Human anatomy I.


At the level of the Outer Domains, we have our Light Crystal Body, which has a complex structure, much more complex than the physical body, which is only a material expression of the small pieces of extensive manifestation programs contained in the Light Body models. The basic energy constructs of our ID anatomy have already been mentioned in the Manifestation Sequence of Man, because it is through these models that both we and our intentions are projected into the real estate Hologram. The projection screen is the sphere of the Radial Body within the Shape Constant of the Merkaba, where a holographic Dense Hova Body is projected inwardly, in the center of which is also a physically manifested part of our Being in the appropriate Dimension. This is the case for all Densities and their Dimensions.

Particles of conscious energy

1. The doctrine of the interpretation of our anatomy begins with the type of material from which we are assembled and also everything else around us. The first are the so-called Partiki Particles (PKI). They are the smallest composite particles of energy-consciousness Sources, units of crystalline morphogenetic substance. These particles are something like atoms of consciousness that are constantly manifesting and demanifesting. They jump from the unmanifested ManU Field of God-Source through Yunasai and jump into the manifested Hologram of Being. There he creates all the things that are there, both models and the forms manifested according to them. Then they go back and disappear and thus everything they have made of themselves. It's happening very fast, so we won't notice it. They are particles-units creating a Unified Energy Field, as the basis of everything that emerges and manifests from it. For example, about 8x1020 Partiki particles are needed to create one of our common terrestrial photons. Partiki particles (neutral el-mag ManU quality) function as a pulse or phasing generator and are constantly externally cleaved and fused internally. Cleavage of PKI produces 2 more particles: Partika (PKA) and Particum (PCM). The generator represents the so-called Tri-Veca geometry, the archetype of God's Trinity: 1 basic PKI cell is at the top and 2 of it run out (PKA, PCM) are at the bottom. They run out of it at an angle of 45º from the perpendicular, go down the circle, where they join and together they return to the PKI perpendicularly. PKI is located in ManU Poli Zdroje. PKA and PCM jump out of it, create a manifested reality (cosmos and universes) for a moment, and come back again, making it all disappear. This is how the whole of Creation flashes quickly. The particle is a faster pulsating particle (electrical quality ManA, electro-light) and is the basis for the construction of anti-particles: it determines the pulse rhythm according to which the Partiki cluster into anti-particles. Particum is a slower pulsating particle (magnetic quality EirA, tonal-sound) and is the basis for the construction of particles: it determines the pulse rhythm according to which Partiki cluster into particles. Due to vibrational resonance, these particles aggregate to form primary structures. They represent a form of existence lying between pure consciousness and manifested matter. A living field of vibrating conscious energy Sources.

2. Partiki Strings and Grids. They are chains of organized PKI, the energy threads that make up the Canava of Creation. They are linear strings or fibers (Partiki Strands) that cluster into multi-dimensional grids (Partiki Grids). These gratings represent a conscious electro-magnetic light-sound (electro-tonal) vibrating network (matrix, canvas) of a conscious Single Energy Field of a 15-dimensional Time Matrix, which connects everything. From it, everything emerges into a visible manifestation and returns to it. This vibrational vacuum is the bearer of Standing Scalar Waves. Flash Lines and Flash Lines also run through it.

3. Keylons or Keylon Crystals (Keylons, Keylon Crystals). They are another level of complexity in grouping Partiki Strings within Partiki Grids. They already have a new quality: they are dimensioned, ie they already contain a division into 15 Dimensional (frequency) bands of oscillations (phasing) of the particles of primordial consciousness. They contain programs for phasing and clustering Partiki particles to form pre-material reality ID particles. Templates for el-mag field, time and space, our perception.

4. Keylon Codes. They are another level of complexity in grouping Keylons into functional structures. They control and direct energy flows for morphogenetic models of forms, they specify their pulse rhythm. Based on them, manifested forms are then created: it is their light-sound atomic and genetic template. It creates the original structure of all individualized forms and also the organizing collective intelligence of all things. All the properties of all manifested forms and consciousness can be influenced by interfering with their Keylon Codes.

5. Crystal Body (Crystal Body, also: Light Body, Ligth Body). It is an individual light-sound model for a specific manifested form of matter or consciousness. It is created from an extensive set of Keylon Codes, carrying a manifestation program and energy encryption of a given identity. It determines all its specific properties: atomic structure, body biological rhythms, metabolism, DNA, quality of consciousness and type the mental essence that can incarnate into this biological form. The Human Crystal Body includes the entire 12-Dim structure of its being, since man was constructed as a 12-DNA strand entity. Through this model, our entire bio-energy system and its structures, formations, constructs, such as the merkabas, auric fields, chakras, energy lines, nadial capsules, nadis, etc., and finally the material body, manifest.

6. Light Symbol Codes, also: Light-Sound Codes. These Light Codes are built into the structure of Keylon Codes, they are their powerful processor units. They determine the organizational structures of all Keylons in the Crystal Body. It is the electro-tonal structures of Partiki particles that generate certain specifically coded energy streams and direct them to specific locations in Keylon Crystals. They determine their operational parameters: pulse rate, rotational spin, interference angle, replication structure, etc. Due to errors in human evolution, many of these structures are damaged or non-functional. If they are repaired and activated, our masters will begin to work in a different, natural way, which will change our quality of experience and accelerate our ability to ascend. The dormant potential of our DNA is activated, through which our biology and the consciousness anchored in it manifest. The influx of new frequencies is needed for the process of cellular transmutation (cell transformation) to a finer form of the body.

Symbol Codes are powerful tools that can be used to intervene in programs in Keylon Codes and thus directly change the properties of the manifested things. It's a job in the Realm of Causes. This is the power of symbols and mantras. They are Light-Sound Scalar Technologies that can do a lot: fix faulty parts of originals, wake up sleeping parts of originals, finish missing parts of originals. But they can also do things the opposite: block something, resample something, reverse polarity, delete something, program something foreign there. All work with human ID anatomy is based on these principles. The KATHARA Healing Sytem is also built on this. See. Fig. Phasing of Partiki and Keylon Crystals.

