the disciple understands that the UNCREATED MASTERS are nothing but his own consciousness at a higher stage of development ...".

Nowhere in the entire text of Conversations is it explained what it really is, that 'I am' and why it is so important that it must be tumbled around. The answer is obvious. The whole text is merely a manifestation of his originals, which are reversible. Something has to be read, something has to be vocalized. By reading the text, we let it enter into each other and affect each other. It happens through the Language Matrix, which is encoded in us to the deepest levels. It is the sound essence of our being. Whether the word is spoken or read, it has great power. All derivatives of spoken languages ​​in our universe are derived from Sacred Anuhazi. Speaking is stronger because the voice is generated at the level of the neck chakra and therefore carries the D-5 frequency. Reading is vibrationally weaker, because the visual images of the letters go through the eyes into the D-3 mental body, where they are logically interpreted for their contents-meanings, it goes around the head. It is more efficient to use the D-6 Third Eye (6th chakra) for opto-pineal induction, especially when working with symbols. Therefore, this masterfully coded text of Hovory works integrally and is a nice example of the use of scalar technologies. What specific encryptions are inserted in the 'I am' mantra in each chapter of the text is not obvious at first glance, but it is possible to analyze them.

The analysis of the text Meditation will suggest more, where the intentions of the demons are already clearer. The sentence on page 10 is symptomatic: "Also, by the vibrations of this book, which you, the beloved human child, activate by reading, we help you to find your way back to the hidden divine being within you, to I AM." In addition to statements such as Lucifer being the brother of Christ, etc. (p. 6: "Here a special ray was released from the consciousness of God Christ and from the consciousness of God Lucifer ..."), this text is valuable material documenting how highly effective technologies these Predators they use. The carrier frequencies are D-13-Rev Blue Beam and D-15-Rev Purple Beam. The system of 7 Rays (7 Angels, 7 Arrows, etc.) is a standard ansatz, used for example by a Christian mysticism. In the original configuration of the God Seed of the Original Christ Creation, there is a cluster of 15 cells, 7 inner ones are light and 8 outer ones are sound, which connect the light ones with the Source. If we cut out the inner seven as an apple core (separate from the Source) and reprogram its original Christian coding, we get a secondary creature and sources of reverse light fields of fallen matrices: 7 rays of Dead Light. It is not necessary to emphasize that the goal of learning is to reverse the polarity of planetary and personal models (= full reversal of grids and shields for their export to fallen fields). Their advanced techniques do not appear in ordinary New Age texts. E.g. transcoding of epiphyseal and pituitary programs, blocking of centers in Medula Oblongata, metatronic triangulation of Adhrana center and manifestation of Letheua lens, yoke field on Eiradon cell cluster, polarity reversal of biofield, capture of spiritual essence in Hibernation zones during Bardo cycle, reversal of embodied elements. indeed, teachings for advanced spiritual masters and master-disciples who have already reached a certain vibrational level, that through them these reversals of a higher order can flow freely and they feel it. Unlike their duller disciples, who follow common sense and if they do not understand anything after reading a few pages, they prefer to put it aside to their salvation. So this is how the traps for originals that are set on all vibrational levels work.

The second basic tool of this teaching is the abuse of the sacred state called GOD-PRESENCE. In the energetic sense, it is a state of perfect harmonic vibrational co-resonance between the Being and the Source, through its ID anatomy, leading through the Higher Self. In every level of our anatomy, there is a door leading directly to God. The entire text of the Conversations does not explain anywhere what it really is, the 'presence of God' and why it is so important that it must be repeated over and over again. The answer is obvious. The whole text is merely a manifestation of his originals, which are reversible. Sometimes, between the lines, it can be read that their 'divine presence' is a state of connection to the predatory collectives of 'heaven-taken masters' who pass this teaching on to people. E.g. on page 84 below: "... before the 'Presence I AM' that these Ascensiones are - without any hindrance - are. ...". In fact, this 'divine presence' is a ticket to the matrix of false 'Christ Consciousness' around the Earth.

