Human shadow anatomy


Our original 15-Dim anatomy contains a number of lesions, deformations and mutations, some of which have already been mentioned. However, there is a whole level of it, which is captured by implants and reversed as a whole. This aspect is called Shadow Anatomy, also the Shadow Body for short. Her brief outline is given here. More information can be found, for example, in the Dance for script and in the relevant seminars (a note about nightmares can be found in the text Sliders-4, p. 38).

The origin of the Shadow

In the period of 25,500 BC, the predators from the black holes of Wesedak and Phantom installed their PIN network NDCG on planet Earth to anchor the NET network, which creates the so-called Shadow Field at the level of the entire planet and all its life fields and forms. Using the NDCG, the Earth models were connected to NET Wesedak. The Shadow Body of our planet and all its beings was created. Its goal is to milk us life energy in the frequency bands up to level D-11.5 (Eye of the Metatron), keep us trapped in the lowest HU-1 Density, and reverse our models (BEAST and Blue Sword technologies) to be compatible with them and to download us to your Black Holes.

The country was fully conquered and controlled by the BEAST Wesedak Machine in 22,326 BC, through a coalition of two previously rival predatory races and collectives called the 'Alliance of Lucifer and the Archangel Michael'. 'Lucifer' is the code name for the Nibiruan Thoth-Enki Anunnaki and their relatives of the Pleiadian lines of Samjas and Beli-Kudyem from our fallen Phantom Matrix from our Black Hole (in our Veca Quadrant). 'Archangel Michael' is the code name for the Nephilim hybrid races of Necromitons and Andromies from the fallen Wesedak Matrix from neighboring Black Hole (in another Quadrant of another Ekash).

NET is one part of the vast space crystal technology BEAST Machine, which was created in our Time Matrix 570 million years ago with the intention of capturing, controlling and downloading it into the Wesedak Black Hole system as energy food. NET technology works by creating an artificial and unnatural electrostatic field in the Radial Body of a living entity (universe, galaxy, planet and all its life forms: humans, animals, plants, minerals, elemental beings) that will capture certain parts of its natural anatomy. and recodes them to be compatible with the originals of the fallen Phantom Matrix. There, this captivated part is withdrawn and a replica or copy of the given life form is created from it, based on the reversed anti-Christian models, the Shadow Templates. This perverted copy of ours, called the Shadow Body, is part of our being and identity. He connects us to the Phantom. There, special Shadow Entities are anchored in our Shadow Body. This is important. The Shadow Body is a piece of our own anatomy that has captivated and reversed us. Shadow Entities are alien parasitic beings who have occupied and settled this stolen piece of us. In the treatment of the Shadow, these parasites must be expelled from our Shadow Body and this Shadow part of us, the consciousness of the Shadow Body, must be lovingly purified, taken back, and integrated. Attention. It is not a matter of snatching the Shadow Body and destroying it. It (this part of our Identity) was abducted and raped by someone stronger against their will and forced to harm us for over 20,000 years. He has remorse and severe trauma. It is necessary to treat him accordingly. Energetically, our Shadow stands behind us, back to back, in the left half of our body. Foreign Shadow Entities are mainly the so-called Shadow Dancers, members of special predatory ET races. Their task is, on the one hand, to suck the life force out of their victims and, on the other hand, to subconsciously control, direct and direct them to such behavior that will help the Predators capture the Earth Temple Complex and draw everything into their Wesedak Black Hole. NET is part of BEAST and therefore works with the reverse energy of the Blue Sword (Flame Sword of AA Michael). It sends this powerful metatronic D-13-Rev current to the planet and its life forms through a set of 6 Metatronic Implants, which are artificially inserted and anchored in their shields. They are: 4 Black Heart Metatron, 1 Metatronic Atom of Death, 1 Eye of Metatron. Activation of 4 Black Hearts will cause the energy of the Blue Sword to be anchored in the models of all life forms. Its anchoring starts a fast process of reversing shields, ie rewriting them with metatronic programs and codes. After reaching the critical value of reversals (less than 30% of the original Christ coding remains), a Monadic reversal occurs, shields and mercabian fields change direction and fall into the Black Hole (universe, galaxies, solar systems and all their life fields and forms).