Scalar Masters are large continuous invisible holographic fungi (underground), from which then grow individual visible fungi (fruiting bodies above the ground), which one already perceives and sees. By local excitation of the fungus at suitable places on the earth's surface (heat, humidity, etc.), the germs of the fruiting bodies are projected from these 'fungal masts', which either attach themselves and grow (manifest) or not. By local excitation of the vacuum, according to the original programs, subatomic particles (quarks, etc.) manifest as energetic densities at certain places of the 3-dimensional planetary hologram. These are put together as puzzles into higher units (nucleons, atoms, molecules, material forms and biological bodies). These then function in their normal way, as we know it from our gross physical laws, within our perceptual scope of consensual reality. Our autonomous processes are controlled by templates. By mastering this level of our anatomy ID, we can consciously influence these processes (breath, heart rate, temperature, metabolism, etc.). Other things are governed by our free will, within the broader context and evolutionary program of the individual and his biological species.



(left) Particle phasing: PKI ↔ PCM + PKA.

(right) Keylon Strings (Partiki Strands, Strings, Grids).

(A) Example of Keylon Crystal (frozen crystal conscious light).

The geometries of the KRIST-Code are thus embodied in the structures of the Source Intent.

(B) Example of Keylon Code (Clusters of Crystals).

Creates morphogenetic fields as templates for the formation of forms and shapes.

Similar fields arise during mental activity - it is an energetic form of thoughts


Parameters of particles of consciousness

These are control parameters that determine the behavior (phasing, flashing) of Partiki particles and higher Keylon assemblies assembled from them, such as: vibration content (energy retention, mag, EirA), oscillation content (energy output, el, ManA), ratio (vibration / oscillation), spin vector ARPS (Angular Rotation of Particle Spin). E.g. the ratio (ManA: EirA) = (lightness: difficulty) determines the density of the environment and its forms. The goal of spiritual development is to slowly increase this ratio, with the proviso that both of these mutually balancing components must still be present in precise proportions. The goal is not to suppress the stress aspect, but to bring both of these natural polarities into such harmony that they can merge in the process of demanifestation and together go through the ManU Window into higher realities. E.g. the ARPS spin vector determines the very basic characteristics of real estate fields. In general, the rotation of a body or particle has phenomenal consequences even at our material level: a deflection field is generated. E.g. when the body falls freely in a vacuum, the rotating body may have a different speed than the non-rotating body1. ARPS determines the internal structure of Dimensions and Density, creates their barriers (el-mag repulsion zones), defines time vectors of evolution and pulse rhythms, ensures visibility and invisibility of various things in the same space, creates the perception of physically 3-dimensional space (x-axis, y, z).

Invisibility. The whole of Creation takes place in the same as if 'space', which is virtual, but objectively it does not exist at all, it is created only by (circumvent consensual) perceptual illusion of the forms living in it. It's like that radio. When he tunes in to one station, that station becomes his physical reality, he perceives it as sonically real. When it tunes in to another station, it is transferred to a completely different reality, but at the same time it does not move physically at all, it is still in the same place. Where is the place? Where are the stations? Because the whole of Creation has full coverage of the divine signal, the radio can be anywhere it is being manifested so that it can play at all: in fact, everywhere and nowhere.

Three-dimensionality. This illusion is given by the mutual setting of 3 basic Lightning lines of Partiki particles, which within our 3-Dimensional Density (D1-3, HU-1) form 3 energy Axiom lines, one for each Dimension. Each line has a different ARPS and projects the contents of the originals on one level (screen, monitor). There is an angular offset of 90º between the Dimensions. So there are 3 perpendicular projection planes that create our known three-dimensional physical space, defined by 3 perpendicular axes x, y, z. Attention. The term Dimension (D 1-15) means a certain frequency band of oscillations of Partiki particles (wavelength range of radio stations: long, medium, short, etc.). The concept of physical dimensionality of our space (3 axes: x, y, z) is something completely different. It is a consequence of the complex processes of our energy anatomy and our perceptual apparatus responding to the fact that the incarnate's consciousness is simultaneously anchored to three different vibrational levels of D1-3. Our Star Crystal Seals (vertical), Seed Crystal Seals (horizontal) Diodic Points (diagonal) play a role in this, serving as modulation elements for the translation of the Dimensional Vibrational Spectrum into perceptual reality.

Setting the oscillation parameters of Partiki particles is similar to setting the parameters of our common el-mag field (photons). They are still the same photons, but they do different things depending on their frequency setting. According to decreasing oscillation frequency (increasing wavelength): destructive gamma rays, X-rays, X-rays, UV (ultraviolet, tans), VID (visible, we see, 0.38-0.76 microns), IR (infrared, heats, microwaves and ovens) , radio waves (listening to the radio). Likewise, Partiki particles do different things according to their settings, behave differently, create different objects, otherwise interact with other objects, etc.

Kathara (Tree of Life)

