666The illusion of time

By moving the mind and changing his intention, the individual selects different images, so he projects his film in front of him. The impression (illusion) of time arises as a by-product of the fact that he sequentially inserts more and more images into his personal projector, one after the other. If one could expand one's consciousness to include all the images of one's personal hologram at once, one would overcome this level of limitation of one's identity and the corresponding illusion of time. Time would be meaningless to him, because he would have all the pictures in front of him at the same time and he would see them at once. He wouldn't have to push them one by one. It is this sequential insertion of slides into the projector that creates the illusion of time in our perceptual system. If one sees the whole film at once, at the same time, the illusion of movement and change disappears. There is a whole hierarchy of evolutionary time cycles that relate to the different levels of Creation. They fit together like a second hand into a minute hand, a minute hand into a minute hand, etc. The creatures go through them and project different and different boxes of possible images.

Creation and Evolution

Creation and evolution are two sides of the same coin. The discrepancy between the so-called creative theory of the world (creationism) and the developmental theory of the world (evolutionism, Darwinism) is illusory and is a product of human ignorance. In fact, they are two different views of the same.

1. Creation. God-Source created the Hologram of Being as a forerunner of all that can exist and that can happen and be realized. What is not encoded or programmed in it simply cannot happen, there are no execution instructions. The slide of such a situation is not in the box of the projector and therefore it cannot be displayed on the screen of the Manifestation Arena.

2. Evolution. God-Source released the beings he created into this Manifestation Arena and gave them the opportunity to go through it, within their means and mission, to go through it, to get to know it and to gain experience from living in its various places. He gave them various boxes of pictures. Moving in the arena creates an impression of time for the visitor. This browsing of an already predefined gallery of creation is called evolution.

Evolutionary model

For the development of all parts of Creation, there are pre-defined divine Evolutionary Templates or Divine Blueprint, which are tied to certain Developmental Cycles. They are Christ programs that say how things should develop, increase their complexity, and expand on the physical and spiritual sides to reach the maximum of their possible positive self-expression. How things are to bend the rays of the Source through themselves, so that they constantly transform themselves and thus subsequently bend the rays in a slightly different way and thus constantly experience a different reality and change and evolve. It is set up so that these parts go through the necessary areas of the overall Hologram of Being, gain the necessary experience, and return to the Source again. They perceive this journey through the Hologram as their development over time. In fact, they only bend the rays of the Source differently in a certain sequence, thus illuminating other parts of the Hologram, which seems to them to be a different reality of life.

The path of development within Creation

Evolution has clear laws. There are roads and intersections. Each decision carries a certain energy quality and places a person on a certain time path (developmental path), which has more or less support from the Source, according to the ratio of resonance / dissonance vibrational forces at the time of the decision. The key here is motivation: why do I want it? Let us therefore guard our intentions, because they determine the vibrational quality of our action. The dormitory (road) is then driven for some time and it is not possible to stop or get out or turn there. There will be another crossroads, where it is again possible to make a decision and continue. It is very reminiscent of our earthly paths and paths and the journey along them. This journey of an individual through Creation in his personal hologram is called his life path or his personal development. It is his bubble (Radial Body) into which he projects himself (Hova Body). It is obvious that above this personal level there are other higher levels that significantly interfere with personal destinies. Similarly, a larger whole travels in its larger hologram, like bubbles in bubbles.

Quality of Evolution

There are many ways to get through the Hologram of Being and they differ in the vibrational quality of the chosen path. Christ's Evolutionary Templates are only one way to make the journey from the Source to Creation and from Creation back to the Source. However, these programs are recommended by the Creator. But the individual has free will and can decide according to which direction to go.

The highest possible path is the Christ Path, also called the Heroic Path, where the individual follows exactly the program of his predefined Divine Evolution Model and his free will is completely in accordance with God's Will, has full God's Guidance, he is fully aware of it and fully respects it, he lives in a state of God's presence and all his decisions are perfect and Christly. It is the path of the first plan designed by the Source for all his beings to enable them to experience on their way Home the infinite pleasure and bliss of the highest possible ascent path. It is a Direct Path designed for true Spiritual Riches. It is the most indirect and the fastest and blissful way to the full realization of God.