Metatronic implants

Metatronic Implants are embedded in planetary and personal shields, including DNA, at the following vibrational levels:

1 Merlin heart D-10.75 HU-4 DNA strand 11 Lyra-Aveyon implant
2 Heart of the Dragon D-7.75 HU-3 DNA strand 8 Gaia-Orion-Alnitak implant
3 Heart Delphi D-4.75 HU-2 DNA strand 5 implant Pleiades-Alkyon-Tara
4 Anubis Heart D-1.75 HU-1 DNA strand 2 Epsilon-Eridanus implant
5 Avalon seal D-11.5 HU-4 DNA strand 12 Metatron eye
6 Seal Beast 666 D-6.5 HU-2 DNA6-8 Metatron's Atom of Death

4 Black Heart Metatron

They are always in the zone Dn.75 and control the etheric-atomic body (Dn) and the emotional-elemental body (Dn + 1) in each HU. It is therefore always a matter of subconscious control and manipulation through cellular, bodily and elemental consciousness. We are practically powerless against this, because we do not even know that such consciousnesses exist at all. Hearts are anchored in Kathra's Gru-Al Centers on the central pillar, Sephirs No. 2,5,8,11, which are the control centers in each HU, contain replicas of programs for both neighboring centers (higher / lower) and control their activities. The same is true for the strands of the DNA template, No. 2,5,8,11. The metatronic implants of 4 Hearts are created using two inverted Ekašic Shields, which are forcibly externally connected to each other. Their mathematical programs have been mutated, reduced, inverted and reversed. This construction creates a violent and unnatural interconnection of the dimensional currents of the Original Life Forces to form composite mixed currents of enormous lethal force.

The most powerful and perverse of them is the D-13R beam, called the Blue Sword of the Death of Arch-Demon Michael. With the help of 4 Heart Implants, the Blue Sword enters us and anchors itself, which begins to erase Christ programs in our models. Full activation of the 4 Hearts will cause the opening of the 4 artificial chakras located in our auric field under the feet, which are 4 black holes, through which all 11.5 dimensions of the body and masters will be torn from our original Divine Master and sucked into the Shadow Body. They connect with him and assimilate into the reverse shields of the Shadow Dancer. This will cause an irreversible fall into the black hole of Wesedak. This process can take several years (2-5 years), depending on the vitality of the individual, if everything is left free.

1 Seal of Avalon (Eye of Metatron)

D-11.5, Sefira 12, DNA strand 12. Full activation March 23, 2002, Opening of the Metatron Eye = opening of a wormhole in the energy wall separating our Christ Universe and the Wesedak Black Hole Demonic Universe, allows our Earth to be connected to its reverse metatronic replica, who lives in Arimathae and lives in Wesedak. Arimathaea is the Shadow Body of our planet Earth in Wesedak. By opening this passage, it is possible to download the manifestations of the Earth and all its life forms to Wesedak. It is obvious that whose template is downloaded there, so it will also be biologically manifested there, at the first incarnation opportunity.

1 Seal of the Beast 666 (Metatron's Atom of Death)

(Apollyon's Atom, Templar Axion Seal, Seed of Death, Signum Beast 666) D-6.5, between Sephira 6-7 (AzurA point), DNA strand 6-7, Fire Code-6. Full activation May 27, 2003. This implant activates the last (1/3) power of all 4 Hearts (beats at full power), fully anchoring and activating the Blue Sword beam into all planetary and personal masters. This implant is not inserted directly into any DNA strand, but between them, in a key location of our anatomy: the Azur-A center. In the DNA template, it is inserted into FC-6, which is the natural Fire Code No. 6, which is inserted between the DNA strands No. 6 and 7, ie between Sephirae No. 6 and 7. This is where Azur-A, the center of our being and the place of direct connection with Source-God. There is our Divine Seed Atom containing our Divine Master and all our Christ coding. It is our Monadic Core, determining our el-mag. organization. It is our direct connection with Ecka the Cores of the Divine Worlds. It is the place where the Flame of Amoraea - the Cosmic Fire of the Eternal Christ, the Living Flame of the Immortal Divine Consciousness, anchors us and passes on to us its qualities. It is the center where our Silver Shrine (Eiros Flame) and Throne of Force (Azurite Flame) are located. Azur-A is located in the thymus region, where there is also the 8th chakra and the 8th Sefira, which program the D-8 dimension. It is through the central level of D-8 that the First Streams of Life Forces are anchored into us for the first time, which then spill up and down into the dimensions of higher D9-15 and lower D1-7 (15 Rays of Emanac Eckashi). The goal of Metatron's Seed Atom of Death is to block the function of our natural Divine Seed Atom and launch inverted existential programs in us. By activating this Beast Seal, all 4 Hearts are activated at full power and the BEAST Machine is also activated. BEAST begins to emit a ray of the Blue Sword, anchors it in the masterpieces of the planet and life forms, which enters our anatomy through the interfaces of 4 Hearts and does its wicked work there.