The doctrine also derives the interpretation of our anatomy from Kathar Grid (abbreviated: only catarrh or grid) for our particle Veca Quadrant (PCM-base), which is the original Tree of Life. It has 12 centers (wheels, safes), which are connected by 15 lines (connectors). An example is the Space Kathara, which includes the 4 Densities of the Time Matrix and their 12 Dimensions. Those 12 Kathara centers show software packages for parts of the Universe or parts of our Being anchored in 12 different vibrational zones (Dimension D1-12) and 4 Densities (HU1-4). The 15 Kathara connectors represent communication lines and data lines between the centers, because everything communicates with each other and together they form one functional unit. The lines have 3 main directions: vertical (│), horizontal (─) and diagonal (∕). The central pillar and its centers (1,2,5,8,11,12) have a privileged position and are functionally superior to others. The centers (2,5,8,11) are the so-called GruAl centers and represent the middle Dimension of the four Densities (HU-1 has D1,2,3 and D2 is the middle one). The left side of the grid-left part of our body (pillar 4,7,10) is base-magnetic (EirA). The right side (pillar 3,6,9) is the electromagnetic base (ManU) and in polarity to the left side obv. works 1 Official (scientific leave) grav Itation and relativistic effects are described, for example, in Mod. Phys. Lett. A 16 (2001) 789-794 and Physics Letters A 318 (2003) 241-250. Unofficial (forbidden) research and its results are numerous, but automatically condemned as frivolous and false (= intrigue), see eg Bruce DePalma - an enthusiast and successor of (completely real) Tesla ideas of free energy parties and many others. The idea that Humanity would have access to free energy (zero-point energy, vacuum energy, frequencies of mercabic fields, uniform dimensional fields of the universe, etc.) is completely unacceptable to the Predator: all people would have enough of it and could live decently and happily. , it would be almost free. So everything related to the energy business on Earth, its profits, terrorist financing, the pandemic of Islam, the blackmail of all states and peoples would disappear. Oil would become worthless dirt. S. Greer, for example, deals with the topic of free energy. as electric. The central pillar is base-electric (ManA). This polarity is compatible with our double - the parallel Veca Quadrant (both Quadrants form one whole). The space Kathara is very coarse, but it contains all 12 Dimensions at the same time, ie the entire frequency spectrum. It exists for all created things, that is, for universes, galaxies, solariums, stars, planets, humans, animals, minerals, etc., if they have a 12-dimensional design. These grids are then pushed together according to the sizes of the things their programs carry and are connected together. For every thing, however, there are many smaller grids that carry more detailed programs for different narrower frequency bands. E.g. one has an extra grid for each Density (ie 4 pcs of Density Grids) and also for each of the three Dimensions of each Density (ie 4x3 = 12 Dimension Grids). Each Dimensional Grid has 12 centers carrying implementation programs for its 12 Sub-Dimensions. Thus, each frequency band of a given Dimension has another 12 sub-bands and each has its own coding in the form of one center of the dimensional grid. All this is tucked into itself again like matryoshka dolls and connected and intertwined together. All grids are upright, their central pillars merge and have a common central point AzurA: the center of the grid (between 6 and 7 sefira). The central pillars form a common Central vertical energy tube leading through the center of the body, also called the Crutch (Staff), into which many important things are anchored (eg the centers of all chakras, etc.). Our horizontal tube is Rod and passes through sephirs 6 and 7. It is the Crutch of our anti-particle double that manifests on a parallel Earth in a parallel universe (we are in the PCM Veca Quadrant, he is in the PKA Veca Quadrant). The two tubes intersect at the center of the AzurA (top of the sternum, thymus area). There is stored in the D-8 band our Monadic Core and the Monadic Shield, carrying the core energy encryption of our Identity, our Being, our Self.

Kathara Grid as a symbol and mantra (Ka = light, Tha = sound, Ra = unity). Kathara is a mathematical-geometric shape (symbol, symbol code), which carries important information about the values ​​of the ID settings of physical quantities and their mutual proportions. Each center carries programs for sequencing the phasing of Partiki particles to create a substance and structure for a given Density, Dimension, SubDimension that corresponds numerically.

Incarnated Kathara Grid. The symbolic representation of the grid as a geometric image also has its biological correspondence. E.g. The human dimensional grid for the D-3 aspect of man contains software packages for his Mental Body (3rd layer of the aura). In this vibrational zone we have anchored part of the consciousness of our identity, which is able to reflect on itself and perceive itself as an individualized Self, which is very important (see problems with damage to the perception of your identity). There are also psychological processes, logical and rational, the creation of visions and intentions. The embodied Kathara means a set of 12 places, especially in the body, where the access centers to the individual sefirs are anchored. In the case of our D-3 lattice, these are the following places: 1-center of the Earth (connection of human and planetary models), 2-prostate, vagina, 3/4-ureters, ovaries, 5-navel, 6/7-shoulder depressions, 8 -thyroid gland, 9/10-brain, behind the ears, 11-pineal gland, 12-chakra No. 10 (morphogenetic, unembodied, on the central tube 15 cm above the head). Thinking takes place in the D3 band and the brain interprets it and passes it on to the perceptual apparatus, which allows one's own experience of mental processes. You can think even without a physical body, but there is no physical experience. Problems with thinking are rather related to the biological dysfunction of the brain as an electromagnetic interface (interface, translator) between the auric layer and the body. The manipulation of the mind (Mass Mind Control Systems) takes place, for example, by using scalar technologies to create artificial blockages in the brain that prevent it from receiving certain natural frequencies, make a Frequency Plot, through which we do not see (perceive) large parts of reality around us and we don't know about it at all (it's like a fish in an aquarium that doesn't understand its walls or a fly behind a window that doesn't understand its glass). On the one hand, our horizons of knowledge are narrowing, and on the other hand, we are narrowing our minds In various places, various predatory systems can be installed right next to us and damaged opinions and ideologies can be pushed to us. The well-known American HAARP in Alaska and satellite networks, which broadcast these programs nationwide through all microchip technologies, are used for this purpose. All reverse PIN networks are also involved.

The grid for our D3 body (Mental) has 12 sefir carrying programs for the 12 SubDimensions of our Mental. Some of these programs have been intentionally damaged due to mutations in our templates. Using predatory light-sound scalar technologies, the sequences of the original CHRIST-Code for the production of Man were rewritten. Using the Reverse Light Symbol Codes, devastating interventions have been made into our Keylon Codes, which contain collective human models at the level of all mankind, as a cosmic biological species. Kathara Healing brings light-sound scalar technologies containing our original Crystal models, which can be used to slowly remove these damages. In the case of our D-3 body, for example, there was an unnatural extreme polarization of its lower SubDimensions, where the lower aspects of our Self (Ego) are encoded. This created an unnaturally exaggerated earthy and selfish ego that causes us problems and distorts our perception of the identity of ourselves and others. This creates lasting and protracted conflicts that pit people against each other, energetically strengthen them through fighting and rivalry, and can easily be manipulated into aggressive behavior, killing, and warfare, which was the intention. This sick part of the Ego must be cured and not destroyed. It would be madness to destroy part of your natural anatomy. You need to restore the original settings in the damaged areas of the originals. And this is only possible with the same procedures that created them.

There are 3 levels of Kathara Anatomy. Kathara Level-1 is owned by Kathara Grid and its Sefira (Centers) and Connectors. Kathara Level-2 is a system of Crystal Seals (Star and Seed). Kathara Level-3 is a system of Diodic Points (energy vortices, chakras) and also Miodic Points (anti-particle counterparts of Diodic Points in a parallel universe).

