The law of unity

The law of unity or the law of one god

By the law of unity, let us understand something like the conceptually formulated, SYSTEMIC RULES OF THE GAME, by which the founders / creators of the Christ universes known as the (real) ascended masters of YANAS, expressed their own, intrinsic-inner laws on which the Christ universes operate. It could also be said that the law of unity reflects the primary divine order governing the interrelationships between all things and actors in these universes. At the heart of these relationships are concepts such as unconditional love, causal / mirror justice, peaceful coexistence, and help between all races.

All manifested beings and life props, including the universes themselves, are just different faces or forms of one and the same source / creator / god. It is a matter of personally recognizing that there is only one single consciousness, divine consciousness, and everything else is only locally living, algorithmically structured and hierarchical, multifaceted expressions or projections of this one common divine identity.

Awakening your inner divine source sparks or signature. This inner divine / source spark is contained in the energetic anatomy of each manifested being at the Christ level D12 and is known as the so-called inner Christ. He consciously connects not only with his spiritual family, but also purposefully with the source. Through this backwardness with the source of unifying ascension, such a being gradually regains his limited creative abilities of free will to a full level that allows such a being to make a masterful experience known as a moment of enlightenment or union with the source.

For this being, this experience means that it has entered the permanent and immortal life path of a natural and endless cycle of love and conscious co-creative activity within recognized divine unity, without losing individual memory and personal identity leading to the goal of full fusion with the divine unit.

The awareness and respect for the fact that the source resides in every manifested atom and molecule should become our permanent state of mind, a therapy leading out of the forgetfulness of our own divine essence. I.e. the whole essence of the ethics of our relationship to our surroundings and the essence of understanding the law of unity.





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