Creative mechanics V.: statics - structure of creation


The following view of all of God's Creation is guided by the Structure of Creation, that is, its static and immobile Structure. It is not limited to the Outer Domains, but displays the entire Creation in its entirety, according to the information currently available. It's like learning at a driving school what a stationary car looks like that doesn't go anywhere, what it consists of inside. In biology, this would correspond to anatomy (= cutting into pieces). It shows the moment-stopped machinery of manifested Creation, also called the Body of God.

The structure of Creation

The whole of Creation has a precise mathematical-geometric structure built on the Laws of Creation Mechanics, as contained in the CHRIST-Code. The conscious Energy of the Source (the substance of God) vibrates descending and polarizes and creates different levels (frequency bands). Some of them are manifested, others are not. Manifested real estate fields can be imagined as rotating and interpenetrating 'spheres in spheres', having precise ratios of sizes, directions and speeds of rotation, vibrational level and polarity of their substance (material), which is always Conscious of God's Energy of various qualities and properties.

Starting from the top of the Source (infinite vibration), the vibration gradually decreases downwards, the conscious energy slowly slows down and thickens and compacts (Vibrational Downstepping). It is not true that this energy is transformed into matter, even though it is sometimes so figuratively called. Energy remains energy and is preserved. It only changes its vibrational parameters: polar structure, ratios between the qualities of ManU, ManA, EirA, phasing rate, value of the spin vector ARPS, etc. Different beings can perceive it as matter according to the settings of their own perception (sensory apparatus) (physically palpable rigid and solid reality). The mutual interaction of (I) energetic structures of their senses with (II) energetic formations around them creates an illusion of the material world. The concept of matter is physically relative, empirically pragmatic and falls under the jargon of consensual reality. If creatures vibrate to a different frequency band, ordinary matter will be dematerialized and they will not be physically perceived (walking through walls, invisibility, and other game IDs). On the contrary, other energy units will materialize them and physically perceive them (elemental structures and beings, emotional and mental patterns, parts of other real estate fields and certain aspects of their inhabitants, energy fields and currents, etc.). It's like tuning the radio to different wavelengths: what we're hearing seems real to us. But all you have to do is turn the knob and it will disappear and another station will sound to us sound and bring us completely different information. The goal of ascension is to expand our perceptual abilities (expand our consciousness) so that we can simultaneously perceive all levels of Creation, ev. to switch between them smoothly (like the radio). Then, transfer or focus your consciousness (the consciousness of your Identity ME) to any vibrational level and manifest yourself there.

Vibration hierarchy of creation

The structure of Creation from the Source down. In each level there are real estate fields (worlds) and also their inhabitants (people). Both are Creatures and have a similar anatomy. Thus, at each vibrational level below, both the world and man have a piece of their anatomy, a piece of their Self. Macroscopic and microscopic model or image of God. It is a view from God to Man that shows who we are, where we came from and where we are heading and where we will return. It is a path of narrowing (contraction) consciousness and splitting the whole of our Identity (Supreme Higher Self) into small and smaller pieces, which project into low Densities to experience their current (parallel, simultaneous) incarnations (Lower Self, Sub-Self, Dense Self, Dimensional Self). It is a path to be remembered. It is given rather briefly, exhaustively, for a basic idea. This vibration map is described at the level of the TEMPLATES, in the form of stacked Kathara Grids (Trees of Life). So not at the level of their manifestation, because it is completely unimaginable for us. The advantage of templates is that it is a program that is written with a limited number of repeating characters. Although we do not understand them, we can compare the mathematical-geometric structures that these templates create. In this way we can easily compare manifestation programs for completely different spheres of being, from our earthly to the Source, which we are not able to do at their manifested level. So the price of not knowing what those programs mean is balanced by the fact that we can compare them with each other and somewhere deep inside us it can resonate.

Central Source (God)

I. Internal Creation (plasma)

The Field of God-Source Consciousness: Ah-Yah, the ocean - which has many small 'islands' EFFI,
EFFI field, has 3 Jats in Tri-Veca configuration (Initial Eternal Trinity),
Jatu, has 4 Percepts and 1 Pinakl,
Pinakl, has 1 Ariyon with 8 KHY-cells and 1 Rhyon Chamber with 1 Rhyon Crystal,
Percept, has 1 KosMYah wrapped in 3 layers of Coronus,
KosMYah, has its 1 core Kosminyahas (8 Sun Cells, Halls Kosminyahas, Kristar, Flame
Elaisa), it has 7 KosMAyah,

II. External Creation (keylona)

------------------------------------------------ ↓ possibility of damage ↓ ------- -----------------------------
KosMAya, has 12 Cosmoss in it,
Cosmos, has 2 Cosmic Clusters,
Space Cluster, has 6 Space Matrixes,
------------------------------------------------ ↑ levels Over-Space ↑ ------------------------------------

Cosmic Matrix (Energy Matrix) = 1 Yunasai,

------------------------------------------------ ↓ levels Sub-Cosmic ↓ ------------------------------------

Etora and Adora

2 sides of the Cosmic Matrix, each has 4 layers - 4 Domains (vibrations decrease from the inside out)
Core / Seed Domains (Eton): here we have our Core / Seed Raša Body,
Inner Domains (Adon): here we have our Inner Raša Body,
Middle Domains (Edon = Garden of Eden): here we have our Middle Raša Body,
Outer Domains (Radon), here we have our Light-Crystal Body and Physical Body,

Stairway to Heaven - inside Yunasai (vibrating down to Hustot)
The Structure of the Outer Domains (Divine Worlds and Densities),
Ekaša-Aah (Supreme Core Divine Worlds), has 12 Ekaša-A,
Ekaša-A (Higher Divine Worlds), has 12 Ekaša,
Ekaša (Central Divine Worlds), has 12 Ecka-Veca,

------------------------------------------------ ↓ border fall ↓ ------------------------------------
Ecka-Veca system
Ecka (Lower Inner Divine Worlds), has 2 Veca Quadrants (HU1-4) + their 2 Primals (HU1-5-8)
Veca (15 Heavens: 7 Lower, 7 Higher, 1 Central), has 4 Densities,
Densities HU-4,3,2,1,
HU-1 density (The earth and its people are in HU-1 today, at its vibrating bottom).
Dimensions D-3,2,1 (vibrational aspects of our personal and planetary bodies, D3 mental, D2 emotional
elemental, D1 etheric-atomic.