Crystal Seals

They are crystalline constructs created from Partiki particles that regulate the flow of frequencies within the Dimensional Spectrum. There are 2 types, Seed and Stellar, which have different functions.

HKP (Star Crystal Seals, │). They are anchored in the Central Pillar of space Qatar, in the Central Tube. They regulate the flow of energy through the 3 vertical pillars of Qatar and separate the various vibrational zones - Dimensions. There are 15 of them and they separate 15 Dimensions (D1-15) within the whole Time Matrix and its 5 Densities (HU1-5). It creates energy barriers, repulsion zones, phase locks between adjacent Dimensions so that they do not mix. They keep parts of our consciousness anchored in the individual Dimensions. These dimensionally anchored parts of our Being are called our Dimensional Bodies. Within our Density (HU1) we have 3 bodies: D1-atomic, D-2 emotional, D3-mental. Our Dimensional Bodies have a certain autonomy and partial identity, as well as limited freedom of action. Our task as Identity Self from D-4 (the last observer) is to understand them, know their needs, understand their mentality and types of behavior and make them a well-coordinated and well-functioning team, which will be a tool for us to fulfill our incarnation mission. The problem is that due to mutations, we are not able to re-tune the gas through the focus of waking consciousness into different zones and communicate directly with these three of our Sub-Selfs or Sub-Beings (or perhaps better: Together-Selfs and Common-Beings). So we don't have access to them. Another problem is that the masters of these three of our bodies have been damaged, so they are seriously ill and have problems. The goal of the mutations was not to be able to create the team and fulfill our guard and ascension mission.
The goal of the natural division of our Identity in HU-1 into 3 parts is so that through them one can experience different experiences in different zones within their separation and then unite them again and put them together. This is the best way to know Creation and learn to understand it. Activation of HKP seal locks will cause depolarization of repulsion zones, opening of barriers and interconnection of separate parts of consciousness into one whole, which will include the experience of all 3 Dimensions at once. After this integration of all three Dimensional Bodies within Huston's Hova Body HU-1, the Density Locks on the Hova Body and its surrounding Radial Body will open and ascension to a higher HU-2 Density is possible (DNA activation, merkaba, biological form transmutation). Because our three co-bodies are damaged and we do not have access to them, this integration and ascension is not possible and we remain trapped in HU-1, where we constantly incarnate and soon die. Different schools work with three aspects of our Being and use different names for them (eg body, soul, spirit, see Fr. Bardon: The Gate to True Initiation).

Seed Crystal Seals (─). They are anchored in the Central Pillar of Qatar, in the Central Tube, form the nuclei of the chakras (germs, centers, crystal seals, seal locks) and contain programs for their function. There are 1 of them 5 pieces, one seal and its chakra for each Dimension D1-15, ie for the whole Time Matrix and its 5 Densities (HU1-5). They regulate energy flows through Qatar's horizontal links, where they operate as frequency converters within a given Dimension. While the Star Seals separate the dimensions from each other, the Seed Seals and their chakras work within a single dimension and control its energies. Chakras regulate flows in a given dimension between the particle and anti-particle world. They connect our personal biofields with our parallel twin in the anti-world. They connect us to the unified energy field of the universe within a given dimension. This nourishes the appropriate auric layer and fills the energy lines and pathways. This allows for the infinite circulation of life energies and the immortality of the biological form. However, this does not happen in the case of damaged originals, which is also our case.


(Signets, 5 pcs). They are triplets of three crystalline structures as sub-programs of the three Kathara centers and create templates for density shields (1 HU = 3 Dimensions = 3 Sephirae). Sefira lying on the central pillar of Qatar (GruAl sefira) controls the function of both others. Activation of the signet causes the shield to rotate, after full activation it serves as the Stargate: ID density passages. The term Signet sometimes means three Sefir or each one of them.


(Shields, 5 pcs). They carry programs for Hova's density of bodies. They are scalar fields in the shape of horizontal light disks, which have a complex internal structure (shield anatomy). They are controlled by signets, when activated, they spin and light up. Increasing the rotation of the shield activates the signet for the higher shield. They are called as follows: HU1-Telluric Shield, HU2-Doradic Shield, HU3-Teuric Shield, HU4-Maharic Shield, HU5-Rishic Shield.

Hova's body

(Hova Bodies, 5 pcs). These are the density levels of consciousness of our Identity, our Dense Bodies. In each Density we have one, ie a total of 5 pieces. They are called as follows: HU1-Nada Hova, HU2-Alphi Hova, HU3-Betcha Hova, HU4-Mahara Hova, HU5-Raja Hova. They are concentric self-contained spheres (capsules) of conscious energy. Each Density Body has 3 layers, which are our three Dimensional Bodies (D1,2,3 for HU1, D4,5,6 for HU2, etc.). They are parts of the consciousness of our Identity anchored in dimensional bands. The Dense Body has its own consciousness, and its three Dimensional Bodies also have their own consciousness. They are called as follows (vibrationally from bottom to top): D1-atomic-etheric body, D2-emotionally elemental body, D3-mental body. These three sub-Dim-bodies are in the same order in each density: atomic (D1, D4, D7, D10), emotional (D2, D5, D8, D11), mental (D3, D6, D9, D12). Thus, for example, our astral body D4 from the point of view of earthly man as the Incarnate in HU1 is at the same time the atomic body of our Soul in HU2. Hova's body creates a manifestation space, a personal hologram of being for our density Self, the illusion of 3-dimensional space (x, y, z) and the linear course of time (t) arises here. Our personal Hova bodies are immersed in a large planetary Hova body, which sets their pulse parameters to the same common value so that all people perceive the same part of planetary reality (consensual reality). So that they can experience and co-create it together and thus learn the Law of Oneness and gain experience in a given Density. If the parameters were set differently for everyone, we would not perceive each other at all, we would be invisible to each other, because everyone would have a slightly different ARPS. Hova's planetary bodies are immersed in Hova's body in the solar system, in the galactic body, in the cosmic body, and in the cosmic body. Each level has its Dense Hova Body. Each Hova Body is stored in a three-layer energy shell or shell called the Radial Body (like a walnut kernel). The Radial Body is formed in the space of the Shape Constant inside the Merkaba of the appropriate level. These energy Bodies are separated (locked) by repulsion zones so that they do not mix. During projection or ascension, their Seals open and the various vibrational levels of our Being merge. See Picture of Hova Body and Radial Human Body.

