There is a lot of talk about it and few people know it. Meditation is not "staring at nowhere," but it is a spiritual work. To use this technique, you must first know it. The term meditation actually includes three practices.

It is a concentration where we focus on one subject. The purpose of this exercise is a habit that needs to be developed and then used in everyday life. It is the habit of concentrating the mind on one object. It may seem impractical to you, because it is so wonderful to do some work and plan what will happen on the weekend. But then the work will never be done 100% and the stimuli of intuition will never enter your consciousness. When you fully focus your mind on one activity, you will go much faster, more precisely, and there will be many ideas on how to improve it. What's better, that inefficient, volatile mind, when in the end you still feel like you're catching up? Or the focused, productive one, when in the end the joy of a job well done? Try it in practice and then you will find the answer yourself. And you don't have to wait until you have full control over concentration. The results are visible even in a poorly successful experiment.

The second stage of this exercise is contemplation. This exercise already expands your consciousness and knowledge and gives you great knowledge of new facts. Once you understand it, you will easily learn it. Then it's not even a job anymore, it will bring lessons, it will calm the soul. A lot will change for you.

The third stage is meditation. It is necessary to reach a state where your mirror of the mind remains clear, without a single thought that would stir up the level of the mirror. It needs to be held for 21 seconds. A simple tool is used for this exercise - Buddha bracelets. When the mind is to be empty and uninvolved, then we cannot count the seconds. And so we automatically release the bead by bead between the fingers. We start with a bigger stone, which is called a master stone, and we also end with it. It's a good tool. When our mind is empty for 21 seconds, the spiritual gate opens and we can begin the spiritual work itself. We'll talk about it when the time comes. Each of these meditation works begins with a recommendation - sit comfortably. This is very important because if you can't sit comfortably, something will push you, hurt you, chirp, strangle you, it's after work and you can start again. Therefore, everyone must first try an acceptable position for themselves. It doesn't matter what, especially to make it comfortable. It is often recommended that your back be straight when meditating. It is not true and it is true. When working with snake force, lines and energies in your own body that pass through the shushum, then it is very necessary that the spinal canal is straight. Otherwise it is not necessary.


Exercise 1 - Concentration: Sit or lie down, close your eyes, relax your body and observe the sequence of your thoughts. Try to be an uninvolved observer who stands aside from this event. Then choose an idea that you find interesting and focus on it. Like a tree. You will imagine it growing, how it changes during the seasons, what it brings, everything you can think of about the tree. Push aside, drive away all thoughts unrelated to the tree. You'll see how long you last. At first, just a few minutes and slowly, as long as you can, increase the time. When you reach 15 minutes, you will have mastered the exercise and you can proceed to the second exercise.

Exercise 2 - concentration: sit or lie down comfortably, close your eyes, relax your body. Now you will imagine one image and try to keep it in your mind. It will be difficult at first, mainly because the image is motionless and the thoughts are also motionless. Everything seemed to stop. You let intrusive thoughts run around, ignore them. At first you will last only a minute, later you will add. If you manage to keep the picture for 5 minutes, you have mastered the exercise and you can proceed to the next exercise.

Exercise 3 - contemplation: sit or lie down comfortably, close your eyes, relax your body, imagine the tree again, but not intellectually, in thought, not in image, but emotionally. I will describe what feelings there should be. The wind rustles in the branches, I hear it, I feel it. I can smell the tree, I can feel the tremors of its branches, I can feel the flow of its sap, I can feel its feelings, threatened by pests, receiving the sun's rays - I am the tree. Then hold this identification for at least 5 minutes, but it goes even longer. It's interesting and you can learn a lot more about the plant than from any textbook.

Exercise 4 - Meditation: Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for at least 30 minutes. Turn off the phone, the bell, and any other distractions. Prepare a bracelet in your hand by holding a master stone in your hand. Take a comfortable position. Close your eyes. Relax the whole body, relax the muscles in the face. The muscles in the face because it also relieves mental tension and at the same time the mimic muscles and the muscles of the limbs are somehow connected. Let your thoughts flow freely, ignore them. You will be amazed at what will enter your mind. Ignore them. Gradually they will disappear, there will be fewer and fewer of them. Breathe pomalu and deeply. Take the position of an observer who evaluates nothing, expects nothing. When the mind calms down, start slowly passing one bead at a time between your fingers. Nothing matters, you don't want anything, you just rest so comfortably at this time. He who reaches the master stone has a spiritual gate open to him. There is a connection with the spiritual world. You can use it, you can ask a question or have a wish. The answer will come to you as best you can. Some may hear a voice, others see an image, others read an article the next day to answer. The ways of the spirit are different, they are adjusted according to the abilities of the adept.

Take your time, the results are not important and it is not a competition. He who has successes before is not better and who does not do it right away is not worse. Attempts at meditation itself, when properly performed, bring harmonization of body and soul. It brings rest, peace, well-being. This is not a coincidence. The soul enters the higher realms, where the whole is purified, and then the material body uses this pure energy. Enjoy these moments, just don't chase any targets. And remember our message ... "In clouds of silence, breathing is good, people's souls grow stronger, they receive energy. In moments of silence, you will feel harmony, with the universe - with everyone. "


In meditation work, the place we choose is very important. It is not only in terms of peace and undisturbedness, but also because we change this place, this environment during meditation. It is said that we promedite him. And then we meditate much better there, because the vibration of meditation is maintained in this place for a long time. It follows that the place should be permanent and we should not change it. It's for our convenience. When you change places, you always have to meditate the energy there before you can do the meditation work itself. And the same will happen if you take turns with someone there. Every meditator radiates his own special vibration, a kind of imprint and the vibration of another person is always disturbing. That's why it's so convenient to find a place just for yourself.

Other important information you should know. The meditation site needs to be cleaned. At least once a month, but when cleaning the chakras, I prefer after each exercise. The negative energy that flows from the chakras does not always take all the stone. And they then settle in this place, cause its pollution, prevent quality meditation and make your work difficult. If there are many, they can create a psychosomatic zone that will remain there. That's why cleaning is so important.

How do you do it? You take a candle adapted to it, light it in this place, warm your hands over it and as if gathering energy from this place. You tan your hands at times over the candle. When you clean the whole place in this way, let the candle burn for at least another 5 minutes and wash your hands thoroughly under running water.

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