The lowest possible path is the Anti-Christ path, the Devil's path, the path of total fall. It is characterized by the fact that the individual abuses the gift of free will to make all his decisions intentionally in complete conflict with his original and recommended Evolutionary Model.

Between these two extremes lies a whole range of vibrationally possible evolutionary paths. There are a total of 144. They are divided into 12 large groups, which are the Main Line (H1-12). Each of them has 12 sub-groups, which are Side lines (V1-12) - https://www.uir-666.com/universe 

Probability full-harmonic main line, Primary frequency band coordinate point: 12 pcs.

Probability sub-harmonic time lines: 12 x 12 = 144 pcs. The numbers indicate the vibration level. 12 is Christ, 1 is Anti-Christ, 6 is the boundary between them.

The placement of an individual in a given evolutionary level depends on many things, especially on the evolutionary level of all hierarchically superior structures (cosmos, universe, galaxies, ...). Its own level of evolution is always embedded in this broader context. The lower its surroundings, the more difficult it is for an individual to get up. The transition between the individual levels is not arbitrary, both in terms of time and in terms of where-to-where. The possibility of transition is vibrationally defined by other detailed rules. The possibility of transition is limited in time by the occurrence of two types of events:

Main Event Hub: transition between Main Lines (H).
Side Event Hub: transition between Side Lines (V).

Example: Before May 2003, the planet Earth was on the developmental vibrational platform H1 / V1 (total fall path). However, thanks to outside help, it entered the SAC 2012-2022 period from the H6 / V6 level, which is on the edge of the knife between fall and rise.

spellEvolution: chance or necessity?

The relationship between development and the degree of its pre-determination is probabilistic. It is not even completely predictable (clear necessity). It is not even completely non-predictable (pure coincidence). The reason is in the structure of holograms and their interaction.

1. Necessity. One extreme would be if I was only in my personal hologram and I could do whatever I wanted there, make arbitrary decisions, because I have my creative right to do so. Even God cannot speak to me because he would deny himself and restrict my right to free choice. So I have complete control over my development on my little sand. The development is fully deterministic: chosen and predestined by me. But I don't even know how I will ever decide. And for everyone else, he's completely unpredictable: he doesn't know how I decide.

2. Randomness. The second extreme would be if I were completely immersed in a higher superior large power hologram, into which I do not see and do not understand. I am completely at the mercy of a large number of confusing foreign decision-making influences that I do not know, without the possibility of interfering in any way. So my development is completely out of my control and influence: I perceive it as random. The reality is somewhere in between. It is a question of the power of influence of all the players involved, where each of them pulls on a different rope. The result of this force struggle then determines which side the rudder will turn. From a human point of view, therefore, its development is partly necessary (what I can decide for myself) and partly random (what others decide). The goal of evolution is to strengthen freedom of action and responsibility for it. The aim of devolution is to restrict freedom of action and to suppress personal and collective responsibility, that is, to do evil with impunity.

Evolution: origin and evolution of species

Thanks to its low vibration level and therefore easy access to anyone, our planet Earth has served as a testing ground for many non-terrestrial races. They learned to create various life forms here and tried to program their models into planetary shields so that they could physically manifest here. In the same way, our children learn to form their cupcakes on a suitable sandpit. And our planet is such a space sandbox. They watched the new species evolve for a while, then they stopped having fun and went elsewhere to play. Here they let it go somewhere by gravity.

It's like today's scientists using their modest knowledge of genetics and playing the creator and creating various artificial devolutionary forms of dead life. They watch them in their laboratories for a while and then let them pee in peace. Sometimes they cleave a gene and use it for their hybridization games. A typical victim is the octopus fly (Drosophila), which has an interesting genome for our researchers, as well as Man for Demons. The approach is exactly the same (quoted from Wikipedia): "... Octomilka obecná (aka Kristovský Člověk) is a popular test animal because it is easy to breed (cultivate) in large numbers, has a short generation time and mutated individuals are quickly available ... . ". And as a low species, it is not subject to ethical laws on laboratory animal consumption. This has been happening to us humans for millions of years in our planetary laboratory called Earth. It is possible to recall genetic human farms and concentration camps in Atlantis after its Thothian fall. The days when the Nephilim 'married human daughters' and hybridization farms on Nibiru. Just as the octomilka fly does not understand at all that it is being abused by a higher biological species - a person who is vibrationally higher but morally completely fallen, so people do not realize that the same thing happens to them constantly from advanced Predator Races. their gods.