See. fig. stairs to heaven

schody do nebe

Our space address

Within the hierarchical structure of the Outer Domain Templates, sometimes called Stairway to Heaven (Ecka Map of the God Worlds), our address can be determined. To do this, it is necessary to describe their compositional structure. 1 cross-linked Eka-Veka (Ecka-Veca) system is framed to the superior level, which is 1 Ekaasha (Eckasha). 4 The Ekashas, ​​now called Corridors, are similarly joined together and framed to a superior level, which is 1 Ekasha-A (Eckasha-A). 4 Ekaši-A, now called Spectra, are similarly joined together and framed to a superior level, which is 1 Ekaasha-Aah (Eckasha-Aah). This composition of masters is contained within a superior level called the First God World of Creation, inside Yunasai, where there are also 12 + 1 Reuches Pillars and a pair of Cosmic Kathara Kristos + Krystala (Kristos, Krystallah), all immersed in the cosmic fields of the Energy Matrix ManU, ManA, EirA. All these masters are stacked according to the exact rules of polarity symmetry and vibration compatibility. Their relative positions are indicated by numbers that make up their address. So our cosmic address is this: our EFFI Field (one of many?), Our KosMYah (one of 12), our KosMAya (one of 7), our Yunasai (one of 144), Ekasa-Aah: Spectrum No. 3, Ekaša-A: Corridor No. 4, Ekaša that suits Aquinos, its falling Ecka, its falling PCM Veca Quadrant No. 4 (PCM), its Density HU-1, PCM Universe, Christ's Andromeda Galaxy, its chipped and falling part of the Milky Galaxy Orbit, our falling Solar System of the Sun, our falling planet Earth.

love spellsOur Time Matrix

Ecka. They are the Lower Inner Divine Worlds, Ecka has her own identity, she contains the resonant ManU tone of the two Veca Quadrants they form. It contains the spheres of being in the HU-5 band, in the lower levels of which are our real Inner Earth (Inner Earth, our resonant tone), on which are the real continents such as Agharta and Shambhala and their inhabitants, the Ranger Races. It is connected to our Earth by energy passages, their access portals are anchored to various surface places, then lead through the Earth's core.

Veca. Ecka has 2 Veca Quadrants and their 2 Primals (light + sound), which are scaled-down copies of the cosmic fields of Keerasha's Primordial Light (HU-5, D13-15, ManU, ManA, EirA) and Khundaray's Primordial Sound (HU6-8, not dimensioned, have 3 layers Triadic, Polaric, Eckatic). Veca Quadrants have 4 Densities (HU4-1) and are parallel to each other. One (ours) is base-magnetic (EirA), particle (PCM) and represents the fundamental tone (it contains our universe and our Earth and us). The second (neighboring) is base-electric (ManA), anti-particle (PKA) and represents the upper tone (it contains our parallel universe and our parallel Earth and our parallel self, anti-particle self). The Veca Quadrants are the real tangible real estate fields, universes, and galaxies where vast civilizations live. Ecka-Veca. Ecka + 2 Veca quadrants + 2 Primals together form 1 Time Matrix. It is 15-dimensional and has a 15-dimensional anatomy (HU1-5, D1-15), both with you and with all the things in it. Therefore, man has 15 chakras that connect him to these 15 frequency bands and energetically nourish his 15 auric layers through the 15 Rays of Ekash. This Matrix has hafo (= unspecified many) universes in 5 different densities, there is time to experience in its flowing and linear form, here you can experience the separation of time and space, here you can experience states of strong polarization and individualization and separation of things from each other even from the Source, here one can realize in the most Anti-Christist way possible, that is, by reversing all the characters in the original creative programs and experiencing the consequences of such an action, leading to the frustration of its originator and everything produced by it. These spheres serve as a training space for the individualized consciousnesses of Beings scattered throughout the pyramid of their various selves, the Lower or the Higher, according to the angle of view. For us, they are all Higher, because we are sitting on the very bottom, which at the same time (simultaneously) exist incarnated into different developmental cycles, to meet once again and gather together until those cycles reach a common end.

The basis of the templates for HU1-4 is the space Kathara grid, which has 12 Sefir carrying programs for the 12 Dimensions of the D1-12 cosmic Single Energy Field and is called the D-12 Divine Kryst Blueprint. This report can also be displayed in a different way than the Kathara grid. E.g. in a Reuche configuration, where 12 Sefir are arranged around the circumference of the dial. They are numbered as Reuche Pillars, starting from clockwise (CW): 12, 11, 1, 3, 2, 4, 6, 5, 7, 9, 8, 10. Sefirs are not only software packages for the given Dimensions, but also Stargate. So we have a circle of 12 space gates (USG). These gates are, in fact, living cosmic beings that take the form of the Cosmic Suns and form a family of cosmic consciousness collectives at the HU4 level. Each Cosmic Sun carries templates for 12 lower-level systems called MetaGalactic, stored within a family of 12x12 = 144 MetaGalactic Suns for HU3. The next level is 12x144 = 1728 Galactic Suns for HU2, forming solar systems. Each Sun of the Solar System then has programs for its 12 planet-stars, which corresponds to the level of HU1. Drawn, it looks like interlocking dials. In this way, space shields are immersed in each other. The Spiritual Essence passes through these gates as it incarnates down into the Densities. She must have the appropriate genetic coding to pass through. In other words, she is somehow related to these cosmic beings, and they represent the cosmic aspects of our Identity. We will meet them again as we go through the Ascension Cycle from Dust out, back to the Source. Each of us has in our models the energy encryptions of these gates, which reflect their relations and configurations at the time of our birth.


This Human-Gate correspondence was the basis of the original astrology. The fallen Races have captivated the identities and frequencies of these 12 Cosmic Gate-Suns, distorted their meaning and significance, assigned them the attributes and qualities of their black-hole worlds, and created a corrupt astrological calendar for humans, which is used today. Some current astrological symbols are based on the original codes, but are damaged. This calendar already includes the unnatural behavior of our planet, such as the precession of the equinox, caused by the reversal of planetary models.

