Development and race I.


Race as a physical fact

Races and racial lines are a natural part of Creation and its evolution. The term 'race' expresses the specificity and uniqueness of the ID anatomy and genetic models of the various life forms that carry the program of their Collective Identity. Different races have different characteristics and form the natural diversity of Creation. Vibrationally and developmentally higher races, which have the necessary abilities, create lower races.

Purity of Race. Races often cross and hybridize if their designs allow. The term 'pure race' as used herein means genetic lines that are not contaminated with reversals, and therefore have a Christian coding and behave in a Christian manner according to the Law of Oneness. It doesn't matter if they are original single-malt or blended and hybridized. The term 'impure race' refers to genetic lines that are contaminated by reversals, so they do not have fully Christian coding and do not behave in a Christian way, they are also called: falling, fallen, predatory, reverse mutated, metatronic, damaged, sick, etc. the term 'purity of race' is defined as the 'Christianity of racial models', the absence of reversals in them. Thus, it is not purity as the absence of hybridization. Many hybrid races (blended) are Christian. Hybridization is often used to create strong and high quality Ranger Races with special characteristics. It is a normal eugenic method. E.g. programs from genetic templates of more pure races (eg, a code called the Silicate Matrix) have been inserted into the original genome of the Human Angelic Race. The Predators do the same in the production of their super-demonic hybrid races (reverse eugenics, evolutionary dysgenics). It is no longer purity in the sense of the superiority of one race over another (feeling of choice, contempt for other races, their humiliation, control, enslavement, exploitation, terrorism, liquidation, etc.). Such an attitude of racial superiority is entirely anti-Christian and is contrary to the Law of Unity. It is racism in its original (and correct) sense. On the other hand, different races need to be properly assessed and their qualities evaluated in terms of purity, so that we can properly distinguish (discriminate) them and take our position on them accordingly: friendship or defense. In terms of purity, there are huge differences between the races and it is important to know them well, see the Christ Races of the Watchmen and the fallen Races of the Predator.

Race Height. There are also huge differences between races in terms of the level of development achieved. Here it is possible to compare races according to the height of the achieved vibrational level and evolutionary experience and maturity, which is a measure of ascension. The vibrationally high races include, for example, the Christian collectives of consciousness from the high Densities, such as the Founder Races of HU-5, which create the universes and their inhabitants (cosmic races). Vibrationally low races include cosmic civilizations in lower Densities, such as our Human Race, which fell from HU-2 to HU-1. It's similar to school. The difference between a freshman and a fifth is that the second was already the first and the first will only become the second. It is contained in the ascent message that our Higher Self transmits to us: What you are, so have we. What we are, you will be (its original meaning has been distorted).

Original Human Tribes

The original Christ Angelic Humanity formed one pure cosmic Race, as one distinctive biological species. It consisted of 12 genetically distinct lines, referred to as Primitive Human Tribes (Primitive Races, Primitive Nations). The original Races represented 12 siblings in one family called Humanity. They were all just as important and represented different parts of the 12 whole, as if someone had divided the cake into 12 parts. Each carried in its DNA codes (Keys) to one of the 12 planetary Stargates (PSG) and was in charge and guarding it. Each race was different because it carried different dominant frequencies from the 12-Dim spectrum to cover it all together and to go through evolutionary cycles with the Earth. Thus, each race provided one Dimension out of a total of 12 pieces and was more attuned to it. Because each Dimension carries different qualities, the races also differed. It is as if there were 12 gardens on Earth, each in a different place, and they were all equally useful and necessary. Each had its own gardener who took care of her. They all had a common basis in horticultural education (it made them the same), but they also had different specializations, which made them different (different care belongs to apples and other rice; otherwise they are gardening on the slopes of the Himalayas, Antarctica, etc.).

Both the Human Species and its Races have their common Manifestation Template. The collective model of all 12 races is called the Tribal Shield, which is immersed in the larger Human Shield. Due to severe errors in evolution, reversals (mutations) of both the entire species and all its 12 lines occurred, and these races were polluted. It happened under the influence of the Predators, but often with our own generous and effective cooperation and help (collaboration, betrayal of the Christ Principles).

Races before and now

The term 'race' denotesgenetic relatedness of their members, who have a number of identical and well-defined traits in their appearance and behavior that determine and distinguish them from others. The physical basis of race is encoded in a common collective racial shield that carries the Racial Templates as manifestation programs. Through them, members of the race incarnate and manifest. These programs take on their anatomy ID and implement them through themselves. Racial Shields are immersed in larger Species Shields because races are only subtle variations within one human species, which is Man.

The division of the Man species into different races is intentional in order to be varied in Creation. Each race has specific combinations of characteristics that make it unique. Racial characteristics are genetically determined. These are programs in the DNA template. The human DNA template has 12 strands, of which 4 are physically manifested today (equivalent to 4 nitrogenous bases) and energetically activated 3-3.5. The biological DNA strand (double helix) has a small part (about 3%) that encodes proteins and is responsible for the structure and function of the biological body. It also has a large portion (about 97%) called Junk DNA, which encodes psychological, mental and spiritual qualities. Races differ in both of these aspects. Today, the difference in races is scientifically clearly proven, especially on the physical level (anatomy, physiology). The intangible differences stored in Junk DNA are not so much explored. From empirical research (experiments, measurements, facts, data) it is clear that races differ even on an intangible level, but there is no direct genetic evidence for this. That's why there are so many ambiguities, misunderstandings and quarrels around it.