BEAST Machine (Beast-666)

BEAST (Blank State Technology) is an extremely advanced Metatronic Reverse Shield Implant Technology based on anchoring inverted implants to shield masts. It was developed by the combined efforts of fallen races from our Black Hole (Phantom) and the neighboring Black Hole (Wesedak), about 570 million years ago. It is based on the high Ranger technology of the Cosmic Lens, which was stolen and misused. The original Lens served to regenerate the models of fallen races and their universes, helped remove reverse programs from them, and sent Christ-coded currents of the Primordial Life Forces into them. However, if it inverts and runs on the reverse from, so it inserts reverse programs into the templates itself very efficiently and practically irreversibly and sends strong deadly energy currents. BEAST created unnatural NET-biofields in us, caused DNA mutations and created Shadow Bodies, anchored the reverse weight shields of Shadow Elementals and Figments in them and fitted them with Shadow Dancers. After full activation of the Metatronic Implants, BEAST anchors the Blue Sword's frequencies to the masters and biofield, and in a short time (a few years, 2-5) completely reverses all masters, monadic reversal, and fall into the Black Hole. Metatronic Shield Implants were created by distortions caused by the BEAST Machine in the shield models of space, galaxies and planets and penetrated our personal 15-D anatomy in all aspects (Kathara grid, DNA template, chakras, auric fields, etc.) and contaminated it to the D zone. -11.5. The designation '6-6-6' expresses the fact that the Predators have conquered, controlled and reversed the Stargates in the D-6 band, through which they have access to the living fields of our Universe. These are these 3 USG-6: our Living Matrix, our Phantom Matrix, the adjacent Wesedak matrix. They are followed by other passages (space USG-6R Sirius A, Galactic GSG-6 Jupiter, planetary PSG-6 Moscow). They also stole life force streams from the D-6 zone and used them to make the Blue Sword.

love spells 

Blue Sword (D-13 R)

It is a fully reversed frequency corresponding to the vibrational level of D-13, where the Christ Eckatic Blue Flame from the Light Field of Keerasha's Creative Forces (HU-5, D-13) is located. Christ's HU-5 is the level of consciousness of the Rishi, which are the Creators of the Universes (Breneau Rishi - 3 Orders). Their emanations give rise to two more light fields, polar (D-14 Golden Flame) and triadic (D-15 Purple Flame). From this level also come the 15 Rays of Ekash, which create the material Manifested Worlds (HU1-4) and give life to all dimensional zones. If this can be reversed, something like a vanishing on the book of life will be created. It is possible to erase anything created by this. The entry of the Blue Sword into the Christian anatomies of all levels (universe, galaxies, planets, life forms) is opened by the insertion of special Metatronic Shield Implants from Wesedak. With the help of the Blue Sword, the Christian universes are killed. This reverse current was created by stealing and recoding the D-6 frequency from our Phantom and the D-7 frequency from Wesedak. It is an artificial, completely unnatural stream of photo-radionic light created by the misuse of Keylontic doctrine. It is the energy of color metallically electrifying blue or bluish, cold and sharp as the blade of a real sword, it looks like an electric arc of static dead light.

Implants and DNA

The energetic structure of the strands of our DNA of the Divine Master. We have 12 DNA strands. Among them are 12 natural blocks (Fire Codes, FC). Each DNA strand has 3 types of codes and 12 vibration levels:

1 thread - 3 types of codes: basic codes, acceleration codes, vector codes
12 undertones, basic set, mag. PCM
12 upper tones, acceleration set, el. PKA / parallel /
12 resonant tones, created by depolarization of the two previous sets.

The Fiery Code is a natural el-mag. barrier between adjacent DNA strands, prevents their connection, anchors us to densities and dimensions. Ascension work (= increasing vibrations), this barrier naturally dissolves (Fire Codes are activated), DNA strands begin to connect, dimensional and density locks open, consciousness expands and connects with the Higher Self. This process corresponds to activation
Stellar Crystal Seals in our biofield, which keep us in a natural phase lock to different vibrational levels (FC controls the function of the Seals). Metatronic implants (6 pcs.) Are anchored in DNA strands.

Jehovan implants

Jehovian J-Seals (7 pcs.) Are other reverse implants. They are inserted between the strands of DNA, directly into the FC, and block their activity. Because the Jehovans controlled USG No. 7, they gained access to us through this frequency band. The J-seals are therefore located along the 7th Axiom line. They are anchored in the Star Crystal Seals, which open the ascent locks for the passage between the Dimensions and the Densities. It introduces reverse programs into them using the J-technology of Hyperdimension Cones, which crushes Christ's shields and inverts their programs.

Competitive Predators

Jehovah - fallen avatar from D-11, Draconians, Wesedrak black hole, HDC, Spear of Destiny.
Metatron - fallen avatar from D-13, Anunnaki, Wesedak black hole, BEAST, Blue Sword.

