The meaning of existence I.


Why is there something at all? No one knows. The world is there to be. But when something is, it is governed by the Laws of Creation. Everything that exists, everything that is created, is only an emanation (radiation, product) of the Source. He creates from himself and into himself. Like a mother, according to a certain creative program, she forms her child. It is made of its substance, which it passes on to it and lends to it, so that it may exist on its own. They form it out of themselves and into themselves. Therefore, it is fully connected and interconnected. When the time comes, he will release him out into the world so that he can gain experience by going through the Hologram of Being. In this divine Manifestation Arena, he tests different paths, trying different choices at their crossroads and crossroads. According to the programs of his Being and the gift from his ancestors, with the help of free will, he chooses the path of life and seeks its meaning. Depending on how he makes decisions and acts, he either passes through the bright and warm places of this Arena, where he experiences pleasant states and high vibrations, or enters dark and cold places, where he experiences unpleasant states and low vibrations. It's similar to the game 'water alone, water alone, burning, burning'. The purpose of this didactic lesson is for this child of God to know both, to compare it, and then to decide where to focus his life and in which direction to go: either forward (for good) or backward (for evil). Both directions are equally possible and no one will judge him for it. It is solely his choice whether he wants to experience joy or suffering. This passage through the Hologram of Being is perceived as a movement in time, that is, development and evolution.

The meaning of existence is that God-Source has decided to experience in himself the experience of himself, all that he has created. He does this through all things created by himself, which are his individualized and manifested parts. They have their own and completely unique identity and all the characteristics and qualities of the Source. In this sense, every thing is also God, because it is his creation, the part of his consciousness in which he has decided to experience its destiny and its mission, which he has embodied in it. Therefore, the statement 'I am God' is essentially true if it is understood in this sense and with the deepest humility. It is as if the consciousness of the physical body has decided to try to live in terms of one of its cells or its organ, in order to know itself more, from different angles, from different levels of itself. And our body does so because it is a fully conscious being, albeit anchored in a slightly different frequency band. We just don't know about it because we don't perceive it, because our mutations prevent us from connecting with it.

The goal of existence

The goal of existence is to exist. Fully consciously and freely experience all the necessary experiences in all the vibrational levels of Creation. To understand that all creation is only a little concentrated consciousness of God. To know God from all possible angles, how He chose to manifest to us, and how He allowed us to perceive Him. Everything created comes from God, because there is no one else to create. Everything created rests in God, because it creates from itself and into itself, and therefore it cannot be outside of it. Everything created passes through God, his manifested Hologram of Being (the Body of God), which he created in his mind (God's Dream). We perceive him as a tangible reality (physical reality) and yet we are only insignificant figures in his big dream, in the dream we dream with God. Everything created returns to God because there is nowhere else. Thus, the goal of existence is: to come out of God, to go through God, to understand God, to understand him, to experience him, to embody him, to become him and to be him, and to return to the state of God. And then: either stay with him or be return to Creation as his Messenger and help and teach where it is most needed. Strive for maximum positive self-expression and defend your right to be such.

God, love and self-love

It is a bit of an exaggeration to say that God is the greatest Narcissist in the world. According to Wikipedia:

Narcissism characterizes in ordinary speech a person with exaggerated admiration for himself, with an arrogant demeanor and a lack of understanding for others, which he understands only as tools for his own goals. The name is derived from the Greek myth, according to which the beautiful young man Narcissus fell in love with his own beauty and looked at it in the well until he fell into it and drowned.

Of this definition of narcissism, however, only the following parts of God relate to God: ... with admiration for himself ... ... he fell in love with his own beauty ...

Yes, God admires his Creation because he thinks he is perfect, the best he has been able to create. Yes, God has fallen in love with His beauty because His essence is to love and His Creation is beautiful. To love beauty is the highest love. Yes, God views the beauty of His Creation through all the things He has created, which are His extended tentacles and antennas, through which He perceives and experiences all parts and aspects of the Maze of Existence He has created called the Hologram of Being.

There is no need to see anything wrong with this approach if it is properly understood. One should admire as a direct product of God's creative act. It is a small piece of it, a small piece of his concentrated consciousness within the infinite Field of Source Consciousness. She is in direct contact with him. He is inside God. No it can be outside of God because it is not physically possible. However, it is possible to forget about it (ignorance) or even reject it (arrogance). One should make love, have self-love and love, accept oneself as one is and try to be even better - there are always reserves. Because what he himself does not even can provide to others and life is about sharing with each other. One should look at one's own beauty, God-given to Him, find one's hidden potential for perfection, find all the gifts of God that is stored and hidden somewhere, and begin to use them in a creative way: positive self-expression. And to know that he is a kind of energetic lens, optics or prism to himself, through which he views the whole surrounding world, which he helped to co-create by his actions. And make sure his optics are clean and undistorted. Then he can remember the old wisdom: 'Knowing myself in everything, I rejoice with the whole being.'


Love is not some philosophical or psychological concept of earthly humanity or an emotional force that attracts different people to each other. It is the cosmic principle, the basis of all Creation. It is the substance of God Consciousness (substance Lavas), from which everything else is created. These are the highest vibrations (frequencies) that ever exist. It is the active and creative energy of the highest order. It is a field of consciousness of the highest intelligence. It is the original creative force, the strongest force of all forces. It is nowhere far, it is right in us. We wouldn't be without her. We are her little manifestation, her little thickening, her spark of Divine love and consciousness. We can blow it up and strengthen it. But also step on, suffocate and go out. Both are allowed. But there are different consequences for both. Here we choose the quality of our journey through life. A journey with or without love. It's up to us what we go through. The problem is that people today do not know what love is.