The original calendar was used to monitor the movement of the Cosmic Suns and make contact with them. We worked with two sets of Suns: 12 pcs for our PCM Veca Quadrant and 12 pcs about our parallel PKA Veca Quadrant. The set of 12 + 12 = 24 Suns was figuratively called 24 Elders before the Throne. The throne is the central D-13 Reuche Eck-Monad Frequency Pillar (Amoraea Flame for HU5), which powers both Veca systems. We will go through it as we leave Density during the ascension as the Christ Avatars.

Our original solar system

Our original Solar System (solar) star called Sol (Sun) in HU1 was natural. It contained 12 planets that were born from the sun, manifested from its models through the Solar Star Gate. They were: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Maldak, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron, Nibiru. The Solar Shield, which is the manifestation of this star, rotated the CCW and therefore its physical body - the material, physical sun - rotated in the same way. The sun rotated around its vertical energy axis (Crutches, Staff). Its horizontal energy axis (Rod, Rod) immersed in the shield also rotated CCW around the vertical axis. It is a magnetic spin, ie attractive. All 12 planets also rotated around their vertical axes CCW, in the same common horizontal plane formed by the solar shield. They had regular angular spacings of 30º and all their axes were aligned with the axis of the Sun ↑. The order of the planets, their size (mass) and speed of rotation corresponded to the vibrational quality that they represented and carried. Each planet corresponds to one of the 12 Dimensions and carries one Star Gate (SG) of the Solar System, sometimes called the Galactic Star Gate (GSG), because the solar system is considered a small galaxy because it is an individual being and has its own own merkabu. The higher whole is a common galaxy, sometimes called a meta-galaxy. They carried certain sub-accordions from the full set of 12 Dimensions contained in the Sun. Each Dimension has 12 sub-Dimensions (abbreviation PD), sub-harmonic bands. The physical size of an object is proportional to the size and vibration level of its originals. The larger and stronger the originals (the larger the program), the larger and more complex its manifestations (its realization, printed material image). The smallest Mercury contained the first PD of all three Dimensions D1,2,3 forming the Density HU1 (ie PD1 from D1, PD1 from D2, PD1 from D3), therefore Mercury is referred to as a planet of type 111. Similarly, Venus is a planet of type 222, Earth 333 , etc. The rotating Rod of the Sun generated 2 deflection currents. From the west end of the solar pole (West End, right side of the pole) came an electric current ManA (+) known as the Solar Wind (Trion Pole, vibrational quantum 33 + 1/3). From the eastern end of the Rod (East End of the Rod) came the magnetic current EirA (-) known as Eiros (Meajhe Pole, vibrational quantum 11 + 2/3). These 2 currents were captured by the ends of rotating planetary rods of opposite polarity. At night, Eiros entered the eastern end of the Planet Rod, during the day the Solar Wind entered its western end. Therefore, the polarity in the planetary biofield changed, which determined the life biorhythms. The day is typically electric, expansive, active. Night is typically magnetic, contractive, passive. Human activities, including working with energy, etc., were also subject to this. Energy times were respected, when it is appropriate or inappropriate to do something. These two currents were deflected by an arc to the North Pole, where they merged to form a neutral current ManU (+/-, 0) (Reion Pole, vibrational quantum 45). This current descended through the Crutch to the center of the planetary shield and energetically recharged and vibrationally regenerated the Planetary Seed Atom, which is stored there. Then he ascended through the center of the Monad and passed through the Harmonic Shield, then returned to the Sun. Geometrically, these natural life currents of sun-planet exchange manifested as open and Source-connected 3-dimensional Yan-Yun Monadic Streams, also called Butterfly Wings according to their shape. This energy system allows for the infinite, eternal circulation of energy between the Source and the Manifestation. The precise alignment of the rotational axes (Crutches ↑, Rod ←) of the planets and the sun makes the solar system a space transmitter of crystalline frequencies. It also allows to keep in synchronicity with the Higher Self of the solar system, which is its prototype in HU2. Just as man (HU1 Incarnate) has his Higher Self in higher Densities (HU2 Soul, HU3 Supersoul, HU4 Avatar, HU5 Empire), so do every planet, solar, galaxy, etc. Eg. the planet Earth (HU1) has its Higher Self: Tara (HU2), Gaia (HU3), Aramaténa (HU4). Our Sun Sol in HU1 has its Higher Self as the Sala star in HU2, which is the central sun in the Sirius B system. In certain cycles, the Star Gates open between Densities and it is possible to connect to your Higher Self for regeneration or ascension. All members of the solar family (central sun + 12 suns-planets) had a 15-D anatomy, so they also had a manifested aspect of the Keerash Light Field (HU5, D13-15), which is the coronosphere. Normal planets look like stars: they have their light-plasma corona. Therefore, the term 'central sun' is used to make it clear who the main sun is em. If someone is talking about projections into real estate fields where there are solar systems having the sun itself (eg Ota Solnář and his Prague mystical school), then this may be the case (if it is not just some holographic theater in reverse astral).

Our current solar system

Our current falling Solar System of the dying star Sun has only 9 planets. Missing 5-Maldak, 11-Chiron, 12-Nibiru.

Maldak carried Stargate No. 5 (GSG-5), was destroyed in 848,000 BC, leaving a belt of asteroids between Jupiter and Mars. The reason was to unbalance the system and create an artificial orbit for Wormwood (a predatory battle-planet) that, along with Nibiru, causes the Earth's axis to align with its fallen Phantom Earth in our black hole of the Phantom Matrix. Wormwood creates a part of Maldak's body.

Chiron carried the GSG-11 gate, was destroyed and its pieces were used to make several black hole moons (Black Hole Moons). They are stationary objects connected to a reverse metatronic Sextant Shield that controls the el-mag field of our solar and its planets. These are, for example, the Khryon (Kryon) Moon of our Phantom Matrix, the Clarion Moon of the black hole system Wesedak and the Maitraiya (Maitreya) Moon of the fallen Budhara matrix. These bodies cause further alignment of the Earth and connection to the fallen Wesadak and other similar systems, which fight or cooperate according to the circumstances.

