Kathara Healing: light and sound technology


Like the entire Teaching of the Inner Christ, one part of it called the Kathara Healing System (KAH) is intended exclusively for personal theoretical research and philosophical speculation and free-thinking fantasizing and meditation on the individual. In no case is KAH intended for any diagnosis and influence or treatment of any aspects and circumstances of human health and is not a substitute for professional medical care (a comprehensive Disclaimer is included on every KAH product from its producer - Azurite Press, Ltd.). It is basically a positive approach to being, which can bring a person a sense of satisfaction and joy. KAH works like this. In the morning, when I get up, I paint the smiling sun (light aspect, symbol) on a piece of paper with a yellow pencil. Then I look at him fondly and say three times: 'Sunshine, sunshine, may I have a funny day today!' (sound aspect, mantra). And I will believe that I will have a smiling day. Obviously, it's all just made up and it has nothing to do with health. After all, who would believe such nonsense? That would be the Wandering Boulder from real 'scientists' who know best what is true and what is not, what is good and what is bad, they have titles and a patent on reason (= control dogma). But education does not protect against nonsense.

The doctrine of the Inner Christ and its aspects

1. The basis of the Doctrine is a theoretical interpretation of the physics ID, as the initial knowledge base for everything else (sources: Voyagers I and II, Keylontic Dictionary, The Science and Spirituality of Creation, The Elements of Discovery, Introduction to the Monad, Anatomy of the Time, Sliders 1-12, etc.).

2. Other directions of the Doctrine are, for example, energetic work on the planetary Temple Complex of the Earth, which is essential for its development to be directed in a positive direction, anchoring in the ascent wave (sources: The Master Templar Stewardship Initiative, Planetary Shields Clinic Field Guide, etc.). ).

3. Energetic work on oneself leading to personal ascension-ability. On a personal level, it is a happy, fully-conscious, fully fulfilled, qualified experience of planetary existence, maximum positive self-expression, acquisition and integration of necessary life experiences, fulfillment of the current incarnation mission and evolutionary shift on the ascending path (sources: Consciousness of Ascension, Postures of Love and Steps towards Joy, etc.).

4. But also - and above all - the cleansing and healing of personal masters, as a basic prerequisite for anything else (sources: Kathara Healing Level: 1, 2-3, 4-intro, etc.). This direction of personal energy regeneration is called Kathara Healing (KAH). It is based on the application of the Keylontic Science of the Relationship of Matter, Energy and Consciousness and uses the Technology of Light and Sound. It is based on the fact that each Dimension D1-15 is a component of the vibrational spectrum of the uniform energy field of the Time Matrix (HU1-5), which emanates from the superior Energy Matrix (HU6-8). Each Dimension is made up of the conscious substance of the Primordial Currents of Life Forces (15 Ekash Rays) and contains aspects of Electric ManA (Light, Pre-Light Field Keerasha HU5) and Magnetic EirA (Sound, Pre-Sound Khundaray Field). Therefore, it has the attributes and signatures of both. The light aspect has two manifestations: shape (symbol, pose: static, dynamic) + color, within the visualization.

For the sake of brevity, the term KAH is used here in a general sense for all bio-energetic regeneration technologies of the Doctrine, without further distinction. Originally, however, it was reserved mainly for the repair of models of the Outer Domains, as a smooth course of SAC-2012 was assumed, for which the proposed 12-stage KAH system would suffice. Thanks to the escalation of the drama, only the first 3 + pieces of the stage were handed over (≤ 2005) and it was necessary to press on the saw and release techniques for the Internal Domains and later also plasma procedures: however, this is no longer called KAH and it has many other special names.

The sound aspect has one expression: tonal singatura, mantra, syllable, vocalization sequence, psonn, singing. Another aspect is Breath, which connects the two through ManU (breath is related to sound). With the help of light and sound signatures of various energy fields of consciousness and creative forces, we can tune in to them, get into a state of vibrational harmonic resonance, communicate with them and ask them for the act of co-creating our personal and planetary cleansing and healing process. KAH works using various procedures and methods that are still used in many spiritual directions and schools. The basis of this energy work is MEDITATION. There come together all 3 divine creative instruments that man has at his disposal: 1. light, 2. sound, 3. breath. Thus: body position + visualization, vocalization, controlled breathing. These 3 things (symbol + mantra + breath) represent God's Trinity (Tri-Veca configuration) and its phasing, which the whole of Creation creates and keeps him alive. Guided meditations are used when working in a group. In a personal private space, everyone works as they see fit.

