Creative mechanics II.: templates I.


In a sense, the whole ID of the anatomy of a given Thing-Being functions as its manifestation model or program. It contains information about its Identity, on the basis of which a complex construction of energy fields and formations is created at all vibrational levels into which it is anchored. These energy constructs, eg in the form of scalar waves, then serve as optical elements in the projector. When currents of life pass through them, they are variously filtered, bent, polarized and mixed there. In doing so, the streams are concentrated until they finally form semi-mass and mass particles, which are projected into space, thus creating a physically (atomically) manifested object there. It's like when light passes through an optical bench, where filters, lenses, gratings, slits, etc. are arranged in different ways. When it finally hits the projection screen, it creates an image there that we can physically perceive.

Errors in templates

It is clear that if there is an error in the templates (in the programs) and the printed image is defective (eg the hare has a bent ear), then the fact that we correct it with a pencil on paper (erasing something and drawing something) does not solve anything. The next time you print, the image will be defective again. It is necessary to correct the templates (manifestation programs) and not their final product. It is necessary to treat the causes and not their consequences or consequences. The consequences are not treated, it is not physically possible. The consequences are only suppressed. The whole gross-material medicine works on this intentional mistake. There is an organic problem, the so-called non-power. The red warning light comes on. The Higher Selfs show me that this has been enough and that they are ready to intervene if I do not change the way of life and the course of my development. I'll go to the doctor and get a pill. A hammer that breaks one warning light to light up many more soon, which is the intention. These are reverse programs embedded in current medications.

How to treat masters

Only those who understand them can heal the originals. He must know the original patterns of health and see their damage in order to heal them. It inserts (implants) the original energy encryptions in the form of images and visions into the respective vibrational levels where these defects are located, which they must perfectly control. We are working in the realm of causes. It works with images or pre-images of health, with Divine Imprint for Health. He must have the consent of the person concerned (man + his Higher Self) and also his Being (his Higher Self). Interfering with someone else's health is a big energy process and you need permission. Otherwise, it is energetic violence. Healing takes place through God's Grace, when the Source through the Higher Self allows it. He then lends his Creative Powers to the therapist or healer and allows the patient to heal. In order for his own life force to be activated and his own connection to the Source to be restored. It is perfectly fine that both the patient and the healer try, but the last word is always the Higher Principle. Therefore, pay attention to whose hands you entrust yourself to and what 'healing energies' your benefactor uses and from which hells he downloaded or channeled them (strong warning against chenneling!). He even the concept of an external doctor is strange. Each Being has a direct connection to the Source and does not need any physician. It only replaces the missing relationship between Man and God and also human ignorance of one's own energy construction and care for it. If people begin to take care of their own health, they will free themselves from whole legions of self-proclaimed healers who have been misled by their Samaritan complex and harm themselves and others (not all). At the same time, it will cleanse our planet of a mass of predatory parasites that are deliberately destroying human health through false opinions and food and pharmaceutical concerns.

A well-programmed planet should have all the necessary healing resources in nature. The healing power of plants is known, which contain help for almost all human and animal ailments. These possibilities are embedded in their templates as energy encryptions (programs) and manifest as active chemicals. Since the content of the models is reflected in the physical form, according to the external features of the plant being, it is possible to judge its internal healing potential (overall appearance, shape, color, habitat, habits, way of life, etc.). Anyone who can feel (tune) plants can read in this energetic herbarium without having to torture him with physico-chemical procedures and analyzes. Natural spagyric medicine, based on hermetic teachings, is based on this. Sometimes it is possible to work directly at the level of templates, ie the energy level, where the healing programs of plants are transferred directly to the biofields of the honeysuckle. All you have to do is make a suitable meditation contact and ask the plant for help. More often, however, it happens through an intermediary, a healer, and through some 'conductive environment'. E.g. water has amazing abilities to absorb, preserve and transmit energy encryptions. That is why our planetary life is built on it. This is used, for example, in homeopathy, where the physical presence of drugs is not required, or only in small amounts to encode the solution. In addition to plants, they have a size members of the mineral kingdom. The energy power of stones and crystals (rocks and minerals) is known, which also function as concentrated and concentrated water, because they can maintain their mathematical-geometric structure and the codes carried by it. They do not immediately spread and run away, their shape is more permanent than the water or wind shape: they have a small reach but great strength (liquid elements have the opposite).