In both cases (I) and (II) it is an abuse of the state of vibrational resonance, this natural energetic connection of each Being to its Higher Self and to the Source-God and its redirection to the system of black holes. This is done through the fallen fields of the Hibernation Zones located in the planetary Rasha-Body, which have been captured and damaged. In this case, the Predators revealed themselves. E.g. on page 18: "St. Germain: I am sending my speech today from the realm of the radiation of the great Electronic Band ..." This 'radiation realm' is Hibernation Zone # 3, located in the Van Allen Electron Belt, an alien construct implanted in the anatomy of the Earth into which the Pentagonal Matrix (the false Network of Christ Consciousness) is anchored. The humility and modesty of these 'masters' is truly Leninist, eg on page 5: "... The Ascended Masters represent the only infallible source of instruction for the humanity of this Earth ...", on page 6: "... Humanity owes all GOOD to the Great Ascended Masters ... ", the author writes.

The way we implement reverse techniques affects their effect on our templates. If, for example, the IDK method is used only by ignorantly buying a spiritual seminar and connecting us to this crap, then it is very bad, but not quite the worst. It is an external action and our Higher Self can protect us at least a little. But if we, with our conscious intention, ask for it to enter us through our inner paths, through the sacred inner states of I Am and God's Presence, then probably no one will help us anymore. It is the highest manifestation of our free will, in which even God cannot interfere. In this sense, this teaching is truly ingenious. Now there are specific examples of the occurrence of IDK in the text Meditation.

Str. 76: ... I light a white flame in your parietal center, which slowly increases and forms a white light pit above your crown, similar to a funnel ....

Str. 115: ... The energies of your light body ... are now considered as a cloak with a hood around your physical body. The love of Christ now flows in a spiral ... through all your subtle circles ....

Str. 116: ... Oh, you beloved human beings, we cover you. When we say this sentence, know that the Light of Christ is burning in you and you are covered in it. Also say to yourself: 'I'm hiding' ....

Str. 118: ... Your guardian angel now puts a transparent energy mantle of Light around your head and pours it over your body. So you are wrapped in a special protective field ....

Str. 120: ... Accept our thanks for making this adjustment. There is great joy in our dimensions .... [No wonder it's hilarious in the Hibernation Zones!]

Fight for Templates 3: Open Your Heart!

Another nice example of fighting for templates is tactic 'Just open your heart, you our little human child'. It is one of the most common aggressive energy manipulations of the esoteric master spread, especially through the New Age (Just open your heart!). These are dangerous opinions that are spread by dangerous beings: little hearts. Their application leads to the full occupation of the human body by a demonic entity (Body Snatch) and a full reversal of his masters. This Predatory Scalar technology is based on the Power of the Word, which man has no idea about today. A verbal command is a command by which a person controls his ID anatomy. If he says 'I'm opening my heart', the energy barriers in the personal biofields that protect our D-4 astral level (the 4th auric layer and its chakra), over which we have no conscious control, immediately fall. Thus, anything from the astral can enter us and that there is a lot that awaits this opportunity.

It works like this. The human heart is energetically connected to the heart chakra (main chakra No. 4, center of the chest). The heart chakra is anchored in the Dimension D-4 frequency band, called the 'astral'. It connects our personal D-4 level (personal astral body) with the D-4 astral level of other and larger entities and entities, ie with the planetary astral field, with beings existing there, etc. through other entities and collectives. At present, the astral is a zone of dirt and a confusing battlefield of various predatory factions, from where targeted attacks on human biofields lead. They have well-trained monitoring and attack teams there. For the average person, this nearest higher zone is perceptually inaccessible to us, due to mutations in our DNA template. Today's person, who has activated about the first 3-3.5 fibers, can thus perceive the frequency bands of dimensions D3-3.5. If someone still gets there, they have to reckon with astral holographic theater, which they will perform there. Safe paths to the astral, that is, to its Christ parts, lead through the protected energy passages that are part of our natural ID anatomy. This is provided that we have the support and consent of our Higher Selfs, which allow us to experience this. Of course, we have fully activated our energy protections, at least at the level of D-12 Maharic Seal, the field of consciousness of our Avatar. So few of today's people get into the astral spontaneously to be captured and coded there. That is why it is done differently: one is forced to open one's astral field from within.