Love is also a certain vibrational quality of the relationship between things, a type of resonance with the substance Lavas. Depending on the situation, you need to choose the right kind of love. We can imagine that there are 4 kinds of love that form 2 polar pairs: (I) soft and hard love, (II) self-love and all-love. Everyone can experience how they would perceive them. It is useful to understand, experience and manage this quadrupleness in order to maintain a positive relationship with our surroundings and to be in a state of stable balance: not to control anyone and not to be controlled. These are 4 different tools that we have to use appropriately depending on the situation. And that needs to be learned. If we use the wrong tool, we get the wrong result. And learning true love is hard school. Love must be under full control, because it is a great force. Love is a good servant, but an evil lord. When this polarity is overcome, then there is only one Love, without an attribute, which contains and includes the 4 loves. All the 4 different loves came out of her to allow us to love the experience of Creation in 4 different ways.

* Soft love: the relationship of loving parents and beloved children (wise and kind father, loving and self-sacrificing mother), the relationship of Man and God, the relationship between Man and his Higher Self, the relationship of loving people, etc. It is gentle, nourishing, joyful, fulfilling , medicinal, beautiful. It is a state of mutual harmonic vibrational resonance between two things, an open relationship of trust. She is vulnerable.

* Hard love: the Rangers' attitude towards the Demons, society's attitude towards criminals, the victim's attitude towards the aggressor. Here it is necessary to clearly set the boundaries and determine the consequences for crossing them. If the borders are violated, then implement these consequences. E.g. to inflict a Krystovský Strike on the intruder, which in the extreme case, unless it is really possible otherwise, will cause its physical liquidation. Everything happens according to the rules of necessary defense and self-defense, without negative emotions (hatred, anger), from a firm attitude of hard love. The aggressor knows in advance what will happen if he attacks. He has free will and the ability to create. When he freely decides to create a situation of attack, he bears full responsibility and all consequences. It works like the accelerated Law of Karma. Defining boundaries is necessary not only in these exacerbated cases, but in all the common situations of our lives, in all levels of relation. How assertiveness teaches. Every thing has the right to its natural space, which it needs for its existence. He was allocated for her at her creation. He must know, care for, and protect this space, even by force, if necessary. Every individual and nation has this space. See the Czech legend about the Blanický Knights, who are to rush to our aid when the Czech Earth is at its worst. They probably fell asleep today, so we have to defend ourselves.

* Self-love: to love yourself as I am. To love, to accept, to respect, in all respects, with everything. Realize that I am a condensed Spark of God Consciousness and act accordingly. As with any other part of God. If I don't like something about myself, then accept it as a given for this time and try to improve it. Transformation over time is my natural evolution. We need to learn to love ourselves and have it in us so that we can pass it on. One has the first responsibility for oneself and part of it is to love oneself. And he has to learn that on himself. Every learning is done through mistakes. Learning it from others causes them pain.

* Versatility: to love everything in Creation as it is. To be in a state of positive vibrational resonance with the whole of Creation. Perceive everything, including oneself, as a manifestation of one Source. Everything is alright. Everything is as it should be. Everything is just as God is allowed. To be with everything in fully conscious harmonic unity, ie to keep consciousness of one's own identity and to expand it throughout the Creation. This is a manifestation of spiritual maturity and is related to the activation of the DNA template. In the full version, it is transcendent love, which corresponds to the activation of all 12 threads and the expansion of personal consciousness into the state of Christ, that is, the embodiment of the state of the Avatar (Higher Self of HU-4). In this state, every moment is sacred, all things and beings are blessed, and life is an ecstatic study of infinite gratitude for the gift of existence. It is absolute, infinite, unconditional love. It is Christ's love. See Figure Love Structure.

Misunderstanding of love: Hearts

Hearts also called: sunshineers, florists, florists, love-truths, human-lawyers, love-truth-namastars, nejdis, quarter-chakra extremists, ascension naivists, etc. They are damaged beings who do not respect and violate the Cosmic Laws. They take from them only what suits them (= resonates with their deviation) and do not recognize the rest. They suppress the rational aspect and erroneously follow an exuberant feeling: hence their naming. Typical cases: rights without duties, freedom without restrictions and responsibilities (anti-thesis of the Law of Oneness), only love no punishment (misunderstanding of the structure of Love), inability to correctly distinguish and separate grain from chaff (everything is equal, equal, everything is good) , inability to respond adequately (not to think, not to analyze, not to solve anything, to release everything, all just accept, problems do not exist), the decay of immunity, loss of self-defense, the spread of meme infection through the esoteric master and the New Age. They are Predatory ideologies designed to implant in people the view that good and evil are equal. Everything that's going on is fine, because that's how it's supposed to be. Everything has to be accepted only passively: this is the 'highest spirituality'. That is, to humbly and passively accept the predatory occupation and colonization of the Earth and the enslavement and liquidation of Mankind. It forms the Fifth Column of Predators on Earth.

Love and evolutionary strategies

A typical mistake is the application of all-love to situations of aggression where strong self-defense is required. Like the application of passive all-acceptance to situations requiring an active approach and solving a problem. People with heart damage and people pretending to be spiritual are prone to this. True spirituality is about adequacy. The situation needs to be properly assessed and maintained accordingly. The optimal procedure for evolutionary combat games (dragging and wrestling in falling real estate fields within the V-V Game, ie also on Earth) is given by two rules: (I) Start decently. (II) Then copy the behavior of the opposing party (opponent): a kiss comes, a kiss again (maybe sweeter), a hit comes, a hit again (maybe harder). It is the most effective algorithm based on the Law of Karma, where everyone immediately feels the response of what he has evoked and caused to others. With this procedure, it is possible to reach an amicable solution even in complex situations where other algorithms fail because they do not have well-balanced polarities of Soft and Hard Love. One of them prevails, leading to either self-destruction or the destruction of the opponent, which is not the goal of evolution. It is about learning to resolve conflicts in a way that preserves the Principle of Christ. This program in its basic version has two different tunings.