The purpose of the vibrational hierarchy of life fields and forms on the planet is, as with the different human races, to understand mutual unity and full equivalence from the point of view of Creation. To learn to respect each other, to treat each other as equals and to cooperate on joint development. Man, as the highest biological species on Earth, is in charge of all (vibrational) lower life forms and also has ascetic responsibility for them. He must keep the Temple Complex of his planet in perfect condition and the energy passages fully functional so that all his co-beings from the (vibrational) lower realms, the mineral, elemental, plant, animal worlds, can naturally ascend. It is only the various aspects of Cosmic Consciousness that have chosen to manifest in these tiny forms to try out what it is like (because it is playful), to serve the planet to revive it (do something useful), and to give man the opportunity to learn Oneness (aspect didactic). These lower forms need human help to get to the places where their Collective Souls reside. They do not yet have the ability to be a fully Individualized Identity. One does not have to study their ascension mechanism (there is nothing to it anyway). It happens automatically through a positive emotional bond. Our loving approach is enough and the human biofield can then provide the necessary connection. In this way, for example, man helps plants and they in turn provide him with the things he needs for his life (the material of his bodies and the programs of their models). And this is another way of healing all of us, because with our actions and his intentions and motives, we program our templates. As we think today, we will demonstrate tomorrow. And we will experience everything we have come up with in real life.

How to protect your originals

The ancient sages knew well that by the power of will and perfect knowledge of the subtle-material anatomy, it was possible to directly interfere with the genetic code, correct it, and change its function. In addition, it is possible to control our genetics in a completely innocent way, by (I) how we behave: how we think, feel, act (our choice) and (II) what we allow to enter us from the outside (influence of the environment). Everything we breathe, drink, eat, perceive sensory, feel and experience how we react. All external stimuli and influences that enter us affect and transform us. They become our part, part of our biofields, our anatomy, through which we then project ourselves. These are all just forms of energy charged with a certain encryption: coding, program, intention, information. We are also just some form of energy. It is an interaction of energies that we have no idea about. Herbs, nutritional supplements, homeopathy, etc. are very powerful scalar technologies that work directly with the Primordial Streams of Life Forces and Energies of the Elements (Creative Elements). Water is an amazing creature that can absorb and hold a large number of programs and records. It can be easily coded. He can suck treatment programs of various preparations into his models, see homeopathy. But it is also possible to encode it in reverse. The designations living water and dead water reflect this physical

The energy processes at the level of the templates proceed very gently, unobservably that it does not even seem so. That is why these very effective procedures are not recognized by official predatory science, they ridicule them and persistently fight them. He is so afraid of them that he even forbids them by law. The demons are already so afraid of a healthy and strong Christ Man (physical health, functional immunity, strong nervous system, strong character, deep faith in the real God) that even herbs and food supplements are forbidden by law. I guess something's really going on here. So let's protect our models from everything that damages them. Both inside and out. From the inside, these are our misconceptions, attitudes, emotions, inner states and reactions. From the outside, it is almost everything we live in that is physically manifested in our reversed planetary hologram. Let's try to break free from this demonic matrix of our damaged planetary reality and begin to decompose it together from within with our purity and work on ourselves.

