Be aware that aerial maneuvers of unidentifiable objects violate the laws of physics (cancellation of gravity, absence of an aerodynamic bang, dissolution into nothing, etc.). A UFO can be described as an object or an object, or a body, but it does not have to be characterized by a solid structure that we could touch.

In our space-time, interstellar paths are limited by the speed of light. However, we do not necessarily have to move between individual cosmic worlds through space. In fact, even in the case of interstellar flights, this is out of the question. Even at lower speeds (thought relative to the speed of light), the spacecraft would evaporate under the influence of interstellar dust. On the contrary, it should be possible to move through projections to parallel spaces without great energy consumption.

UFOs are in another reality in our country, which due to our limited sensory organs and way of thinking we are not able to perceive (with exceptions).

Almost no one knows that every hour about 57 unidentifiable flying objects are observed all over the globe. This brings together about 500,000 UFO sightings per year. Only a fraction of that number is reported, so so far "only" 150,000 registered reports have been collected.

Given the number of files, probably no one can be so naive as to claim that the military does not take the UFO phenomenon seriously. Unidentifiable flying objects are always of interest to the armed forces. However, matters of national defense tend to be confidential or even secret. The fact is, however, that unidentified bodies disrupt the airspace of all states. E.g. British Secret Service - the code name CONDING (February 2000) is written in the report (instead of the term UFO, the abbreviation UAP - unidentified aerial phenomena - unidentifiable aerial phenomena is used). UAP EXISTS - THERE IS NO DISPUTE ABOUT THIS! They can hover, land, climb, accelerate and disappear in an incredible way. It suddenly changes the direction of flight and clearly deviates from the aerodynamic laws that apply to modern aircraft or missiles with and without a human crew. Conding is not a scientific study, it is a secret file.

Available documents show that the US government takes UFOs, contrary to its official rhetoric, very seriously, such as Dr. In 2000, Bruce Maccabee received approximately 1,600 pages of ufological material from the FBI. Apart from the camera footage, senior air force officers are a serious concern for the UFO phenomenon. The Air Force committed itself to its members by silence and ordered them to deny the facts. The most likely reason for secrecy is the reluctance to admit that they cannot control, control, defend themselves and even predict when they will reappear and with what intentions.

Advanced civilizations are able to handle interstellar travel, which is not hindered even by the laws of physics. We have to deal with the physical properties of flying objects and the mechanisms of their propulsion. They float in place, accelerate incredibly, creating unimaginably strong magnetic fields.


UFO crews emit beams to people that resemble microwaves or ultraviolet radiation. However, unlike these known types, UFO rays during the day are characterized by many bright colors. The term "light rays" or light radiation is still used, although it is something else. UFOs can change the length of their rays. These forms of energy are called "solid light". It seems as if a UFO is causing a narrow band of radiation in the atmosphere. It can be said with certainty that we are dealing with a nonlinear phenomenon of electromagnetic radiation. It may be a consequence of the energetic transformation of the gravitational action, which is a nonlinear phenomenon.

In most cases, burns occur during irradiation, sometimes clothing also burns. Sometimes a ray of light overwhelms a person, paralyzes him and deprives him of consciousness, others fall ill after irradiation, and sometimes they even die.

Example: A 40m fireball appeared, making a lot of noise and emitting two long rays of fire over the years. The body takes about 10 minutes. it hovered over the water and emitted "blue smoke" down. It's gone. In 30 min. returned and lasted another 30 minutes ... then the ball reappeared after 5 minutes. and again 30 min. remained. Several fishermen were burned by "rays of fire".

Example: A light illuminated him, he was caught by the light, his eyes ached, he began to tear and he felt hot flashes.

Example: Blinded by a light "brighter than the flame of a welding torch", his car stopped on its own, a huge fireball approached and floated silently over the car. The witness got out and noticed another body - a disk with a diameter of 20m, 50s he felt a strong blow to the back, as if he "got hit by an electric wave". He fell to the ground, both bodies disappeared, the witness felt that his face and tongue were paralyzed "as after an injection" at the dentist.

Another example: The impact of UFO rays - burns, always small holes burned into the skin, around the wound created an inflamed area with a diameter of about 3 cm.


"After touching the object, it was thrown away by a light beam" - objects can materialize and then suddenly out of nowhere they are invisible.