Nibiru still exists and carries GSG-12, has a long circulation period (3,657.8 thousand years, elliptical orbit) and has not yet been discovered / acknowledged by Earth official science. This planet is orbiting in reverse orbit, has metatronic encoding of its merkaba (34CCW / 21CW) and partially merges into HU2. Its rotation balances the movement of an artificial space warship inviting planets of a similar name: Battle Star Nibiru alias WormWood (= Black and White, Wormwood, see the Bible of St. John). Nibiru has long been inhabited by fallen races with the same reverse, there were races of Nephilim (known rapists of earthly women), there are lines of Pleiadian-Nibiruan Anunnaki, Thoth collective, etc. Nicknames: Lucifer = Thoth-Enkhi-Nibiruan Anunnaki Grid), Archangel Michael = Wesedak Nephilim (controlled by BEAST). Nibiru is one of the main bases for conquering our Earth.

The Michael-Lucifer Purpose Alliance (22,340 BC) is a combination of (I) a space source of metatronic frequencies generated by BEAST (= AA Michael's Blue Flaming Sword, D-13-Rev) and (II) the local galactic and planetary grid NDCG (Nibiruan Diodic Crystal Grid, PIN microchip crystal network implanted in planetary shields). Since the fall of Atlantis, it has consistently transmitted reverse currents that activate Metatronic Implants in the models of the Earth and its life fields. The reception and distribution center is located in Stonehenge, UK. The frequent occurrence of crop circles in this area is documented by the metatronic coding of this surface entry portal by the black-punched Wesedak races, where these frequencies enter the Earth's energy lines (like an infection introduced by a vaccine into human blood vessels). The fallen inhabitants of Nibiru are energy vampires and steal energy, especially from our solarium. Therefore, they occupied its vibrationally highest planet (Nibiru = D12 planet). This cut off our solar from Christ's D-12 level and gained control of the rest of it. It was important for them to activate the reverse merkaba (34/21) on a personal and planetary level, which was served by the New Age and its prominent, the Thothian incarnation Drunvalo Melchizedek.

In addition to these missing planets, there are other problems. Venus spin reversal. Deflection of the Uranus axis by about 98º and reversal of its spin. Tilt Pluto's orbit by about 27º using Nibiru and Clarion. These apparent astronomical details have huge energy impacts. E.g. the reversal of the physical spin of Venus is the result of the reversal of its planetary shield, the Crutch and the Rod, and thus of all energy flows. Only beings compatible with it, ie metatronically reversed, can manifest on such a damaged planet. Energy transmissions from this planet carry the same qualities as the channeling of these resources.

Our current planet

Our planet Earth is badly damaged, as is our solar system. Our planetary shield is tilted and therefore the axis of rotation of the Earth. This causes disconnection from Yan-Yun currents. The axis tilt of 22º was performed 5.5 million years ago during the Electric Wars. At that time, the 1st Human Settlement of the Earth was destroyed and this led to a reduction in the vibration level, a slowing down of the rotation of the Merkaba and the compaction of the Hologram. Our reality has lost its vibrational elasticity and become more plastic, deformable and dissipative, which was the intention. The point was for the original high Christ frequencies that came to us to vibrate to a lower level, which the fallen races can already endure and process. E.g. gravity in our universe is now about 2-3 times stronger than it was. The growth of a biological form goes against attraction. Therefore, all life forms are much smaller than they originally were (people 4-12 meters). Therefore, they can also draw less energy, becausethere are smaller antennas. Today's speed of light is only 1/3 of the original speed. Thus, demanifestation of matter into light is far more difficult. Another axis wobble of 1.5º occurred 25,500 years ago, the Precession of Equinoxes, an alternation of the equinox. In total, this is a 23.5º CCW deviation of the geo-axis from the solar axis towards Vega and Polarka, a period of 26,000 years. These are the consequences of the unnatural deflection of the Earth's masters at the level of the Light Crystal Body. This generates an artificial electric field of Dead Light having the geometry of the Toral Field (toroid, anulus), which is called the Poison Apple. This creates the Earth's artificial magnetosphere.

Another opposing deviation of the 11.5º CW electric magnetic axis is caused by anomalies in the magnetic grid, the north magnetic pole, when we oscillate between the direction of our Phantom Matrix with Nibiru and its competing black-hole Wesedak. It is the metatronic reverse Torsion Field that creates the Yoke Field. This dance of the Earth around its natural axis causes the rupture of its energetic bonds to the natural horizontal solar shield, from which it still escapes. It is under the influence of the reverse Sextant Shield and its time pulse waves, which throw it into descent time cycles, devolution into black holes.

The Earth's coronosphere has been destroyed for millions of years. The current artificial yoke toral field of the magnetosphere reverses el-mag polarities and life force fluxes. The result is reverse closed, disconnected from the Source, flat 2-dimensional monadic flows of yang-yin (g), as we know them from Eastern esoterics.

At the level of the Rasha Body, the Earth is even turned upside down ↓, ie by 180º. This applies to the inner domains and deeper layers of the masters, which is also not healthy.

Anatomy of the planet Earth

The anatomy ID of all created things is quite similar. The difference between the anatomy of the universe, galaxies, stars, planets, humans is relatively small and reflects their different specific missions. Everywhere there are Kathara grids, shields, morphogenetic fields, mercabic fields, genetic masters, memory matrices, evolutionary templates, energy lines (axiom / ley, meridians, nadis, radis, etc.), energy vortices (chakras), etc., which are as a whole it is called the Earth's Energetic Templar Complex. There is a map (eg the book Voyagers II, p. 505) where some centers and lines are drawn. These are, in particular, the following: star gates (Planetary Star Gates, PSG) and their control centers (Cue Sites - CS), vertical energy lines (Axiom Lines, Axi-A, B, C) and horizontal (Ley Lines), star crystal seals (SCS), primary vortices - chakras (Primary Vortices), reuche pillars (Reuche Pillars), seed atom (Seed Atom).

