Polarities: electrical and magnetic


God: pants or skirts?

God-Source is completely beyond human gender discrimination. Arguments about whether it's a boy or a girl are ridiculous. It's like people arguing over whether the universe we're observing today is male or female. It was as if they were arguing over whether the cosmic law of conservation of energy was a boy or a girl. The source is beyond any polarity because it is the Absolute Oneness. However, the whole of Creation is based on polarity. There is a magnetic principle (attractive, contractive, 'female', EirA-base) and an electric principle (repulsive, expansive, 'male', ManA-base).

In order for Creation to manifest at all, these two natural polarities must be separated from the original Oneness. They must be put into precise proportions into precisely defined mathematical-geometric structures and relationships, according to the instructions of the creative program of God-Source, which is CHRIST-Code. These two polarities (girly and girlish) are exactly equal and cannot be without each other. This is due to the physical laws of creation mechanics: they are the laws of conservation and symmetry. The origin and movement of one creates the origin and movement of the other. These laws have their replicas at all levels of Creation, both above and below. It is similar in our earthly material plane: the movement of a magnet creates an electric field and the movement of electrons creates a magnetic field. This secondary generated field is also called the Deflex field. And this is how it goes from the Source down, through all the vibrational levels, through the whole hierarchy of deflections, to the densest material levels where we are now. We can easily imagine the deflection mechanically, as when a gardener holds a watering hose in his hand, from which water is sprayed. As he begins to turn to the right, a stream of water from the hose responds by bending to the left. And if there was another little gardener with his hose at the end of it, this scheme would be replicated further and further.

Which is more important: a boy or a girl?

In terms of polarity, the Creation has a layered (sandwich) structure. The magnetic (attractive) aspects are interspersed with (repulsive) electrical aspects to keep it all together and stable. It's logical. Unity does not contain any structure in itself, and therefore nothing can exist in it on the manifested level, such as individuation, as a form or shape, which are the bearers of vital functions. Therefore, Unity must be split into polarities that must be in exact equilibrium. If the magnetic aspect prevailed, everything would collapse and suck into itself (total contraction). If the electrical aspect prevailed, everything would fly in all directions and tear itself apart (total expansion). For the emergence of stable structures, as carriers of stable functions, both polarities must exist in exact proportions, as determined by the CHRIST Code. These conditions are met within the Merkab, in their Shape Constants, where there are manifested Holograms, the physical real estate field. Both polarities are completely natural and completely equal. Both polarities must work together to create stable and functional structures. Both polarities must respect their diversity and their complementarity in their life roles. Both polarities must help each other and control and guard each other and teach together so that it does not go somewhere. Women must guard men in their expansive tendency so that they are constructive and not destructive, and their power serves a reasonable purpose. Men must not be enslaved by women's property tendencies and do not become their inventory and instruments of their will. Men should listen to women, not listen to them.

What came before: a boy or a girl?

In terms of creative priorities, the original principle is magnetic (feminine), because its binding force holds the whole creative intention of the Source, so that it can then expand in a controlled manner. The second is the electric (masculine) principle, which will carry out the initial expansion of the Source's intention. The boundaries of this expansion again determine the magnetic principle so that it does not overdo it. And so it repeats itself over and over again.

Polarity of Creation

It is possible to ask the dominant polarity of all created things. This is given by the energy coding of the creature at a deep level (polarity of the nuclear energy encryption in the Monadic Core, the direction of rotation of the Monadic Shield). This can vary according to incarnations. For some things it is sometimes better to see (inhabitants of the universes - beings) than for others (real estate fields - universes, galaxies, planets). So, for example, our planet Earth, in its current state (which is not the most natural), is girly, because its original polarity is magnetic (its current core energy encapsulation carries a magnetic imprint, EirA-base). Similarly, our current universe is also magnetic. Our parallel universe is boyish because its base polarity is electrical (ManA-base). Our cosmos (Etor's side), which contains innumerable universes, in many different vibrational levels, in the form of bubbles in bubbles, is the basis of electricity. His dual, behind the mirror (Ador's side), on the other hand, is magnetic. A proton as an atomic particle is magnetic, an electron is electric and a neutron is androgynous. Neutron in itself attracts both polarities in neutral form (ManU-base), carries the inner possibility (implicit potential) for their external manifestation (explicit update) towards the manifestation: POLARIZATION. Conversely, it also allows the de-polarization of manifested forms and their de-manifestation into the original unified light form, which happens, for example, in the process of ascension: DE-POLARIZATION. Schematically, it can be written as follows:

Manifestation, polarization: ManU → EirA + ManA (out, ex-application)
De-Manifestation, De-polarization: EirA + ManA → ManU. (back, im-application)

It is a completely archetypal movement of Source Consciousness out and back inward itself. It begins at the lowest level, which is the phasing of Partiki particles, which are the indivisible atoms of God-Source consciousness from which everything is composed and composed. This principle is then repeated and replicated at all higher levels, at the level of all things and wholes. Everything is constantly flashing, out and back, out and back, just as the image on the television screen is renewed, over which an electron cannon travels from behind, lights up polka dots in the active layer and we perceive it from the front as time-changing images. This is how Creation works.

love spellsRed and Blue

The symbolic colors for girls (red) and boys (blue) and the natural polarities they represent can be derived from the colors of our planetary visible light spectrum. The red color oscillates the slowest, has the lowest frequency, ie the longest wavelength (about 0.78 microns) and symbolically represents the slowness of magnetic contraction (EirA quality). The blue color oscillates the fastest, has the highest frequency, ie the shortest wavelength (about 0.38 microns) and symbolically represents the rate of electrical expansion (ManA quality). The Merkabic spirals also rotate in opposite and different speeds: magnetic (female) is slower than electric (male).

There is a similar symbolism in the polarization of political views: the red left, the blue right. Both aspects must be balanced in order for society to be harmonious (natural and balanced EirA + ManA). By damaging aspects (reversal) and their relationship (extreme polarization), a bankrupt society is emerging, as we know it today. The rogue of the Right is combined with the Perversion of the Left. Both variants are two sides of the same coin, the same control dogma to control people, which gives them the illusion of free choice, which does not exist. Freedom is not a choice of a few foreign possibilities, but a creative act of the creation and realization of one's own vision. However, both parties of illusionists belong to one company: SVS. Blue. The hyenistic predation of aggressive individuality will follow globally conquering enslaving antisocialists aimed at feudalizing society through corporatocracy (non-expiring privatization crimes, state destruction, oligarchization and amoralization of society). Red. The social terror of the usuriously generous Great Bee of the Mother, who knows best what is good for the citizen and drives him to happiness with an iron fist, pulls the weaker, smaller fish, most of which are in the world, into its false corrupt protective nets. On the one hand, he knows very well that they cannot stand and survive in artificially created extreme competition. Second, for reasons of conscience, they can no longer choose the Blue Jungle Law as a developmental variant of Humanity during SAC-2012. This created a political and ideological totalitarianism that has no alternative, which was the goal. That is why today the NWO's strategy is moving through the extreme left (social-terrorist parties), through the legislative disregard for the citizen and the erasing of his identity in the interests of the 'universal good'. These neo-red monsters claim that the citizen and the child are state property (instead of the politician being an employee of the citizen and fully accountable to him). These sick and perverted people take their children from their families (OSPOD, Barnevernet) and give them to strangers for ideologically correct re-education: just a few years after Hitler (Stalin did not allow it, but today's Scandinavian countries did). They also supply them with children's shelters, which continue to extract them properly (torture, organs, pedophilia, Satanism).

Polarity and Evolution

ManA law. Each thing has the right in its natural environment to develop and expand to the maximum of its positive self-expression, ie to activate the whole program in its evolutionary template. Obligation of EirA. Every thing has a duty to respect and not restrict the right to develop others in their expansion. Thus, the proportion between expansion and contraction must be appropriate for the expansion to be, but controlled and sustainable. This is ensured by the Law of Oneness, which states how everyone can develop as much as possible without bothering others.

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