osobní hova těla

Radial Bodies

(Radial Bodies, RB, 5 pcs). RBs are like spherical holographic screens, into which the spatial hologram of our Hova Body is projected. They are energy shells (shells, shells) of Hova's dense bodies, they grow through them and nourish them (Radis energy lines). They serve as energy barriers and separate them from other vibrational levels and provide them with an autonomous life within a given density. They have a layered structure, 3 shells: inner magnetic sound Meajhe Pole (EirA base), middle electric light Trion Pole (ManA base), outer el-mag nonpolar Reion Pole (ManU base, omni-polar). In the Radial Body are stored energy passages to the neighboring Densities, connecting us with the higher levels of Creation. The personal ones open for ascension. The cosmic ones open during Star Activation Cycles (2012-2022) and serve as Star Gates. By activating the Radial Body, the barriers open and this body is transformed into a Flame Body. This will allow the contents of two adjacent Hova bodies to be joined, with a smaller body of lower density (eg HU1) opening inside a larger body of higher density (HU2). On a personal level, consciousness will expand from the level of the Incarnate to the level of the Higher Self of the Soul, which is a natural step of ascension. Performed physically, that is, the transfer of a person from Earth to Tara. The radial body also serves as a polarizing filter and transmits only the appropriate frequencies from the Primary Currents of Life Forces to a given density. It converts Meajhon and Trion particles into Muons and Dions, which carry pre-sound and pre-light fields and templates for protons and electrons. The Eiros point of the Manifestation Sequence is also anchored in the Radial Field, where the memory trace and the experience of the past, present and future, ie the perception of the linear passage of time, arise. The ManU Field in the Reion layer can be called the Realm of Causes. From here the direct ray of ManA emerges into the manifestation (future intention) and here the return ray of EirA returns from the manifestation (past experience). Here they are compared, evaluated and the intention is changed, ie the production of programs for what I want to create. From the point of view of the flashing of Creation, ManU Pole is a state of de-manifestation, in which I make another slide in my models, which I then project into the external hologram. Thanks to the flashing, we spend about half of the time in the manifested form and half in the de-manifested form, when our consciousness is withdrawn into the ManU Field, ie into the Realm of Causes. So we should not complain that we will not get into this key sphere and if so, just for a little while. We spend about half our lives there (about 35-40 years), which is not valid for us, because we don't know about it at all. We can help with awareness of the breath and knowledge of the mechanism of the Manifestation Sequence.

Healing of the radial body

The damaged Radial Body is treated using Veca Code Technology, which contains the necessary parts of the CHRIST Code that are inserted into it to rewrite the mutated sequences. They are typical light-sound scalar instruments of the Kathara healing system. Since the Radial Body is a spherical holographic canvas, into which the real estate field of Hova's body is projected, the healing of the Radial Body (model) automatically heals the Hova's body (manifestation). Veca Codes belong to a wider family of so-called Flame Codes, which unlock the seal locks on the Radial Bodies, open passages to higher vibrational levels, from where the original Christ versions of the originals preserved for lower levels are downloaded for healing purposes. a ascence. As always, this is true on the macro-scale (planet, universe) and on the micro-scale (human), because man is a tiny copy of the entire universe and has the same structures.

Flame codes

(Eukatharaista Shield Codes, Heliotalic Passage Codes). RB = Radial Body
VECA codes open by RB Veca → Ecka (number: 12 + 1 pcs, name: Veca Codes)
ECKA codes open by RB Ecka → Eckasha (12 pcs, ReionAYana)
SCEPTER TEMPLAR codes open RB Eckasha → Eckasha-A (12 pcs, El HaiaLeAi)
TEMPLAR REUCHE codes open RB Eckasha-A → Eckasha-Aah (12 pcs, Ma'a Hau Eta ')
KRIST codes open by RB Eckasha-Aah → Yunasai (12 pcs, # 1 is Veca Mahadra)

Veca Codes

1. Low codes (4 pcs): Planetary codes ManU

2. Medium codes (3 pcs.): Galactic codes of ImManU

3. High codes-I (2 pcs): Space codes ImManUEl

4. High Codes-II (3 pcs): Cosmic codes ImManUYana

5. Crown code (1 piece): Divine Seed Code - Yunasai (Source Code)

Flame Codes are stored in the scalar templates of Dimensional and Density Shields for the planet, galaxy and universe (macro) and their replicas (!) Are also embedded in our personal anatomy (micro), in our Axiom and DNA templates as Dimensional Fire Letters ). These codes are the real Keys to Star Gates. They open our planetary and personal RBs for the influx of Source frequencies, which gradually increase our vibrational level (BPR-Base Pulse Rhythm). Man is always evolving with his planet, and therefore both have the same sets of ascent codes. So that they can go together and, if necessary, help each other. If a person's originals are damaged, he can repair them by downloading backup copies from Earth shields into their personal shields (codes download). If the Earth's models are damaged, people will use energy rituals (such as Arthurian Round Tables) to send backup copies of their personal shields to its planetary shields. If both the planet and humans are damaged, which is a typical situation of the Earth due to the activities of the Predator Races, then Ranger teams must come here in very risky incarnations for their Christ Missions, where SVS butchers are already waiting for them here. These incarnates have the originals of the Codes in their templates, as well as the ability to connect to the super-planetary levels to download the original programs and introduce them into the planetary templates, making them accessible to damaged humanity.