1. One tuning is recommended for Mirka Dušína, who are on the ascension path and want to train their Christness, gain experience of forgiveness of others, be a positive role model, show that love is the greatest force in Creation and give tips on how to use it in practice, etc. So the re-action is milder than the original action and has didactic value. At the crossing, the pedestrian waits for the car to pass and does not claim his right of priority, because he knows that this behavior is prototype meritorious (it is easier to stop a person in gentle walking than a ton of iron at 60 km / h, energy and enviro effects are obvious). It also creates a situation of generosity and kindness, which the driver feels and gets into his models, as a positive experience of co-creating the situation of crossing the street. This program becomes part of his anatomy and can manifest him outwardly through himself. Because this experience carries a positive emotional charge that does a normal person well, it will replicate him. At the next crossing, he will stop before the pedestrian and kindly motion to him. This will get this nice program into the pedestrian and he will replicate it. And so the Christian Coding is spreading all over the planet. So if you are looking for the path of Christ and you do not have the money for a spiritual journey to Bethlehem (esoteric holiday), try to learn to cross the streets decently around your block.

2. The second tuning is recommended for Dlouhá Bidla and Štětináče (or even for guided cowardly corrupt useful idiots Bohouš), who are on a descending path and want to find out where they can go in their evil. So find out the limits of how far the surrounding world will let them expand before stopping them. They look for the weaknesses of love and abuse them. Their action is aggressive and if they feel a mild reaction (a show of decency), they take it as a weakness and multiply their aggressiveness: the dog is poisoned, the path is clear. It is the path of the Demons, who have different rules of the game than the rest of the world. A healthy world must understand this quickly and respond adequately. It is a test of his health, strength and maturity. Testing his immune system if it is xenophobic enough to respond properly to deadly aggression and eliminate it quickly. It is the normal daily practice of every living Being who passes through the Hologram of Being, where the parts and things are good and bad. Therefore, they must learn to carefully observe, understand, distinguish (discriminate), assess, evaluate, consider and measure and accurately determine the differences and give it values ​​of + or - according to the degree of crystallinity contained in the intentions and actions of their surroundings. If a strong reversal of the attacker is detected, an adequate hard response is required. Obviously, we can best communicate with everyone in their own language, because they understand them. Those who speak the language of power will also understand the power answers best. And this is the case of Predators, who consider love a weakness and violence a heroism because they have perverted values. If an idiot wants to get slapped, let them set their other face.

Samaritan Complex and Martyrdom

It is an energy damage that manifests itself in a misunderstanding of the structure of love and a rejection of one's own value. It is excessive care for others at the expense of self-care. It is an obsession with serving others at the cost of one's own annihilation. It is not a manifestation of love, but of its lack. It is a manifestation of loving deprivation. It is an anti-Christian attitude. With his humiliated dog service, the disabled person buys from others what he lacks, what he does not have: a sense of self-worth. He hopes that the more he pays, the more he gets it from outside people. She pays for the most valuable thing she has: herself. She gives up on herself and expects someone to respect her for it. He voluntarily takes on the role of a martyr (martyrism) and undergoes self-sacrifice. It is a manifestation of deep impiety. By contempt for himself, he despises God in himself, which is a grave offense. On a personal level, this has the energetic consequences of disconnecting from God because He does not realize Him. It also damages its surroundings. It gives other people the idea that it is vital for their existence and proper functioning, and that they would not be able to do it on their own. It weakens their personal power and makes them dependent on each other. This also disconnects them from God, where they should turn for their life forces and advice on how to overcome obstacles. In Creation, everything is in constant motion, which is ensured by the mutual flow of energies back and forth. Energy must not be missing or accumulating anywhere. Therefore, a balance between taking and giving must be ensured. There must be an energy exchange. The affected person constantly gives more than receives, thus constantly reducing his ability to maintain an open 2-way flow of energy between himself and the Source. The natural flow of the Primary Life Forces is this: the direct flow of fresh energy from the Source to me (OutFlow), the return of the energy I use to the Source for its vibrational regeneration (BackFlow). Multiplied inflow of new energy from the Source into me for further expansion my evolutionary template (BackFlowReturn). If this does not work, spiritual growth and ascension, which is conditioned by the connection to the Source, is not possible. The fall follows.

These false and reversed attitudes have been implanted in humanity by the Predators to weaken their Christ potential to open a strong two-way flow between our falling planet and the Source. It is one aspect of the reverse energy pattern of behavior artificially embedded in our models, the so-called Victim-Predator Model. From the subconscious level, this governs the responsive structure of our behavior (how we react) in all communication situations: escape or attack. We automatically style ourselves into the role of either the victim or the attacker, depending on how we estimate the strength of our and the other side. Accordingly, we respond either by escape or attack (figuratively speaking, energetically). These mutations are inserted into our plasma models, very deep in our anatomy. They cause unnatural extreme polarizations, which are manifested by a constant state of conflict and struggle with every interpersonal contact. So people are constantly pitted against each other. Life is a struggle. Partnership is a struggle for power and control of the other. On the one hand, they exhaust each other, hurt each other and reduce vibrations, and on the other hand, they cannot come together and form a strong opposition to demons. Divide and rule.

