The structure of internal creation


Planetary Rasha Body of the Earth and Urtha for Dimension D-2: zones HZ and AZ

In the beginning, what it's all about - it's about the Outer Domains and the Stairs to Heaven that went through them and ended up in Yunasai, which was practically God-Source. Yunasai contained the Cosmic Matrix (Energy Matrix, Body of God-Eukatharaist, Cosmic Christ) in which the 15-Dim Time Matrixes were inserted. Then it expanded horizontally, with Yunasai ending it, but that there are 4 layers - 4 domains, of which 3 are internal (Rasha levels). Then it spread vertically, with 4 Domains remaining, but that Yunasai does not end there, and there are even higher levels above it: the laborious levels of the Superspace. The principle is the same as for the Stairs to Heaven. Several smaller units are inserted and framed into a larger, superior unit. For example, the Ecka-Veca system is embedded in Ekaši, which also has its own identity. The four Ekashis are inserted into the Ekashi-A, which frames them but has its own identity (they are all living conscious Beings). It is similar in the levels above Yunasai. The six Yunasai are framed into one Cosmic Cluster, which is a new level with its own identity. Two Cosmic Clusters co-create one Cosmos. Twelve Cosmos are inserted into the bowels of the KosMAya level, which is a total of 144 Yunasai.

The KosMAya level ends with the so-called External Creation, in which problems can enter and be damaged. The boundary of the fall of part of Creation was set by God at the level of Eck, ie total destruction in the form of a black hole and fragmentation of consciousness. Higher levels can no longer fall this way. E.g. the whole Ekash can no longer fall. However, its inside, which is 1 Ecka + 2 Veca, may fall. Ekaš will then be left with only the frame, ie the level of its own identity and the Ekašice real estate field, but it already has emptiness in its bowels, or rather it has black holes there. Such Ekaša is then very weak, she is ill. This is also the case with an Ekashi named WEsalA, who has both Veca quadrants heavily damaged. One quadrant (PCM) has fallen to the level of Dim D-11 and contains a black Wesedak hole inhabited mainly by predatory races of Anunnaki. The second quadrant (PKA) has fallen to the level of Dim D-10 and contains a black Wesedrak hole inhabited mainly by Draconian races and a fallen YHWH matrix inhabited by Jehovans. Worse is our dual Echa on the Adora side, called the Bourgha Matrix, where it's fallen totally including the Eck level. There was the maximum possible reversal, it could not be worse. Hence also our great problems associated with the invasions of the Bourgha races into our universes, as they broke the barrier separating Etora and Adora's party. They have historical acquisitions here, even on our planet. If many Ecka-Veca systems are damaged in this way, their superiors also suffer and must be treated. A damaged Ecka-Veca system can be healed with Cosmic Reset (Second Coming of the Cosmic Crystal). However, it is not yet necessary for it to be completely rotten and to have a sufficient amount of Christian coding in its masterpieces so that the saving currents from higher levels can anchor them (energetically, so that there is something to catch it for). Predators try to prevent this and therefore destroy this natural coding: they reverse and erase with their energies. What is capable of repair is caught in the energy landing net and a reset is performed.

From the original installation CDs stored in Yunasai, the KRIST Code is loaded into the Ecka-Veca masters with the help of Reuche Pillars, and we continue on the Ascension Wave (settling in the Crystal development cycles). What is not capable of repairing, the landing net will fall on a low-vibrating Descent Wave and it will slowly move to a total fall and ruin, when it ends up as a black hole (sovereign fall) or the Predators pull it into their holes like prey (non-sovereign fall). In our falling Ecka-Veca system, the Cosmic Reset was successfully launched in 2003. On May 27, 2003 (Hethalon's magnetic peak), after long preparations (opening the Radial Bodies of the Divine Worlds of the Stairs to Heaven by Flame Codes), a huge energy process took place: to the descent of the anchor 13. Reuche Pillar (so-called Flame of Amoraea) from the level of Yunasai and its anchoring to the planetary shield of the Earth. Around midnight (11:11 pm) there was an energetic period called the Great Silence, which is also called the Second Coming of the Cosmic Christ. This moment is one of the most sacred in our history (within our Universe, which is about 950 billion years old, this saving process may have occurred only once before). There was also a separation of ascents and descent planetary models, so the 2 versions of the Earth began to slowly separate and follow different evolutionary paths. That's why this night is also called Night of Two Moons, which is an observable ID energy phenomenon. 13. Reuche The pillar was fully activated on 12 August 2003, when it ran at full transmission power (Hetharo electric peak).