Implants and biofields

Anchored Metatronic Implants in the body and biofield are called the Incarnate Beast 666:

1 Merlin heart, pineal gland, chakra 11, auric layer 11
2 Dragon Heart, heart, chakra + aura 8, Monadic Core Body
3 Delphi heart, D-4.75, abdomen left, chakra + aura 5
4 Heart of Anubis, E-Umbi under the navel, chakra + aura 2
Avalon seal, Sefira-12, chakra 10 + 12, aura 12
Seal Beast 666, Azur-A thymus.

Activation of implants

According to the laws of ID physics, it is necessary to respect the exact energy times for the activation of various systems, both natural and unnatural. The chronology of Metatronic Implant activation is here:

Partial activation at 2/3 power

1. Heart - Shadow of Merlin, 22,326 BC
2. Heart - Shadow of the Dragon, 9 558 BC
3. Heart - Shadow of Delphi, 3470 BC
4. Heart - Shadow of Anubis, March 23, 2002.

Full activation at full beating
Year 2002-2003: 4. Heart + Avalon Seal + Beast Seal + BEAST + Blue Sword.
Seal of Avalon-Eye of Metatron (March 23, 2002), opens a wormhole from Wesedak to us, activation of the 4th Heart
at 2/3 power.

Seal of the Beast (May 27, 2003), activates 4 Hearts at full power, activates BEAST and it anchors Blue
Sword to our designs.
Avalon seal, full activation 23.3. 2002
Starting the BEAST activation process: 24.7. 2002
Full BEAST activation achieved: 12.5. 2003
Beast Seal: full activation May 27, 2003
Full activation of 4 Hearts achieved: 27.5. 2003
Anchoring the Blue Sword to planetary and personal masters and bodies: 27.5. 2003

Date 27.5. 2003 is crucial. Predators have been upgraded to maximum performance. The reaction was the intervention of the Rangers and their division of the Evolutionary Horizon Hologram into 2 different paths for our life fields and forms: Descent Wave (predominance of reverse codes in templates, more than 69%), Ascent Wave (enough Christian coding, more than 31%). It was part of the cosmic reset rescue process, also called the Second Coming of the Cosmic Christ. This means that to our damaged universes within the Time Matrix (level universe frequencies come from the superior level of the Energy Matrix (cosmic level) and start to sprout here. Physically, it is the launch of 12 + 1 Cosmic Reuche Pillars from the level of the Eukatharaista Body through activated passages in the Radial Bodies of the Divine Worlds to the Veca Quadrant zone and a re-set of their damaged models. Radial Bodies open from below using Flame Codes, which are the real Keys to the Heaven's Gates. 12-point codes are used, ie the highest ones from the set of 12 pieces for each level (Master Codes). The Central Castle in AzurA is the first to open the point of the basic Ecka shield using the Veca-12 Key, which serves Or-Im-ManU. viz. Fig. (real) Keys from Heaven's Gates.

klíče od nebeských bran

The pillars are gradually anchored in the basic shields of all entities in the falling system, which have the ability to accept them, ie they have enough Christian coding to be compatible with them, both at the Macro and Micro level (planetary and personal). They are activated in sequence from 1 to 12 and reset the Dimensional Templates of the Veca Worlds from D1 to D12. This will allow them to stay on the Ascension Wave and avoid falling. Cosmic Christ means that the Pillars contain the original programs of the CHRIST Code, by which these worlds were originally created - the so-called First Coming. The Second Coming means that when the Original Creation was excessively damaged by errors in evolution, the Pillars with the CHRIST Code had to come here again to correct those errors. So it is by no means about Mrs. Kačenka from Liberec, but about the colossal cosmic-cosmic resuscitation processes of our entire Ecka-Veca system. Mrs. Kačenka is only linked to the reverse field of the Yoke Pentagonal Matrix, which in the industry is called the False Network of Christ Consciousness, which is a product of predatory PIN networks. These harmful frequencies flow through each other and serve as a bio-electric conductor of the energies of BEAST and the Blue Sword for the destruction of themselves and all those on whom they act and of the entire planetary environment. This contributes to the damage to the Temple Complex of the Earth and prevents the coming of Christ.

Shadow Entities

Shadow Dancers. They are highly intelligent, intellectually sophisticated fallen predator races from consciousness levels existing in the D-11.5 reverse dimensional fields of the Wesedak Black Hole system, who long ago freely decided to disconnect from the Source and adopt the Metatronic Reverse Matrix Code. They are also called Fallen / Dark / Black Avatars or Black Knights of Wesedak. These special races were created 150 billion years ago, when their Veca system belonging to another Eckasha-A Spectrum (No. 2) fell and became a black hole. They occupy the Shadow Bodies of the invaded creatures, suck them out, cause them to be reversed and retracted into black holes.