The original intention to create different human races as sub-species of the human species (see 12 Tribes) was energetic. The entire human Species Shield having 12 strands of DNA was divided into 12 parts, 12 partial Racial Shields, which, in addition to the general all-human coding, also carried a specific racial coding. It was optimized for the energy compatibility of the 12 races with the 12 PSGs in charge: to guard, protect, manage and operate them. Each race was responsible for one Gate. All races were equal and of equal value. But they were also different in order to carry out their mission as Guardians of the Gates. This difference was due, on the one hand, to the fact that each Gate is different and carries different vibrational qualities. This will be reflected in other master programs and thus in another biological manifestation of the human beings of the given race encoded by it. Secondly, it was due to the fact that each Gate is anchored in a different geographical region, where there are different environmental conditions to which the races had to be optimized in order to live there for a long time. The physical presence of people at Bran is necessary. Man acts as a bio-electric conductor and serves as an antenna, encoder, amplifier and transmitter of ID frequencies that are compatible with it. It pulls these energies through itself and sends them to its surroundings. If it has security codes and keys to a portal, it can control it.

Another intention of race diversity was didactic. He was to teach them the Law of Oneness and respect for the equality of all created forms. If different races wanted to develop successfully together, through bio-spiritual ascension, on a shared planet, they all had to work together. Each race carried the Key to one of the 12 Gates of the planet. The races had to accept the fact of their difference, understand it, and overcome it. Otherwise, it would not be possible to control the functions of the Temple Complex of the Earth and its development, for which everyone would pay extra. Everything goes through such evolutionary lessons: individuals and higher entities (genera, nations, races, species) as they pass through the Hologram of Being. And depending on how they handle it, they vibrate up or down. Going through the Hologram is one great and never-ending Lesson of Being. So let's not get to the end when the journey is over, but to make the best decisions we can make at all times. It is the quality of our relationship with God that determines the degree of our ascension. And that God manifests to us as our surroundings: as our co-people (relatives, partners, colleagues, neighbors, etc.) and our nature. If we are not in order in these basic things (relational levels), let's forget about ascension. Only he who is like him will approach God.

magic spellThe simultaneous denial of the physical reality of the existence of genetically diverse original 12 Human Tribes (primordial Races or Nations) as the 12 aspects of Humanity is important for the establishment of the NWO. It is about erasing tribal, racial and national memory. And by forgetting ourselves, these manifestation programs will gradually disappear from our models and thus cease to exist. Therefore, science is aimed at finding evidence that man is only one (the liquidation of racial consciousness) and that he evolved from the ape (the liquidation of memory of our divine origin). Artificially established concepts of racism and the legally punished distinction between natural races are evident today. It is a matter of building, through forced hybridization programs, a genetically fully controlled unified mixed multi-race without identity (monolithic consciousness), where all the original differences will be erased and all partial energy keys will be lost. Today, it is happening on a global scale. To this end, reverse humanitarian education programs have been developed, which cannot be discussed and can only be accepted with impunity. The energetic essence of multi-culture is the final destruction of the original Tribes of Mankind and their genetic legacy. The goal is to transform humans into uniform slave bio-robots, global humanity, working under a single NWO control program controlled from a single JRC center.

Race: genetics and environment

At the level of today's humanity as a species and its races, mutations are almost (but not entirely) common. Our Planetary Hologram is such a Planetary Mutant-Terrium. There were deliberate mutations in human models by Predators, there were spontaneous errors in human evolution, there were violent hybridizations of human races with races of predators, exodus of people from their homes, as a result of fighting for the Temple Complex and its geographical regions, into areas foreign to them. All this was a sign of the mutational burden of the Human Species. Mutations were targeted both in general (to all races, ie the whole species) and racially-specifically (more severe damage to certain races). These were attacks from various vibrational levels, which the Predators controlled and thus damaged the respective dimensional levels of D1-12 and their corresponding strands of DNA (1-12) and thus also their bearers and protectors - races encoded to PSG 1-12. In addition to direct primary genetic influences (hard and fast interventions in masters and their programs, direct manifestation), there were also secondary environmental influences (soft and slow environmental influences, environmental feedback on masters), which are less explored. It is possible to reprogram genetics by changing the environment. The term 'environment' means not only the external environment in which we live, but also our internal energy environment, which we have a direct influence on and which acts more strongly because it is part of us, the part of our ID anatomy through which we manifest ourselves. If we decide to break up with some of our unfortunate aspects that are inherited into us, it is an energetic struggle of our will with a tribal, national, racial Templar that keeps hundreds, thousands, and millions of beings alive for very long times. Sometimes it's a fight with windmills. It is difficult, if not impossible, to get out of a damaged collective model, from this strong energy web, even if we want to. If we don't want to, no one will move with us. Therefore, it is impossible to correct serious criminals and other reversed, evil-obsessed and mad beings who, for example, want to kill all people and destroy the whole world. Their models are beyond the tipping point (they are irreparable) and they themselves do not want any correction: evil is the basic way of their self-expression. If they do not voluntarily accept the bio-regeneration program (ie do not agree with their treatment), then it is necessary to put them in a closed quarantine, where they can no longer harm anything and where they will live to their fate, ie: separation, isolation, liquidation. However, integration is never possible because it is not physically possible. If such severely damaged individuals can reproduce, then these damaged programs will be sent (copied) along genetic lines to future generations and burden all those who will incarnate through these lines. Their demonic programs will spread and form an ever-increasing part of the collective models of the higher whole (genus, nation, race, species) when the turning point occurs (supercritical share of reversals, volume 2/3). An increase in the contamination of the originals causes a decrease in the vibration level, overall degeneration, devolution, fall and physical extinction. Healing someone at the template level is extremely difficult, challenging and long-term. It's more of an evolutionary matter than sitting with a psychiatrist (who is often not much better off) and a few pills. The affected individual must acknowledge and understand his problem and want to solve it: reprogram himself. They must have the prerequisites, tools and assistance to do so. It must be removed from the damaged and harmful environment and quarantined.

There it is allowed to develop slowly and assistedly, which can take many incarnations, with the result not guaranteed. At the level of space races, these bio-regeneration programs last for millions and more years. For evil and its spread is the most important prevention, as its subsequent removal is a difficult process.