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Physics of Light and Sound

Here are a few keyword snippets to recapitulate the basic physical facts about natural polarity, about Trinity Phasing: polarization + depolarization (flashing out into manifestation + flashing back into Source), about electrical + magnetic quality (light + sound), about every thing has at its bottom the code of its identity (Nuclear Energy Encryption), that the code has a primary magnetic aspect + a secondary electrical aspect, and that these two aspects are two sides of the same coin: the energy encapsulation of the thing, that human speech is a unique tool : light-sound scalar technology for co-creating and transforming the world.

Neutrality ↔ Polarity (phasing of God's Trinity, constantly back and forth)
ManU (Holy Spirit, BREATH) ↔ EirA (Mother, SOUND) + ManA (Father, LIGHT)

The sound is original, the most powerful, and never lies (by abusing it is possible to 'over-speak').
Light is secondary and prone to falsification (pretending, visage, clothes make a person).

Nonpolar / Omnipolar: Partiki (PKI, el-mag, unity, ±, resonant tone)
Polar SOUND: Particum (PCM, mag., Contraction, -, undertone, matter) ♀
Northern Lights: Partika (PKA, el., Expansion, +, top tone, anti-matter) ♂

Every thing in Creation is unique and has its own Identity (unambiguous, unmistakable).
Identity is expressed by a sound and light signature (energetic divine birth number).
Identity Imprint is the Core Energy Encryption.

Sound signature: sound, voice, singing, tone, Psonn, mantra, name (spoken).
Light signature: shape, color, symbol, image, position, pose, mudra, name (written).

The ID card has a photo + signature, which is written, read and pronounced.
Sound Signature + Light Signature = One Whole

The Divine Language is a model of Human Speech
Human speech and alphabet: letter = shape (symbol) + sound (mantra)
Symbol - addresses. Mantra - activates.

"Pepo, come on!"
Addressing: Pepo - addressing a specific entity, attracting its attention.
Activation: come to a single - action element, elicit a specific reaction, the entity works (and goes to one).

I. SOUND - Aspect Magnetic

The sound manifestations of a person can be divided into two boxes for work. On (I) ordinary human speech and on (II) mantras. It's actually the same, but it differs only in the degree of awareness of the use of the creative power of sound and the willingness to accept responsibility for it.

Anuhazi language

It is a natural externally spoken (ie not telepathic) language for our Time Matrix. It was developed by the founding collectives of the high races HU-5 (Rishi Breneau) about 950 BYA before and is the root of all languages ​​in all our universes, including Earth. It contains sacred primordial sounds carrying all the vibrations of the original Creation and its CHRIST Code. These sounds resonate with the energetic masters of all created forms. It is the Sacred Language for direct creation. The Anuhazi language has 12x12 = 144 characters that control the energy currents of the Primordial Life Forces for 12 Dimensions and their 12 SubDimensions of the Veca Quadrants. It is a set of Codes for controlling 12 pieces of Ekash Rays out of a total of 15 pieces (the remaining three are Master Keys, which control the twelve). Each Anuhazi letter addresses one SubDimensional stream. Their combination creates manifested forms.

This is how the Rishi Breneau Consciousness collectives created our universes. It is a matter of creating a model in the form of a vision (morphogenetic field) and then driving streams of creative forces (controlled by mantras) through it. Then it is not a problem to create a Golem or to stop the flow of the Dnieper River or to stop a stone avalanche before walking through a narrow valley. These phenomena need not be tied to the direct use of sacred languages. They can be the result of cooperation with the Elemental Fields of the planet or the universe, which are addressed through sacred sequences and encouraged to communicate. These fields can be both clean and damaged.

Kristovská Pole cannot be controlled and forced to do something. They are worked with a humble request for an act of co-creation, if they agree with its intention and goal. Although it is in a person's power to control certain elementary forces that no longer belong in the personal portfolio because he is superior to them, this is simply not done, because it is energetic violence.

