The meaning of existence II.


Bardo gives the opportunity to escape from prison a process if it is understood, carried out competently and is fully mastered. It is necessary to clean the originals during life and insert ascent keys and codes into them, which will then automatically route the released mental essence (soul) from the body through those energy corridors with which it will resonate, ie for which it will have the appropriate coding. There are a large number of protected ascent passages on Earth, but you need to know about them and get the keys from them. It is possible to get through them into the fields of Christ real estate and within our Density HU-1, where it is possible to prepare your next incarnation already during the current life on Earth. It is necessary to release from the body the quantity of our energy bound to matter that we will need for the journey through ourselves. It is released by thermal disposal of the biological form (incineration, evaporation). Burying physical bodies in the ground is a demonic practice. The relaxed soul lacks the necessary energy to pass through the energy barriers of the higher vibrating ascension passages. So the soul does not get far and gets stuck in the reverse nets of the Hibernation Zones, where it is also helped by black-magical funeral rituals. There she will be played by holographic theaters of various saints, etc., as they taught her in the church. He will get another batch of reverse programs into the templates and will incarnate again on Earth, because there he has a piece of himself in the form of a rotting body and its energy. This energy is gradually absorbed into the planetary shields, into their damaged parts. In this way, the being is energetically trapped in the terrestrial planetary gulag. With each incarnation, he brings here a new quantum of energy from the Source, because it is partly Christian. This is quickly squeezed out of her through mutations, energy vacuums and a pernicious lifestyle. She dies very quickly to soon bring another quantum. It's a well-thought-out energy mill. Each part of the preserved physical body serves as an energy bridge to the soul to which the body belonged, because it carries its encryption. This is the strength of the remains and their preservation in some fallen spiritual directions. If one does not have the opportunity to reach the higher vibrational levels alone, one abuses the human carcasses of those whose souls are there. It is immoral energy violence.

The purpose of initiation, then, is to help the individual in his natural bio-spiritual development and to hasten his ascension process. There are many initiation systems that have different numbers of degrees. These degrees should not be understood as military ranks, etc. They express the degree of activation of the personal energy Temple Complex and the associated abilities, possibilities, mission, challenges and responsibilities. An example of such an initiation system is the 6-Stage Ordinary System of the Melchizedek Monastery of the Emerald Order (MCEO), the Holy Order of Yunasai, the Sacred Order of Oneness. These initiations are transmissions of morphogenetic field frequencies from a person who already has sufficiently activated DNA strand templates, has access to these energies, and is competent and properly trained to do so. These energies will allow the initiate to gradually activate his own DNA masterpieces and everything related to it, activating Hova's Body, the Merkaba phase, and other constructs. This specific vibrational step will create a direct connection between the HU-1 level, where our current part of Identity called the Incarnate is anchored, and the HU-5 level, where we have our Rishi, the piece of ourselves that resides in the vibrational zone of the Light Field Keerasha - Density HU-5. This will allow our Rishima to begin to activate the line of energy interconnection towards us. It happens through the Pillar of Light (Um Shaddai Ur), a system of Se'Ur Pillars that connects our nested Hova Bodies anchored in various Densities HU-1 to HU-5. It is the energetic bond created within the framework of the contractual contract, the bond between the field of consciousness of the Incarnate and the consciousness of his Rishi. It also includes making a vow, in exchange for speeding up the process of initiation. The initiate promises to follow the path of Christ's development. Development is likely to have a character where in each situation there is the possibility of several different choices and decisions.

The highest possible path is the Christ Path, also called the Path of Spiritual Heroism (Heroic Path, Heroic Probability). On this path, our every decision and action is Christ's, we are constantly aligned with the Source. The reason is purely physical. Only if we behave decently will we have a high enough vibration to keep in touch with our Rishim, and we could reasonably absorb the influx of his high-frequency energies without the negative consequences of energy overload. In the event of our failure, the promise may be broken and disconnected from Rishi. Even if we break the bond with Rishi, we will still have a greater supply of energy to the biofields due to the activation made during initiation. We may have problems processing them because our energy processing capacity has decreased. This can manifest itself in various ways, eg emotional instability and discomfort, non-anchorage, distraction, running away from the body and its perception, etc. A large overload of DNA templates can send them kodit (eg irresponsible games with Kundalini). In addition, there will be another burden created by the ever-increasing vibrational level of the Earth's planetary consciousness. It is currently going through the Star Activation Cycle and, thanks to the complicated situation, many other powerful energy processes. Rishi's support is energetically readable and can be felt. By monitoring the internal states in the selection of possible choices, we are indicated which option is recommended and which is not. The final decision is always left solely to us. If it is correct, we can feel a flood of high frequencies. If it is bad, our vibrations will drop quickly. It's like a game of 'water alone, water alone, burning'.