Just as our gross (physical, biological) body has its own protective immune system, so do our subtle (energetic) bodies. These defenses against damage are a natural part of our anatomy and work automatically and reliably. Their autonomous functions can be interfered with manually, because man has full control over all his aspects (the power of consciousness). They control their behavior with their intention: idea and will. The Power of the Word is used here. If a person conceives an intention and embodies it in an idea (vision, ideas), then he creates a scalar morphogenetic field in the mental layer D-3. This serves as a demonstration model for realizing the purpose of this vision. If this light pattern (vision) is still supported by the sound [removed]word), it happens very quickly. In addition, if it is supported emotionally (will, will), then powerful elemental energies from his D-2 emotional body are thrown into it and the intention manifests almost immediately. So if someone takes an enthusiastic intention and issues the command: 'I'm opening my heart!', Then this malignant command will create an electro-magnetic energy pulse in his anatomy, which will immediately open all the barriers protecting his D-4 astral field. The dog is poisoned, the road is clear.

Not to mention, input for reverse implants and entities is even easier. In addition, the sweetheart will strengthen it with an affirmation such as: 'I open up to everything and anything'. And I want it to come into me. I don't know what at all, because I'm completely crazy, but I don't mind at all, because the right 'spiritual person' doesn't think at all anymore: everything happens automatically or the angels do it for him. And I want to be united with everything. I don't know what that means at all, but I'm not bothered by that: worrying about questions is not 'spiritual'. Well, it will get somewhere, but it will certainly not be Unity. If it reinforces it with the command 'I am part of everything and I love everything and I want to connect with everything', then it signs the ortel of death, because it automatically connects to the fallen fields of consciousness and becomes part of them. False angels and similar space cattle play an important role here. They give people a false opinion that they will do something for them. That he will solve all their problems, that he will cure them, that he will heal them, that he will protect them, that they will open them to the extra senses, that they will give them ID abilities, that they will mediate their ascension, So people voluntarily give them their power over themselves and expect it to be quick and cheap. These fallen ET entities arbitrarily take on the superior role of patrons of humanity (see 'our little beloved human child') and falsely pretend to be its creators, protectors, custodians, etc., and that humans must obey them as higher authorities who represent us. even our planet and all developments have a responsibility. They give us false opinions that we don't have to worry about any teachings of spiritual teachings, that it's already outlived, that we don't have to worry about our little mutated brain with questions about the structure of our ID anatomy, that they'll do it all for us. Likewise, the surgeon does not have to worry about a difficult study of anatomy: he just 'feels' and certainly cuts correctly. All we have to do is open our hearts and then it will go by itself. Angels resample us, retune them, align them with the divine axis, etc. Yeah, so it really works and very quickly.

By irresponsibly opening their D-4 barriers, dangerous hearers damage not only themselves, but also higher units and their surroundings, with which they are energetically connected. One such bastard who 'opens his heart' can metatronically recode his entire family and send it forward in genetic temples for generations to come. Here, children should exercise their right to energetic self-determination and should severely cut themselves off from their misguided parents, who work spiritually in this harmful way. The Christian being does not open himself to anything external or foreign and does not want to connect with everything. He protects his chakras and biofields and does not let anyone into them. She is very careful about who she energetically admits to herself and with whom she crosses her models (relationship, sex). He never relinquishes his power over himself and hands it over to no one. She doesn't want a stranger to do things for her to do on her own. He will not allow any stranger to enter it and rummage in it, make interventions in its ID anatomy, stitch something there and reconfigure and resample it. Every Christian being knows that he must learn to know his own anatomy well and to learn, control and correct it. She must learn it with her mind, mental D-3 aspect, and intellect, through which the Doctrine integrates into the originals, thus becoming part of her Being. If anyone can make any energy interventions in it, it is her Higher Self who is in charge of her, just like the mother is the fetus in her body. Sometimes it is possible to energetically interact with members of the Ranger Races during guided meditations when making projections into the real estate fields they manage. However, these interventions are explained in advance and theoretically clarified, and anyone can decide whether or not to perform such a technique. Finally, a few excerpts from 'Learning About I Am' what are the invasive interventions of Predators in human energy anatomy. Quotes from the text 'Meditation'.