The influence of the external environment on genetics has an energy basis. Each indigenous race was optimized to exist in a particular geographical region, where it was planted and which was its natural home. She had the appropriate coding for it in her genetic models, and therefore its members were born (incarnated) in these areas of the planet and not somewhere else, according to the law of vibrational resonance. There she also created her own distinctive culture and civilization, which was a manifestation of her racial models and the values ​​encoded in them, expressed in the possibilities of the context of the given environment. Each geographical area is part of the physical body of the Earth, ie the manifested part of its energy patterns. Part of the planetary models are also models for all its life fields and forms (thus also for man - otherwise it could not manifest on Earth at all). So each region has its sub-program in the country models, what it should look like and what should live there. If it comes together (which it was in the beginning), then man and his region are in a state of positive vibrational resonance (they are compatible with each other) and development is moving forward quickly. Man has an energetic effect on his environment: he is the conductor of the ID frequencies of the cosmic spectrum, which he sends there to the planetary grids, thus helping not only himself but also the planet (Planetary Bio-Feed). The evolutionary and ascetic processes of the planet (as living beings) are directly dependent on the energetic work of humans on its surface. The environment has an energetic effect on man: with its energetic radiation it stimulates his development, the activation of the evolutionary template, man is immersed in the biofields of the Earth like a fish in water. If a collective moves to its unnatural regions, with which it is not in resonance, they are both genetically and environmentally foreign to it, so it will feel exile there, unless it is intentionally conquered and colonized (predatory invaders). The locals who are at home there will rightly consider him an unwanted intruder on their territory. This creates tension, existential struggle, cultural, civilizational, racial, religious and civil war. This is happening on a planetary scale today in order to destabilize the planetary grids and destroy humanity. The method of exodus and targeted migration waves was often used by Predators: the natural development of both the moving (predator) and target (victim) race is blocked, new territory and its energy centers are conquered, the target culture and civilization are destroyed (especially if it has any positive values). ), war and ruin will arise, so vibration will decrease and evil will multiply. It is happening under the guise of the false multi-culture and universal unity of humanity.

Races and mutations

At the species level (Humanity, Human) we all have mutations in common. There are some differences at the race level. At even lower levels, the differences in damage are large. It is given by historical development, culture, tradition, civilization and recognized values. There are places in the world that carry old Christ traditions. Local cultures, communities, nations, tribes, ethnicities, population groups, lineages, individuals have a high spiritual or energy quality (high vibration + moral purity). There are also places quite opposite, where the traditions of ruin and death are deliberately cultivated. From history we know aggressive and vigorous nations, as well as rather peaceful nations. In this sense, there is a big difference between people from different places and their products: culture, traditions, values, religion. There is also a big difference in the lineages. Some lines hold and protect the original pure models necessary for the incarnation of Christ beings, which is necessary to maintain the vibrational level of humanity and the planet. These lines have always been the target of genocide.

Purification of Race

There is (unfortunately) no pure race on planet Earth at present. What is left here after all is a pathetic heavily polluted, violently crossed and painfully mutated street mix, such an earthly planetary Nut (understand: a dog of impure origin). They all go on a self-destructive V-V Game program, where everyone fights everyone, at the levels of all units (individuals, families, families, nations, states, cultures, religions, races, etc.). It is the result of hybridization experiments by space invaders, which involved robbing the necessary parts of the human genome, developing hybrid forms for direct predatory incarnations, and destroying unnecessary humanity. Our current global genetics contains parts of the original human, parts of the reversed human and various parts of the alien predator (extreme reverse polarization, victim-predator scheme, escape-attack, arrogance-self-sacrifice, Violence Mutation, fear of finiteness of our existence - fear of mortality, absence of meaning existence, ignorance of God's Laws and Creation Mechanics, perverse understanding of God, etc.). In that sense, we are all heavy cripples now and we are on the same ship. The old ship is sinking, but a brand new ship is being built next to it. And it is possible to change. If one is looking for a pure race, let him start with himself, remember his original pure Christ genetics, and begin to cultivate it in himself again. St by doing so, he can reprogram his DNA, and through it, the Christ frequencies will flow into the common Tribal Shield again, and thus the whole of Humanity will begin to be purified.

There is no pure race on our planet today that can genetically help other co-races. Indeed, if such a race, at the level of its Racial Consciousness, were allowed to serve as a kind of genetic mat, as the Christian races often do, it could incarnate through it to those affected by other races related to it and purify its broken patterns through it. This could gradually clean up the entire species. This racial aid is quite common, as is normal human and neighborhood aid. Just to mention that the Collective Consciousness of Humanity (our Cosmic Racial Consciousness), in agreement with the Planetary Consciousness of the Earth, has decided to serve as a genetic mat for the other extraterrestrial races of our galaxy to give them a chance to connect to the Ascents. A wave to which they would not otherwise have access from their home planetary systems. For that to work at all, these races must be at least a little related to us so that they can incarnate here through human genetics. And they are, because today's mutated Humanity is not just a Nut Planetary, but even a Galactic and Cosmic Nut. This was done by the Predators, when during the last 10-20 thousand. years have manipulated our and their genomes to such an extent that fully predatory consciousness can directly incarnate into human biological form. In addition, it is not possible to visually recognize them. It used to be much clearer. According to the appearance of the body, facial expression, frequencies of radiated optical currents (eyes primarily radiate energy, not receive it), energy tuning. Today, people do not have these abilities. Thanks to the post-Atlantic Masquerade Mutation (Face Mutation), all people look very the same, which is the intention. It is impossible to know whether the person in front of you is a human being, a predatory consciousness, or some ET. We would be very surprised who rules on our Earth if these masks fell off us. So let's expect that over the next few centuries, something will incarnate into human bodies, perhaps from somewhere else. It can be quite advanced and have open memory matrices and explain that they are from some other star - and they will tell the truth. But this is also what our ordinary people can do in their delusion, who have had their false Akashic records, which are artificial holographic implants and memory matrices, opened by some doubtful person. Each of them is a tall creature from the Pleiades or similar black-hole systems, see the fallen parts of Andromeda, Sirius-A, Sagittarius-the central black hole in the Milky Way, and similar good addresses. In their past lives, they were certainly, if not directly a god or goddess, then at least a semi-god, a pharaoh, a Himalayan sage or a Christian saint, or a member of some light hierarchy or fraternity (eg, Cat's Buckles). Few would be proud of the fact that he was a bear-maker in Liechtenstein, a glove-maker in Belgium, or a Chinese peasant. This is not spiritually correct today.

