Sexuality III.



Every thing in Creation (worlds and beings) occurs in several variants having different polarity. They are like mirror images with reversed polarities. Every person on our Earth has their Twin on a parallel Earth. Our Earth is in the particle (PCM) of the Veca Quadrant (the particle side of our Time Matrix). Our twin-twin Earth is called the parallel Earth and is in the anti-particle (PKA) Veca Quadrant (the anti-particle side of our Time Matrix). So the PCM and PKA Veca Quadrants are also their doubles at the level of whole worlds - universes. What has the basic polarity ManA (male) in our country, so the parallel double has the polarity EirA (female). So our earth boy has as his twin an anti-particle parallel girl in the anti-world and vice versa. This is because the laws of symmetry of creation are perfect and everything is created by the polar splitting of a neutral whole (ManU Field Resources). What can be on the right must also be on the left, in the total sum no polarity (EirA or ManA) can be missing or dwelling. Therefore, these twin pairs are formed. Just as we think we are made of normal matter and we don't know about our Double at all, so our double also thinks it's made of normal matter (he doesn't know that his particles are anti-particles for us) and he doesn't know about us. In the past, people had the ability to perceive both aspects at the same time, but this was blocked. This duality is also related to ascension. To get out of the Time Matrix, it is necessary to fold these two parts together and thus depolarize. This also applies to the transition between Densities. However, it is not necessary to physically chase someone in a parallel world in order to unite with us, our models have the ability to emulate their parallel (to create in themselves). Our entire anatomy is connected to a parallel world, see eg chakras, as interfaces between our and the opposite world (miniature system black-white hole, sink-spring), the merkaba pulls antiparticle frequencies (electric spiral) to us and sends ours to our neighbors (mag. spiral), etc.

Doubles also occur in time cycles. Our Soul Identity (Soul Matrix in HU2) simultaneously throws 12 Incarnates into HU1, which are anchored in 6 time development cycles within the larger Euiago cycle, so there are 2 in each and have the opposite polarity (boy, girl) and evolves simultaneously to 6 -to different time versions of the planet. Each buttercup lives his own life, but his consciousness is connected through the Soul Matrix to everyone else without realizing it: he used to be fully aware of it. He then perceives their experiences as his own re-incarnation experiences, both from the past and from the future. But it all happens at the same time, just in other time-space vectors.

Also our Higher Self in HU2,3,4 have their Doubles on the parallel side. The HU5 Rishi level is already non-polar. It contains physical unification and by its polar splitting it then creates worlds of forms and shapes in lower vibrational levels HU4,3,2,1, which are parallel and subject to temporal changes. In addition to having Twins with our Higher Self in a parallel world (PKA Veca), we have them elsewhere. E.g. everything on our Etora side of Creation (in front of the mirror) has its dual image on the Adora side (behind the mirror). So there are our counterparts. Our ordinary Higher Self is in the Outer Domains (Radon). However, even in the other, inner Domains, we have our Inner Self (Edon, Adon, Eton). The structure of a Being like Identity and its evolution is more complex than stated. The term Flame is derived from the original form of our Being, which is the Ray of Consciousness. It is a narrowed and endowed part of the collective field of higher-level consciousness - the collective of the founding cosmic races, for example from HU5, which thus creates worlds and beings of a lower level. He will produce models for them, manifestation programs, so that they can be projected into the real estate fields of the universes, exist there and evolve. These Rays of Conscious Living Light of our Individuality are also sometimes called Flames and Flame Beings, which points to our original light or flame form before it anchors into the originals and vibrates into the mass for biological manifestation.

Related to this is the term Flame Body (FB), which is activated in the opposite way, when the being ascends and vibrates, vibrates the mass and returns to its natural light form. A being in a given Density exists in the form of Hova Body, which is a personal spherical-elliptical holographic capsule, which has concentric 3 spheres of dimensional bodies and is enveloped by the skin of the Radial Body. If everything inside depolarizes, then Hova's Body opens into the Radial Body and it begins to activate into the Flame Body. The creature packs into a light form, the energy barrier opens to a higher Density, and the creature in the form of plowing can pass through the created passage (the so-called Stargate). Similarly, they ascend entire universes. The flaming Bodies of the universes sometimes open to create an energy passage through all the necessary vibrational levels, from where something is supposed to flow into them.

For example, it opened The FBs of our Ecka-Veca systems and their superior Divine Worlds, up to the level of the Eukatharaist Body, so that they could descend to us from here to cancel the Pillar and perform a Cosmic Reset in 2003. The same happens on a personal level, due to a reset of personal templates. Flame Bodies are activated using Flame Codes. Just as the universes and their beings have their parallel twins, so do the Divine Worlds and their Center Core Flames, which, when activated, cause the Bodies of the Flames to ignite.