Stargates are ID energy passages between different vibrational levels (frequency bands of cosmic consciousness) that connect different parts of the manifested real estate fields. They connect us, for example, with other versions of our planet: the parallel Earth (Paralel Earth) which is located in the parallel PKA (base-electric) of the Veca Quadrant and the inner Earth (Inner Earth) which is in HU-5 at the Ecka level. Our planet is literally riddled with various systems of these passages, as it was designed as a guardian planet. It was these tunnels to other parts of the universe that fought from the beginning. In addition to the 12 main and standard planetary gates (PSG 1-12) and one standard galactic (GSG-3) of our solar, which every normal planet has in its anatomy, there are many more. For example, the SG of the Arc of Covenant SG base-6 are listed, having only a 6-subharmonic of 12 Dimensions, ie they are weaker and lead only to half the range of the vibration spectrum of the Veca system. The following are the SGs of the Trinity Star Gates base-3 complex, which serve as low-threshold evacuation portals for the rapid evacuation of surface life in the event of a crisis (currently activated). Other systems can be mentioned: Polarian SG Gates, Rama Passages (Rama SG, access anchored under the Taj Mahal, Agra, India), Spaner Gates, leading to the inner Domains, anchored in Peru), and now plasma Alhumbra Passages (Alhumbra Passages, lead to the Internal Creation, anchored through the center of Alhumbra Cathedrals in Florida USA, as part of the Fail Safe process). However, the most valuable jewel is one of the 12 Space Gates: USG-3 (Universal Star Gate - USG), which is the main source of all our problems and efforts to conquer Earth. It is access through our guest planet Urtha (containing the Sphere of Amenti) to the frequency band of Dimension 3 and the 3rd subharmonics of all other Dimensions within our entire Universe! Given the size of the Universe, the chances that our planet will carry one of its 12 gates is quite small, and yet it is. Therefore, it was also constructed as the Ranger Planet and inhabited by Ranger Humanity.

It is interesting to look at the geographical location of access surface portals to important energy centers and think about their historical or spiritual significance. Many of these places are damaged and reversed today.

Planetary Gates (PSG 1-12). E.g. the PSG6 stargate is anchored in Moscow (37.0E, 55.3N). That the capital of the demonic empire would be founded just like that, in some completely random place? Were there ever efforts to conquer Moscow, whatever? Even in the winter, when he fights quite badly. Moreover, when the whole huge area between Berlin and Moscow is not really needed and cannot be managed. Strange, isn't it? Why are Hitler's Germany, the USA and Russia so interested in the South Pole, where there is nothing? Well, there are penguins. They are probably very dangerous animals, because the polar 'scientific' expeditions of the Soviet and American governments are protected by convoys of cruisers, destroyers (penguins can dive and attack from below the surface), aircraft carriers (penguins have wings) and nuclear submarines. At the south pole is the PSG1 (22.0W, 75.0S). The South Pole lies on the now glaciated continent of Antarctica, which is a remnant of Atlantis, specifically its area called Bruah. In various ancient traditions, there are accurate maps of Antarctica with its original Atlantic topography, including rivers and hills. Florida - PSG2, the so-called GruAl Point for HU-1, controls the function of two other PSGs: the South Pole (PSG1) and Bermuda (PSG3). If something strange is happening in the Bermuda area, it will probably have some physical ID reason. Florida is located in the territory of ancient Atlantis, which is famous for Nohassa. It is the umbilical point (cord) of our Earth. It was the target of European Christian butchers, sponsored through the Spanish Church. On his holy mission, J. Ponce de León established a peninsular base for the extermination of the original population. It took about 300 years for the genocide to be completed at the continental level, under the banner of the British Crown. Then the United States made itself, as a base of Predators for the conquest of the planet and the ultimate enslavement of humanity - the establishment of the NWO, which culminates today. From there, American presidents began to spread freedom + democracy + human rights throughout the planet and initiate local and world wars, along with their British and other brothers (brother to brother). Other places are: PSG4 - Cairo / Giza, Egypt, PSG5 - Machu Picchu, PSG7 - Lake Titicaca, PSG8 - Xian, China, PSG9 - Tibet, PSG10 - Abadan, Iran, PSG11 - Arthurian Valley Pewsey, England, it is a remnant of Atlantis , an area called Lohas. PSG12 - Monsegur, France. See Voyagers II, page 509, for their GPS coordinates.

Planetary Chakras (PV1-7). Chakra No. 1 - Arizona, USA, Chakra No. 2 Jerusalem, Chakra No. 3 - Himalayas, Chakra No. 4 - Giza, Egypt, Chakra No. 5 - Machu Picchu, Peru, Chakra No. 6 - Caucasus Mountains, Chakra No. 7 - Andes Mountains.

Seed Atom. Andorra - Seed Atom Bridge Convention. E.g. such an Andorra, a desolate empty place, far high in the mountains of the Pyrenees, where there is really nothing. Why is there such an interest in it that it must be controlled by the Spaniards and the French at the same time? There is anchored the Metatronic Planetary Seed Atom of Death (directly below the spa building in the capital).

The Caribbean is very energy-rich and important, and there are many centers, both Rangers and Predators. That is why the colonization led by the Draconian Catholic Church also began there. Columbus and his assassins drove there for sure. The toy that he went to India for spices and got lost is a rich invention. For example, such a small and insignificant island as Cuba. Why were the red demons from Moscow so interested in him and it cost him a lot of money? After all, there is nothing there and it is on the other side of the world, in the clear sphere of interest of the USA. The control center of the entire Alpha-Omega Planetary Reverse Matrix (Alpha-Omega Templar Melchizedek Anunnaki) is anchored there. The east coast of America has some remnants of the original Atlantic mainland, where various centers are anchored. The western side, especially of South America, has parts of Lemuria that were in the Pacific.