If our paleo-onto-logs are bothered by the fact that somewhere in history a new species has suddenly emerged, then someone else from there has probably played a bit. And if a species became extinct quickly, it just didn't work out. Its evolutionary templates were not well programmed and were unable to maintain a state of vibrational resonance with planetary consciousness, which is also evolving. If these programs break apart and become incompatible, then the thing cannot manifest in the planetary hologram. And such an evolutionary crossroads is before us today, in the form of two energetically competing evolutionary waves (time cycles, evolutionary horizons): (I) natural ascent waves with high vibrational quality and (II) unnatural descent waves with low vibrational quality. If Man, as a biological species, decides at the level of his collective consciousness to move forward, then he opens up completely unprecedented possibilities and a final and irreversible liberation from the terror of the Predator Races. That, however it requires active work on oneself and in one's surroundings, civic bravery and willingness and ability to fight for this goal, with everything related to the fight for life. Otherwise, Man as a biological species will be brought down to the level of a Slave of Predators, and after his genetic and energetic extraction as a source of raw material, he will go to their black-hole rendering plant for final disposal. Just like humans treat their animal, plant, and other beings.

The original creators of our planetary life on Earth needed years to program Manifestation and Evolution templates for all life fields and their biological forms in accordance with the CHRIST Code. That all beings and their attributes be in full resonance with the planet. This means that each animal had a shape, color, its movements and the sounds emitted, precisely tuned to the models of its planet, and its existence resonated with them. Thus, by being, he acted as an antenna of the sources of the Source for his planet. Through it, strong currents of life force flowed into the planetary bodies and strengthened them. The planet also provided him with everything he needed for his existence and development, through his biofields, to which he was connected and of which he was a part. This fulfilled the archetype of cooperation and joint development of the planet and its inhabitants. In the beginning, everything was Christian, according to the Law of Oneness. All life forms fed the pure energy of the Source and did not have to compete for anything. They learned to get to know their planetary environment and each other. It was paradise on earth, but that didn't last long. However, these ancient deep memories of harmonious coexistence have historically been activated in the memory matrices of some human incarnations, now referred to as 'utopians'. However, this ideology of unity and peace was completely unacceptable to the Predators, and therefore they took full control of its development and totally discredited it (Marxism-Leninism). In its false form, it is now being marketed again as the NWO, where there are only rights and not obligations (neo-Marxist post-modern post-utopias), leading to the destruction of planetary life.

Origin and development of life

Many incarnates came here on their mission to direct the development of science and thus people's thinking in an anti-spiritual direction. Science is an ideology as strong and dangerous as religion. Science is actually a kind of religion. An ordinary person cannot verify religious claims and must trust the spiritual authorities that stand between him and God, who is said to be examined by religion. When religion failed due to its blatant corruption, spiritual impotence, and moral perversion, materialistic science came. Ordinary people cannot verify her claim and must trust the scientific authorities that stand between him and Nature, which science is said to study. They are two different variations on the same theme. The aim is to build a spirituality without science and a science without a spirit, as two irreconcilable concepts that evoke in man a permanent existential schism (split) and the resulting stress from the absence of the meaning of being. This was achieved by removing the bio-spiritual Doctrines from our planet, which taught in ID physics that consciousness, energy, and matter are different sides of the same coin and explained how they relate to each other. Thus, a materialist theory of the origin and evolution of life began to be implanted in the planetary shields. The idea is simple and easy for all human mutants to understand. It is therefore mass-spread. In the beginning, there was nothing but four piles of dead matter: carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen. Then lightning struck it and the first small organic molecules (urea, etc.) were formed. Then it somehow began to organize itself into higher units, larger molecules, supra-molecular formations, organelles, cells, etc. were formed (see sciences: nonlinear nonequilibrium thermodynamics, synergetics). The molecules somehow randomly and blindly tried to screw or snap into each other, and because they had a lot of time, sometimes something meaningful came out of it. Sometimes a stable configuration is created, energetically competitive and therefore the best. And then it takes a lot of time and somehow it develops randomly and blindly (phenomena such as auto-catalysis, auto-regulation, cyclicality, replication, reproduction, cooperation, increase in complexity, such as Eigen hypercycles, etc.). If God-Source doesn't really do something, it's to create randomly and blindly. It's more of a human projection of the type: I judge you by myself. And in time, somehow, the liver, kidneys, head, brain, and somehow it came together randomly, and there was a man. An interesting question is how the four piles of dead matter gave rise to consciousness and its aspects: intellect, emotions, conscience, love, spirituality, morality, biofield, aura, chakras, the ability of ascension, the state of God's Presence, the state of God Realization, etc. that thought is a product of matter. The clergy claim the opposite and are closer to the truth. Obviously, they never talk, which is the intention. Obviously, they will strengthen each other by fighting for the 'truth', which is the intention. It is clear that whether one party officially wins, the human public will be led on a path of ignorance and error, which is the intention. Be decadent materialistic nihilism based on consumption and self-degradation. Or a blind, unqualified and enslaving religious faith.