Str. 25-27: (Reverse Reverse I meditation) ... we, the beings of Light, speak from the realms of Venus to you, dear human child. God greet you! ... We want to ... reconnect your consciousness to the energy sources of nature ... these subtle beings are the energy carriers of gnomes, elves, all natural spirits ... now is the time to let go of their forms of energy through Mother Earth to flow directly to people ... That is why we now open the two chakras in (your) feet in a green form of energy, so that they magnetically attract the electric vibrations of these beings, hidden inside the Earth ... Now think of your chakras in your feet and pray : ... I joyfully and gratefully receive ... the energies that flow from those beings from within the Earth ... We, God's creations of the purest love ... But do not try to understand these events with your mind. How could you also understand a spiritual process, that is, hold it in your outer Self? Rather, accept our message ... Through us, light beings, as channels flow into your life, eternal consciousness ... Now we have expanded your etheric body to the astral dimension, as we do in the deep sleep of many people ....

Str. 64-68: (Lower Self meditation) ... By vibrating these words, we have now re-placed the electrical cable network in your subtle areas, and we can increase the frequency of your etheric body ... we may even reverse the polarity of certain energy currents ... We look forward to it. ..when one day your whole etheric body can be reversed polarity ... If you receive the energy of our words with an open heart ... we will appoint a special angel of Light for you ... [this angel will then heal the human elemental being in the abdomen] ... Suffering it is not a punishment, but a task ... Now we have changed the energy structure of your lower Self ... The angels of love have now anchored their wonderful energies in your human being ... that you have ... become part of the angels of love ...

Str. 75-76: (meditation Source of consolation) ... Even if your mind tries to tell you that you are not yet mature for this text, read it with full confidence and surrender to its vibrations ... you can ... beg light beings and angels to let spiritual help flow to you in the following nights, if no mental blockages prevent you ... I AM the guardian of the third source of pre-energy and through the energetic form of the pink-yellow ray I speak for the first time from this source to the people on planet Earth ... So can, beloved human beings, not only my words, but also their energetic vibrations ... reach your consciousness ... The pink-yellow form of energy forms an energy gate in your heart center. I open it wide ... I guide your consciousness, which develops like apprentices on the planet Earth ... I melt many forms of energy of your outer Self ... So let your consciousness I enter my consciousness ... I open your root center and ignite a purple flame in it ... With the following thought energy you open all the gates and chakras in all energetic bodies. Please repeat after me in your thoughts: ... these children of sorrow and pain, who look like beings who have just been born of water, completely wet ... In the thousands, children of sorrow and pain emerge from the element, to be attracted by the magic of love and Light. I increase even more the frequency of your heart center, which magnetically attracts these mourning beings with its power of love and Light. It forms a long gray column from the center of your body to the center of your heart ... The gate of your heart widens even more ... in ... areas of your soul ... the ocean into which the gray stream of weeping children dives ... In the following nights, the angelic beings will continue this purification. By the electric force of my being, I now draw certain most developed consciousnesses of your astral body into my energy pathways ... I ignite a white flame in your parietal center, which slowly enlarges and forms a white funnel-like light above your crown, from the collective consciousness of humanity ... now I am removing low frequency energy forms or increasing their vibrations. Such purification of human thoughts, which are impermeable to Light, often causes the Earth to tremble slightly. Sometimes even these shocks appear on a range of measuring instruments ...