Today's Human Race

Today's present terrestrial human races known from anthropology (eg, brown, red, white, yellow, black; there are several different divisions) do exist and are a genetic remnant of the diversity of the original Human Tribes. They are a sub-species of the human species and have their differences and specifics (similar to different breeds of dogs). They are all severely damaged, mutated and ill. These mutations are at the level of the whole human species, which is superior and common to all races (however, there are also smaller racially specific mutations). Species mutations are universal and therefore we must also treat them together. It would not be sensible for his organs to start arguing in a seriously ill body about who was better and who was worse. Healing the whole would certainly not help. And in the event of death, they would all end. Humanity and its races are in a similar situation today.

Racial difference exists as a physical fact. This is due to the fact that each race has slightly different and specific programs in its racial models, which are reflected in observable and measurable differences between their members (genetics, anatomy, physiology, structure of their atomic, emotional and mental bodies and their corresponding abilities and skills, character and quality of the culture they create). Just as there is a racial identity, so there is a national, ethnic, gender identity, etc. All of this is natural and desirable for there to be diversity and variety in Creation. So that it all works together and develops together along the path of ascension. So that everything has its own natural living space - its home. To create its typical and unique culture there. Racial and national diversity is insignificant to all-human closeness and unity. From the point of view of the universe, Humanity is one small dot in the race quality diagram, and our differences are indistinguishable. On the other hand, under the scrutiny of the individual or human collective and the situation of everyday coexistence, racial and ethnic differences exist, they are significant and important: it is the reality of life and experience.

Elimination of Race

The concept of a The concept of race has been grossly abused by Predators in human history many times and continues to do so today. It was a matter of pitting races against each other, according to the 'divide and rule' rule. Examples. Racial hatred and the struggle for racial domination of the world (Hitler and his Aryans, today the yellow variant of the planet's aziatization - for China, the whole planet is just a little bigger Tibet and is conquering it universally today). Racial inequality: genocide (liquidation of the red race in the USA) and enslavement (import of the black race into the USA). Racial supremacy: aggression and hegemony of the technologically advanced white race (colonial empires). Destruction of the Human Race in its natural environment-planet Earth (ongoing). Today it is the destruction of the white race, the genocide of European nations and cultures, the liquidation of Western civilization, and the same everywhere in the world. It can end in the extermination of humanity and the destruction of the 3rd Settlement of the Earth: it has happened twice before and we will not get another chance. The purpose of genocide is to occupy an energetically important region (that is, the whole Earth) and the targeted elimination of certain lineages, parts of the population, nations, regions carrying certain types of DNA coding: firstly Christian, secondly competitive-predatory. *E.g. demonic forces created Hitler to destroy European Hebrew lines carrying both of these types of DNA and to conquer energetically important regions. However, he got out of control, which happens to demons. As he exaggerated and began destroying the lines of its sponsors, the United States entered the war to stop him. But the US also supported Hitler during the opening of the Western Front, where American soldiers were dying: after all, it's just cheap bio-ammunition and the money has to spin. *E.g. stalking the J12 lines and killing some of their branches. The brutal assassination of the Christian Cathars in Montsegur, France, at the personal command of Pope Innocent III (inocent = innocent) and the French King Philip II Augustus. They were the successors of the Bethlehem teams who guarded the planetary Stargate No. 12, which is anchored in the Montsegur locality. This so-called Albigensian crusade against the Cathars (1209-1244), which, despite all efforts, has not been historically suppressed, is considered one of the most monstrous genocides since the Holy Church of Rome. *E.g. The greatest genocide of the modern age on the continental level took place historically a few years ago: the extermination of the original population of America. The central and southern parts were brutally destroyed by the Holy Church. The northern continent was totally cleared by the United States, which conquered Canada as well as everything to the south (D. Stannard: American Holocaust, H. Zinn: A People's History of the United States, text: List of United States War Crimes, etc.). *E.g. The Armenian genocide, a designation for the extermination of about 1.5 million Armenian Turks during the years 1915-1918, by order of the Sultan within the Ottoman Empire (before that he had only 80-300 thousand murdered as a warning, in 2 years 1895-96). It was planned by the Islamic Turkish government party 'Unity and Progress' (beautiful name) and carried out with traditional Turkish cruelty ("... more than 1,500 men were murdered in the city of Angora in six hours. butchers slaughtered like cattle for slaughter ... ", K. Hansa: Horrors of the East). The Turkish Minister of the Interior has developed instructions on how to deal with Armenians. The Turks set up 25 concentration camps and devised death marches. They also counted how many Armenians could fit in the 'cattle' wagon they transported (there were exactly 90 of them, the same number of prisoners carrying cattle in the Third Reich). The Turks also invented gas chambers. The Armenians drove into the underground caves and lit fires at the entrances. Everyone suffocated with smoke and ashes with a slow death. It is no coincidence that the Nazis chose this Turkish model in preparation for the Jewish Holocaust - it was the most effective. The Turkish minister's instructions of 1915 sounded almost literally like orders that were later issued to SS units. The Turks never acknowledged that they had done anything wrong. Today's Turkish officials perceive the 'alleged genocide' as the death of several hundred thousand people of both nationalities (Armenians and Turks) as a result of 'historical chaos'. Many states have officially recognized and condemned the genocide, but except for the USA, the UK and the 'West-oriented' Czech Republic. The USA (and its closest UK) has Turkey as a friend and in NATO, both as an opportunity to provoke Russia to WW3 and as a Trojan Horse for the destruction of Europe. Turkish President Erdogan (a great friend of B. Obama) makes no secret of the fact that he wants to restore the Ottoman Empire in the context of today's Islamization of the world. The first step is the re-invasion of the Turks into Europe by legalizing their membership of the EU (along with the Albanian and Kosovo brothers). The second step is the common Muslim colonization of European states according to their own Euro-multi-cult democratic laws and the rights of minorities, created for this purpose by the JRC. With the help of our 'democracy', the Turks will achieve in a few years what they have not achieved in centuries of bloody wars of conquest. Erdogan uses the infiltration, intimidation and blackmail tactics typical of today's Islam. Turkey fully supports the Islamic State - ISIL: legalizes the sale of its embargoed oil, supplies it with weapons, covers its criminal activities, hosts terrorist organizations and their centers (eg the Muslim Brotherhood), has an open border with it, has recognized its existence de facto by opening an embassy in Ankara, and the Turkish secret services are cooperating with it. Turkey has supported disruption in Syria and is responsible for the wars there and for provoking the refugee crisis. Turkey manages targeted migration waves of Islamic militants to Europe, under the guise of 'refugees', and collects 'freight' from smuggling gangs, which it covers and supports. Turkey is dominated by the Islamic religious AKP: the 'Justice and Development Party' (another beautiful name), founded by Erdogan and has people there. It is pro-Islamic and anti-democratic (suppression of freedom of expression, ban on criticism of the government, imprisonment and murder of journalists, torture of people). Simply put, the Turks behave according to their nature and manifest the programs of their Turkish-Islamic models. It is a great effort of the JRC to get them to Europe at all costs. That is why, thanks to Merkel, the criteria for joining the EU, as well as German laws, have changed so that Turkey can start complying with them. Erdogan's relationship with the EU pretty much captures this example. He has offered Europe an interesting blackmail trade: if the EU pays him billions of euros, he is willing to temporarily curb the illegal immigration flows of Muslims he organizes (they do not hide it because it is no longer possible). Erdogan agreed with Merkel as follows. The EU will, at our expense, return 1 million illegal immigrants (ie those who have previously brought here without documents or destroyed their / false documents / themselves) and will first pay him 3 then 6 and possibly 20 billion euros to restore the Ottoman. Empire. Turkey will kindly accept these illegals and instead send the same number of 'legal' immigrants to the EU, again at our expense (which no one knows what it is: it will probably issue new false documents to the old ones) + it will also send 78 million Turks for visa-free travel. for 90 days stay. If the EU does not accept this, illegal Islamic immigration will escalate. The EU thanks Merkel for her diplomatic success and sees it as an 'advantageous solution'. With the fact that all this can (and certainly will) be repeated soon. There are over 2 billion Muslims today and there is even more waiting for Europe.