It has been found that there are many similar problems in a large number of Yunasai within our entire Cosmic Kosmaya level. That is, she is ill and needs treatment. This level is treated by the Fail Safe process, where help must come from the superior level KosMYah, which begins with the so-called Internal Created which is already indestructible and, of course, fall-free. Again, complex preparations must take place and energy barriers must open between KosMAya (the highest level of the External Creation) and KosMYah (the lowest level of the Internal Creation). These are, for example, interface real estate fields called Dhayatei Planes. While the External Worlds are based on a substance of God's Consciousness called Keylona, ​​the Internal Worlds are built on a substance called Plasma. There are other building materials from which templates and bodies are created for things living there and also for all things that are vibrationally lower. These are different types of Plasma and Pre-Plasma (Pre-Plasma) frequencies, which will then create 5 basic Elements, from which the whole Creation is woven. At the Internal Level, we have additional sets and layers of our Plasma Templates that we seek help with during Fail Safe treatment. Most of the Plasma Templates (about 2/3) are stored in the safety of the Inner Creature, which is harmless. A smaller part of them extends into the External Creation and is damaged. Information on its 3 levels is available on the pages of the structural structure of the Internal Creation: the first is KosMYah, above it is the EFFI Field, above it is the Ah-Yah Field. In the Internal Creation springs a gigantic stream of Christian plasma frequencies called the Crystal River, which is the basic energy of the Fail Safe regeneration process.

Levels of Above-Cosmic (Continuation of the Stairs to Heaven): hierarchy of Cosmos - "bubbles in bubbles".
1 Cosmic Matrix - the top of the Stairs to Heaven (Eukatharaista Body, Yunasai).
1 Cosmic Cluster has 6 Cosmic Matrixes.
1 Cosmos has 2 Cosmic Clusters and therefore 12 Cosmic Matrixes.
1 CosMAyah has 12 Cosmos, ie 144 Cosmic Matrixes.
------------------ ↓ Internal Creation ↓ ---------------------------- ------------------------
1 CosMYah has 7 KosMAyah, or 1008 Cosmic Matrixes.
1 EFFI field, has 3 Jats (Tri-Veca set), each Jata has 4 Precepts and 1 Pinakl (Tahu), each
Percept contains 1 KosMYah. These 'bubbles' are spherical frequency zones: they intersect and cannot be seen.
Pole Ah-Yah. The Field of God-Source Consciousness, the ocean, has tiny dots in it: the islands of EFFI.


It has 1 Ah-yah-RhU Core, also called Ahyaru Cosmos or Eternal Womb, where the central / core Ahyar Flame is.


It has 1 Cosminyahas core in its center (Cos-Min-Yahas ARhAyas Core), where there are 8 Plasma Suns S1-S8 and where there are also Halls of Cos-Min-Yahas. The Halls store the Primary Cluster of 8 Sun Cells and the Central / Core Flame of Elaisa (Elaisa Flame). The S8 sun has an exceptional position: it contains all the other Suns and at the same time it is in their center. It is also called the Eighth Hidden Sun (Hidden 8-th Sun). His AReutas Solar Cell contains 8 Fire-Ice Plasma Crystals of the Alhumbra Nuclear Creation, the Seed of the Core Eternal Identity (Reuta's Crystal Memory Matrix), the Eternal Seed Atom for the KRISTAR Consciousness Collective, from which all KosMYah-level real estate fields have sprung and returned. It is the Cosmic Christ Seed Atom Yan-Yan-A and its core E-Uma-Un, which carries the level of Crystal Consciousness. Plasma Crystals include Plasma Flows with a crystal protection factor of K + 1 (weakest) to K + 8 (strongest) as well as AMCC Alhumbra Console Collectives of Consciousness, having encryptions and commands for the Crystal River Plasma Host Fields that originate in the KosMYah core.