For an idea, the tonal signatures of the 5 Christ Fields of the Cosmic Elemental Consciousness are given. With the help of them, we invite and call the Christ Forces of the Primordial Elements (Creative Elements) to the act of co-creating a thing or situation (purification, healing, help, protection, rescue, realization of a positive vision, instruction, advice, consolation, greeting, sharing, etc.). , all in accordance with the Act of Unity:

Shay ei and the plague (Eternal Wind and its Song; gases, air)
Ja et ej dura (Eternal Flame of the Sacred Fire; steam, fire)
Ejá que jél (Eternal Water and its Flow; fluids, liquids, waters and waters)
Eta lej e krystej (Eternal Foundation Stone; solids and solids)
Íta ur ša lej (Eternal Fire-Ice Ether of the Primordial Glow and the First Radiation of 'EtaUr').


It is the doctrine of working with the powerful primordial sounds of Anuhazi, bearing the original Christ Coding. He uses the sacred Mantras and Chants (Sacred Psonns) composed of them, because they contain tonal signatures of our origin. Divine Manifestation Templates and Divine Health Templates. Their vibrations activate our scalar fields and overwrite their defective damaged parts with the original Christ source codes. Some of these mantras, for example, directly address specific parts of our DNA templates, where reversals are at the level of the whole species, healing them and activating our genetics for ascension processes. Some of these mantras are audio transcripts of specific Fire Letter sequences that regulate the function of whole DNA. It does not always make sense to look for the content or meaning of these mantras, because they do not communicate information as ordinary human means of communication (eg various 'important' interesting things that are discussed in the gallery). They are advanced ID photonic technology, light and sound creation programs.

baphometHuman speech

It is a powerful creative tool, the language of thought expresses, manifests and materializes them. Speech is our manifestation sequence, thought concepts are patterns of conscious energy in the form of Partiki lattices, Keylones, scalar waves and crystal fields. With the help of speech, these models are translated into denser forms, until they finally manifest directly. There is a very close relationship between thought and speech. Let us realize that our thought processes are based on verbal forms. We use words to put together an idea. Human speech is a completely unique ability and needs to be thoroughly cultivated.

The mother tongue needs to be protected because speech encodes the national identity using an energy template called the Language Matrix. This must be protected by the law on language. If someone speaks German for a long time, they will start thinking German. If he starts thinking German, he will become German. Forcing you to speak the language of conquerors and conquerors has a profound energetic meaning: erasing your own identity. Dalimil's Chronicle shows well these multi-cult genetic games regarding the recoding of the linguistic matrix of the individual and the nation, thus beginning today the desired erasing of national identity. Here is a well-known quote from our ancestor: "... I want to bless me with a noble saddled Czech garbage than a German king for a woman. Give every heart to her tongue, and for that German woman will be less accepted by my people. German family family will be German and German will teach my children. For this there will be language divisions and inhed the country a certain corruption ... ". The old rulers were well aware of the power of language and traditions and their importance in preserving National Identity. If anyone wanted to come to our country and settle here, they had to accept our language, faith, education, customs and traditions. So he HAVE to energetically connect to our Czech National Shield and the Czech Language Matrix in order to strengthen it and not weaken it (which is the intention today). It was clear that a minority MUST adapt to the majority if they entered its territory and wanted to live there. It is a normal relationship between Home and Guests. The guest must adapt to the rules of the host if he is there as a foreigner to visit and especially if he is to be allowed to stay there. This is sharply contrasted by the predatory ideology of multi-cultism for the liquidation of nations.

Human speech works the other way around. Not only does it express our already finished thoughts, but it also produces the thought of the thought. Sounds and words carry their specific tonal signatures, which are scalar waves that interact with the scalar fields of all manifestations. By talking, we create. Every word and sound has its vibrational value. Let's watch our words as well as our thoughts. Rich chatter and declining verbal expression generate chaotic energies and pollute our personal and planetary biofields. Written and spoken language emits electrical impulses that directly affect our DNA model and everything that manifests through it. Language structures are translated into mathematical codes that serve as operational instructions for our body-soul-spirit system.

Another use of speech is to intentionally insert tonal signatures contained in sound or words (mantra) into manifestations at various levels in order to evoke a specific effect (energy commands, command sequences). In addition to inserting certain programs into templates, their existing speech programs are also activated. The KAH system is also based on this.