In Austria today, it is being considered to erase historical data on the Turkish siege of Vienna in 1683 from history textbooks so as not to 'offend the feelings' of Turkish and Muslim immigrants. The same is happening throughout the EU and also here in the Czech Republic within the project 'social regulation of information', popularly called 'censorship'. The extent of the falsification of facts is comparable to the Nazi censorship of Czech textbooks and books under the Protectorate. However, its monstrosity also surpasses Stalin's methods of brainwashing: since it is not possible to completely erase all data from books (there would be blank pages left, which would be strange to people), the remaining and manipulated texts must be properly ideologically interpreted. From this are the so-called politruci - professional political interpreters. Stalin deployed them only in the army, the EU also deploys them in schools: today's multi-cultural advisers. They are often trained in non-governmental (NGO) ideological centers or private institutes in order to oversee the political correctness of national governments and regulate public space in the 'right direction' (Euro-Jesuits and Euro-crackers). A nice example of creeping 'social regulation' in the Czech Republic is the censorship interventions in B. Říha's books: Honzíkova cesta and O letadélku Káněti, where parts of texts that were not in line with the values ​​of our Euro-American society were deleted or rewritten. Clearly, nothing normal can be reconciled with these perverted values: that is why there is such enormous pressure on our 'West orientation' and on the uprooting of our national cultures and traditions, which energetically means the destruction of national models and shields. This is something to think about. When the System can make unobservable interventions in Honzík's journey on a scale of a few years, right before our eyes, what probably happened on a scale of centuries and millennia with texts that are ideologically much more significant and have a planet-wide influence: Bible, Koran, Zohar, Sefer Jecira, Bahir, Bhagavad Gita, Kamasutra, Tao te t'ing, I-t'ing, etc. What do our current and yesterday's history textbooks and historical records contain? What do we know about our own history? What virtual reality does our corrupt politicians and media create for us? (S. Segi: Honzík's Path to Censorship and Political Correctness, The Universe, 95, January 2016, pp. 40-41; Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms: Censorship is Inadmissible).

spellsAfrica: estimates approx. 4 billion black people by the end of this century (let's also thank our Doctors Without Borders for this explosion without borders). Will the sovereign states of Europe pay the Turkish Sultan fuel for not allowing (= temporarily restricting) illegal immigrants here - our conquerors, colonizers and murderers? Can a Muslim value Europeans at all? How will these aggressors treat us when they despise us so deeply - and rightly so: people, culture, our perverted self-destructive 'democracy'? Worse than the dogs we became, against our will, thanks to the EU. Is this the will of the Czech nation? Isn't it time to awaken the Knights of Blanice, patriotism, national pride, launch the National Revival and bring those corrupt collaborating political scumbags to justice? Where it is necessary to destroy a large part of the population, ie entire races, nations and their advanced cultural and civilizational values ​​and open war killings, as a first step, it is not appropriate (this solution is not socially acceptable and the intention would be obvious - it would provoke defense), thus other more covert procedures are used. This is the case of today's Europe and its white race. Demographic terror and large-scale forced hybridization programs under the auspices of human rights and multi-culture. In an area, reverse ideologies (religious, political) create rapidly multiplying aggressive biological weapons (cheap renewable bio-ammunition), which are then moved to target areas (eg political, economic, military or environmental destabilization of their region: dried up). HAARPem et al.).