Astral: a zone of dirt and fighting

Astral level D-4 is the place where mental essences (Souls, HU-2) linger, which are then embodied in our Density (HU-1). It's a densely populated sphere and there are a lot of things. There are teams of Predators, specially trained to manipulate human consciousness and to destroy human models. Through unprotected and open D-4 human biofields, they are able to enter the physical body, anchor their predatory consciousness there, and gradually erase the crystal codes from our manifestations. The result is a forced exchange of souls, as the ultimate manifestation of spiritual terrorism. The demon fully integrates into human biology and thus has a direct influence on the evolution of the planetary situation in complete ignorance. This is the culmination of post-Atlantic hybridization programs, in which human and predatory genetics have been fine-tuned in about 20,000 years so that demons can incarnate directly into human bodies. These entities today form the dark force that controls our planet, in all its aspects. Through the open astral, various things enter people. Just a few examples. The Shadow Dancer is a highly intelligent, specially trained Predator entity used to destroy Christian humanity. Elemental Attachment is a reverse elemental surgeon that is implanted in human biofields, paralyzing them, sucking energy out of them and sending it to the black holes where it comes from. Shadow Figments are autonomous beings in the form of thought forms, which are created by the mental activity of all beings, such as their opinions, fixed ideas, intentions, insults, etc. They are energetic vampire formations that cling to anything and absorb energy.

Astral level D-4 is a place that is heavily contaminated and it is not recommended to go there without protection. There are strong combat units waiting for the arrival of those higher vibrating people (especially the so-called self-proclaimed spiritual teachers) who are lucky (or unlucky) to get into the astral. Just a few examples from the Predator's Arsenal.

RIT Teams (Remote Interactive Teams). Organized platoons of predatory entities originating from Black Hole systems (our Phantom + alien Wesedak) and their terrestrial Illuminati collaborators, specially trained to work in the astral, especially the Remote Viewing service, ie contactless espionage. Ordinary human beings who have sufficient astral mobility and the ability to serve evil are also recruited into these components. E.g. in Russia, there is a publicly known school where such gifted students move and train for military purposes. In the Czech Republic, psychotronic activities were abruptly liquidated after the coup, because neither the seller (Moscow) nor the buyer (Washington) party wanted anyone to see them in their dirty cards. And for good reason. In the Czech Republic, those abilities were.
Tag Teams. One division of RIT, specializing in implant labeling of selected living targets. They are members of the Predator Races and trained Illuminati human incarnations from the Black Hole matrix, who serve as implant teams. They are able to project into the void separating our living matrix and the fallen matrix of black holes. It's an el-mag barrier within Reion Field. The goal is to plant viral reverse implants there in the Radial Bodies and auric fields of selected living targets. They are energy bugs created from crystalline forms of sound, connected to the reverse field of PIN PIN networks. These NET bugs are used to remotely monitor human and animal beings and to enhance the transmission of psychotronic and biotronic manipulation and control of their radial bodies.
Another goal is specific targeted energy attacks on the shield templates of selected persons, which will cause a monadic reversal in their DNA (total reversal). Members of the Predator Races from Black Holes can already join such a perverted identity, as they are compatible with it.

The first stage is the control of man by his Shadow structure, where the Shadow Dancer fully occupies and controls the Shadow Body and thus gains control over the Radial Body and thus over the entire Hova body and thus over the behavior of the entire incarnate identity.

The second stage is when the Shadow Dancer's predatory consciousness fully occupies the human biological form and eradicates all of its Christian coding from its masters and reverses its spiritual essence (full body possession, DNA take-over, body snatching). This is completely real and it is really happening. It is physically possible to occupy a foreign body and destroy its soul that inhabited it.

It is also possible to exchange the spiritual essence (soul, identity) in a given body. Incarnation by Walk-In method, Soul-Exchange (exchange of souls). This is to be done by mutual agreement. Different Races tend to have a number of alternative biological carriers on Earth for their consciousness, if necessary. These confusions are described in different traditions.

It is also possible that two different souls incarnate into one body. E.g. Indigo type 3: on the basis of the spiritual contract of 2 souls about regeneration, it happens that the Christ soul agrees to inhabit one body together with the soul of some fallen entity Nephilim /, who has a real interest in the regeneration of his models. Then they incarnate together in the same body and begin to realize that what they promised 'up there' somewhere in the Astral appears and experiences completely differently 'down here' in matter and on Earth in HU1. Here is the root of schismatic and schizoid typologies (Mr. Džekyl x Dr. Hajd), which often ends with the loss of the Christ aspect and its reversal. It is therefore recommended for those who will face this incarnation choice to emphatically ask their Higher Self for their opinion and to fully respect it. She sees all probabilistic event horizons of the possible development of such a 'marriage' (two-house) and wisely assesses whether the Crystal component is strong, wise and selfless enough (ie it is completely free of a demonic Samaritan complex of the 'I will help you' type) to she managed the role. It will also assess whether the fallen being's desire for regeneration is really essential ('I mean it honestly'), or whether it is just an evasive maneuver to avoid harsh karmic sanctions.