Grace Last

God's laws allow the rebirth of the Demons in their original Christ form, after their fall, if there is anyone in the Cosmos who loves them. It's a physical matter. In the last phase of its destruction, called the fragmentation of consciousness, the consciousness of the Demons disintegrates into the primordial particles of conscious energy, called Partiki. Their manifestations are destroyed, grids, shields, memory matrices, etc. formations that encode their identity disintegrate and hold the program of realization of their being. They cease to exist as a conscious entity. It is an erasure from the Book of Life. It is as if our material body has disintegrated into individual atoms, and they have forgotten how they were put together to form a fully functional body. It is as if someone has demolished the house into a pile of bricks with a bulldozer and at the same time destroyed the plan for the construction of the house, ie an instruction-template of how the bricks should be arranged to create the house. The cloud of their crushed Partiki particles then travels to the Source as a recyclable raw material. However, if one can hold in his mind the memory and idea of ​​these destroyed beings in their original divine form, then the cloud of their chaotic Partiki particles can re-arrange itself in its original form. The way these unfortunate beings were originally created by God. These beings then return to the Source as a whole and can continue their further development and learn from their mistakes. Someone has to keep their originals in their memory.

It is not God who resuscitates the Demons. It is the grace of God embodied in his laws. This will allow someone in Creation who has been terrorized by the Demons to be so Christian and to forgive them. In order to enable them to re-exist and love all the evil they have done with his love, and to give them an opportunity to make amends. This is no one's duty. It is only good will and the free decision to behave in this way. Pragmatically speaking, it pays to love and forgive us because we tear down it valuable ascension points (Christ beavers).

Don't play God when you're not him

Non-violence is often promoted in many philosophical and spiritual texts (especially Eastern ones). Corrupted Buddhism teaches that one must not restrict anyone, that one must not commit violence, which means that with e must not even hinder. This attitude leads to fake spirituality and fatalism. I give up my personal power and ability to influence the events of which I am a part. I hand over my power to some 'higher principle' who knows best how to deal with it. Then I have a clear conscience that I don't have to worry about whether I did good or bad. Someone else will do it for me. E.g. such a god who will protect me. Or the law of karma, which always meritfully brings me suffering as the fruits of my bad behavior, which I must accept. With tears in his eyes, the reader watches as the saint no longer acts, only observes. When a murderer approaches, he does not limit him in any way and lets himself be killed, thus 'spiritually winning' and becoming a hero having 'divine qualities'. This can be an acceptable personal evolutionary choice if it is fully conscious and karmically qualified. But not as a pose of spirituality for oneself and others: a 'game of God'. Not as a general guide to resolving conflict situations. Divine quality is not about not defending, but about the adequacy of defense. That would be what it would look like here if no one resisted Evil! If, for example, the defenders of Stalingrad 'set a second face for the Hitler family'. Our planet can afford a certain number of such insane saints, but only in numbers smaller than large.

We are the Ranger Race: what can a space cop do like this? The real God defends himself very hard. He set the exact boundaries of Evil as far as he could go. Evil can fully manifest only in the Outer Domains and only up to the level of Eck, the destruction of which it may cause. Punishment for punishment comes as an act of defense of God-created Creation: the being self-harms and suffers (reverses his own models). If it performs a critical amount of evil (it makes up to more than 2/3 of the revisions in the templates), then it IS DISPOSED. The creature reached the limit of the necessary defense, began to defend itself, and inflicted a Christ Strike on it. This ensures that the Principle of the CHRIST of Eternal Life will be preserved in Creation. And that's what God is all about. Interestingly, this 'divine' liquidation, unlike the 'human', is ABSOLUTE and TOTAL. If a person kills the attacking aggressor in adequate self-defense, he will only kill his physical body. His attacking soul goes through a cycle of Bardo, perhaps he learns and incarnates again so that he can continue his development. If God, through His Laws, 'kills' someone (= the being destroys himself by his fall), then his models are also destroyed in the form of fragmentation of consciousness, and this being ceases to exist - forever! This is a much tougher punishment. Obviously, God (unlike us) does not really shit with Evil. If someone wants to 'play God', then they should play the role with everything. If today's heartbreakers call for non-condemnation and forgiveness, for non-violence and non-restraint, for acceptance and non-defense, if they cry that evil does not exist, for which they expect to reach heaven, then let them summon Nero, Genghis Khan, Turkkemad (Tomás de Torquemado), Stalin, Hitler and other 'friends' and have them manifested here again. Maybe they will meet them somewhere (eg in the Gulag islands, in Dachau or in Auschwitz).

Contempt for God

One can very easily disagree with what one is observing is happening around him. And he rejoices to God that he did it. It's alright. He expresses his true feelings and has a right to do so. Nobody judges him for it. He can easily blame and swear at God, nothing happens. It's allowed, so let's try it. Anger at God is an interesting and important experience. Let everyone indulge in it. Let's try it and perceive our inner feelings. First, tune in to the Source with complete confidence and unconditional love. By inducing in ourselves this positive energy state, which is the essence of the Source, we get into it with vibrational resonance. What are our feelings? And then the other way around. Let us provoke anger and resistance to the Source. With the negative state we get into the vibrational dissonance. What are our feelings? Are they different? Which are more enjoyable? At the energy level, our ID anatomy either opens or closes the energy passages, the pipes through which the primary currents of the Source's life forces flow into us. They bring us to life. We are a particle of the Source that is thus connected to it. It is his energy that he makes available to us so that we can exist. It is his energy that he gives to himself. Nothing here is ours. That is, in addition to responsibility for its actions.