There, in a short time, in a few generations, they will carry out their work of destruction, as well as a strong dose of the virus in a weakened organism. They physically destroy and genetically recode the original population, destroy their positive culture and traditions, and instigate violence and ruin. Everything happens in a peaceful way, in accordance with the laws of democracy, as a humanitarian act. This is overseen by international institutions guarding world peace. All this is under the full control, sponsorship and protection of the guarantors of freedom on the globe. They are elites whose political puppets are controlled by the JRC, through a whole hierarchy of invisible levels, to such criminal gangs of infantry as the Bilderberg.

It acts as a socio-economic condenser. His 2 records charge global opposite politics to opposite polarities + (rich countries) and - (poor countries). The isolating dielectric is the well-guarded national borders on the + side and the established dictatorial regimes on the side, which keep the poor under control, control it and tyrannically aggressively. It will create a huge amount of hatred for the oppressors. Rich areas drain the resources of enslaved countries, which they take for granted because they can afford it. They waste immeasurably and ostentatiously so that their level of arrogance is globally visible. Meanwhile, they degenerate through their well-being and the deliberate implantation of degrading elements and self-destructive ideologies into their civilization. When the time is right, the wire is short-circuited. Isolation is removed, the poor region is destabilized, a smuggling network is set up, propaganda is made that they are welcome elsewhere and that they get everything for free there and can do whatever they want, including releasing accumulated hatred, tons of cash being printed for them. for the relocation they spend during the journey, thus financially involving transit countries and smuggling gangs and triggering a migration wave. After their departure, all the bridges will be burned, their houses and cities will be demolished to ev. they had nowhere to return. In the target part, other propaganda will be made that it is the poor who are fleeing war and drought (women, children, the elderly) and that they must be accepted to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe. Long before that, the ideologies of humanism, multi-cult, universalism are implanted there, the basic defense mechanisms are paralyzed: liquidation of borders and their defenses, dissolution of national armies, police position against citizens, disarmament and silence laws, well-programmed generations of collaborators are brought up and corrupt sets are embedded in all power structures. The basic principles of majority democracy are suppressed (the government of the majority opinion is criminalized) and everything adapts to the needs of invasive minorities, which is completely against the interests of the majority. When foreign minorities become the majority, the laws of democracy will be restored. In a moment, it will turn out that the target area is occupied by millions of anonymous aggressive primitive militant men of military age 20-35, without identity, having terrorist training and creating well-organized and sponsored armed structures. They will then say: this is our territory and you will pack away or we will kill you. They do not run away from the war, they run away into the war: into the war against us and against the whole world. Pope Francis kisses the feet of these assassins and declares them to be the 'blessings of Europe' (this Vatican SVS-bag only fulfills its task - as always before). This is the standard procedure used by Predators. SVS starts it, Bilderberg ends it. The point is that the victims of this policy cannot (= not allowed) to defend aggressors, punished for racism and xenophobia or for hate speech. The government is guaranteed impunity and non-eviction by the government, the right to parasitize (not work, receive benefits), the right to reproduce unrestrictedly and to attract the whole (even fictitious - the aggressor is without identity) family, all at the expense of their victims. Unless you want to let Washington and Brussels-funded and protected looting packs of raiding thugs and assassins and genocidal religious terrorists and economic parasites into your homes, this invasive medieval consciousness vibrates at the level of stoning and shredding them, these graduates of special training in American (British) , French) and their fraternal Islamic terrorist centers, so you are not a racist or a xenophob or an Islamophob. You act as a Christ Being who protects his natural existential rights and his Home against external conquest aggression, in full accordance with the Law of Oneness. It is necessary to strictly distinguish between Home and Guests. The landlord has the right to choose who to invite as a Guest and, if at all, under what conditions. If a cheeky and uninvited guest (intruder, raider, conqueror, murderer) behaves like cattle, it is not only the right, but also the duty of every landlord to kick him out immediately. It is his Home and destroys another. And he must protect his Home and his culture and civilization: for himself and for his future generations, because that is his evolutionary mission. And the Czech nation and the Czech land is our common Home. And we must defend him. In order to avoid the tragedy set in our national anthem: Where is my home? We must not ask, because in a moment the answer will cease to exist. We must say: Here is my home! And behave accordingly.

Disposal of the Nation

Like races, nations and their states are to some extent independent beings or entities that have their own models and specific coding carried by National Shields (eg the Czech Shield, which is also being fought for today). Therefore, they also have a collective consciousness of their own national identity, which senses various dangers and tries to defend them. It is like the consciousness of a bodily organ composed of many cells belonging to it. A nation is an autonomous collective Super-Being having the attributes of all created things: the free will to act, the ability to create and determine the direction of its development and to take responsibility. Like man, a nation has a character that is part of its identity. The character of each Being is given by the sum of all the programs in its Manifestations, which are manifested by this Being, with all its properties. The content of these Templates consists of two different contributions: genetic (inherited: your own incarnation template DNA + parental DNA inputs) and non-genetic (acquired during life: life experience stored in memory matrices). This sum (inherited + acquired) or (genetics + enviro) forms the Identity of all things. Thus, the relation holds: Character of the Nation = (original coding of its uniqueness) + (historical experience and memory).