Hit Teams (intervention groups, strike units). It is part of RIT Teams and acts as the parent executive component of Tag Teams. They are advanced assemblies of Black Hole entities and well-trained human Illuminati, with good vibrating equipment. They are capable not only of astral projection, but also of permanent abode in interspace, ie the Void field (Reion Field) between ours and the reverse matrix. They target selected people, animals and important environmental goals: energy spatial sites. They are deployed on key energy ID passages. When there is a natural expansion of our consciousness into personal or planetary radial bodies (activation of the DNA template or passage of death - Bardo cycle), members of the Hit Teams lurk at the ascending portals and capture untrained, inexperienced and unconscious spiritual essences in their snares. They connect them to the NET system, draw them into the shadow body and then forcibly abduct them into the Phantom Matrix. Members of the Hit Teams have amazing abilities and can create holograms of false memories and fantastic experiences in their victims at various levels: Radial bodies, D3 mental bodies, D2 emotional-elemental bodies. Typical deceptions are the various visions that I have been or have been: Jesus, the apostle, high priest, goddess, pharaoh, Dalai Lama, ascended master, etc. By accepting these visions as his own, the victim internally agrees with their inner reverse energy coding and enters a state of fully submissive non-resistive vibration resonance with black hole frequencies, to which it is also fully drawn due to this vibration agreement.
Members of Hit Teams often create holographic theaters for dying people. They project them into their Radial Bodies, what it looks like after death in that sky. This is done with the help of their own false and ingrained religious ideas, which have been deliberately and uncompromisingly instilled in them for millennia. Unconscious human victims then blindly follow these visions and go straight into the maw of black holes. Hit Teams also regularly reap awareness of the lower fields of life, drawing animal, plant, and elemental beings into the Black Holes using the NET field. Sometimes it is possible to pull creatures fallen into the Black Hole back if they can be caught for something: a solid piece of Christian coding in their shields. There are also Ranger Teams working in the astral. Just one example, just to give you an idea.

SWAT Teams (Special Wisdom and Tactics). They are groups of Ranger races, from many different cosmic localities (our Ecka-Veca and Eckasha), who in their current stage of development serve as the Rangers of the Temple Complex and the Stargates, in all vibrational levels. They have a fully activated D-12 Divine Master. They have special training that allows them to help various living entities not fall into the NET trap and be drawn into the Black Holes. SWAT teams also serve as guardians of stargates and portals. They also serve as guardians of the NET reverse field and help those who have been caught in it to free themselves from it. Currently, SWAT teams are also deployed to planet Earth, where they patrol and guard the human population. Due to the influx of powerful Christ frequencies, there is a spontaneous awakening of people on a mass scale. But people are not prepared or properly instructed to do so. SWAT protects people from getting caught up in the predatory NET during sleep, when during a dream state there is a significant expansion of consciousness into the astral, where it is currently not safe. They help people through the stargates. They work with the souls of those who have died to go through the Bardo cycle naturally. They help the mental body (D-3 Ego) to move safely into the radial body and its expansion to the astral levels, where after seeing and evaluating his previous life experience he will continue his incarnation duties according to his evolutionary intention and recommendations of the Higher Self. . They also help those who, for various reasons, incarnate in high-risk zones (eg areas covered by NET networks - this is the planet Earth since 25,500 BC, etc.), so that their soul integrates safely into the fetus (embryo) and is not during This key sensitive step is captured in the NET network. It is here that predatory consciousness lurks for the possibility of reversing the process of fetal integration and the occupation and capture of a new biological form of the fetus. During important evolutionary periods, members of SWAT teams often physically incarnate directly on a given planet and serve there as well as in their disembodied form, in addition to protecting the planetary temple complex.

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