We have the opportunity to try what it's like to close the pipe. It will definitely not benefit us and that is why we will not do it unnecessarily. Not because it shouldn't be done. But because we know it hurts us. In the language of the time, it doesn't pay off for us. Here it is important to realize that God does not close the pipe to us as punishment for burning him. We close the pipe ourselves by turning away from it and getting into a state of dissonance, in which the pipe on our side closes.
automatically. It never closes on his side, it is still open there. It's as if you're standing by a big waterfall with a pipe and a bucket. If one end of the pipe pushes into the stream of a waterfall and the other into a bucket, the bucket will fill in a moment. If the upper end protrudes from the waterfall, out of its current, so no water flows into the bucket. That waterfall is God. The position of the pipe relative to it is our vibrational state: resonance or dissonance. That bucket is the amount of life energy we have available. So we can not accept God, reject him, despise him, swear at him, blame him, etc. He doesn't care. But not us. By disconnecting from his life force, problems gradually begin to come to us, starting with vibrations from above, because higher levels energetically nourish lower levels. If we last long enough in our stupidity and resentment, it will sit down on the body and organic diseases of the physical body will appear. How to treat them? Well, where it started. Renew their connection to the Source of our life forces, and they will begin to put it back together from top to bottom. There are many other examples of connections to the Source, such as a tram contact or a toy car antenna at a children's autodrome, where the difference between connection and disconnection is very clear.

Contempt for God also means contempt for all of His Creation, because that Creation is its manifested part (the Body of God), its manifested aspect of which we are a part. So it is also contempt for oneself. Conversely, by contempt for ourselves, we simultaneously despise God because we are part of him. So contempt does no good. Therefore, let us rather accept and love ourselves and everything around us. But let's love competently to know what type of love we should ever use. Sometimes that love is tender and loving. Sometimes that love must be as hard and sharp as King Arthur's magic sword.


The worst way of despising oneself and therefore God is suicide. It is considered a betrayal of man to God, a breach of a promise. It has far-reaching, very negative, energetic consequences for the further development of the individual. The spiritual essence (soul) that went to the given incarnation and to the given, albeit very unfavorable, living conditions, knew in advance what it was going for. She herself chose it with the assistance of her Higher Self. And she promised to do it. If he can't do it, then it's fine. It's her lesson she needs. If anyone bets that frogs will jump to Mount Everest in ten minutes, they probably haven't guessed it a bit. That's why he will learn from it and will not do such nonsense next time. The Soul does the same. She gets in her body here and also has ambitions to jump up somewhere or save everything here and similar nonsense. He won't jump anywhere and save anything. This teaches him to jump slowly. And that everyone must be saved on their own, by their morality and self-discipline. Dušička gets a heavy incarnation hangover here. As the body drove off in the evening in those fluttering parties of slightly higher warm vibrational levels of the D-4 of the Christ Astral, where it has projects planned to rebuild humanity, it wakes up in the morning with a whip in the reality of a freezing planetary gulag, where it must fight for its mere survival, whose chances are slim. In this way, the soul learns that her incarnation lesson looks quite different from a top view than from a bottom view. This is because 'both up and down' does not apply here. If an individual is also unlucky enough to remember something about it and perceive the difference between where he was before and where he is now, then he is close enough to blow the flame himself. This is understandable, but we cannot agree with it. Why don't we do it, because it won't pay off. It can sometimes be easier to remember the previous state up there than the specific assignment of the incarnation mission and the purpose of contemporary life. These data lines are intentionally disrupted and redirected to artificial memory matrices.

Let us be a guide that there are about three different reasons for each particular mass: in-carnation (in carno = in meat). On the one hand, to atone for and correct what had not been possible before. Second, learn something new and make progress in personal development. Third, do something useful for others, for your surroundings. When we are really desperate and think that we don't really give it this time and curse God for what a villain he caused us, let's try to look at the three reasons and feel if there is no lifeline in any of them. Even if it was just an apparent trifle, it would restore our motivation to live. Maybe just help someone, or go to the woods and talk to the trees, or write a poem, paint a picture, go on a trip, remember old acquaintances, have a good meal, watch a nice movie, have fun with a reasonable psychologist or psychiatrist , go to a concert, go to politics and want to change something, start taking pictures, find a partner, start meditating, buy a bike or motorbike, build a bumblebee, etc. Maybe just start living a completely ordinary life and follow your instincts and common sense. We just need to stop looking for God and pay for seminars, where he offers and sells him in a naturally non-identical quality over the phone or the Internet. Let's stop looking for God so we can find him. God is not a mushroom. God does not seek or collect. Let's go through the woods and don't bother with mushrooms. That forest is God. Those mushrooms are our idea of ​​God. The more we push the Creative Principle into our hull
expectations, the less we get him there. Let's ask the forest for mushrooms and then let's just go and let's not want anything. Everything that will happen then is perfectly fine. It is not we who will teach God what to do. It's a bit the other way around.

The key to not perishing is to find a way of positive creative self-expression, whatever it may be. To have your WHY to live, to have a reason not to run, to have an inner duty. Whether it was just going to feed the ducks or sprinkle the pigeons, or to go wave once a day to a passing train, or just wait all winter to see if the big oak tree in the middle of the field was leafing again and how much water was in the well. In this way, one gets into states of resonance with one's mission and gains great support. The clouds suddenly recede. Sometimes it just doesn't work that way and deep energy treatment of the originals is needed. Sometimes a thorough fast is enough, which functions as an extremely strong bio-regeneration process of the entire ID anatomy, it can cause rebirth (eg V. Partyková: Starvation to health). And this is again a good reason to stay in the body. What is not done in the body will not be done elsewhere. And when our natural time comes, our Avatar (Higher Self from HU-4, which is in charge of our development) knocks us out of the body, like sand from a cake. He will set events to make it happen as he decides.

godGod as a friend

A person's normal relationship with God is like a loving child's relationship with loving parents because it reflects the true energetic reality of the situation. Everyone has direct and immediate access to God and can establish an intimate personal relationship with him, based on mutual equality, respect, acceptance and fearlessness. He is our older and more experienced friend we can trust, who protects, supports, teaches and leads us. We can know God through ourselves, through ourselves, and through all of His Creation around us. We don't need any intermediaries for that. These mediators are spiritual traffickers - spiritual parasites in the energy food chain who stand between man and God. It is not physically possible for anyone to stand between Man and God. There is no place for it, it just doesn't work. It was as if someone wanted to stand between a mother and a child in her womb. Where would you go? As the old wisdom says, 'Never forget the glory of human nature. We are the highest God that ever was and ever will be. And all Christs and Buddhas are just waves on that endless ocean, which is I '. So let us deal with God at eye level, as equals with equals, for that is the case.