Cue Sites (CS). They are the remote controls of the Stargate energy locks (more precisely: the approaches to the PSG of the parallel Earth are interconnected). In order for these passages to work well and safely, they have multiple locks. This is because the surface location of the Gate can fall into the hands of Predators. Control of the Earth Temple Complex is a real motivation for all earthly wars. Therefore, as another level of protection, to have another set of spare keys elsewhere on the planet that can control the Gate remotely in the event of a problem. For example, the PSG5 gate anchored to Machu Picchu in Peru has its spare CS keys in the Vatican - Cue Site No. 5. Occupying CS Demons does not mean the full conquest of its gate, SG. To do this, it is necessary to eradicate all beings and biological forms that were originally planted in the locality of the gate and constantly incarnated there as its guardians (humans, nature, vegetation, minerals, etc.). That is why the brutal Christian genocide of the Native American nations, the descendants of the original races of the Human Tribes, were organized, who had long guarded these sacred energy places and had the keys to them in their models, DNA, and bodies. Another example is Iraq. This is the entire Iraq-Iran-Pakistan energy complex, which will be of strong interest to the Predators during SAC-2012 (see note on pages 376-8, Voyagers II). In Iraq, there is not only the CS-10 (Basra, 47.7E, 30.9N), but also the Stargate AG-10 of the Planetary Convention Bridge (Arc of Covenant) (Baghdad, 44.0E, 33.3N). From the point of view of saving the planet Earth in the current SAC, the Bridge of the Convention, the existence of which was fought especially in 2003, within the framework of the Space Reset, was of great importance. That bridge was destroyed, thanks to the reversal of his Bran. If the earthly powers were ever interested in Iraq, then oil was a good pretext. It was necessary to have a man there. According to its custom, the US government, through the secret services, liquidated any democratization efforts, murdered their bearers, and installed a brutal dictator Saddam, who was trained by the CIA in its training terrorist centers. Well-known is, for example, the US Department of Defense training center, the US School of the Americas, originally located in Panama, now relocated under the appropriate name Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation to Fort Benning, Columbus, Georgia, where advanced torture methods are taught. people at the level of consciousness and masters (the 'Atlantic masters' have returned: the ID of the torture chamber has been announced in Atlantis). Saddam listened well during the Iraq-Iran War (PSG10 is in Iran), but then he bit himself, angering his sponsors several times. For example, he began to flirt with the possibility of selling oil for euros and not for dollars. He then did not cooperate in activating part of the Planetary Seed Atom of Death, which is anchored in Baghdad. For a long time, he resisted American efforts to liquidate it, because he knew their practices well and obtained the degree of Master in them himself. That's why the final solution came in 2003: Bush's assassins attacked the civilian population of Iraq. The work of destruction was completed by the Islamic President of the USA, Muslim Barack Obama, with the generous help of his colleague Hillary Clinton, who managed to overthrow the Middle East, establish an Islamic State, Islamize the USA, including forces, police, army and secret services (FBI, CIA). waves to liquidate Europe and launch an all-planetary Jihad to liquidate Humanity. Both (ma + HC) are students of Marxist-Trotskyist teaching on the necessity of the global revolution and the NWO. Lenin moved to the United States.

In addition to this (more or less standard and well-known) anatomy of the Earth at the level of the Outer Domains, its structure is also described in 3 Internal Domains (3 Raša body), which was studied in the period of approx. 2006-2009 (see relevant seminars). Then came the plasma level of planetary anatomy (probably since 2010), which is still relevant today, as it is important for the Fail Safe process (started on August 8, 2011). We can mention the anchoring of 5 Plasma Alhumbra Cathedrals in the planetary Temple Complex, which ensured a successful passage through the critical energy date of 21.12.2012. They are arranged as follows: 1-Florida, USA (old Atlantic complex), 2-Peru, 3-Norway, 4-Bali, 5-Egypt (each of them has 4 smaller centers in its vicinity, ie a total of 5x5 = 25 plasma center). The plasma frequencies of the 8 Plasma Suns from the KosMYah level in the Internal Creation flow through them. Furthermore, the gradual activation of 8 Primary KHY Centers (8 Primary KHY Sites), which manages the function of Cathedrals. It was in the period December 2013 - April 2016. These centers are superficially distributed as follows: 1-Myakka Lake, Florida, 2-Aruba, Caribbean Island, 3-Oslo, Norway, 4-Rajasthan, India, 5-Mount Fuji, Japan , 6-Tuscany, Italy, 7-Paxos Island, Greece, 8-ibid co # 1. Once activated and running at full transmission power, these centers work together to create the Catheion Global Planetary Broadcast Station, and its coded plasma energies flow through the planet's models and its life fields, removing damage and reversals in their plasma anatomy (Big-8 CHRIST Override). And finally, perhaps the fact that during 2016, the deeply hidden so-called NOMI-Encryption was activated in the core of the plasma anatomy of our Earth, which provides it with an irreversible ascetic victory in the Fail Safe process. It is one thing to anchor in the ascent wave (get on the horse) and it is another thing to hold on to this strong energy wave (not to fall off the horse). To be constantly in a state of vibrational resonance or synchronization with it, ie to keep up with the ever-increasing frequency of the Planetary Consciousness of the Earth (the appropriate exercise techniques are used for this).

love spellPlanetary Network PIN

Other important elements of the Earth's anatomy are the Crystal Temple Bases and the Pylon Impant Network (PIN). They are not a natural part of the planet and were artificially built and installed by alien races in order to control and manage the operation as well as the control of the Earth Temple Complex. Below is a list of several of these implant networks. If their names remind us of a known shape, it is because by connecting their centers scattered on the surface with a line on the map of the Earth, this shape is created (similar to the names of constellations). This shape can also be seen from the distance of space in a photo-radion scan of the energy bodies of our planet. Ranger nets sometimes have the shape of power animals, which from afar report to the invading Predators: Beware, this planet is guarded! A-PIN and L-PIN designations (A = Atlantean, L = Lemurian)

Guards networks

Great White Lion APIN. It is an old APIN system built by the Founding Races (Elohei-Elohim Leonine Anuhazi Founders of Aramatena Lyra and Sirius B) as part of their rescue mission after the Electric Wars 5.5 million years ago. It operates in the D-12 frequency band and connects the planetary shields to their D-12 Divine Master located on Aramatena in Lyra (Aramatena = Higher Self of our Earth in HU4, ie its Christ Avatar). Protects 12 planetary Axiom Lines (vertical lines). When activated, billions of small crystal microchips implanted in the Earth's body are awakened and together they create a collective array of scalar waves that can hold damaged and fragmented planetary shields together to cycle through SAC and prevent polarity reversal of the energy grids and Earth's withdrawal into Black Phantom holes. Matrix. The network was decommissioned by Predators, during the Draconian raids from Omikron during the SAC in 208 216 BC, when they re-encoded the planetary Temple to their reverse D-10 frequencies. The network was later put into operation. In 46,459 BC, the Sphinx was built in Egypt as a reminder of the Rangers' intention to reactivate the network during other SACs as part of the final accomplishment of their Christos Realignement Mission. The Sphinx originally had the face of a lion (and not a human) to commemorate the powerful guardian races of the Leonins (Lion People). The network will be reactivated in April 2003 (for the first time since 208 216 BC) in preparation for SAC-2012 to prevent polarity reversal of the planet and further invasion by the Predators. And he will act like a real Lion. He will defend the planet Earth because it is his Christ Mission1.