For information, the High Veca Codes are listed here, which are directly related to the Bethlehem Period and its True Christmas Story. There are precise time cycles when precise energy interventions in planetary grids need to be made to prepare the Earth and its life field for ascetic opportunities, specifically our last possible SAC-2012, or an irreversible fall into black holes, along with the Milky Way. One such key period is about 2 thousand. years before the SAC began, when reversals in planetary shields must be repaired with clean ascent codes and keys that will allow the Earth to repair its damaged Radial Bodies. So that the Earth can activate them during the SAC into the Bodies of the Flames and open them through its Higher Self (HU2-Tara, HU3-Gaia, HU4-Aramatena) up to the HU5 version of its Identity in the Ecka level, which is the real Inner Earth and thus escaped the fall (Inner Earth, Middle Earth; inner because Eka is called the inner divine world, middle because Eka is a resonant tone and lies vibrationally between the slow frequency of our magnetic PCM earth and the high frequency of our parallel PKA earth, which is constantly polarized by itself. flashes). Therefore, a strong and specially trained team of the Brotherhood of Esén was reincarnated here during this period. It was such a Ranger Christ Strike Command that was to ensure the implantation of the High Veca Codes into the planetary Temple Complex. Its members carried special programs in their DNA models, enabling these codes to be transmitted to planetary grids through their bodies and biofields. In order to be born (incarnate) here at all, there had to be genetically pure and strongly vibrated parents who had not polluted their models for many generations by mating with anything anti-Christian. In this geographical region, the Essenes had important energy points at their disposal, which they also used for their work: passages to the Inner Earth near Bethlehem, Planetary Stargate No. 4 in Egypt, the main planetary chakra No. 2 in Jerusalem and No. 4 in Egypt, portals under the Sphinx leading to the Halls of Amenti, where there are also Akashic Libraries, portals under the Great Pyramid for teleporting through the Convention Bridge (some of these places have been reversed). These codes were:

Ad 3. High codes-I
Three things

Ad 4. ​​High codes-II

These High Veca Codes together (5 pcs.) Correspond to the D-12 Divine Master of CHRIST and the Fields of Primordial Sound (Meajhe) and Primordial Light (Trion), they have the power to correct all lower Veca Codes and Scalar Templates according to the Divine Manifestation Master and the Divine Health Master. They are also called Photo-Radionic Codes.

Ad 5. Crown code


Ecka is a mathematical-geometric program that contains and controls the mathematical facts of the mutual interactions of scalar wave fields in Planetary Shields. Much of our personal scalar templates are also based on this symbol. Its activation will give us access to the subharmonic frequencies of the Keerasha pre-light field (HU5) and the Khundaray pre-sound field (HU6-8), as well as vibrations from the level of the Eckash Universes. Also anchors the Eck-Veca Seed Atom through the Eckash Ad-Don-draea Amoraea Flaming 13th Reuche Pillar. Giant. The Ekaša symbol was mentioned on the title page of the TAM1 text. It includes the Reuche Code. It forms the heart of the image of Eckash, it contains a cross of 12 Reuche Pillars, which, like nuclear rods lowered from the level of Yunasai, vibrate downward energetically to feed the entire Creation. It is the true cross of Christ, the Christ cross of Eternal Light, the Code of Christ of Eternal Life. It contains internal coding for the formation of Light and Sound, ie the sacred geometry for the phasing of Partiki particles. It can be used in many ways, such as as a projection vehicle for the Halls of Amenti.

Energy tracks

There are a number of energy lines and pathways that intersect different levels of our personal and planetary anatomy, have different sources and missions. Some typical ones are listed below.

Axiom Linie

(Axi-Tonal Lines, Axiom Lines, 12 pcs). 12 Sephir of Qatar generates 12 Axiom lines, these represent 12 different angles of the spin vector of phasing Partiki particles ARPS projection of Lightning lines, from which 12 different mutually separated vibrational levels enter: 12 Dimensions, D1-12. Each Signet (Sefira) creates 1 Seed Seal and it has a program for 1 projection angle of the dimensional Flash Line, which is a uniaxial rotating Dimensional light sequence that fits the Axiom Line. Thus, each Axiom of the line corresponds to one Dimension (D1-12). Axiom-A = our universe (PCM), Axiom-B = parallel universe (PKA), Axiom C = Ecka level (PKI). Axiom is the primary line, it is the basis for other energy distribution networks ID anatomy (human, planet, universe), templates for DNA strands and chakras. These lines are vertical compositions: they enter the top of the head and pass downwards, crossing many times along the way and exiting through the fingers and toes. Order from thumb to little finger, left side of the body (5,1,10,7,4) and right side (8,2,9,6,3). Axiom lines No. 11 and 12 oppose the Central Vertical Tube in opposite directions, and in some places of their crossing, the main chakras are formed: 7 embodied chakras. This current state is unnatural and mutated. Originally, a person had 6 fingers and the Axiom lines did not cross anywhere and in natural order passed through the body through the fingers. The aim of the mutation was to block the function of key lines for energy distribution from Dimensions D11 and D12 and to reverse polarize the remaining 10 lines. Therefore, the program for the manifestation of the 6th finger (second thumb) was removed from our models, in addition to the little finger on the hands and feet, where lines No. 11 and 12 used to stand. It is possible to activate his Ethos model using exercise techniques. The material manifestation of the damage of 10 lines is the nails on the ends of human fingers (that is why they are so pampered in nail studies today). Damage to these primary lines has damaged the entire energy system built on them.

Lightning lines for different Dimensions are projected at different angles. In the three Dimensions (D1,2,3) we have different projection planes and the impression of 3-dimensional space (x, y, z axes) is created. These 3 basic directions that we physically perceive in our Hologram are called Sacred Directions. The basic orientation is as if one were standing on a clock face placed on the ground face up, facing up: facing 6 (future) and back to 12 (past), left hand pointing to 3 (magnetic hand pointing to the electric spiral of the anti-double merkaba) ) and right to 9 (polarity reversal), the head points upwards (our electric spiral, CW, draws cosmic energy towards us) and the feet downwards (our magnetic spiral, CCW, draws the earth energy from us). This also determines the direction of rotation around the vertical axis (Crutch). One rotates according to numbers: CW is 6,9,12,3 and CCW is 6,3,12,9. The rotation along the front-rear horizontal axis is given by the clock hanging on our chest face forward (away from the body). For example, the rotation of the Monadic Shield, which hangs like this in AzurA, and the dominant polarity of the creature (software) are determined: CW-boy (ManA base), CCW-girl (EirA base). How the physical body (hardware) plays with it is a different matter. Rotation along the right-left horizontal axis (Rod) is somehow not used much, Rod obv. it rotates itself in a horizontal plane around the crutch, where it is immersed in the shield. Of course, nested Holograms rotate around all axes (wheels in wheels).