Distortion of human speech

During the Babylonian Massacre (3470 BC), mutational interventions in human genetics took place, one of the consequences of which was distortion of human speech. Speech is a fundamental existential and creative skill of man and is the basis of his psycho-intellectual abilities. The letters of human Christ languages ​​have been shuffled at the level of their energetic masters. The key coding and control characters that addressed the Primordial Streams of Life Forces have been removed (sacred Hebrew had 28 letters, now has 22, Kabbalists speak of the secret letter No. 23, which is magical and will give this vast language its original divine power and might, when that time comes, it is probably a collective designation for missing language codes). The tonal signatures of the remaining characters were reversed and mixed. New reverse symbols were inserted there. The use of such distorted human speech permanently generates a reverse scalar field and systematically damages the manifestations of the human environment, the planet and all its life forms. Therefore, holding Bobřík Silence has a deeper effect. The advanced sects of the Himalayan masters not only held Bobrik to color the blue window of self-discipline in Foglar's ascension calendar, but also because they knew that by speaking they killed not only themselves but all they spoke to, as well as the entire planet and its beings. The science of human language (speech) is fascinating and there is a lot of literature about it. Language is a direct manifestation of genetic models of a given species, race, nation, ethnicity or individual and carries their energy encryption. As well as sound manifestations of all created forms. According to the vibrational quality of music, the degree of crystal coding in the shields of the author or performer can be estimated. Everyone can try it.


It's a soundThe aspect of Creation that addresses a given thing and its identity at its ultimate level of existence, the so-called tonal signature. It is the Song of her Being. It is an audio-translation of the structure of the scalar fields on which its existence is based. It is its core Energy Encryption. It is a name spoken, pronounced, manifested. Only at the next lower vibrational level will it manifest itself as a video-translation, where the visual mathematical-geometric patterns of sound fields in the form of symbols are shown. The term Tonal Geometry refers to the fact that the complex geometric anatomy of the shields can be translated into the sound form of singing (tonal form). So when these songs are vocalized, the sounds emitted and activate up to thousands of specific shield codes in our anatomy and trigger the processes associated with them. So, at first glance, an ordinary or meaningless song or rhyme can have a huge effect on the state of our energy and consciousness. The collection of Sacred Songs with which the Doctrine works is given in the text Sacred Psonns, Invocations, Attitudes and Responsibilities of Mastery.

II. LIGHT - Aspect Electric

Shape, color, movement

The light aspect of Creation appears to our perception as two things: shapes and colors. Color: aspect non-specific, addresses an entire vibration level, dimension, frequency location. Shape: strongly specific, mathematical-geometric formula of the given entity-identity, handwritten signature, name written, reflects the geometric structure of Partiki grids and Keylones, on which its existence is based.

Symbol = Light signature of the thing (light aspect of the complete signature, the second aspect is sound)
Symbol = Shape + Color

The symbol is the mathematical formula of the intention of Creation, a sacred geometry that keeps the currents of life forces in such proportions that they can create stable life forms, entities, beings. The symbol in its totality and completeness is a living and conscious Being. When we use the Symbols, we enter into a very intimate connection with the Beings who represent and represent these Symbols. May it be the Beings of Christ. Since, as Humans, we are Infinite and Eternal Beings, which contain the entire Universe, so by communicating with the Symbols, we contact those distant and unknown parts of ourselves that resonate with the mathematical programs contained in the Symbols. By using the Symbols as a source of creative power, we participate in the formulation of God's Creation - and we have full responsibility for it.

We are all Symbols. When we look at ourselves, we do not see the whole truth, but only a certain aspect of us: a symbol or caricature of our Completeness. The symbols reflect only the outer part of our Identity, which, however, speaks quite well about our interior. It is an abbreviated notation of ourselves. We exist as Symbols. The symbol is a natural expression of every conscious existence. Symbols can teach us a lot. Man and all his manifestations reflect his bio-spiritual state. They tell about his vibrational situation and health. Accurate diagnostic data can be obtained based on appearance, posture, movements, behavior, eyes, and voice and speech.

Note the difference between reading and pronouncing.
I) reading quietly, in the spirit - vibration D-3, information decoding work of the rational mental body.
II) pronunciation, reading aloud - vibration of D-5, work of the 5th chakra, activation of 5-subharmonics in the template.
Therefore, we should learn aloud, because the light-sound aspects are interconnected and amplified.