In fact, all the binding possibilities of our chemical elements are contained in their subtle-material manifestation masterpiece created by the high extraterrestrial races. There are 144 of these elements, as well as the letters of the Anuhazi alphabet and 12x12 = 144 subharmonics of the 12-Dimensional Time Matrix and the 12-stranded DNA of their ordinary inhabitants. All elements are fully conscious beings, the collective field of consciousness of the village moderate levels, having their own identity and specifics. It is possible to tune in to them and communicate with them. Their origin is related to the splitting of elemental patterns at the level of the cosmic Rasha Body, which then passes through the Dark Matter Templates (Bodies) until the final manifestation in the matter of the Outer Domains. The combining potential of chemical elements is encoded in their templates. This potential is then activated by programs in evolutionary temples, in the form of energetic morphogenetic (structure-bearing) fields. These are programs that determine what material structures are created, what functions they will perform, and how quickly this will happen. These are challenging subjects in Creation Mechanics that need to be gradually learned, which the cosmic races do. And maybe they play in a sandbox like our planet. The last doctrine that had at least some idea of ​​real chemistry was alchemy because it respected its transcendent nature. She knew that chemical elements and their compounds are energy bodies that can be acted upon by consciousness and thus direct their behavior and mutual transformations, within the possibilities of their models.

Development as a Bio-Spiritual Process

Natural development is always Bio-Spiritual, ie the transformations of gross (biological, physical) and subtle (spiritual, energetic) go hand in hand. Subtle masters will allow a rough manifestation of the mental essence. It is the incarnation of the soul into a suitable biological form in some material environment (real estate field in some Density), for which it has the necessary genetic coding (vibrational resonance, energy compatibility). The action of the incarnate is automatically projected back into its originals, recorded in memory matrices and stored in genetic templates. These are all part of his own anatomy ID. Thus the being and acting being in matter transforms himself. How can matter affect originals? She doesn't affect them. They are affected by the intentions of the individual who is in matter and works with matter. They are his inner creative states, attitudes, motivations, way of thinking, feelings. These are all powerful energy states, strong energy fields of scalar waves that interact with the energy fields of his models, which are made of the same material - they are forms of differently concentrated Consciousness (light-sound field of standing scalar waves, matrix of Keylon Crystals). If this feedback is positive and is in line with his incarnation intention, then he enters a state of resonance with his evolutionary template, thus unlocking the energy locks on it. This opens the gates to the higher vibrational levels of his own being, it is the whole hierarchy of the so-called Higher Self leading to the Source, to which he had no access before. From there, higher frequencies begin to flow into it, activating other parts of his DNA models that manifest both biologically and spiritually: expansion of consciousness, ascension progress, stronger connection to the Source, deeper awareness of God, internalization and silence, development of natural ID abilities, intuition , inner senses, etc. These stronger frequencies have a high potential for cleaning originals, removing reversals and mutations, and healing. Evolution in accordance with its evolutionary template, as programmed in accordance with the Law of Oneness by our cosmic parents, the high Christ Ranger Races, is experienced as positive growth, all-round expansion (in the good sense: into larger aspects of oneself, not through the fence). to the neighbor), the development of creative potential, understanding the meaning of being, spontaneous joy, a state of happiness, bliss, harmony and belonging and oneness with the whole of Creation. Evolution as opposed to its evolutionary template causes the opposite effects. Sealing energy locks at higher levels of the Self do not unlock, but on the contrary, the existing open gates are gradually closing, there is disconnection from the Source, disharmony, disease, devolution, etc., states that are unfortunate.