Each thing is just a small piece of God created out of his love and endowed with all his qualities (qualities) and, moreover, it has something completely unique. Like a child, he is given the qualities of his parents and, in addition, his uniqueness and opportunity to deal with it. Can the gift of love be greater? Try to feel internally what is going on inside you when you tell someone this: "I give you everything I have. And I give you your uniqueness. And also the ability to deal with it all. Whatever happens, I will always love you unconditionally. " Can you give more?

God's Presence

Personal spiritual development begins with the cultivation of the true inner belief that there is a higher cosmic power, power, and intelligence that we can call God or the Source. We can feel her presence intuitively and thus know that she really is here. Our personal spirituality begins to develop by gradually becoming more and more aware and more and more clearly observing the subtle action of God's presence within our ordinary earthly existence. When we realize this Divine Presence, we have a sincere personal desire to invite this cosmic power to co-create our daily lives with us. Each of his moments then becomes a creative adventure and not a dull and mechanical stereotype, as is sometimes the case. By cooperating with God's Presence, we sanctify every moment of our being and become a conscious existence. Mere existential survival is elevated to a fully conscious being, worthy of Man, where he can fully express his creative potential, controlled and directed by the gift of free will. God's Presence is a living spirit and cosmic intelligence, which, like a small silent inner voice, is inserted into the depths of all creation, into the ultimate essence. This true inner Presence of God is a vibrating imprint of the divine creative Source on everything that came out of it. If we want to activate this quality more and invite it into our lives, it is done by focusing our attention on the development of inner divine hearing. With its help we can amplify that little silent voice of God in us into a joyful call. And then further and further, until the ecstatic inaudible roar of the currents of creative forces as they flow through us, they are guided by our intention and incarnate - through us - into their full expression. In this way, with the help of the powers of God's Presence given to us, we create our lives.

Many people are introduced to the path of spiritual discovery through the culturally popular and customary traditions that have historically defined for us the essence of God and His presence. These popular spiritual traditions have established various systems of opinions, rules, and laws for human behavior that are said to help God's Presence enter their personal lives clearly and observably. The type of spiritual education and spiritual teachings that we choose as a tool to awaken our inner divinity have a great influence on the type and quality of experiences that will meet and accompany us on our spiritual path. Self-limited and self-limiting are those teachings that lead us to submit (voluntarily or involuntarily) to some external external authority of some god who is often angry, evil, and guardian. They sow in us the fear of God and the fear of God, which is very common in traditional religions. These directions obscure the true essence of God-Source, which is loving, unjust, and unconditional love. These directions do not support our spiritual development, but on the contrary deliberately hinder it. All the opinions, thoughts, ideas, concepts, beliefs, and definitions that we accept into ourselves, whatever they may (the nature of God and his attributes, will, and intentions), enter into our ID anatomy and become part of it. They are then stored in our subconscious as so-called perceptual filters, through which we will consciously experience the form of God's Presence that these filters will create for us. If our opinions are limited and repressive, so will our enjoyment with God and experiences on our spiritual path.

There are many systems of religious belief that teach us to become little worthy spiritual sheep and well-behaved obedient and submissive divine spiritual soldiers. They defend God as a pre-defined character with personality traits. If we are obedient and follow the rules set by a given spiritual tradition, then we have a chance to gain the favor of such a god. In such a case, we can be saved from undergoing apparent trials and trials both in the world of mortality and in the moments after its abandonment. For many people, this is a seemingly advantageous business, but they do not realize its impact. They give up their sovereignty, their personal freedom and identity in favor of some external authority in the form of a pre-defined personified god. For this, they get at least temporary emotional comfort, a kind of emotional comfort, contained in the fact that they can hope that their lives could have some inner and deeper meaning, and that the seemingly inevitable death of the physical body does not mean the end of their personal existence.

Beings who are spiritually realized and fully realized no longer need to buy this false sense of comfort of faith in hope, nor do they ask for approval, permission, or approval from any external figure playing the role of God. True Masters actively know and actively embody in themselves the reality of the living Presence of God, which means the knowledge of the divine purpose of life, the eternity of life and immortality, and the unconditional love of God. If a person knows divinity through his direct experience, then he no longer needs to believe or hope for something that he feels that he lacks, that he is not here, that he is absent. Indeed, the inner experience and knowledge of God's Presence means the definitive fulfillment and realization of all such beliefs and hopes.

Religion can serve as a temporary distraction and escape from the fears of earthly survival and can offer us a framework of a certain spiritual self-definition through which we can perceive a higher degree of meaning and motivation for our lives. Unfortunately, religion can also serve as an obstacle built directly between our mortal selves and the living Presence of God to which we are heading. Just because someone is pious, religious or pious and follows the dictates of a pre-defined system of some faith does not necessarily mean that they are spiritual. True spirituality is revealed through spiritual knowledge, awareness, and realization. These are states of consciousness and being achieved through the gradual incarnation of God's Presence and the development of a loving co-creative relationship with it. This quality of God's Presence, which is a state of perfect and harmonious vibrational co-resonance between us and God-Source, then moves through us and is expressed through our immediate personal and intimate experience. True and pure spirituality is an essential and completely natural birth right and circumstance of all manifested things in their manifested form. That little silent inner voice of God speaks and sings in all tongues, in every moment. Our challenge in spiritual development is to be able to choose views and actions that will help us hear this loving, silent chant of our inner divinity. Furthermore, they will help his divine music to enable us to enter into the faith of the eternal dance of life and love, through which God-Source constantly expresses himself. The ancient Teaching of the Inner Christ is the teaching of the most direct path on man's path to God available on the planet today. This doctrine is not designed to trap us in the limited framework of the religious system, where we would become worthy sheep of some external holy shepherd. This teaching provides us with Divine Knowledge, through which we ourselves can become shepherds of our own spiritual development, towards the gradual awakening of God's Presence in us.

