We are always guided by the laws of the universe. They are the supreme laws of creation by which everything is controlled. Humans, in order to live in society, make their own laws. But they are neither perfect nor fair. That's why every country has its own, every government makes its own laws, and they are changing quite often. Who is a pariah in one country can be a hero in another one. Above these laws are the laws of nature. They are here for ages and they cannot be influenced or changed by people. These laws apply to the whole planet and to planets of similar kind. But there are many planets of a different kind, and there you can find other laws of nature.

The universal laws apply to the whole universe, to the whole creation, and their existence is timeless. Everything is controlled by them. There are 24 of these laws, 12 for our universe, but only 4 are revealed and intended for mankind! Yet humans are not able to understand more than that.

  • the law of supreme love
  • the law of free will
  • the law of karma
  • the law of evolution

To embark on the spiritual path is to take responsibility for one's spiritual development. It means taking responsibility for your own actions, words and thoughts. Therefore, the spiritual path represents a great deal of self-control. If we want to continue to be successful, we must continually develop and improve ourselves and our business partners as well. In our work, we are always guided by universal laws, professional standards, national laws and other norms, as well as internal regulations. These rules, however, cannot cover all situations that may arise in our work. That is why we have published our Code of Ethics, which applies to us as well as to our business partners. The code is based on our values and helps us to implement them in our daily practice. Every business partner is obliged to be fully aware of the rules set in our Code of Conduct and the values that are the foundation of these rules and also to understand their meaning. Each business partner should consult us if anything is unclear.

Although the Code of Ethics sets out a number of rules and recommendations regarding the principles of personal integrity and ethical conduct in professional life, it cannot cover every situation in which we and our business partners may find ourselves. It cannot replace our personal responsibility, the obligation to use our own judgment and, when necessary, to seek advice on appropriate behaviour and action.

We are the best in the world, but never at the expense of relevant laws and ethical principles - our strength lies in our direct connection to the spiritual world. We fulfil our contractual obligations, inform our clients truthfully, and charge a fair price for our services. We respect the confidentiality and privacy of our clients and our business partners. We operate in accordance with current laws and always maintain an appropriate level of confidentiality and privacy.

The information of the spirit is esoteric, i. e. secret. To find spiritual truths, to understand them, and to know how to live according to them, only those individuals who are morally on a good level, who have self-control, self-discipline, humility, and patience will succeed. Our clients and business partners rely on our professional qualities and it is our duty to help, guide and direct those who are truly interested in finding spiritual truths, trying to understand them, etc. We only want to work for clients who value our work and we only want to work with business partners who value our cooperation. We act in a professional manner, always considering ethical behaviour in all of our actions, we provide services and represent ourselves in a way that always preserves the good name of our firm and our clients. We behave responsibly towards our clients, our business clients and our company. Good relationships and mutual respect are the basis for quality work. We provide professional services in accordance with the rules and with the relevant technical and professional standards. We only offer services that we are capable of providing and strive to deliver at least what we have committed to.

We avoid conflicts of interest. If we know that a conflict could arise and we know the measures that could sufficiently preserve the interests of the parties involved, we will take those measures. We protect our independence. We comply with the legal and professional standards that help us maintain the necessary level of objectivity to earn and strengthen the trust of our clients and others in our services. We strive to prevent our independence from being compromised or even the impression of being compromised. We pay attention to all circumstances that could lower our objectivity or give such an impression.


If we find ourselves in a difficult situation, or a situation that may cause difficulties for our company, we will consult with competent individuals about the appropriate course of action to resolve the situation. It is unacceptable for us to demand, offer or promise what we cannot deliver!

We treat our clients and business partners with respect, dignity, honesty and courtesy. As a matter of principle, we avoid any discrimination = MUTUAL RESPECT.

Our company's Code of Ethics sets out how we should act and proceed in a number of situations that may arise during the performance of our work. Each of us is obliged to comply, consistently and appropriately, with the Code of Ethics and other binding rules of our company. If we discover or suspect a violation of the Code of Ethics, we will investigate the situation and take appropriate steps to correct it. In the event of a violation of the Code of Ethics by our business partner, disciplinary proceedings will be initiated and, in the extreme case, the cooperation agreement with the business partner will be terminated.

THE MORAL PRINCIPLES THAT WE HONOR AND LIVE BY - WE STRICTLY REQUIRE FROM OUR BUSINESS PARTNERS! THESE ARE THE MORAL PRINCIPLES THAT A MAN MUST HONOR AND LIVE BY IN HIS LIFE IN ORDER TO BE ABLE TO LIVE THE SPIRITUAL WAY - therefore, in order for our cooperation to last, we have to be on the same "wave", otherwise, there is no point in even starting to work together.

• ELIMINATE VIOLENCE - in actions, words and thoughts, even towards yourself!

• TRUTHFULNESS - don't lie and live by a lie, if the truth is hard and cannot be spoken, you can always just keep quiet!

• INNER TRUTHFULNESS - discard excuses and apologies and look the truth in the face. Do not excuse your mistakes by the actions of others and don't look for the faults in your environment and in others, because that is a fundamental mistake. After all, our surroundings is there for us, IT IS OUR MIRROR that points out our imperfections. Therefore, it is necessary, to look for our own fault first. However, it is not in human power to make the desired changes in thinking and acting, overnight. Even the transformation of a negative characteristic represents hard work and great patience.

• RESPECTING OTHERS - both their free will and their privacy and perhaps their right to be wrong.

• DETACHMENT- not to become emotionally attached to any person or property! Both are spiritual obstacles. Also being attached to a goal or memory slows down spiritual ascent. And even fixing yourself on your own work can be a great obstacle.

• CONTROL OF EMOTIONS - they cannot be suppressed or silenced. They are important in life. And for spiritual development as well. But you have to command them, rule them and control them.

The mere possibility of knowing and understanding the hidden laws of the universe is not just given, but it is kind of a blessing. Many people have already found that when they try to change themselves, their surroundings also change. Spiritual seeking, however, cannot be a simple addition to our worldly life, but it has to become our whole life!


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