Ley Linie

(Ley Lines). They are secondary lines, less significant, they form a horizontal composition (planetary anatomy)


(Meridian Lines). These are secondary lines derived from the Axiom lines (human anatomy), through which it is possible to influence the Axiom lines and then up to the Kathara centers, if we understand our anatomy well.

Nadial Lines

(Nadial Lines, Nadis). They energetically nourish the Nadial Capsule, which is a fine material around and through our physical body and creates our biofields. It's like an energy bag with our body in HU1 at the end of a projection fiber coming from Hova's body of our Soul in HU2, this is how her 12 Incarnations hang vibrating down from it.

Radial Lines

(Radial Lines, Radis). They energetically nourish the Radial Capsule, which is a fine material around and through our Hova body and creates its border or shell, which separates us and connects us to higher levels.

love spellsDiodic points

(Diodic Points, ∕). Energy vortices containing ID and inter-harmonic frequencies. They consist of a pair (white + black) hole, connecting the universe particle and parallel (antiparticle): us + our parallel twins. They form in places where the scalar fields of various vibrational bands intersect or overlap, where the horizontal and vertical lines of the Kathara lattice intersect (man and planet, physical body and morphogenetic field). They serve as time portals, passages between dimensional time continua and harmonic (density) time cycles. It intersects with vertical inter-harmonic portals (various densities, Stargates) and with horizontal ID time portals. The passage of consciousness through time portals connects us to our co-incarnations, which are other aspects of our own identity anchored in other time vectors and experiencing simultaneous lives. Sometimes we perceive it as our re-incarnation memory. The incarnations are contemporary. The diode points control the diagonal direction of the energy flows in the Kathara lattice (mark ∕) and add a third physical dimension to our illusion of space.


12 The axiom lines intersect each other, they intersect with the Central Vertical Pillar of the Kathara Grid, they intersect with the horizontal lightning lines of the Seed Seals. Diodic points and Diodic vortices of various sizes arise everywhere at these intersections, large vortices are composed of smaller vortices. The larger Diodic vortices are called chakras. According to their size, they are classified into 3 boxes: primary (15 pieces of the main Dimensional Chakras), secondary (eg palm and foot chakras), tertiary (a large number of vortices piercing our energetic anatomy). Furthermore, only about the main (dimensional) chakras. Each chakra is created on the basis of an electro-tonal program for a given vibration level contained in one Kathara center and thus in one Seed Seal forming the core of the chakra and in one Axiom line. Each chakra corresponds to one Dimension and its formations: the auric layer, the DNA strand, and the level of consciousness. The trio of chakras regulate the energy of each density Hova body that contains 3 Dimensions. We have 15 primary chakras anchored in the Central Vertical Tube, chakras 1-12 (personal + planetary Kathara) and chakras 13-15 (cosmic Kathara); chakras embodied: 1-7 (bodily, anchored in the physical body) and chakras unembodied or morphogenetic 8-15 (non-bodily, exist in the morphogenetic field). Chakra center positions: 1-base of torso, sex, 2-lower abdomen, cruciate region, 3-solar, 4-center of chest, heart, 5-neck, 6-center of brain (pineal gland, 3rd eye), 7-center of brain, 8-thymus, thymus, 9-thalamus, 10-overhead (6 inches, about 15 cm), 11-overhead (18 inches, about 50 cm), 12-under the feet (about 15 cm), 13-center Earth , 14-overhead (36 inches, about 90 cm), 15-under the feet, far in deep space.

Physically, the chakras are rotating energy diode vortices. Geometrically, they look like spirals, cones or cornets, which protrude from their source (center, core), which is the Seed Crystal Seal anchored in the Central Tube (chakras are as if screwed into it). In the biofield, the chakra appears as a pair of cones connected by their tips. It looks something like this:

Chakras 2-6: emanate from the body horizontally forwards and backwards,
Chakras 8-9: pass along diagonal lines through the center of the skull, intersect with Nos. 6 and 7
Chakras 1,7,10,11: stand vertically along the central tube
Chakras 1 + 7, 10-12, 11 + 13, 14 + 15: are the lower + upper cornets of 4 larger vertical chakras, but are considered separately,
Chakra 15: is a wandering chakra that travels in the directions of 12 primary Axiom lines in the far reaches of cosmic auric layer # 15.

In color, the chakras appear to be multi-colored, their dominant color corresponds to the color of the given Dimension, and to a lesser extent the colors of all lower dimensions are also present. The dimensions have the following colors: D1-red, D2-orange, D3-yellow, D4-green, D5-blue, D6-blue-violet (indigo), D7-violet, D8-gold, D9-silver, D10-blue- black, D11-silver-black, D12-white, D13-light turquoise, D14-light yellow, D15-madento-purple. Chakra No. 4 will have the basic color green (D4) with a fading admixture of frequency: yellow (D3), orange (D2) and red (D1).

Chakras regulate the exchange of energy between our interior (auric layers, personal biofields) and the outside (uniform dimensional fields, biofields of the universe). It energizes our Hova bodies and biofields from space sources. They maintain our dimensional structure of consciousness, our Dimensional Bodies, separately in D1,2,3 for the purpose of naturally gaining life experience at each vibrational level (atomic, emotional, mental).

The chakra works on the principle of a white-black hole pair, which is contained in its core (Seed Seal). One chakra cornet is electric and sends energy (white hole), the other cornet is magnetic and receives energy. The electric chakra spiral rotates the CW (clockwise) and draws energy from the anti-world (parallel, anti-particle universe, PKA Veca) and sends it to our world (particle universe, PCM Veca): it is our inflow (source, source ). The magnetic chakra spiral rotates CCW (counterclockwise) and draws energy from our world and sends it to the anti-world: it is our outflow. Typically, the front and top spirals are electric (CW) and the rear and bottom magnetic (CCW), which correspond to the upper / lower polarity and spin of the mercuric spirals.