Golden Eagle APIN. It is an analogue of the Great Lion, from the same period, but it guards 12 planetary Ley Lines (horizontal lines, our Ley = parallel Axiom). It was formed at the same time by another group of Founding Races (Seraphei-Seraphim Avian-hominid Cerez and Serres Founders of Mintaka Orion, Procyon, Alcyone). The network fell into the hands of the Predators during the Luciferian Rebellion in 25,500 BC (invading races of Necrominton and Andromeda Nephelim from Andromeda, Alpha Centauri and Orion). UIR has been used for mass mind control through the planetary transmission of subliminal scalar programs, as well as 1 Brain-washed circus neuter with a brainwashed and rubberized identity that children can pull by the tail and push his head in his mouth. It is a crystalline force in the form of the APIN-net that at a distance reports to the alien invading Predator Races: This is our territory and our natural Home. If you attack him, you will not leave alive: it is your choice. May our Czech Lion also hear the voice of his national nature and wake up from the faints into which he was thrown into EUro hexa-vaccine infected with the virus of multi-culturalism and bombarded his immune system, as the health law through vaccination is happening in all his children, our little ones. Czech lion cubs. For the production of programs of false chenneling contacts, especially the connection of the Archangel Michael to the Matrix reverse channel. The network will be reclaimed in December 2003, preventing the UIR from being misused as a mental weapon against humanity during SAC-2012.

Four Faces of Man LPIN. It is a newer network from 22,500 to 22,326 BC built for the past failed SAC (22,326 BC) by races of Rangers (Eieyani Indigos, Maharajhi, Azurites, Elohei-Elohim). It guards the 4 basic sides of the world - 4 Faces (N-S-E-W) and is also called the Guardians of Four Corners. ID runs through Earth, Taru and Gaia. In parallel, it connects these 3 versions of our planet in 3 different Densities (HU1,2,3) in the particle universe (PCM Veca Quadrant) and also with their anti-particle doubles in parallel universes (PKA Veca Quadrant). He then connects both of these parallels with their resonant tone = Inner Earth in the Ecka level in HU5 (PKI). This network can connect their Axiom Lines (Axiom-A, B, C) into one unit and connect their shields to the D-12 Divine Master and also to the D-13 Trion Field of our Time Matrix. Trion is the core of the Keerasha Pre-Light Field (HU5, D13-15). The link to it allows access to the Khundaray Pre-Sound Field, through the anchor rod of the Pillars of the Original Sound. There are a total of 12 pieces of these Pillars (12 Primal Rainbow Ray Sound Pillars). This will open the possibility to get into the Trans-Harmonic Time Vector of Meajhe Field of the adjacent stable Time Matrix and phase lock there and download the undamaged Christ Templates for our reversed and falling Matrix. This will prevent it from falling into the black hole of our Phantom Matrix. This network therefore guards 4 sides and has 3 versions (PCM, PKA, PKI), so it has 3x4 = 12 Faces. That is why it is sometimes called the Guardians of 12 Pillars. 4 of the 12 Pillars will be anchored in its 4 centers (4 Faces) on our planet. As a reminder of the Rangers' intention to activate the network during the next SAC as part of the fulfillment of the Christ Mission, stone statues with heads and faces were erected on Easter Island. They were created by descendants of ancient Christ racial lines (Mu'a Indigo Human Maji Race). This island is a remnant of the land of Mua (Muarivhi, Muaravhi), where there was a civilization of the Lemurian races on the continent of Lemuria (Lemuria, Lumeria) in the Pacific, which was destroyed around 52,000 BC. It was these island remnants of Mua and their inhabitants that the Universal Star Gate Security Team of Inner Earth visited and built this PIN network with their help. Sets of similar sculptures with heads and faces are found in other as yet undiscovered places and mark the physical anchorage of this advanced transmission network in the planetary grid for its future activation.

Predator nets

Dove (Dove APIN) + Olive Branch APIN. It is a network formed by the Jehovian Anunnaki, their Bi-pedal Dolphin People from the black holes of the Phantom Matrix, from the fallen Sirius A, Arcturus, Orion, in the time of 25,500 BC, during the Luciferian Rebellion. It is connected to the Phoenix Wormhole wormhole, the set of reverse 7 Jehovian Seals, and the PSG1 parallel Earth. It runs on reverse energy currents in the D7-9-11 bands. Uses Trumpet technology. The current activation began in 1950.

Had (Serpent). It is a network formed by the Pleiadian-Nibiruan Anunnaki during 25,500 BC, during the Luciferian Rebellion (Pleiadian Samjase-Luciferian, Nibiruian Thoth-Enkhi-Zephelium, Enlil-Odedicron Luciferian). It is connected to the Phantom version of Nibiru, Tiamat, Lyra-Avalon, through the Phoenix vormhole. It is connected to the NDCG network, with PSG 3 + 4, with a crystalline selenite base in Chihuahua, Mexico. It runs on reverse currents D4-5-11. Uses Spike-Site implant technology. The current activation began in the period of 1700.

Phoenix (Phoenix APIN). It is a network created by the Pleiadian-Nibiruan Anunnaki in the time of 10,500 BC, it has similar parameters as the Snake network. The current activation began in 1972.

Hawk (Falcon APIN). It is a network formed by the Zeta-Rigelian (Drakonian Agenda) races of Alnitak in Orion during 10,500 BC, during Luciferian rule. It connects the Temple Complex of the Earth to its fallen version in the black hole of the Phantom Matrix. Connected to Falcon Wormhole, Phi-Ex Wormhole. It runs on reverse current D-10.

Dragon (Dragon APIN). It is a network formed by the races of the Draconians of Omikron (Dragon-moth, Alnitak + Alnilam, Orion) in the period of 75,500 BC. It connects the Temple Complex of the Earth to the fallen Alnitak in the black hole of the Phantom Matrix. It runs on reverse current D-10.

NET (Nibiruian Electro-static Transduction Field). This reverse energy field was built in Atlantis by the invading races of the Nibiruan Anunnaki in 25,500 BC and anchored to the planet's planetary shields through the NDCG network. In 9558 BC, all natural electrical transmission lines to and from Earth were reinforced and gradually controlled. Its focus on the D-3 frequency band allows the mind of the entire planetary population to be controlled. During the Philadelphia Experiment in 1943, the Zeta Rigelians used NET to create energy passages to our space-time coordinates, which was the real reason for this action of the US Navy (which it did not know about). The NET field is the basis for the construction of Frequency Fences. Maintains the existence of the Hibernation Zone.