In the Doctrine of the Inner Christ, you will not find God as some ready-made fixed predefined and predestined external authority. Instead, the Doctrine brings us in-depth knowledge of creation mechanics and interdimensional physics, through which we can discover the many mysteries of God's Creation and understand the structure and function of all Creation. This will allow us to hear our own inner voice of God's Spirit anchored in the depths of our existence. Guided by this voice, we will allow God's Presence in us to begin to define and determine itself through us, to incarnate through us into full expression, as our personal existence and private life. In this way we create our inner god from ourselves and through ourselves. It is a process of deification of our own existence that goes in its natural direction: from the inside out. Not in the unnatural direction, from the outside in, where we are convinced that we must buy our divinity from some foreign external authority that has a monopoly on it, even at the cost of our liberation. The doctrine of Divine Knowledge is reserved for divine beings, and each of us was created as such a divine being. It is in our power to accept this doctrine and fulfill our role. Divine Knowledge and the resulting divine love, freedom, sovereignty and joy are our natural birthright and legacy. We don't need to crawl humbly before by no outside gods and their self-proclaimed representatives and intermediaries, to serve them and ask them to receive this gift from them. This gift has already been given to us by God-Source, in the form of God's Spark, through which we came out of the Source and entered into manifestation. However, this gift was taken away from us by someone outside so that we could fall into slavery and have to listen, serve, beg, and be afraid that it would be returned to us by someone from outside. Doctrine is a tool with which we can take back this stolen gift and start unwrapping it slowly and gradually removing it from its packaging. At the same time, we can gradually remember how to marvel at this gift of life, how to respect it, how to enjoy and celebrate it, as it was the original divine intention.

Divine Knowledge is the bridge that leads to the gates of full spiritual realization. However, only those who master this doctrine well and use it consistently in their daily lives can cross this bridge. It is a bridge leading from knowing God's Presence, acknowledging its existence and gaining some awareness of it, to a state of its full and lasting incarnation in all aspects of our being. Knowledge becomes wisdom when used appropriately. When we attain the ability to remain in a state of fully conscious being, in a state of permanent existence in God's Presence, we will be joyfully surprised to find that God is not angry and punishing at all, but loving, all-enabling, and unjust. There, in those high levels of eternal ecstatic joy and bliss, God laughs, rejoices, loves, dances and sings - and thus his whole Creation is constantly born and maintained. And we can say to the old Masters: I am equally and considerately happy, filled with causeless transcendental joy. And start laughing, rejoicing, loving, dancing and singing with him.

Realization of God

The state of God's Presence is the energetic state of harmonic vibrational co-resonance between the consciousness of the individualized Being and the Consciousness of God-Source. It is a state of unity and unity (At-One-Ment, Oneness). This state can be realized by anyone and anywhere, in any vibrational level of Creation and Density, including ours, the lowest. This quality is available to all beings as long as they activate the appropriate energy channel within them to receive the initial emanation of God-Source. Within the structure of the Outer Domains, it is energetically an activation of the Pillar of Light of the Original Cause. His tonal signature is Um-Shaddai-Ur [um shhadaj ur] and also serves as his access mantra. The pillar is a natural part of our anatomy. A being who repairs his bio-fields so much that he manages to open this channel to the fullest lives in a permanent state of God's Presence. Such a being is called 'crystal' or 'baptized'. He has the full guidance and protection of the Resource in everything he does. The original meaning of baptism, as an act of energy initiation, was to help the disciple activate his personal Pillar and thus also his direct connection to the Source. The current rituals of baptism are, at best, dysfunctional theaters for the uninitiated and, at worst, difficult black-magic operations of tying models to reverse predatory egregors. The concept of the egregor is discussed from a magical point of view, for example, in the book J. Veselý: A Handbook of High Magic.

Having a permanent connection to the Source and realizing the State of God's Presence is not the same as realizing the State of God, it is rather a necessary prerequisite. Realizing God means much more. Within the Outer Domains, this means going through the whole path of crystalline bio-spiritual ascension, collecting all one's sub-selves simultaneously incarnated on all vibrational levels, across the whole vibrational spectrum (from HU1 to HU4), entering the state of Christ Avatar, overcoming it and breaking free. to emerge from the limitations of the world of forms, to enter the state of Rishi, to overcome it and to pass through the states of infinite fields of consciousness of the Primordial Light, to enter the states of Yanas and to pass through the states of infinite fields of consciousness of Primordial Sound and to stand before Yunasai himself. Only one who goes through this whole path can claim to have 'realized God', at least within the Outer Domains, by the path through the Light and Sound Primary. The consequence of this state is the ability to pack into a form of light at any time, to transfer anywhere, and to manifest there in any number of any form.

Another aspect of this ascension path leads through the Stairs to Heaven, their Divine Worlds, and the activation of the Flaming Bodies. The Central Seal Locks in the Shields of the Ekashic levels are activated, the Shield Seed Atoms are activated, and their Core Flames are awakened. With the help of a set of energy symbols called Keys to Heaven's Gates, it is possible to ignite this chain reaction of activation
Flaming Bodies. It is not a common ascent path and opens up in special cases where the Rui Pillars can descend to the Dust to clear it as part of the Cosmic Reset, the so-called Second Coming of the Cosmic Christ. It is a significant developmental acronym leading to the state of Cosmic Crystal Consciousness, through the ascent portals of open Flame Bodies.