The act of initiation is a sacred matter: approach it with respect and dignity. It is not something to be done out of curiosity or an exam, for which punishment would come. Below are 6 Surgery Degrees (original names) according to The Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order Ordinate System.

1. Minister. Activation of 4-6 DNA strands templates begins, integration of Alphi Hova's Body in HU-2, integration of the Higher Self of the Soul level.

2. RaB'nai. The activation of DNA strands 7-9 begins, the integration of Betcha Hova Body in HU-3, the integration of the Higher Self of the Supersoul level.

3. Regent. Activation of DNA strands 10-12 begins, integration of Mahar Hova's Body in HU-4, integration of the Higher Self level Avatar: Christ Identity. A creature with this potential incarnates on the so-called Avatar Contract, and permission for this initiation is given in advance by the Council from the Eckatic Level HU-5. Activation of the 12 threads of the Avatar begins gradually and slowly, from below, from their subharmonics. Otherwise, the Earth's planetary grids could collapse and explode, as they would not withstand the enormous energy load that flows through the fully open DNA template of the human Avatar (due to their current damage). 144 Fire Letters are also activated in the Tribal Shield, releasing Fire Codes that block the interconnection of individual strands in the DNA template. This can start their fusion by activating the genetic Base and Acceleration Codes.

4. Consumption. Activation of DNA strands 13-15 begins, integration of Raja Hova's Body in HU-5, integration of the Higher Self level of Rishi. A being with this potential incarnates into the so-called Rishian Contract, with appropriate permission for this initiation from higher levels.

5. Commodore (Elder Consummate). It applies to those who, in previous incarnations, fully ascended to the levels of the Triadic (HU-6) and Polaric (HU-7) Sound Fields of the Khundaray Energy Matrix and returned and brought special ascent codes (Cap Stone Codes) in their DNA (48 strands). , Top stone codes). Amethyst (Purple) Flame HU-6: Khundaray Matrix triadic tritonal vibrational field. Golden (Yellow) Flame HU-7: Khundaray Matrix polar bitonal vibrational field. Integration of Tanotra and Di-Omni Hova Bodies. Ascended Masters levels 1 and 2, Identity Ramayanas and Wachayanas. They are not impostors from the Hiberance Zones in HU-1, who present themselves to humans as false 'ascended masters' or 'heaven-taken masters', who are members of the collectives of fallen races (referred to as 'descended masters'). , fallen masters).

6. Eckar. It applies to those who in previous incarnations fully ascended to the level of the Eckatic (HU-8) Sound Field of the Khundaray Energy Matrix and returned and brought in their DNA (48 strands) special ascent codes (Crown Jewel Cap Stone Codes). stones). Blue Flame HU-8: eckatic omnitonal vibrational field.
Identity Grandeyanas. Real Ascended Level 3 Master.

auraAscent mechanics

It is how part of consciousness or the whole mental essence can move between different frequency bands. It's about ID mobility, about the ability to go through ID passages (time portals, stargates). It is about knowing the topography (geography) of these energy domains and their connecting corridors and doors. About Castles and Keys to them. The Keys are always energetic, that is, either light (symbols) or sound (mantras) or both. Their expressions are the basic proportions and formulations of the CHRIST code, the setting of the phasing parameters of all Partiki particles of God Consciousness in Creation. This is manifested by various ascension codes and psonnas, which, if we bring them into our templates, will automatically open the appropriate passages for us. And there will also be our Soul after passing the Bardo Cycle. Each Code is a huge Creature. Each Stargate is also a huge Being: it's not just some empty 'hole' that crawls somewhere. In Creation, everything is alive and fully conscious. After full ascension realization, the Being can choose in what form to incarnate manifest: it can be the Stargate or the solar system or galaxies if he wants to try and play this role. Ascension mechanics is mechanics, like any other: hard physics and mathematics. Creation programs can be abbreviated with Symbol Codes. The physical contents of the programs are encoded in the mathematical-geometric structure of the symbols, which also have an aesthetic dimension: they are beautiful. That is why Love and Beauty are connected and they are two sides of the same coin of God's Creation. Below are some examples of Symbol Codes. These are the energy keys to the non-standard portals (gates) that our Earth hosts, thanks to their classy uniqueness. So they are not part of the basic equipment of 12 pieces of PSG, which each planet has in its ID anatomy.