Another example: Two soldiers approached a pair of flying balls and ignited, or it happens that if military fighters start chasing UFOs, a fire breaks out in their cockpits, and they can start a devastating fire in cars. Some houses even caught fire after a fireball flew over them. Somewhere, the rays burned from the UFO destroyed the entire village and the inhabitants. Once a UFO "captured" one of the men in a light cone. That is, he could not cross the boundary defined by the illuminated place from within. The light went out when the second man opened fire on the UFO, only then did the first man release himself from captivity. In several cases, people were lifted by levitation force and abducted to UFOs. Someone was still pulled down, other times you could catch a tree or a railing. One woman was seized by a solid light and pulled from the windows.

Kidnapping by UFO crews is a widespread phenomenon worldwide. They can create an invisible force field. The main purpose of the abductions is the collection of eggs and sperm and the subsequent "creation" of children or hybrids. They have their own intentions (experiments). The abductee claims that gray people perform medical procedures quickly and without emotions (robots).

UFO = cigar-shaped, triangular, plate-shaped or spherical in shape. Bodies respond to our behavior and can read our thoughts. They probably distinguish exactly when, how and to whom they show. They are able to predict. A clear feeling that someone is watching you, but you don't see anyone around you. "This intelligence certainly knew what we meant before we did it! This intelligence led the nose of all who tried to observe it systematically. Those phenomena are unrepeatable. None of them occurred in the same form one after the other. "

UFOs appear as if out of nowhere and disappear unexpectedly for no apparent reason. Huge, metallic, unidentifiable objects can change their shape, duplicate or merge with each other. They can also shrink to a "single point".

Today's man exists only in part in the three-dimensional material world. However, due to its intangible nature, it is rooted in other spatial areas.

Cattle mutilation is reported by breeders from all over the world. However, the victims of disfiguring fatal injuries are not only cows, but also horses, sheep, goats, dogs, hares, squirrels and opossums. Dead animals show no signs of wrestling. They lack internal organs, genitals, and usually one eye, ear, or tongue. The area around the rectum is often operated on. According to the findings of veterinarians, "UFO-surgeons-grayers" work in a flash and clean, as if they had tools using laser beams.

Orange glowing flying balls always appeared near the places where the mutilated cattle were found. Witnesses saw the animal hovering a meter above the ground, as if standing on an invisible platform. They ran to him, but moved away from them at the same height, the animal still roaring in despair (it was a calf). Then it rose to great heights, stopped sounding, and "suddenly disappeared behind a curtain." It seems that the mutilation of cattle may take place in a kind of parallel space, and only after the act is completed is the carcass returned to our world. Body without blood.

In scientific research, time can be described as a neutral element, but time is a very important factor for military defense. Soldiers cannot perform verification attempts at first to rule out even the last doubts. Army commanders responsible for defending the country must decide immediately and immediately recognize the intentions of the UFO. The Pentagon has commissioned a special committee of inquiry, the SIGN project, to analyze the "flying saucers." Between 1947 and 1948, the most intensive study of the UFO phenomenon took place. In 1950, it was renamed the GRUDGE project and the team also included non-scientific military units. In 1951, the project was canceled and replaced by a new one, marked under the code name BLUE BOOK.

"Unknown objects observed at high altitudes and moving at immense speeds around major United States defenses are of such a nature that they cannot be attributed to natural phenomena or to known types of aircraft."

In December 2007, an extraordinary number of unknown flying bodies swarmed over Japan. The foreign minister said: "There is no legitimate doubt that UFOs are a real phenomenon and are controlled by another form of life." The documents clearly show that unidentified flying objects exist.

Soldiers certainly know that unidentified flying objects exist and know what UFOs intend. However, in terms of its structure, science is no longer actually able to deal with such foreign phenomena, which belong to another reality and go beyond our hitherto known laws of nature.

The universe is full of intelligent life forms. And most of the representatives of the individual races will fly around us only briefly, take a quick look at the Earth and then head for more interesting targets. The country belongs to U.I.R. :-)

Flying bodies sometimes do not respond to shelling. Some objects simply fly away or "dissolve". The crews of these objects are probably the best they increasingly use weapons that give rise to some kind of energetic particle radiation. Their effectiveness varies. They can manifest themselves, for example, only by a slight warming of the victim, but also continue through paralysis, fainting to a lethal dose. UFOs also fire glowing orbs that, when in contact with the skin, cause burns and cause unconsciousness. Experience has shown that UFOs can escape any aircraft and, moreover, their "armor" is so strong that, for example, machine gun fire cannot handle them. It is known that Russian, American, Japanese and Peruvian machines hit UFOs with their onboard weapons, but without any visible effect.

In Samara (USSR), in 1990, a 15-meter-long triangular body landed near a military radar base shortly after midnight. An unknown object "light beam" aimed at the radar tower 140 m away. The tower overturned and ignited.

Sometimes it happens that missiles fired at UFOs hit a kind of "invisible wall" and shatter.



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