Note the duality of the symbol - shape and color.
Kabbalah is typically associated with the characters (once sacred but still powerful) of the Hebrew alphabet. These signs (shapes) are energy symbols that (like any other) address the creative energy currents of conscious forces. They are mostly used in their ordinary black and white version. It is appropriate to create them using calligraphy (kraso-pis), which is the process of ID communication between the Human Being and the Symbol Being. Their effect can be further enhanced by the addition of a color aspect (see Aryeh Kaplan: Meditation and Kabbalah). A step further is the possibility of cultivating Kabbalah even without the Hebrew characters, only by means of colors (see Fr. Bardon: The Key to True Kabbalah).

The movement expresses the dynamic aspect of shapes and colors and enhances their effect. Movement tells a story about transformation and evolution, which are attributes of manifested Creation in manifested worlds. Cinema is Bio-Graf (bios-live, grafos-picture, animated moving changeable images). By moving the mind in meditation visualizations, we cultivate and correct our ID anatomy, just as when a technician repairs a machine, the action chases the action. There are many types of movement energy: dynamic meditation, dance, and in fact all human movement is an energy story that one unambiguously signs. That is why movement is so important and cultivation worthy.

The literature on symbols is extensive and it is necessary to distinguish what kind of geometry it is and what energies they address (original x reversed). Most of what we have here today is damaged. After the fall of Atlantis, within a few years (a period of about 20,000 - 10,000 BC), everything positive on the entire planet was completely destroyed. Just a few links. Č. Loukotka: Development of writing, Czech researcher in the field of paleography (auxiliary historical science dealing with developmentfonts, numbers and other graphic characters). J. Stevens: Sacred Calligraphy of the East, an overview of the Eastern calligraphic tradition. Madhu Khanna: Yantra - The Tantric Symbol of Cosmic Unity, introduces to Indian symbolology. Dan A. Davidson: Shape Power, describes research into the energetic effects of symbols. All you have to do is draw (with a pencil on paper or just with your finger in the air) or just imagine, for example, a point or a line in your mind, and this will provoke a subtle-material energy response. This act creates an active morphogenetic field (a structure of scalar waves corresponding to the geometry of a point or line) that acts as a refractive lens for 15 Eclipse Rays. On our manifested side, this causes a corresponding excitation of the vacuum, which results in structures composed of ionic particles, some aspects of which can be registered by HSP. That is why calligraphy is a sacred doctrine of meditative work with symbols, which when we create, enter our models, become part of us and work there. By perfectly creating a 'mere' calligraphic dot, we will forever change the entire Universe. So let's pay attention to what and how we write. We thus influence the whole of Creation and then we experience the consequences ourselves, together with all those who are affected by it.

III. BREATH - Electro-Magnetic Aspect

Breath and Manifestation Sequence

Breath is related to the process of manifestation and de-manifestation using the Divine Streams of Life Forces (15 Ecclesial Rays). It is the bending of the Rays by the free will (intention) of the Being so as to illuminate certain small parts of the already finished Hologram of Being and their tangible images are projected onto the manifestation screen of the world, where they are registered by our senses. The bending mechanism is based on the fact that man himself is a small part of this Hologram, and his entire anatomy ID serves as an optical bench for the Streams flowing through it. He creates his intentions, mental visions that serve as projected images.

The manifestation sequence runs cyclically. The return beam going from the manifestation to the Source pulls into us the just projected image and carries the experience of the past experience (EirA magnetic contraction de-manifestation current, breath or breath). Its energy content is downloaded to the Reion Field of the Personal Radial Body, where it is processed and evaluated. Accordingly, a new modified intention to change the situation is prepared, a new image is created and prepared for projection (ManU nonpolar or omni-polar field, Realm of Causes, pause, state of rest after inhalation, depolarization). The direct beam from the Source to the manifestation passes through us, takes a new image there and projects it into the surrounding Hologram and creates a new life situation, changed by us (ManA electric expansion manifestation current, exhalation, polarization).

Breath and flickering

Inhale: The flashing of all particles of God Consciousness within my personal anatomy, polarized through me back to the Source, carries both the memory of my past intention and my sense of experience, as well as my desired correction for his mistakes and misconceptions that I would like to correct. Old (PCM + PKA) → PKI.

Pause: all of this is a strongly encoded PKI particle material, a scalar morphogenetic field that has returned to my personal Intentional energy space to linger there. And there matures another vision, better and more divine. Old PKI → New PKI. When it's ready, it shoots into reality. Exhalation: The flash of all particles of God Consciousness not yet polarized, through my personal anatomy (polarizing-refractive lens), where they polarize, through me, out into manifestation. New PKI → PKA + PCM.