kód Navaho

  • The Navaho Ascent Code refers to the passages for the 1st and 2nd Settlements of Planet Earth (Ecoushata Passage leading to the Matrix Aquafereion and Aquareion). The 3rd settlement went through the Attachata passages, which were, however, destroyed by the strangler Caduceus (see Picture). These portals are sacred to us humans because it is our birth canal through which we got here. Surface access points are anchored in Peru and the surrounding area (link to Lemuria). These passages work in both directions: settlement and escape. With the Navaho Code, these gates can be opened, both on a planetary and personal level. Obviously, if the planetary door remains closed, our personal doors will not go very far. This Code was current in the period 2006-2007, when the Aurora and Ekouš ascension platforms began to be created in the Crystal River project. It enabled the connection of Etora-Adora portals at the Earth and Urtha levels. Detailed information is in the seminars from that period. See Figure Navaho Code.



  • Trinity Star Gates Ascent Codes. It is a set of 3 Keys (Voyager Codes) used to train mental projection from Earth to the level of The Eckasha-A (The Eckasha-A Ascent: VOYAGER Codes of Trinity-Time-Waves Journeys). Using a projection carriage called RašaLA, the Body passes through the passages of the Trinity Star Gates, where their encapsulation into the personal anatomy takes place and the Transcendental Passage from the Veca level to the Eckasha-A level opens. These Symbol Codes have their activation Tonal Sequences (symbols have their mantras). These Codes were current in the period 2004-2005, when the use of passages for ascent and evacuation purposes was considered.


modrý lotos

1. Blue Lotus Projection Code. The first passage is the Blue Lotus Path, leading to the personal Monadic Core D-8, the center of AzurA. Through personal anatomy, it is possible to connect to planetary passages and ascend from the Veca universes above (The Rapid Access "Blue Lotus" Monadic Passage Voyage. Straight Vertical Ascent). See Picture of Blue Lotus.


2. Khemalohatea Projection Code. The second passage is the Path of Khemalohatea, leading to the Core of the Eck Level and through the Central Flame of the Basic Eck Shield further toward the Eckash level. There is an important landmark (energy site) in Ecka called the Khemalohatea Temple. It is the place where the Eieyans incarnate here for their Christ missions. There, too, their souls return (if they are lucky) when they stab it here on Earth (The Khem-a-lo-ha-tea Voyage. Journey to the Ad-Don-dra - Ecka to Eckasha Base Shield Transit). See Picture of Khemalohatea.

kód Adondrea

3. Adondrea Projection Code. The third passage is the Path of Adondrea, which leads from the ecstatic and ekashic worlds to the level of Eckasha-A. This also brings us to the vibrational level of the Rama Gates, whose surface entrance portal is below the Taj-Mahal, Agra, India. The sides of the buildings there, as always, are the external part of the energy antennas and not some kind of 'tomb' (... it is deliberately told that people go to bed with confidence, sleep peacefully) (The Ad-Don-draea Voyage. Journey to the Ad-Don-dra-360 Rama Passage Doorway). See. Fig. Adondrea.

Mystical states

Ascension includes altered states of expanding consciousness, new abilities, strengths, and experiences. The doctrine does not pay much attention to this yet, and rather focuses on everyone first ordering themselves, in their being, and in their relationships with their surroundings. It is therefore not clear what these states are, if they are subjective or objective, to what extent they depend on the individual and on the given spiritual school. On the other hand, it is clear that in the current impoverished state of humanity, having only 3-3.5 strands of DNA activated, these topics are not on the agenda. However, these conditions are often and colorfully described in spiritual texts, especially in Eastern initiation traditions (eg Indian yoga). Some are described, for example, in the works of K. Minařík: The Straight Trail (Chapter XXI) and the auto-biography of Kéčar.