love spells 

EFFI field

The next level of Creation above KosMYah is the Field of EFFI: the dot in the Mind of God. This level, called EFFI (Eternal Field of the First Intelligence of the God-Source), consists of 3 Units of Jat in the geometric position of the Tri-Veca code (Eternal Phase Set Trinity, First Eternal Tri-Veca) and thus creates the original archetype of the phasing generator, which is repeated at lower levels. One Jatu (Ahu-Stri-yah Jha-TU, Ahustriya-Jatu, abbreviated: "Jatu") consists of 5 things. He has 4 Precepts and 1 Pinakl (Pinnacle, Ahu-Stri-jhe Ta-Hu, Ahustrij-Tahu, abbreviated: "Tahu"). Each Percept contains one KosMYah, which is wrapped in 3 energy layers called Coronus. In addition to containing something in itself, Percept also has its own existence and identity. Each Percept carries a different energy quality and core encryption. These are Pre-Plasma frequencies called Plasma (the difference between the English words Plasma and Plasm). Together, 1 Pinakl + 4 Percepty is drawn as circles with numbers. There are a total of 5 of them and they have the same configuration as 5 Alhumbra Cathedrals (Cathedrals are a small replica of them). These are the tall prototypes of the 5 Basic Elements from which the entire Creation is constructed. Pinakl is in the middle and has the number 1, carrying a universal all-encompassing pure Pre-Plasma: Plasma (purely Plasma). The perception above has serial number 2 and carries EndoPlasm. Percept below, has serial number 3 and carries TermoPlasm. The perception on the left has serial number 4 and carries HydroPlasm. The concept on the right has serial number 5 and carries EctoPlasm. The middle wheel is Pinakl, it has a different structure: it does not have KosMYa in it, but something else. It contains a set of 8 germline pre-plasma cells that suits Arijon (ARi-Yona). Its cells have a similar configuration as the Eiradon cluster. Each cell is called the Dominion or EtaUr KHY C-Unit: Consciousness Units and carries a nuclear encapsulation for Pre-plasma frequencies that contain 4 Percepts. KHY cells carry parts of the CHRIST Code, which is the basic creative tool of the Source, the programming language used to create Creation. There are a total of 24 of them and each carries (1/24) the Code. Pinakl carries programs for the origin of all four Perceptions and their function, and therefore is also referred to as the Halls of Ahu-Stri-yah Jha-TU. In the middle of Pinakl, in its very center, there is a very important thing: it is EFFI Ryon Krystal (EFFI Rhyon Crystal). This crystal is stored in a chamber, a cave that serves the Rhyon Crystal Room, which is a tall model of the Creative Cave. Ryon Krystal contains original creative programs for the creation of everything around him, ie everything that the EFFI Field contains. Ryon Krystal also serves as a memory matrix for the entire EFFI Field. In the center of this Ryon chamber is a point-passage that leads directly to the Field of God-Source Consciousness known as Ah-Yah. This point is a forerunner of the Creative Point and serves Crucible Point (crucible = crucible, crucible, blast furnace hearth, something like Melting Point). At this Melting Point, the substance of Source Consciousness is transformed into conscious plasma energies. The Pre-Eta-Ur Source field is vibrated to Eta-Ur and then remelted to Eternal Pre-Substance Plasm. It fills the bodies of 1 Pinakl and, after a suitable pre-element coding, also fills in its 4 Percepts. EFFI Pole has 3 Jats and therefore 3 Pinacles, in the position of Tri-Veca. It therefore has a total of 3x8 = 24 KHY Units, which together contain the entire CHRIST-Code. It also has 3x4 = 12 KosMYah. EFFI Field thus covers 12x1008 = 12096 Cosmic Matrixes (Junasai), where each of them has in its Outer Domain a whole Stairs to Heaven, at the bottom of which is the lowest Density HU-1, in it there are many universes, each has many galaxies, you they have many solar systems with planets and one of them is our Earth. EFFI is a small dot in the Field of God Consciousness. See. giant.

Pole Ah-Yah

It is the Field of God-Source Consciousness, also called the Sea of ​​Dreams. Not much has been said about its internal structure yet. Perhaps only that God in his Divine Mind dreams of his great dream of Creation and all that is in it. And all this he dreams of his little dreams with God, within his Great Dream.

Pole Ah-Yah
(empty space)

EFFI Field is a small island in the Ah-Yah Ocean
(germ of God's Dream of Creation)

EFFI islet under the magnifying glass:
has 3 Jats in a Tri-Veca lineup


1 Jatu has 4 Percepty + 1 Pinakl (Tahu),
each Percept contains 1 KosMYah

(two different views of Jatu)

1 KosMYah,
has 7 KosMAyah

1 KosMAyah,
has 144 Yunasajas


5 Alhumbra Katedrál:
řídí je 8 KHY Center


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