Breath and Realization of the Divine Trinity

ManU - the field of Primordial Creative Potential (ManU Body), the Realm of the Last Cause, can realize the will of the Source and beings endowed with free will. It will make something happen. He retains the given creative intention, turns it into a manifestation program - a template for a printer and then into reality. Energy soil where intentions are sown. He will realize any inserted intention. Cosmic manifested "Nothing" and unmanifested "Everything". BREAK PAUSE between inhaling and exhaling.

EirA - a contractive field / stream of consciousness that pulls our intentions inward into the ManU field. It brings there our thoughts, feelings, desires, etc. It projects our current energy state (all vibrational levels of our identity) in the direction from the manifestation, from the hologram I + World, back to the Source. It runs along the de-manifestation sequence. INHALE.

ManA - an expansive field / stream of consciousness that sends our intentions stored in the ManU field into manifestation. It projects the current vibrational state of our ManU field from the Source to the World. It runs along the manifestation sequence. EXHALE.

Philosophical correspondence

The ManU field at rest: The world as consciousness and nothing.
ManU field in action: The world as an idea and a will.

Making Creative Breath

A touch: the concept of a clear and strong intention, I fully identify with it at all levels of my existence, I myself will become this intention, completely and realistically, the affirmation "I am ...", I will feel the intention down to the sub-nuclear particles of my atoms , molecules, cells. With a breath I suck the intention through myself into my ManU field, with my whole being representing my intention I will send it to the Source, where I am surrounded by my field of Original Creative Potential, I feel demanifested, I pack into my scalar wave form, and in the form of a pure vibration of my intention I enter the field of ManU and insert myself there as my intention. CHARGE.

Pause: staying in the state of identification with the ManU field, I will give him all the necessary information about what my creature should look like, I will give it time, wait until these programs are fully and flawlessly sucked in, loaded into the field. I AIM.

Exhalation: powerfully exhale the program of my intention from the ManU field, along the manifestation sequence, project it out towards the World. I perceive and experience how my intention is realized on all vibrational levels, from the Source down, everywhere it passes, I experience how it transforms into partitions of lattice, keylones, scalar fields, pre-material masters, until they finally appear in my 3-dim hologram, emerge from the vibrational depths of the imperceptible Realm of Causes as the tip of an iceberg emerges above the surface of the water, the only visible but reaching far below the level of the visible world. I'M SHOTING.

In fact, it is not I who create, but my Divine Creative Aspect (my personal ManU Field, which is part of the great ManU Field of God-Source), which I borrow from the Source to learn to work with. In fact, God creates through me. I only ask God to create my intention through me. And that's how I act. I will ask for help and cooperation, but I will leave the decision to him. It is obvious that the more I comply with the Law of Oneness, the more help and support I will receive. And vice versa. If, despite the apparent reluctance and warning of the Cosmic Forces, I force something and enforce mine (which is allowed, but not recommended), then I will also bounce back and experience the fates of everyone I have negatively affected. With my breath I determine where and how fast I will move in the Hologram of Being, how and where I will evolve, what I will encounter and what I will experience. I become the Co-Creator of Reality, and by my mere existence I cause the transformation of the images of Creation over time, for myself and for others who share a common Hologram of Planetary Reality with me (+ higher units: solar, galaxies, etc.).

IV. Man's creative tools


- energy-information formulas, programs for modification of templates at the tonal level of PCM particles
- mantras, songs, sounds, vocalizations, chants:
- frequency: rhythm (fast and slow in time) + melody (up and down in time)
- amplitude, power power aspect (quietly and loudly)
- affirmations: our intentions, scalar programs, encryptions by which we change ourselves and the world
- human speech / speech: our chatter and goddamn chatter or crystalline energetic communication


- energy-information formulas, programs for our templates at the photonic level of PKA particles
- color: non-specific addressing of a given vibration plane or frequency band
- form: specific addressing of a given identity, entity, thing
- pictures, symbols, codes, graphic expression [non-corporeal aspect]
- position, body, hands (poseism, mudras) [body aspect]
- static (yoga positions, mudras)
- dynamic (yoga-dynamic meditations, exercises, running, dancing, swirling dervishes).