Commercial initiation

Today, there is a boom of various false initiations into all possible energies, as part of the JRC project called New Age. Classical Metatronic Church initiations are already losing their traditional share of the spiritual market and need to be replaced. That is why trusting seekers are driven into commercial initiation nets, as are fish catching their divine breath when someone releases their natural spiritual pond. From one point of view (from many possible ones) the esoteric business can be divided into two groups. On the one hand, these are energies obtained from completely unknown and unidentifiable and unverifiable and non-terrestrial sources, obv. using channeling (channeling). There is probably nothing to solve here, because it is beyond the possibility of normal resolution. Second, it is the energies gained through specific living human beings that can impersonate various healers, avatars, and the like. There is a historical story behind them that brings at least some information about what it is and how it came about. The average person is not able to recognize the quality of these energies and is left to the influence of majority opinion and personal experience, which is a normal process of cognition.

Example: Reiki energy

The energy called Reiki has its story of a powerful seeker in an effort to help others (M. Usui, 1865-1926). According to tradition, this energy was known to some spiritual schools and described in texts stored in the old monasteries, along with the symbols that must be activated for its reception. How to use them was communicated to Usui in the form of a kind of cosmic initiation in the form of a vision. But no one knows what Reiki really is, except that it is said to be some cosmic healing energy.

The key fact is that he is 'initiated' into Reiki. The initiation process is a profound intrusion into a person's personal anatomy ID that many people have no idea about. It is often deliberately downplayed and a euphemism is used: a kind of unspecified 'tuning in'. The act of initiation is secret in the original line (eg Reiki Alliance) to protect it from harm or abuse. One of the first violators of this tradition was Diane Stein (book: The Reiki Guide - a complete guide to the ancient healing arts), a militant American feminist and a Wican witch (Wicca). She revealed the process of initiation from the inner movement: may it belong to all people! She described it in detail and published the sacred secret symbols that are used, as well as their modern (re) versions (non-original forms). With the help of them, one is connected to something, but one does not know the energetic essence (see, for example, J. Veselý: Handbook of High Magic).

German esoteric businessmen were not left behind. W. Lubeck and his pupil M. Hosak publish the book Symbols of Reiki, where their secret is stripped naked. Calligraphy meets the original magical value of symbols, which is interesting, but it was probably not allowed. Another publication of the already commercially independent Hosaka is served by Seven Secret Reiki Techniques (reference to Dr. Hayashi). But right at the beginning, the reader learns that these are not secret techniques, but common practices (ie fraud).

Another thing a practitioner may encounter is that all this is said to be mediated by some 'beings of light and love'. However, nothing is known about their origin, identity and intentions. Everyone has to try it for themselves. Some masters, in their pride, add to Reiki other energies that fly in the New Age and with which they work to make it 'stronger' and thus more market-attractive for the customer (Reiki + Blue Sword for free). So the consecrated victim really doesn't know what he's hooking into. And finally: try to ask your master if you can also uninform from it (removal of implants).

These are the various dark sides of all the energies and people around them. Science does not solve these things much and rather, it gives general instructions on how people can proceed to protect themselves and thus learn. A few small mentions have been made about Reiki, of which this is perhaps the case. The original energy is probably a good pure healing power. The term Rei-Ki corresponds to the tonal signature of the dimensional Currents of Life Forces D3-D2 of the Cosmic Single Field, which have the ability to regenerate adjacent frequency bands, from the physical and elemental base to the higher mental level (above D3). They are intelligent fields of consciousness with which one can communicate and use techniques or rituals to ask for help and co-create a wide variety of healing processes, within the rules of Energy Ethics. It is obvious that the boundaries of space and time do not apply to these energies. Changing the symbols or rules of initiation creates other versions of Reiki, which may be quite different from the original assignment. The original Reiki has many positive and personally proven effects. It's probably one of the most decent energies: she came here before the New Age, she has her own historical story, she has good results.