NDCG (Nibiruian Diodic Crystal Grid). It is a reverse energy crystal distribution and transmission network anchored in the system of the Nibirujan Crystal Complex implanted in planetary grids. The surface access center is in Stonehenge, UK. It was built in Atlantis by the invading races of the Nibiruan Anunnaki in 25,500 BC. It is a powerful photonic installation and works in conjunction with NET. It reverses the original programs in the planetary shields, damaging the Temple Complex, energy fields and flows. Amplifies reverse biotronic pulses, reverse merkaba field, encodes cheneling transmissions.

24 Primary Control Crystal Temple Bases of UIR. These are the control bases of NET and NDCG networks, underground or submarine, having surface access centers in the following places: Kauai Hawaii, Vale of Pewsey England, Abadan Iran, Pakistan Bermuda Island, Sarasota Florida USA, Machu Picchu Peru, Portugal (headquarters), Lake Titicaca Peru, Giza Egypt, Halley South Pole, Mauritania W. Africa (headquarters), Paxos Island Greece, Aguascalientes Mexico, Cyprus Island, Easter Island , Vatican City Rome Italy, Johannesburg S. Africa, Brazil (headquarters), Lop Nor Tibet, Xian China, Hamandan Iran (headquarters), Al Basrah Iraq, Bosnia (headquarters) - The Predator Center in Bosnia is also the control center for planetary radio broadcasting ' Archangel Michael '. If these places seem interesting to you in terms of geography (pyramidal amplifiers, anomalies), historical, religious, spiritual, political, military, terrorist, etc., then there may be a reason. There are many thousands of other Predatory Bases scattered across the planet, covered by a scalar frequency fence, making them invisible and undetectable by human technology.

Example of using the NDCG network

The historically known activation of this network took place during the Babylonian Massacre (Bible: destruction of the Tower of Babel) in 3470 BC. At that time, the Predators managed to obtain for some time the Arch of Covenant with the key energy tools Rod + Staff to control the planet's energy grid and its portal system. They were subsequently used in Babylon, together with the NDCG network. The el-mag field of the Earth collapsed and Christ's models in the planetary shields were reprogrammed. Consequences: further mutations in human genetics, suppression and distortion of spiritual abilities, deepening of racial and incarnation amnesia (memory loss), shuffling of human genetic alphabet characters in DNA templates (bible: confusion of languages), distortion of human speech (reverse interventions in the language matrix) and shortening times of human life. Our lifespan is genetically easily adjustable if appropriate interventions are made in the energy template of DNA. Recent settings at 120 and then at 70-80 years (current average values) are historically recorded by Predators:

Genesis, chap. 6, verse 3:
* And the LORD said, My spirit shall not strive with man for ever: for the body also is, and its days shall be an hundred and twenty years.

** But the LORD said, "My spirit shall not be overwhelmed with man for ever: for he is but a body; and let his days be an hundred and twenty years.

Psalms, chap. 90, verse 10:
* All the days of our years are seventy years; or if there be any one that is stronger than eighty years, even the most prosperous in them is labor and misery: and when it is past, we shall fly away immediately.

** The number of our years is seventy years, if we are in strength, then eighty, and they can only boast of misery and wickedness; they pass quickly and we leave in flight.

/ * Holy Bible, according to the Kralický edition from 1613, Prague 1945.
/ ** Bible, ecumenical translation, Prague 1985.


These citations show a comparison of two Czech texts of the Bible (marked * and **) with a time lag of about 40 years. Apart from the difference in the antiquity of language style (stylistics), it is no longer possible to disregard the difference in the communicated information content (semantics). An interesting shift in meaning is especially in the statement of what a person is, because it is absolutely essential in terms of his anatomy ID and the meaning of being:
* ... because the body is also ...
** ... It's just a body.

The statements that man is ALSO a body and that man is ONLY a body are completely different. It shows how easy it is to manipulate the text of the Bible. The reader was pleased in the explanatory section of version **, where it says: Translation supplements, necessary for better comprehensibility or for rhythmic reasons, are marked in the text in a different font (italics). Thus, the Angelic Man, as the 15-Dim Eternal Immortal Christ Being, was reduced to a piece of matter, flesh "for better comprehensibility or for rhythmic reasons." Amazing isn't it?

And the same can be done. E.g. a description of the widespread rape of human women by the invading races of the giant Nephilim. They typically surrounded and conquered the city of Crystal, torturing and murdering the male population of all ages. Then they began raping the remaining women until they became pregnant. After giving birth to a hybrid child that carried part of human DNA (that was it), these women were tortured and killed. Only a genetic collaborator can mate voluntarily with members of the invading races of prey, so human women resisted the Nephilim, at least with an internal intent. These incarnation traumas from experienced ritual rapes are sometimes so deeply stored in memory matrices that they are transmitted to this day and cause subconscious energy blocks to prevent pregnancy. They were really taken for granted. The Bible describes these actual historical events as follows:

Genesis, chap. 6, verse 4:
* The giants were on the earth in those days; even then, when the sons of God went in to the daughters of men, they bore them. These are the mighty who were long ago, men taken for granted.
** In those days, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bare them, freaks arose on the earth, and even then. These are the heroes of antiquity, the famous men.

The interesting difference here is that version * only talks about heroes, while version ** also talks about monsters. These variations in the text of the bible they usually document changes in inter-galactic politics, when the power relations between the Predators change, which is automatically reflected in the rhetoric of the church. It's like a party wins a republican election and exchanges all the officials from the castle to the last settlement (that's our Earth). If the racial lines of predators related to the races of the Nephilim dominate, then the owners of the church will arrange that there will be no mention of monsters in the Bible. If conditions change, there will be a mention of monsters due to the new political correctness, which will then be cultivated as needed. It is a semantic seeding that is key to consciousness manipulation and brainwashing within the NWO. The semantic value of a semantic virus is governed by an 'epigenetic overlay' mechanism known in genetics. The information encoded in the seed is hard (like the physical biology of the gene), but its [removed]that is, what just emerges from it) is done in a soft way, using activation opinions and articles that extract what it needs from it. This can be arranged, for example, by Political Correctness.

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