God's Power of Primordial Creation, Primordial Manifestation of God-Resources, the driving force of the Manifestation Sequence, the carrier wave for all creation patterns and their placement in the right places of manifestation templates and biofields. It contains the Three Phases of Breath and the Christ Algorithm of God's Creation through the Polarization Iteration of God's Trinity (ManU, EirA, ManA).

This is a set of our Creative Tools. It is complete and perfect (ie nothing is missing there, nothing remains there, nothing is in dispute). It is a gift from God who created us in his image because he loves equals. So let's not embarrass him. For more information on the physics ID of light and sound, see, for example, the Kathara-1 script (= Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System Level-1) on page 1-4 of the introductory chapter and the Engaging the God Languages ​​text.

The perfect combination of all these instruments is, for example, in yoga. This ancient medical-ascent technology is referred to in Science as LO-GA'S (today's 'yoga') or MCEO Logayanas Frequency Breathing Movements Modalities. An introductory mention of them is, for example, in the text Kathara Level-4: The "Pillar of Power" Introductory Sequence, Logas and Related Notes (2004) and also in the text St. Kitts Sliders 3 "The Wind Beneath Your Wings" - Engaging the Spirit for Slide. Introductory Atomic-Etheric, Rasha & Spirit Body Training. Supplement (2008). It is gratifying that many yoga positions have been preserved in their traditional forms in their original form, see the current rich yoga literature (eg Distance Yoga Course by Mirek Čapek, www.sarpa.cz, especially his Vitalization Set, which resonates with the original exercise scheme František Drtikol). Another term of the Doctrine is Seurias, which are bodily positions and movements (Seurias postures and movements) used in various energy works, often associated with the vocalization of mantras or psons - the so-called Arieas. This generates, for example, the structures of tonal fields (inaudible sound structures) in the form of Se'Ur Pillars of Original Sound, which are then formed into various shapes - sound sculptures (sound sculptures) and coded by various programs. These invisible energy sculptures are placed in certain (surface access) places of the planetary Temple Complex and thus regulates the energy of the Earth. If the Pillar is well done, it will last quite a long time and serve as an ID antenna, amplifier and transmitter. In this way, for example, the infusion of Veca Code frequencies into planetary grids is introduced. These procedures were part of ancient energy rituals called Salutations, which were used by all the original human races and grid-keepers (security teams) to control the functions of the Stargates and Time Portals. We worked with personal and planetary merkabas (Merkabic Salutations). Similar were the rituals called Round Tables, the code name for the D-12 Aramantena Shield (circular energy disk) that King Arthur's team worked with (eg, Voyagers II, Ancient Rites of Passage - Personal Healing Through Planetary Service, seminar The Arthurian Roundtables - Nibiruian Checkerboard Mutation). Another term is Arieas, which is the tonal signature of a symbol code, ie the mantra belonging to a given symbol (it can be its name or activation sequence, different calling sequences can be used for different aspects of the code).

V. Warning

The Law of Unity balances rights and obligations precisely. Man has the right to use the Creative Tools borrowed by God and has a duty to do so in accordance with the Laws of the Cosmos. If he does not respect these Laws, Creation will begin to defend himself and has everything he needs to do. This TAM2 text provides many information that can be used in various ways, including Symbol Codes, Psonns, etc. It is provided for illustration of internal content only. If someone wants to work actively with them, let them find the original instructions and rules of the game in the original literature, which is included for this purpose. It is allowed, for example, to tune in the field of consciousness represented by Symbols, communicate with them, meditate on them, ask them to 'taste' their ID frequencies, after permission to use these energies for themselves and various situations, ask them to co-create the healing process, protection, guidance, teaching, ascension, etc. The same happens in relation to our Higher selves, with the collectives of the Ranger Races, such as the Crystal River Consuls, the Greek itself, being J12, the Source, etc. However, what is not allowed , is to arbitrarily use the acquired knowledge, Codes and Psonna for guerrilla work on the planetary Temple Complex of the Earth, to damage it, however to modify or resist it, to publicly disseminate it, in any way to abuse it. A certain spiritual maturity is assumed, knowledge of Energy Ethics, which includes respect and esteem. Either use the Doctrine as it is, exactly according to its rules, or leave it alone and find something else. The universe closely monitors and evaluates our every action, every and the slightest movement of mind and emotions, every intention. You can't hide anything, you can't hide anywhere. We are part of a Source that creates from itself and into ourselves. We are a piece of his consciousness, we are in his womb, we are part of him, like a fetus in his mother's womb.

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