At present (since 2000) it is possible to gain access to higher-dimensional energies, activate the so-called Triadic Currents and use them similarly. We can imagine Reiki (example) as energy open in full dimensional bands D1,2,3, ie including their 12 Sub-Dimensional sub-bands (sub-harmonics PD1-12 inside D1, PD1-12 inside D2, PD1-12 inside D3). The first higher Triadic current (tri-adic = having 3 aspects) would be the Doradic Phase-1 Current (ie the frequency from the Doradic Shield for HU2, its first Dimension D4) and would have this basic structure: the original Reiki + the whole new band D4 ( its 12 PD) + the first 4 subharmonics (PD1-4) from the band a triad higher, ie from D7 + the Christ Maharic frequency D12, which serves as a carrier and activation wave and also provides protection of lower currents. This can be done analogously. Doradic phase 2 should therefore
zone D5 + PD1-5 from zone D8 + obligatory D12 Maharatu. The triadic formula is thus [Dncelé, Dn + 3 + PD1-n, D12]. From the point of view of the plasma frequencies of 2012, the activation of Triadic currents may seem somewhat obsolete, but for the didactic reason of the energy emancipation of humanity, it is a useful experience. One can experience that one has access to these life and healing powers in oneself, from the beginning, from God, and does not need anyone to do so. He just needs to know the elements of his own anatomy ID, just as he has some awareness of the composition and function of his biological body. The latter is being taught in schools today. It's time to start learning the first one. And this is a space for real spiritual teachers to teach disciples that they do not need any teachers. That they just need to know and know for themselves and make fun of themselves.

Twelve Attitudes of Spiritual Mastery

Each ascent system has its own requirements of the parties to the recommended ways of behaving, sometimes called moral or moral codes, etc. Below is a list of recommended attitudes within the MCEO, for idea and motivation. This set of recommended patterns of behavior according to MCEO is referred to as Attitudes.

1. LOVE - Recognition of the reality of the Oneness of Creation.
2. GRACE - To enable Creation to be what it is, whether or not it suits me. To live a constant state of Forgiveness.
3. GRATTENNESS - Creation Awards; consciousness of one's own life.
4. RESPECT AND RESPECT - Recognition and its expression to the whole of Creation.
5. RESPONSIBILITY - In doing and creating, fulfilling its mission, the ability to respond to Creation.
6. TRUST - To know the power and love of Creation.
7. OBLIGATION TO ANSWER - To be in a state of truth and resonance with Creation.
8. INTEGRITY - To help and protect Creation.
9. VALUITY - A loving, nurturing, and attentive attitude toward Creation.
10. FEAR AND FEAR - Recognition of the eternal and infinite nature of Creation and its unconditional love.
11. INVESTIGATIVE PARTICIPATION - Allow Creation to be, without criticism, condemnation or evaluation; to understand the existence, validity and legitimacy of Creation. Non-engaged activity, attitude of active observer, attitude of acceptance.
12. JOY - Deciding to be the embodiment of the Oneness of Creation, the joyful attachment to Existence. Sat-chit ananda - being, consciousness, bliss. A state of causeless transcendental joy. The exalted ceremonial state of experiencing one's own existence as a part of Oneness. A celebration of existence and gratitude for it. Sobě-Slaviti.

The Twelve Responsibilities of the Spiritual Mastery

Another set of recommended patterns of behavior according to MCEO is referred to as Responsibilities.

1. Self-manifestation - Stop playing the Victim and Predator game (V-V Game), make excuses for the surroundings and blame each other. Take full responsibility for yourself and your actions and act accordingly. If you feel wronged and damaged, know that behind it. it costs the mighty cosmic Law of Equalization, not the anger of your neighbor. He can only be an instrument of this Law.

2. Self-sovereignty - Behave assertively. You do not need to have anything from someone approved (submissiveness). You don't even need to rebel against any external authority (resistance, aggression). Create a space of personal freedom, guard it and do not interfere with the freedoms of others.

3. Self-embrace - You are contained in yourself and you are fully fulfilled. If you are less than you can be, you create space for control by others. If you are more than you can be, you climb your limits and limit others. Be what you are supposed to be. Fully control and direct your personal energies within the Creation defined by you.

4. Self-discipline - Cultivate self-discipline and learn to fully control all manifestations of your various 'I'. Each dimensional level of your existence is to some extent independent and a separate being, which has a different essence, is made of a different substance, has different needs and different properties. These are the so-called 'bodies' - various vibrating parts of your consciousness. It is the atomic-etheric body (D1), the emotional-elemental body (elemental) (D2) and the mental body (reason, intellect, ego-identity consciousness) (D3). It is your own inner family that may not always be compatible and harmonious. You are their superior 'I consciousness' (D4, an impartial farthest observer) and your task is to make them a perfectly functioning team, of which you are the responsible boss or coach, wise and kind, but also firm and determined. This is one of your tasks while experiencing dimensional reality in incarnate form in everyday life. Ascence is not about running away from everyday life, but on the contrary, about mastering it, experiencing it fully and fully, producing it and deification it.