Elemental Attachments. They are Reverse Element Weights. These are subtle elemental spiritual beings originating from planetary elemental life fields located in the fallen Phantom Matrix. They are forcibly drawn and anchored into the bodies and biofields of members of the living universes (such as ours): humans, animals, plants, minerals, and elementals. This is done through the Shadow and Metatronic Implant Technology of Wesedak. These additions do not belong to the biology of Christ's fields and are completely foreign to them. For them, our biological forms are a prison and a trap where they do not belong and where they cannot evolve naturally. Their artificially reversed masters are forcibly connected to our artificially reversed masters in the form of Shadow Bodies. These parasitic beings, against their will, feed on our life energy, which they suck from our living and shadow bodies and cause progressive damage and erosion of our shields and DNA template, accumulation of miasms and distortions, and strongly accelerate the decay of our Hova bodies and Radial bodies. It is basically a total paralysis of our entire ID anatomy, performed from the inside, by the parasites placed in us, using our own energy. These elemental weightings in us are further energetically sucked out by the phantom and Wesedak races using BEAST. They are used as subtle mutated and reversed energy enzymes or viruses, embedded in our masters, which eat us up and feed us from within, for the purpose of suction and reversal.

Shadow Figments. They are Reverse Fiction Guts. These are autonomous subtle spiritual beings in the form of thought forms. They arise in the dimensional bands of both living and fallen matrices. They are the products of the mental activity of fragments of identities, eg their thought forms, mental constructs, fixed ideas, projected intentions, insults, obsessions, living rays of el-mag. projections, etc. These suffixes are found in various vibrational levels, especially in the atomic-etheric, emotional-elemental and mental bodies and also in the Shadow bodies of all life fields of the planet: humans, animals, plants, elementals. These Figures are subconsciously transmitted by fragments of consciousness into the planetary uniform dimensional field, atmosphere, material base (matter). It creates an invisible force energy field of chaotic non-Christ programs, which exists as a living field of mass thought forms that literally hang in the air and can last for a long time (thousands of years). The chaotic programs of the Figments easily stick to similar chaotic programs of our Shadow Body (law of analogy: similar to similar). Our reversed Shadow Body serves as a magnet for all the chaotic programs of other people in whose society we live. Just take a tram or subway ride and we feel completely destroyed, vacuumed and broken. Our Shadow Body automatically sucks into us all the chaotic energies that are filled with our fellow passengers, who have been processed and damaged for a long time and systematically and en masse. These parasitic Figures constantly suck at us life energy from levels D-1,2,3 and are thus kept alive, as otherwise non-viable vampiric energy forms of chaotic energies. They can only be rid of them by releasing their energetic anchorage into our shields through our Shadow Body. These Figures are created by intentionally fragmenting the Christ shields of all beings in a given vibrational zone using the reverse Metatronic Technologies that create the Shadow Body. The role of the Figments is the same as the role of the Elementals: to steal our life energy and reverse our models. Both types of parasites are fully manifested and manifested feeding tubes, through which life force constantly flows from our biological body to our Shadow Body and from there on directly to Wesedak. The same thing happens at the level of the entire planet, galaxy and universe. This energy milking takes place mainly at the atomic and emotional level D1,2. After the removal of our Metatronic Damages, the weight shields of these parasitic loads naturally dissolve in our anatomy and their units of consciousness return to the dimensional fields to which they naturally belong and where they came from. In this way we are mutually liberated and can fulfill our evolutionary task, each according to his vibrational affiliation and decision-making preference.

Shadow and projection mobility

Out of Body Experiences (OOB), as a consequence of the projection of the D3 mental body, the D4 astral body, the D5 body of the soul, are natural experiences that accompany our biospiritual development. They occur automatically when the natural activation of DNA strands No. 4,5,6 occurs. The original Angelic humanity had a full dreamy lucidity (conscious dreaming), projecting its consciousness into those vibrational belts where it has not yet been able to transfer its biological form to know these localities, meeting its inhabitants, its Higher Self, its spiritual essences. loved ones, to know where they will come from after passing through the Gate of Death (Bardo crossing), to know and orient themselves well and to know how to behave properly there. The current human sleep as a dead state of loss of consciousness is completely incompatible with the status of the Christ Being. Many demonic practices require a state of sleep, ie, a state of total helplessness and complete opening of the energy system, further strengthened by the intention to fully surrender to dubious angels and cosmic healers, supported by appropriately encoded music and spoken word (New Age meditation products). The existence of the Shadow Mutation has crippled our projection capabilities since 25,500 BC. It causes an unnatural state of projection through the Shadow Body by capturing our consciousness in the NET field. Our projected D3 consciousness is transferred (abducted) to the reversed master of the Shadow Body and its reverse Radial Body. There it is artificially divided into two parts:

1) Its 1/3 remains frozen in the higher frequency bands of the mental plane D3 and is not capable of natural dream expansion to higher vibrational levels in order to gain ID experience and draw high frequencies. Instead, in D3, he experiences the dream dramas of the chaotic programs existing on the D2 emotional level, which are created by parts of the consciousness of sub-personal fragments, suppressed contents of the emotional body, subconscious minds and elemental realms that form dream space. Second, he experiences dream holographic projections deliberately transmitted to our mental bodies by the Black Hole Predator Races, with the aim of energetically milking and reversing our dream models, when we are essentially unconscious and have no government and power over ourselves. When the activation of the 4th strand of DNA begins, parts of the reincarnation data also begin to be mixed into it all.

2) Its 2/3 expand into the unnatural field of NET embedded in our Radial Bodies, the Shadow Body. With it, they pass through the HU-1 interspace (Void Barrier) on our side, at an unnatural angle of the ARPS, and appear in the reciprocal HU-1 interspace on the Phantom Matrix side, like our consciousness sucked into the Shadow Body. There, our Shadow Body is temporarily associated with some demonic entity there, which loads a mathematical template of our Shadow Body's DNA into itself and creates a replica of it called the Phantom Body. With the help of this Phantom Body, we then experience various dramas in the real estate fields of the Phantom Matrix and the area of ​​its HU-1 interspace. These scenarios often contain inventive and successful productions for the purpose of manipulating the Shadow Self. Experienced and experienced D-3 Phantom realities and holographic projections, which are often deliberately created and sophisticatedly coded, become part of the body of the Phantom and thus the Shadow and thus us and are mathematically encoded into their DNA masters as memory prints bearing reverse programs. Everything that is experienced in any way is registered by memory and stored in templates and becomes part of us. It is transmitted along the energy line of the connected Bodies: Phantom → Shadow → we. After the return of our Shadow from a forced dream trip (kidnapping) back to our physical body, before its awakening, these captured reverse programs are overwritten from the template of the Shadow DNA to the template of our physical body. chemical DNA. At the end of the dream state, 2 parts of our split D3 mental reunite. As the freshly reverse-encoded consciousness of the Shadow (part 2/3) coming from the Phantom connects with the natural part (1/3) frozen in D-3 carrying the programs of local experiences, interesting phenomena occur. Because each part of the mental body carries a completely different dream experience, ie a different coding, so when they are forcibly reunited and transcribe their different and incompatible programs into our DNA, a state of strong tension arises in the DNA template. It is projected into our physiological state in a specific way, as a chemical-hormonal response in the entire neuro-biological system. This response causes a phenomenon called REM (Rapid Eye Motion). It is the rapid movement of the sleeping eye and the associated changes in the structure of brain waves. Once the D3 mental body manages to synthesize these two incompatible streams of consciousness and integrate them into a single DNA master, the REM phase ceases, consciousness begins to contract and focus its focus on the physical body to awaken.

In this projection schism, there is also a temporary splitting of our natural projection cord, which is a physical manifestation of the projected consciousness within our anatomy. This type of basic low-threshold projections (D3 → D4, ie HU1 → HU2) involves the activation of HU-1 Density Lock between the Sephirah No. 3 and 4 on the D3 Kathara grid in the center of E-Umbi. For other types of projections, the corresponding centers and Locks are activated in other so-called Flame Centers (AzurA, thymus, for HU2 → HU3, Rajna, pineal gland, HU3 → HU4). From the center of E-Umbi comes a cord of natural silver-gold-bluish frequency and is split into two strands:

1) One thread (bears 1/3 of consciousness) contains a natural connection to the D12 silvery Reion field of our natural Radial Body, where our Divine Master is located. This thread is artificially turned off and deactivated, making it impossible to project to higher levels and freezing consciousness in D3.

2) The second fiber (carries 2/3 of consciousness) is active and contains the reversed dark-silver frequencies D11 of the Trion field and the dark-sapphire-blue frequencies D10 The soft field of the Radial Body. This unnatural polarization acts as an energy switch and causes the second fiber to deviate from the first and carry 2/3 of consciousness into the Shadow Body and through it into the realm fields of the Phantom Matrix. This abducted part of consciousness is still connected with our biological form and its emotional
body. This allows all holographic artificial memory inserts and reverse programs inserted into us to be incorporated into our DNA template and then transcribed into our body.