Character gives a nation its uniqueness and value. The existence of nations, as levels of collective Identities with free will and the ability to intervene in planetary events and co-determine the direction of human development, is a major obstacle for the JRC in establishing the NWO. For their purposes, they need a fully eradicated atomized anonymous global universal hybrid biomass without memory and belonging to anything, without the ability to self-organize (ie, create collective modes of behavior, of which nations are prototypes) and self-expression, psychotronically controlled by central control dogma: false humanism , multi-cult, universalism These are skillfully damaged versions of the original positive Christian concepts and qualities. They are difficult to see because the demonic content is hidden in a pleasing form. That is why there is such pressure on a person's emotional aspect to agree to these slogans immediately and without hesitation. Without a deeper rational analysis, nothing can be said against them. However, it is this analysis that reveals their malignancy. And that requires hesitation and time to think. Only an irresponsible idiot makes decisions online, even if they don't have to.

The current liquidation of European nations and their states with the help of the USA and the EU is taking place by artificially creating a doped, unnatural large European collective under the soaring slogans and false arguments of targeted propaganda. Smaller national shields will energetically link to this with the help of fraud and coercion. The large shield serves as a yoke field. It vacuums, weakens and reprograms smaller shields, in an effort to erase their national encrypts. It absorbs and assimilates their nameless energy contents, thus rising. When the critical attenuation value is reached, the large shield will switch in reverse, the small shields will be destroyed. The resulting collective unified European biomass will be implanted with a new, artificial, universal 'European-Union' identity: the United States of Europe. These are then assembled as large puzzles with other nationalized regional prefabricates (United States: 1,2,3 ...) into a common framework of economic globalization and universal humanities. those, as the only legal scheme of planetary existence = NWO. To make it go faster, our national shields are deliberately crushed by brutal migration waves, for the purpose of genetic cleansing and cultural transcoding. It is clear that nations as strong as the English, the French, the Germans or the Nordic Vikings would not give the skin of their Identity for free. That is why it is happening along the intriguing path of political legislation, where their straightforward fighting spirit of the fawn beast is beyond its main force. Their completely corrupt puppet national governments are fully occupied by people from the JRC. When these key nations are laid down, the rest will ride with them. That is why building the EU is a JRC pilot project: the destruction of European nations is a necessary prelude for the liquidation of Europe.

In the Czech Republic, it began right after the shameful Estébá-dissident coup d'état of 1989, when its actors (collaborating puppets paid by the CIA) sold us to the West as a poor whore to catch up with. He of us, 'out of love for the Czech Republic', made his colony and banana republic in a few years (I. Švihlíková: How we became a colony). They launched a project to deprive the company and criminalize it, turn the police into a slap in the face and a political maid. From our impoverished country, they created Postmoral Kurvistan (fear, helplessness and disgust): preconditions for the liquidation of the nation and the state. They began with a massive Asianization of the Czech population and allowed the entry of another organized crime (Albanian gangs and Russian-language mafias). The yellow economic-parasitic waves of migration came from areas of peace and democracy, so no excuses for war. It is said that they will do better here than at home (as well as about 6 billion other people). This is a strong argument of the love-truths for diluting the Czech genome and infecting our small country with the yellow mafia and its economic crime, which begins with a demographic occupation. Then come the 'Chinatowns', drugs, weapons, crime, cities in cities and states in the state. This adaptation period only served as a pre-band for the 'Islamic Quarters'. It took about a generation for people to get used to it and take it as something 'normal', because in the West 'it is already the case' (= desirable pattern). In huge quantities, Asians publicly smuggled goods, sold them illegally, including pipes, flooded the country with dysfunctional poisonous and dangerous scum, which we could not even imagine, looted markets, resold, bought stolen goods from junkies, did not pay taxes, enjoyed all social benefits, taxes. The Czechs sponsored their reproduction, which is often regulated in Asia, created money laundering networks / Chinese restaurants, etc. /, connected us to international crime, circumvented laws, acted criminally, and were guaranteed Czech citizenship and impunity from the government.

And now the main actor is coming to us: Islam. See B. Kuras's books: How to Kill Civilization / 2015 /, The Last Hope of Civilization / 2016 /. An important role here is played by the Islamic State - ISIL, the original branch of Al Qaeda, today an extreme radical Islamic terrorist organization that has declared its independent state and caliphate in the conquered territories: a claim to religious authority over all Muslims in the world. ShILI seeks rule over all Muslims and their territories and, in the name of Allah, manages global Jihad for the conquest and Islamization of the entire world, with the help of international organizations affiliated to it and in silent cooperation with other Islamic countries. This functioning criminal state unit has not been recognized by any other state, except the friendly Turkey, which manages the migration flows of Islamic terrorists from ISIL and other states to Europe. According to ISIL, Islam is the most peaceful ideology in the world and therefore has the right to rule the world. Islam divides the globe into two zones. The 'Peace Zone' is the one he has already conquered and where the Qur'an and the Sharia Law arising from it rule. The 'zone of war' is the one it is currently conquering and will conquer, because it is the wish of Allah (Sharia: all Muslims are superior to all non-Muslims). Today, all the current borders of the Islamic world and its surroundings are really fighting. He fights by any means, regardless of losses and to the last man (Sharia: every Muslim has a duty to commit Jihad - by violence or political, cultural and social activity, such as kebabisation of the Czech Republic). This war is 'holy' and sacred things are not spared. The final victory is guaranteed by Allah - it is only a matter of time and gaining population dominance (a few decades is historically only a moment). Wherever Islam enters the feet of its believers (in any way: immigration, infiltration, land acquisition, colony formation, military aggression, etc.), who settle there and introduce Islamic culture (apartment, house, block, street, neighborhood, region, continent , etc.), so this territory belongs forever to the Empire of Islam and becomes its property. If its original robbed owner wanted to get it back, it is an act of aggression against all Muslims. An invasive way of subsistence is the normal way of life (Sharia: the property of defeated non-Muslims / kaffirs / belongs to Islamic victors). That is, a ban on working in the EU and an obligation to parasitize. Their 'peacefulness' has been famous for centuries and is embodied in their laws through a series of noble elections (Sharia: the defeated kaffir has the choice to become a Muslim, to pay a vassal tax for not being killed - the main source of income for Muslims other than oil, to become a slave / female sex slave /, to be killed). A few quotes to illustrate. Message from Holy Islamic Warriors to Western Liberal Democracy: We Love Death More Than You Love Life. Algerian President: We will conquer Europe through the wombs of our women. Libyan leader Gaddafi: We don't need terrorists, 50 million Muslims in Europe will turn it into an Islamic continent in a few decades. Turkish President Erdogan (candidate for EU membership, the current restorer of the Islamic Ottoman Empire, aiming to occupy Europe): Democracy is a train that will take us to our destination. Mosques are our barracks, minarets are our bayonets, and believers are our soldiers. There is no moderate Islam and no other Islam. Islam is simply Islam, says Erdogan. On average, Muslims carry out a terrorist attack somewhere in the world 5 times a day. In the name of Allah, they have committed more than 25,000 deadly terrorist attacks since the destruction of the WTC in New York in 2001. Muslims are conquering and colonizing Western civilization with terror, intimidation, threats, education, propaganda, enforcing special rights and privileges, and economic parasitism. they receive benefits from European kaffirs as the law tells them: Islamic men will not work, that is below their level, and Islamic women are used exclusively to produce new Mujahideen fighters) and growing demographic (population) dominance. Turkish President Erdogan comments: Trying to adapt Islamic immigrants to Western countries is a crime against humanity. A well-thought-out Islamization of Western public space is underway in all aspects. This invisible energetic struggle is about the destruction of the models and the values ​​of the whole of Western civilization stored in them, and eventually of all the positive values ​​in the shields of all Mankind. It begins with a massive indoctrination in the education system so that the next generations are already recoded (multi-cultural school counselors: EU politruci, rewritten history, censorship and self-censorship, etc.). The West is strong and cannot be conquered by external forces. Therefore, the JRC decided to decompose it from within using the Trojan Horse method. To do this, he needs the horse (= Islam) and those who open the gates to it (= EU politicians). After the West sits down and Islam acquires its wealth, know-how, science, technology, weapons systems, methods of organization and management, it will easily conquer the rest of the world.