5. Self-love - Know that you cannot give anyone what you do not have. Unconditional love and acceptance is a necessary prerequisite for spiritual growth. It is not a philosophical concept, it is physics. Love is a state of deep co-resonance with God, and only one who is able to realize this state in himself can approach God (similar to the like). So train the ability to love on yourself first, because no one else will do it for you. Then you will gradually be able to love others. Then you will find that there is not such a big difference between you and them and you will manage to love the whole Creation. You are already on the right path to God. But start with yourself.

6. Spiritual Integrity - Behave consistently and unequivocally with your spiritual ideals and rules of moral code. You have absolute responsibility for your decisions. It is not desirable to behave morally only if you benefit from it - this is the path of hypocrisy and self-harm. Every discrepancy between your actions and your conscience will be reflected in the emergence of energy distortion in your biofields, which is called the Karmic Imprint. He acts in you like a wormhole in wood. You punish yourself without realizing it. Strongly pragmatic: like others not for them, but for yourself, so as not to harm you. Then you will learn to love them for yourself and it will become a habit for you.

7. Recognition - Be acknowledged for all aspects of Creation and learn to appreciate even the smallest things. The attitude towards Creation is incorrect, as the predator's attitude towards prey. You hurt your surroundings and yourselves the most, because you act against the laws of the Cosmos. Don't want more than as much as you really need for your existence, which may not be much at all, and devote your potential to your all-round development. You have all the tools to do this: the ability to create and the gift of free will. Become a co-creator of Creation and thus fulfill the original mission of your existence. Only when you create something yourself will you have recognition for the creation of others. Only when you know for yourself how difficult it is to create something positive will you learn to have recognition for the grandeur of all Creation, and with that comes humility, the little key to the great door of spiritual Mastery.

8. Patience - There are different time cycles and they have different lengths. Your bio-spiritual evolution is also subject to its time cycles. It is the laws of the Cosmos, not someone else's will, how fast you will evolve. You ride on a certain time wave and decide on the speed of your movement. You can slow it down or speed it up by your actions. With every decision you make, however petty and insignificant to you, you step on the brake or accelerator pedal of your evolution. And what do you make those decisions every day! Unconsciously, in anger. Want what you have to do and you can do what you want.

9. Kindness - Kindness to others is a manifestation of our inner strength and greatness. Only he who is in harmony with himself can approach his surroundings with the same quality. The inner positive attunement is transmitted to your surroundings and thus you spread the vibrations of love and understanding. In this way, you also program the response of your surroundings to you: as the forest is called, the forest is called. The more you give, the more it comes back to you.

10. Protection - The protection of all Creation is an expression of respect and appreciation for the Divine Source in all its forms of expression. Everything in Creation is freely available, but no thing is worthless or useless. Take only as much as you really need. The cosmic Law of Reciprocity is important: there should always be a so-called 'energy exchange'. If you take anything, you also have to give something. It doesn't always have to be from hand to hand or with money and goods. It doesn't always have to be right from who you're taking it from and at the same time. The point is not to owe you to Creation as a whole.

11. Cooperation and diplomacy - Existence is a co-creative activity. Each creature strives to realize its evolutionary potential and achieve its goals. These goals are generally different and therefore ex security is a highly conflicting matter. The challenge is how to resolve the conflicts you are growing through. It teaches you to look for win-win compromise solutions that are optimal in your situation. If you want to meet your needs, you must allow and allow others to meet their needs as well. Letting the others live is not a sign of weakness, but of strength and wisdom. Diplomacy is an important tool for finding compromise solutions and teaches you to respect the differing views of others, leading you to self-discipline, dissent and acceptance.

12. Reason - Reason is a great gift without which man would not be human. Learn to control your valuable D-3 rational aspect, your mind, your intellect, your ego, the anchor of your Identity, so that these mental components serve as tools for your existence and development, but do not grow over your head. Balance them with your other aspects. Use your worldly common sense as well as the less common sense of your spiritual consciousness to balance your energetic expression in all aspects of life.

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