Thanks to this complexity, being in the body in matter is the most demanding, but also the most effective and potentially fastest way of development. There is a unique experience here to quickly manifest one's intentions and in turn to experience their material consequences in a comprehensive way and to learn quickly from them.

Positive development is always about the accretion (acquisition and anchoring) of ever higher and higher frequencies within one's Being-Identity, which reaches to the Source through the ascending line of one's Higher Self. The path of creation goes down the vibrating stairs. Consciousness thickens and turns into matter. I leave home for a long trip to the experienced to get to know the world. The path of ascension goes up the vibrating stairs. Matter is diluted, produced, and changed into consciousness. After getting to know the distant regions and having the necessary experience in them, I happily and richer return from the trip back home.

It is also important to correctly estimate the rate of evolution. If a thing increases its vibrations too slowly, it loses its time. Evolutionarily loitering and may not catch up with various ascension waves. If she does it too fast, it can damage her, because her anatomy can't withstand this burden. It is the art of Creation Mechanics to set itself in evolutionary I use the template to correct the timing of the pulse rhythms so that the speed is just right. It's the same as when parents raise their child. If they pay little attention to it, it is delayed and its templates do not develop in the appropriate time windows. Then it doesn't work anymore, because everything has its exact procedure and time. The child has few stimuli to which he can respond, thus learning. If they pay too much attention to it, they overload him energetically and his originals will start to close automatically, thus protecting him. If ambitious parents continue to fed him, the templates will start to crumble and problems will come: mental, psycho-somatic and finally organic. What with this? The child gets the pill, the parents get the pill and they all have it. Then it is passed on along the genetic lineage as a relay. About half of our genetic template contains ancestral heritage, and the other half we bring ourselves. We code and program our genetics, as Manifestation and Evolutionary Energy Master, ourselves during our lives, through our choices and actions. So we are not completely helpless against fate, as someone is trying to tell us. We actively co-create our destiny. At the personal, family, tribal, national, racial, species, planetary, galactic, cosmic and cosmic levels. Some parts of our genetic templates are very difficult to reprogram: they carry 'Read Only' codes. However, other parts are readily available: 'Full Control' codes. We do not normally have access to the former, because they are hard-wired into the originals by our parental Creative Races and define our basic identity (the 12-threaded Human Being, not the pig or piranha). However, it is possible to crack-nout them by abusing the creative tools with which they were made, which is what the fallen Predatory Races are doing with their reversing scalar technologies (to make those pigs and piranhas out of us).

Spiritual search

Sometimes it seems that spiritually seeking people would very much like, and quite frankly, do some really great and significant spiritual things and deeds. They are willing to spend outrageous sums of energy, time and money for various seminars, schools, exotic esoteric holidays, when they travel around the world to clean something, anchor something, make something and save something, when they freeze or sweat in various tourist ashrams, when crawls at the feet of dubious masters. This is basically useless to them, except that they feel important: in front of themselves and in front of others. And this feeling of uniqueness and spiritual superiority can be quite expensive (both financially and karmically).

What would these seekers pay for if someone offered them the opportunity to take a practical course in Creation Mechanics, where they would learn to program the time locks of evolutionary templates using scalar technologies? This is a challenge that is really high and completely unprecedented, really a lot of great spiritual seekers in a small Czech basin. Many would break their relationships and leave their jobs and families and become heavily in debt.

May all these seekers realize that they are currently living this course. Here and now and for free. They live it in their relationships, jobs and families (= they share common evolutionary templates), where their intentions and manifested actions (= scalar technology) influence the behavior of all things around them (= control the direction of evolution) and the degree of their involvement, amount of stimuli and pressure their urgencies send time pulses that speed up or slow down things (= affect time locks and control the speed of evolution). And if they are taking care of their offspring, they don't even have to leave the apartment. They have such an ascent school at home that even the Himalayan Masters themselves could envy it.

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