Planet Earth, Europe and the Czechia will then forever become a 'zone of peace'.

Islamic Jihad is perfectly organized internationally (eg ISIL, Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and other criminal organizations) and financially unrestricted (oil sales, eg Turkey illegally sells ISIL oil on the black market and thus circumvents the embargo). It has the full support of the West (the US and its subordinate EU) and their forces (CIA, information, logistics, weapons, politics, legislation, etc.). E.g. Barack Hussein Obama is a close friend of Erdogan, he politically travels to Saudi Arabia to see his friends, he befriends members of the Muslim Brotherhood, he only considers ISIL assassins to be some 'thugs'. Obama also has interesting views: the US will never (interesting guarantee!) Be at war with Islam, ISIL has nothing to do with Islam, no 'Islamic terrorism' Interesting are the instructions for police raids on Muslim homes in British territory (searches: illegal weapons, explosives , drugs, securing terrorists, murderers, kidnappers, rapists, etc.). Before raiding a Muslim home, police must consult with and obtain the consent of Muslim community officials. If you enter the house before dawn, the police must give clear and compelling reasons. They must not inspect inhabited bedrooms and bathrooms before dawn. The entry of police dogs would be a serious desecration of the home. Prohibition of police documentation (photography and filming) if women in underwear were caught there. If prayers are taking place in the house, the police must not disturb them and must wait for them to end. The police must not touch sacred books and objects (if, for example, there is a kilo of heroin in the box with the cover of the Koran, it is untouchable, as well as a Kalashnikov or barrel of explosives blessed by an imam). To enable detainees to take appropriate clothing into custody so as not to offend their cultural feelings and violate their cultural rights. Muslims in the conquered territories of European states (eg the No-Go Zone, but entire neighborhoods and cities) are not subject to state laws, but to Muslim laws. If a police officer makes a mistake, he will be extradited by a state to a Muslim court. This is happening today not only in the UK, but in a number of other countries. These left-wing EU laws are also in the drawer of our left-wing governments, and they are just waiting for the Czech Muslim community to become active and to be implemented. Tens of thousands of Muslims have already infiltrated here and are still quietly waiting. Within Schengen, anyone can come here and buy and do anything here - EU states have no control over their territory.

Islamic Jihad is absolutely certain of its victory, because it knows that it is guaranteed by the JRC this enormous support and inviolability. In addition, it really progresses by miles steps forward (eg it is estimated that about 100,000 Christians are murdered by Muslims every year). His organization center no longer hides his plans and publishes informative publications about them, as instruction for large masses of Muslim fighters around the world: for example, in a series of so-called 'Black Flags'. It explains how the various territories will be conquered and subdued and their cultures and inhabitants destroyed. We in Europe and the Czech Republic are particularly interested in the book Black Flags from Rome: The Upcoming Uprising, as it describes the successful liquidation of Europe. Its goal is to create a global Muslim nation, the Umma, which transcends all state borders and establishes a global caliphate. He is already talking openly about his JRC allies in Europe: "European Muslims will unite with left-wing activists .... They will give Muslims information and share weapons with them and do underground activities for them (underground: illegal, subversive, diversionary) ( dissent) in preparation for the conquest of Rome (symbol of Europe and its Christian traditions) ". He added: "Organized armed platoons will form around mosques, acquire and stockpile weapons, and prepare for defense and expansion. These Islamic militias will strengthen and conquer strategic targets: enemy buildings, roads, neighborhoods, weapons depots, and more. They will be able to more sensational attacks and purchases of more advanced weapons on the black market and inflict more damage on enemies ... Bosnian Jihad, fully armed Muslims, with the help of the Albanian and Kosovo brothers, will begin advancing on Italy. the caliphate will encircle and conquer Europe from all sides: west (Spain), center (Italy), east (Turkey) ... And the banner of Islam will be raised in the heart of Europe ". This is really happening. Muslim centers already openly call it the global 'New World Islamic Order'.

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