The chakra circulates its frequencies in / out of our hologram according to one projection angle of the Lightning Lines given by its dominant Axiom line (ARPS). The ascending change of ARPS between adjacent Dimensions vibrating upwards (transition Dn → Dn + 1) is + 90º, the ID angular displacement is positive (90º CW). The change between neighboring Densities and our Hova density bodies is -45º, the inter-harmonic angular shift is negative (45º CCW). The displacement of the angle 3 Dimensions within one density is 3 x 90º which creates three mutually perpendicular projection planes, which we perceive as our illusion of a 3-dimensional world-hologram (Cartesian axes: x, y, z). If someone would like to graphically show that something has passed from one Dimension to another, then it is enough to engrave one right angle into the wall, its orientation (CW / CCW) then says from where to where (vibrating up / down). The passage through the density upwards has an angle of -45º. If it lasts long enough, it may be discovered by gross Egyptologists and interpreted it as meaning that in ancient Egypt they already had rulers (ie a school triangle with a right angle and a line) and were therefore very educated. Yes, it certainly was when, 50,000 years ago, they built the Great Pyramid using anti-gravity technology as an ID antenna over the surface access point to the PSG4 Stargate and the Main Earth Chakra No. 4, as a teleportation portal through the corridors of the Convention Bridge. Chakra activation. By feeding higher frequencies carrying the appropriate coding (keys), the energy locks in the Seed Crystal Seal in the core of the chakra are released. A natural energy barrier is opened (depolarization of the repulsion zone), which keeps both cornets separate from each other. This causes the two cornets to slide into each other, penetrate, creating a Dimensional Merkabic Field, one pair of el-mag spirals. This releases the Dimensional Locks and the vibration level is depolarized horizontally. There will be a natural (constructive) fusion of particles + antiparticles (PCM + PKA) and our aspects of consciousness anchored to a given Dimension in both mutually parallel worlds will unite and unite. The point is that the two polarized aspects, magnetic (lower tone) + electric (upper tone), combine together into the original unity of the electromagnetic state and form a common resonant tone. This naturally overcomes the natural polarities at a given level and can be expanded higher, through the ManU Array. Therefore, it is important to have precisely set values ​​of Partiki particles parameters so that these processes can take place: PCM + PKA → PKI. One consequence of the mutations of our planetary environment is that in our reality the fusion of particles and antiparticles takes place in an unnatural (destructive) way - annihilation, when both interacting objects are destroyed. Thus, the necessary chakra activation cannot be performed, and even if it succeeds, it would end badly.

Simultaneously with the unification within one Dimension in a given Hova body, the corresponding Dimension is depolarized one whole Accordion higher, in the higher Hova body. If a person from HU1 depolarizes his D2 emotional body in Dim2, then the D5 emotional body of his Higher Self from HU2 is also depolarized. The seed seals are activated by infusion at a frequency 3 Dimensions higher. By gradually releasing them, the connections in the Kathara lattice open, Hova's bodies, Shields, Diodic points, DNA strands are activated, the Auric layers are depolarized into a single biofield, the various vibrational bands of our Identity are interconnected, and our consciousness can expand to higher levels. In the unified biofield, the germs of the Merkaba Vehicle begin to emerge. The process of gradual dematerialization of the biological form and its natural transmutation into higher and finer versions, which can carry higher levels of consciousness, begins. The process of integration of our Higher Self begins, the process of natural Christ Bio-Spiritual Ascension, which is the meaning of our development.

Chakra mutations. Like other aspects of our energy, the chakra system is severely damaged and dysfunctional, deformed and reverse polarized. The very construction of the chakras was originally much richer. In the vibrational levels of the lower plasma band is our finer layer called the Lotus Body. At this level, the chakras are three-axis, their three projection axes are perpendicular to each other (like the x-y-z coordinates), and one cornet extends into each half-axis (ie, 6 cornets). This unit still rotates itself. Chakras, like energetic vortices, have a rugged structure that resembles the petals of a lotus. In some ancient traditions, chakras are assigned lotuses with different numbers of petals, which is a remnant of knowledge about the level of the Lotus Body, symbolically expressed in secret.


Each Sefira of the connected Kathara Grids of the Time Matrix Density HU1-5 (Space Kathara 12 Sefir for HU1-4 + Space Kathara for HU-5) corresponds to 1 Dimension, 1 Chakra and 1 Auric layer. Auric layers are also referred to as Energy Bodies for given dimensions, ie Dimensional Bodies D1,2, ... 15. Their names are as follows (original expressions): D1-Atomic / Etheric Body, D2-Emotional / Elemental Body, D3-Mental Body, D4-Astral Body, D5-Archetypal Body, D6-Angelic Body, D7-Ketheric Body, D8-Monadic Body, D9-Keriatric Body, D10-Christiac Body, D11-Buddhaic Body, D12- Nirvanic Body, D13-15 Universal Bodies. The inner layers of the aura are 1-12 and the outer layers are 13-15. Like Dimensions and Densities, the auric layers are naturally separated by repulsion zones. From the 15 Dimensional construction of our personal anatomy, it follows that as a Being we are directly connected to all 15 vibrational levels of the Unified Energy Field of the entire Time Matrix. We have our chakras and auric bodies anchored there. This means that we are in principle able to connect with the whole Universe and register all its events, in all frequency bands. If our natural energy antennas are damaged as they are, we can use something else as an energy handset that is heavily anchored to the target band. It can be a grain of dust, a leaf of grass, a cloud in the sky (the atmosphere is the D3 mental body of the Earth, so it is abused and destroyed by American HAARP, programmed by satellites and chemtrails, all automatically transferred to the D3 levels of all planetary life fields). But it can also be a distant creature, such as the star Mintaka in Orion (its Christ aspect - to be accurately addressed), the central sun of the universe, galaxies, etc. (but the real, which is not visible, not some central black hole).


In the ancient Eastern systems, a simplified approach, known today as the HARA System, was used to the complex mechanics of Kathara Level-2 Crystal Seals. It is referred to as Kathary-Level 2 Outer Level or Hara-Level Human Anatomy ID. Hara level includes Hara line and Hara centers.

1) Hara line. The structure of the Central Vertical Energy Tube (also called the Central Vertical Energy Stream) of human anatomy is as follows:

a) The central vertical pillar of the Kathara grid passes vertically through the center of the body from the 14th chakra (90 cm above the head) to the 13th chakra (center of the Earth). It appears as a thin tube (several cm in diameter) through which energy flows. Contains Energy Lightning Lines. It carries the frequency of Dimensions D-8,11,12 and has a color of gold, dark silver, white

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