Everything is still insured to the Predator so that if the unwanted projection line leading to the Phantom in HU-1 Castle is disconnected, where reverse polarization is set to free ourselves, our physical body will die and the mental body will split into 2 parts (such There are many safety detonators in our anatomy, we are punctured by them like a minefield, the passage through some energy barriers is really about life and without help from outside it is not possible). Here the mental is divided as follows:

1) His 2/3 will remain in the Shadow Body and will fully fall into the Black Hole of the Phantom Matrix.

2) Its 1/3 will remain trapped in the higher vibrational subbands of the D-3 mental plane as a spirit that is unable to absorb into its master a sufficient number of frequencies (energy of suitable composition) needed to expand the Radial Body and subsequently to the natural Bardo process (passage through the state of death), when consciousness leaves the D-3 vibrational zone and ascends higher, to the D-4 astral planes (possibly higher). These ghosts cannot remember and realize the events that took place around the Shadow Body. As their reality, they experience the contents of the higher bands of the D-2 elemental-emotional level and their own subconscious mental-emotional holographic projections. They often do not even realize that their physical body has died. Subconsciously, he creates projections of his own former realities of life, the environment where they lived and the stories that happened. Often, with their consciousness, they connect to the D-3's mental field of their loved ones or loved ones, or they energetically connect to places to which they have had an emotional relationship and connection in life, because they do not know what to do and where else to go. They are also constantly looking for solutions to their life situations, which they have left unresolved during their lives.

Members of the Ranger Races, who have consciousness anchored to the D-4 level and work there as so-called Guides, will often help here. He will create a frequency bridge between the D3 and D4 bands for the lost spirit so that he can expand his consciousness into his original Radial Body and transfer it to his natural D4 Astral Body. However, before the spirit ascends out of HU1's real estate fields, it must reincarnate back to the same planetary situation in which the spirit arose to take back the missing parts of its own identity: the Shadow Body and 2/3 of its original models and shields and their energy quantum. It is usually far more successful and much easier to heal your Shadow body and integrate it into yourself, is our physical body in life. Only in the case of very severe biological or psychological damage to the body may the path of reincarnation be more appropriate. However, this evolutionary decision belongs to the jurisdiction of our Higher Self, which has the same responsibility for our development as human parents for their minor children.

With the increasing vibration of the Earth, the astral mobility of humanity increases en masse. Many people get to the Phantom briskly. If the 4th strand of DNA begins to activate, they will remember these experiences and work with them in their waking consciousness. If distortions remain in the 4th strand of DNA, then the dream experiences of our Shadow in the D-3 level of the Phantom Matrix will be misinterpreted and erroneously interpreted as our astral projection into the Christ planes of the D-4 level. If the activation of the 5th strand of DNA, which contains the dominant reverse phantom coding, begins, then our Shadow will actually project to the D-4 astral level, but in the Phantom Matrix without realizing it. People with less distortion on the 4th strand of DNA also have less Shadow. As soon as the natural activation of the purified 4th strand of DNA begins, the structure of our dreams begins to change. First, the ability to remember and recall linear dream sequences appears. It is a sign that our natural D-3 Ego is beginning to be able to focus its attention on the D-4 astral levels, instead of losing consciousness due to a cleft, falling asleep (unconsciousness) and waking up somewhere in a dreamy state, without any knowledge of what is happening to him and without any possibility of any control over the process. Here the mental body begins to expand into the HU-1 Radial Body, into its Trion-Meajhe-Reion fields. The next phase is the ability of lucid dreaming, when we are aware that we are dreaming and we can consciously intervene in the course of our dream and influence its development (a typical sign of this phase is to clearly see our hands in the dream). The next phase is the ability of simultaneous lucid dreaming, where we simultaneously dream two or more dreams and our consciousness functions as a parallel processor: it manages these dreams simultaneously. The next phase is the ability of nested dreaming, when we dream of a dream. When we have a dream and we can sleep and dream in it as well. This is a good sign because our ID mobility is activated and consciousness expands across multiple frequency bands at the same time. Next comes the ability to project consciousness into Mental Level D-3. Here comes the training from our Higher Self, which teaches us how it works there and how to move and behave there. Furthermore, the D-3 Mental Body and the three layers of the HU-1 Radial Body will be connected and the Vehicle of the Astral Body will be created. This will take us to D-4, which will allow us to directly explore the D-3 mental planes, now perceived as physically real (rigid). Thought structures in the form of Morphogenetic Fields residing there, both planetary and personal, will be tangible there, like generators of coded energy that radiate their programs into the reality of HU-1. Sometimes this is called work in the Realm of Causes, but only for these levels. Once the natural activation of the purified 5th strand of DNA begins, the Astral Body expands into the D-5 band and will perceive the D-4 astral levels as physically real (solid). Our Ego-Higher Self will begin to have the ability to consciously control its own astral projection directly from the waking (non-sleep) state. When our D-4 Astral Body is awakened and it gains its D-5 mobility as well as independence, it often happens that it responds to the thoughts of the D-3 Ego independently and in its own way. He grasps these thoughts and activates them in the D-4 realm of causes without the D-3 Ego knowing. This arbitrariness of the just awakened lush Astral Body can be overcome by the fact that the Ego will be fully awakened and developed across the whole spectrum of the D-3 mental and will be engaged in activities at this level.