The term Twin Flames refers to the physical fact that every being and every universe has its oppositely polarized parallel double even in a luminous, flaming form. In short, each Double is called Double-Flame, without pointing out what form it means (they are just different sides of the same coin). Below is a list of these Two-Flames for the cosmic levels from Veca Hustot to Ekashi (our = PCM, parallel = PKA). Flames have their names (tonal signatures - they can be tuned to them) and carry different energy quanta and vibrational qualities.

The lower level flames were created by the polarization fission of the higher level flames in the formation of the universes. The two split pieces are Twins or Twins referred to as Double-Flame. When the passages are opened, they depolarize and combine into one original, creating an ascent passage through the interior of the connected Flame. E.g. when the Eck → Eckasha passage is opened, the Leetor-Leader Double-Flame is activated to form a combined ecstatic Flame of Adondraea, which is one aspect of the Ecasic Core Flame of Adondra 360. E.g. our PCM Veca Quadrant has a central Seed Flame Shaddum Sha-LA-a with a vibrating charge of Q = 11+ (2/3) and its partner for the PKA Quadrant is Double-Flame Shaddhi Sha-LA-a, Q = 33+ (1 / 3). Their depolarization creates the original Shalaa Q45, as an aspect of the ecstatic Flame of Leetor, whose fission product it is. See Figure Two-Flames.

Space level Flame Vibration quality

Eckasha Adondra Q360
Ecka nonpolar Adondraea Q90
Ecka our Leetora Q45 Tri-Veca
Ecka parallel Leader Q45 Tri-Veca
Veca our Shalaa Q45 Bi-Veca
Veca parallel Shalaa Q45 Bi-Veca
Densities our Shaddum Q11 + 2/3
Parallel densities Shaddhi Q33 + 1/3


The doctrine of the Two-Flames has been distorted and misused. The current commercial interpretation is that every human being here on Earth has his Double-Flame, which is a versatile ideal life partner (eg, a well-established millionaire, a beautiful young healthy handsome man, a deeply spiritual man, an instinctively extinct ascetic, a spectitarian, an absolutely faithful and only me loving the above-standardly succulent euphalic nourishing super-male, all in one person). It is a vital necessity and a spiritual goal for each of us to find our Double-Flame and start living a perfect, completely harmonious and fulfilling life with it without quarrels and problems. The ascension then comes of its own accord. Awakening, Enlightenment and Nirvana are just around the corner. However, this is a huge delusion. It is not the rule that Two-Flames incarnate on the same planet at the same time. Even if, that doesn't mean that there can be a nice romantic relationship between them. Someone would rather never meet their Double Flame. If this is to happen for some reason (which is possible, within the framework of the Soul Incarnation Contract, which defines the content of each of its incarnation missions - Soul Contract), then it will happen automatically and without searching. The result of this purposefully launched masterful esoteric hype is the throwing of seekers into relational chaos and the destabilization of their relational anchorage, which is important for ascension practice (emotional stability). A good reason to break up current partnerships and families and pursue chimeras that don't exist. The false thesis that life problems are not necessary evolutionary lessons, but mistakes in the choice of a partner that can be quickly eliminated by its appropriate exchange. Under the guise of two-flaming spirituality to hide their character flaws or unmanageable promiscuity. Even the participants in the Doctrine seminaries where the Two-Flames theory began to be taught succumbed to this seduction and began to fool around. The Rangers swallowed another bitter pill from the wretched state of modernity and stopped passing on this information. Try to start looking at your current partner as your beloved Double Flame, as the other half of the broken seal of your Oneness. And maybe it will really happen. Maybe just because you learn it together. Related to this is the issue of fidelity.


Loyalty is high positive quality and means keeping the contract. As long as one has no obligation, one is free to behave and explore different levels of relationships and sexual experiences so as not to harm oneself or others. When it has a commitment in the form of a partnership or family bond, it is a certain joint contract (joint project) that must be respected. Such a Main Contract is usually part of the Soul's incarnation plan and should be given priority. However, this does not mean that it must be a lifelong suffering, a prison from which one must not leave. It is necessary to find out when the natural time of such a contract has expired and it is necessary to end it together in a decent way (solving such difficult situations can be part of an incarnation lesson). In addition to the Main Contract, there may also be Minor Contracts, which people sometimes perceive as 'fateful encounters', irresistible attraction and harmony, etc. This is really happening and it is part of life. It is usually a meeting of two very close Souls (but it is not Dvoj-Flame), which had to do with each other in past massacres (eg deep relationship, family, friendship, joint mission, spiritual search, etc.). For those tens of thousands of incarnations, people here have a lot of friends. And sometimes they 'accidentally' encounter them in the body. It can also be in their life plan, when the Avatars prepare such 'coincidences' so that their charges come together, share something and pass on something necessary (eg template codes). In order to find out that they somehow belong to each other (possibly even get to know each other) and similarly they began to perceive other co-people as part of one whole. Such encounters (if at all) take place completely spontaneously (ie they cannot be sought or forced, they simply happen), based on the vibrational co-resonance of both Beings. They carry an element of transcendence. They are left with no guilt or remorse, quite the opposite. God is not jealous. God loves.