Another aspect of this path leads through an in-scence process, where from the Outer Domains (Radon) one passes through 3 layers of inner Domains (Edon, Adon, Eton) inside Yunasai directly to the Source. This is still the case more exceptional, which now occurs. It is a journey through 3 cycles of Adasha Returns. The consciousness of a being anchored in its plasma spectrum (Trhuah frequency band) is first projected into the Effiyah State at EFFI Field to obtain projection and ascent keys and codes. It then evolves into a state where it is able to package its manifested form into light and pass through plasma staging portals stored within the Core Flames of the Cosmic and Supercosmic levels (Ahyahrhu Flame of Cosmayah, Elaisa Flame of Cosmyah, Ahustrijhetahu Center Flames). At the end of this journey is the status of Adasha Adept, who took it back and forth after the wave of God's Breath and knows his own. This is the realization of God at the level of the EFFI Field.

The first and lowest step on the long journey of the Realization of God is the ability to demanifest one's physical body into a light form at any time, to transfer within a given Density (in our country HU-1) to any space-time coordinate and physically demonstrate there again. Those who can't handle even this very introductory exercise should not talk at all about 'realizing God', because it is pure blasphemy.

Initiation and ascension

The purpose of initiation is to create the possibility of accelerating the spiritual development of an individual within his natural Christ personal Evolutionary Template. It is an energy activation of certain structures of his ID anatomy so that his consciousness can expand more. It is allowing access to a wider range of ID frequencies, to the divine currents of the Primordial Life Forces of higher vibrations. It is allowing access to higher aspects of oneself, to one's Higher Self, because it is their integration into personal identity that means the ascension process.

Ascension is, in a sense, the opposite of the manifestation that takes place vibrationally from top to bottom, concentrating consciousness into matter. Ascension takes place vibrationally from the bottom → upwards, by lightening, illuminating and producing the matter and converting it into matter from a finer substance, in another, thinner, Density. At the personal level of terrestrial man (Incarnate in HU-1), it is the activation of DNA strands that causes the activation of the chakras and the depolarization of the auric layers. The opening of the Seal Locks in the cores of embodied chakras (so-called Seed Crystal Seals) will allow the gradual fusion of both their spirals bearing the opposite polarity (front electric, rear magnetic). The two spirals begin to slide into each other and form mercabic phases in the biofield. This will release the Dimensional Locks on the Repulsion Zones separating the adjacent auric layers. These layers gradually begin to fuse and integrate. This will connect with our various Dimensional Bodies and their levels of consciousness. We will start to experience ourselves in a slightly different way.

We begin to perceive our etheric-atomic body, that is, part of our personal consciousness anchored in the D-1 frequency band of our anatomy, to which we have not yet had access. It is immersed in the D-1 zone of consciousness of the planet, solar system, galaxy, space, cosmos. The relevant energy experiences relate to the expansion of consciousness into these fields and feelings of union with Creation on this level. This includes encounters with beings and fields of consciousness of realms, atomic, etheric. The fact that these vast intelligences are anchored only in the lowest Dimension does not mean that they are stupid. It's the creative role they've taken on (just as long waves on the radio aren't stupider than medium waves because they oscillate more slowly). It is possible to communicate with them and ask them, for example, to allow us to experience the identity of the cosmic field of atomic hydrogen consciousness.

We begin to perceive our elemental-emotional body, that is, the part of our personal consciousness anchored in the D-2 frequency band of our anatomy that is most damaged. It is immersed in the D-2 zone of the superior levels, the planet, etc. The relevant energy experiences relate to the expansion of consciousness into these fields and the feelings of union with Creation at this level. This includes encounters with beings and fields of consciousness of the realms of the elemental or elemental. They are gigantic cosmic forces that have invaluable power. Our D-2 elemental body and its consciousness is just a tiny grain in their field.

We begin to perceive our mental body, that is, the part of our personal consciousness anchored in the D-3 frequency band of our anatomy that is least damaged and allows us to free ourselves. Our true creative power is in our intellect. There, our intentions and visions are created, which are then realized. These are images (slides) that we insert into our Creation Projector. When these 3 Dimensional Levels are connected, our Hova Body will begin to consolidate for the full HU-1 Density. Then the locks on the Radial Body, which separates our aspects in HU-1 and HU-2, begin to open. We begin to experience the expansion of consciousness through various light tunnels, which are passages in the layered shell of the Radial Body, to higher vibrational levels. It doesn't have to be a D-4 astral and not its Crystal zone at all. The first projections usually take place in sleep states and lead only to the higher sub-harmonic bands of Dimension D-3, ie to the various repositories of our forgotten thoughts and suppressed fixed ideas, which we play. The structure of dreams begins to change. We will remember more, dreams will be more vivid, more colorful, more emotional, they will be repeated, they will follow each other, we will be able to return to the dream, there will be dreams present (two next to each other), there will be dreams in a dream (nested), there will be dreams more lucid (very realistic), dreams will be conscious (we have control over the projected part of our D-3 consciousness). Over time, the Radial Body activates into a state called the Flame Body, and in the personal Temple Complex, ascent passages to HU-2 open. This will allow projection and deployment to the D-4 astral, to those parts of it that we resonate with. This zone is very damaged today, it is a battlefield and there are risks. That is why the Doctrine of Astral Projection does not currently teach, although that would be the first thing to begin with. In HU-2 we will meet our Higher Self called the Soul, ie part of our Identity anchored in the D4-6 frequency bands. Consciousness will expand into these vibrational levels and we will have access to higher Life Currents. They begin to enter our anatomy, anchor there and process it. When the biological form is sufficiently purified and facilitated, its gradual demanifestation will be possible, until finally its full transfer from HU-1 to HU-2 through trans-harmonic energy portals and passages (Stargates).

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