Nightmares. It is the process of energetically anchoring certain contents into conscious remembering and activating them in a personal DNA template and awareness of the Ego-identity of the Self. These contents are: (I) parts of our own mental body, (II) our subconscious mind, (III) material from the contemporary incarnations of our many parallel selves (1728 simultaneous selves in different HU-1 developmental cycles), (iv) memory records of activities taking place in different areas of chaotically structured real estate fields at the planetary and galactic levels. Behind these areas of chaotic frequencies are spheres of peaceful calming and uplifting activities. These are, for example, the vibrational zones of the Christ Aurora Continents. There are training techniques that allow us to remove unnatural bio-filters (el-mag switches and redirectors) from our ID anatomy, through which our DNA connects to the Realms of Chaos. Their damaged contents then enter our dream states, memory records when waking up and a personal hologram. After this healing, we will gradually acquire the ability of conscious memory and participation in activities running in many fields of Christ's life (even in a dream, we will be able to consciously work with the part of consciousness that we have available).

love spells 

Vigilant dreaming

When the D3 mental body in the waking state is busy with its imaginative play (daydreaming, fantasizing), it is in a state of significant creative activity. This daydreaming is very similar to the dream states of the original unmutated Humanity. This is D3 holographic thinking, where the ability to experience the thought forms being created is directly in their audio-visual form. This ability of direct creative imagination (creative imagination) is given by the gradual activation of the 4th strand of DNA, when the natural lock of the D-3 of the mental body is released. By releasing this seal, the mental body begins to increase its frequencies and begins to gradually expand into the layers of the Radial Body: the inner fields of Eiros and Meajhe, the Trion field, and finally the Reion field (outer master RB). During this expansion, the thoughts and ideas held in the consciousness of the mental body (D3) immediately transform into the form of audio and video holographic translations (RB layers). It is as if the mental body projects its ideological contents on the screen of the radial body, while this cinema observes and experiences various reactions. All this is stored in the Radial Body as a memory fingerprint, which is then loaded into the DNA of the original and remains there as a program for subsequent physical manifestation. We create reality by projecting the contents of our own DNA template through our own manifestation sequence. Thought forms that are often and repeatedly evoked and strongly energized cluster together. When they gain critical strength, they are physically manifested through DNA: they are projected into our hologram so that they appear real or tangible to our perception.

By activating a healthy 4th fiber, the Ego will learn to focus its consciousness on other vibrational levels according to its will, while remaining focused on ordinary D-3 reality. There will be a gradual opening of incarnation memory, interaction with other contemporary expressions of our selves (co-incarnates, inkar-mates), the beginning of communication with other living forms from other space-time vectors. The need for sleep decreases. The apparent barrier separating the Ego from other aspects of our identity consciousness in other vibrational zones begins to dissolve.

By activating the 4th and 5th strands, our consciousness expands to the point that we begin to realize that our entire 3-dim reality, our entire World, is nothing but a common mass public dream space, constantly created by holographic projection of the Radial Body. . This state of direct knowledge, as the state of permanent Penetrating Insight, is called the Vigilant Dream. The Ego thus awakened will go through this common dream reality with full awareness of its true state - virtuality, it will be aware of its creative power to contribute to this dream according to its decision and thus change it. He will be like an actor on stage who is fully aware that he is playing a role in some big theater. The ego will begin to recognize communication from its Higher Self in the form of various synchronicities, messages in the form of symbols, various coincidences, etc. Then it will be able not only to register these phenomena, but also to understand their message, content, inner message. He will know that the whole manifested world, as he perceives it, is one big open Holographic Book, where everything has any meaning, meaning and message for him. He will understand why this is actually happening, what it should tell him, what lesson it should teach him, what he should learn and how it all relates and the fates of his current co-incarnations located in other time vectors.

As he understands and manages this, by his direct co-creation he can contribute to the evolution of the common hologram in the desired direction, as recommended by the Law of Oneness.

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