love spells 

Reverse attitudes to sexuality

All of the JRC's post-Atlantic Predatory Control Dogmas, ideological, religious, sought to degrad and pervert human sexuality because they knew well its purity, its power, its ascension potential, its ability to unite people with themselves, with the universe, the cosmos, and God. . Spirituality and sexuality are in stark contrast (in fact, these are two aspects of the same thing). The body is abominable and despicable (the body is in fact sacred and is concentrated in the Consciousness of the Source God). The body must be abused (in fact, the body must be loved and cared for). Sex is disgusting, and its only purpose is to produce children: lots of good and obedient sheep and soldiers for our ET idols to milk a lot of the juices of life (see planetary juicer BEAST) and kill the sheep of enemy idols. Prohibition of contraception. Prohibition of abortions. Prohibition of homosexuals (does not produce soldiers). They have created unnatural polar stereotypes and male and female roles that bind and limit people (but there are also natural roles given by the different content of EirA and ManA qualities). Strong struggle against auto-sexuality: it is a very basic skill (unary mode of sexual behavior, singular intercourse), which is necessary for further development, where many generic extensions of this trivial solution are offered (pair interaction, collective dynamics of larger groups). Prohibition of premarital sexuality: but people must get to know each other sexually well before entering into a long-term relationship contract (first a bed, then a church). Suppression of social sexual self-realization of a person: unhealthy chastity and sexual attachment (religion: suppression and reversal). The other extreme is the unestablished promiscuity and organized crime of prostitution associated with violence and drugs (democracy: propagation and perversion). Inserting intermediaries between Man and God in sexual matters: never allow anyone to stand there, various deceptive beings of light and love, angels, etc., can do enormous damage (these entities can also cause energetic pregnancy). Black-magic sex games are dangerous, they work with reversed elemental fields (damaged life forces) and also with sexual demons. The same is true of astral sex in the New Age and other similar declines. Group sessions (magical or commercial): used to produce a large amount of elemental energy, which can be forcibly opened various gates and portals to which the victims do not have natural access (occult techniques, eg pentagram activates damaged frequencies called Kasha Keys), milking energy from people while reversing them.

Here is an example of how so-called 'ascended masters', demonic predators from the Hibernation Zones (HU1-2), view Sacred Sexuality in their teaching 'Talks About I AM' (Saint Germain, Speech XII, pp. 64-65) .

"People in general, especially doctors, have miserably twisted things. An individual being who wants to
to rise into the 'Presence of God' and try to live in it, he needs the power he wastes ... he leaves
the continuing waste of (sexual) power of people's consciousness is increasingly drying up. Doctors are in many ways
responsible for this terrible condition because they advocate the satisfaction of the sexual drive. This
brings the greatest devastation of forces that people must look to defend themselves against! This devastation of forces
it makes it impossible to keep God's Presence conscious and achieve mastery long enough. It's from
95% cause regression, loss of strength of sight, hearing and memory, because these abilities first ease and
it disappears when this life energy no longer flows ... one of the most unfortunate events in a person's life
it is based on the fact that one person can commit to sexual duty through marriage
office, even if the forced one wants to rise above it ... The Pure Love of God does not go to the areas that lie
under the heart. True love never requires sexual intercourse of any kind ... ".

It is a nice example of the damage to the original Doctrine. It is said that sexuality wastes Kundalini's life energy, but it does produce it (sex is a generator of the body's vital forces). That sexuality causes the brain to dry up: maybe in St. Germaina and his fallen puppies. That sexuality causes the devastation of forces (what?), The loss of sight, hearing and memory, and that it prevents ascension. The important fallacy is that spirituality starts from the heart chakra upwards and completely ignores the lower chakras and their vibrational zones. True ascension begins from the very bottom and consists in the integration of all the bands from the bottom up, the lightening of the body and its transformation into light. The New Age also applies this dirty trick.

The result is a perfect blockage of bio-spiritual ascension and the extraction of higher aspects of consciousness from the body, which is considered a manifestation of spirituality (non-anchorage, regret, volatility). And if 'true love' never needs physical lovemaking, let everyone try it for themselves.

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