spellsTemplates for Manifestation and Development

Templates are scalar programs for (I) manifestations and (II) development of all things. We can imagine that the manifestation corresponds to the current structure of a given thing at a given moment, ie at a given point in its temporal development, it is reflected in matter just as it looks now. Development represents a change in a thing as it travels through the Hologram of Being, and therefore it is always projected a little differently. Related to this are the terms Manifestation Template and Evolutionary Template (or Template). We can imagine that the Evolutionary Model is the greatest program for the existence and development of a given thing, which contains all the possibilities of its changes and ascents. The manifestation model is then only a small subroutine that allows the physical manifestation of its current state, ie only the part of the Evolutionary model where the thing is located, where it has just reached its path. If a thing masters certain developmental (= teaching) lessons within some small limited part of the Evolutionary Master (passes correctly in the Maze of Being on a quality path of the evolutionary horizon having a high crystalline value), the quality of its actions will increase its own vibrations and thus open energy seals. locks in her ID anatomy and gains access to most of her Evolutionary masterpiece, which is part of it. This will give him more skills, strengths and opportunities to implement them. If it manages to do so again, its evolutionary potential expands further. Milestones on the path of small quantitative changes are qualitative changes, when significant events occur (the accretion of the required critical mass of frequencies into the templates is activated by various centers or locks). In addition to natural self-development, it is possible to accelerate or slow down development through external interventions. The Higher Self tries to speed up our personal development as much as possible and they help us in various ways, because they have co-responsibility for it with us. The Ranger Races do the same and seek to accelerate the evolution of all the races and species and cosmic regions entrusted to them, and therefore carry out acceleration interventions into their Evolutionary Templates (vibrational and evolutionary gradade). So how do we act fast? Always in a vibrational quality state, not only during the evening moments of meditation. As Ladislav Klíma mentioned, 'God or the pig: this is the alternative of today' (all day as a pig and in the evening an hour as a saint).

Templates and Higher Self

The concept of the Higher Self is related to the developmental aspect of the models. One view is static, in terms of the vibrational structure of my Being, where these mine selves are different parts or better aspects of my own ID Identity anchored in other (higher) vibrational levels (HU2,3,4,5): these are my Dense Bodies ( Soul, Above Soul, Avatar, Rishes). It is analogous to Dimensional Bodies, where my Dense Body in HU1 (part of my Identity called the Incarnate) contains 3 different vibrational aspects: Atomic Body in D1, Emotional Body in D2, Mental Body in D3, which together form one integrated viable unit, I , a little Czech man, what I look like today. The second view is dynamic, from the point of view of the vibrational development of my Being, where this self is my various future forms, versions into which I will evolve and ascend over time. They are my Elder Self. It is as if the young child were looking at the time path of his future growth and development and somehow boxed and named its various stages, for example, how the postnatal development of a person, which is divided into 12 stages, is staged: the neonatal period (0-28 days), infancy (29 days-1 year), toddler period (1-3 years), preschool age (3-6 years), younger school age (6-10 years), older school age (11-14 years) , adolescence (14-18 years), adulthood (18-30 years), maturity (30-45 years), middle age (45-60 years), old age (60-75 years), old age (over 75 years) , peasant age (over 90 years). It's just that here the stages are measured by terrestrial time, but in the ascent evolution the achieved vibration level is measured. So we can look at our Higher Self as our Older Self. So it's still just me and no stranger. This my Elder Self has already undergone a development that I have just before me and gained relevant experience. And that's why they can advise me. That is why we connect communicatively and energetically to our Higher-Elder Self, for help, protection, learning, guidance, healing, we share with them joy and sorrow, they are our older and more experienced friends, our loving parents. The doctrine began with the Maharic Seal technique, which connects us to our Higher Self from HU4, which is the Christ Avatar (the D12 Maharic frequency was used for this). Next, a Three-Flame Frequency Bridge to our Rishima in HU5 was created, followed by a sealed protected communication line with this Rishian Identity.

Everything has its templates

Everything manifested has its models, energetic prototypes, creation programs for its manifestation and development. Everything that is somehow similar at the level of manifestation (real physical existence) is also similar at the level of masters: it is programmatically close, it shares common parts of masters. There are also group, team or collective templates. People who are in contact with each other create a common energy shield (one form of template). What is it? the longer and more intense the contact, the stronger the common shield. The existence of a common shield creates the energetic basis of a common identity. Personal shields are partially involved in the common shield, until sometimes the personal identity is lost and the collective identity or mutual similarity of the participants prevails, who were initially more different (long-term cohabiting spouses). The shields of pupils' affiliation to a given school class are known, which last and are activated with class meetings (permanent ties, old school tie). Similarly, meetings of people who were in the war together, went through a common course, shared something, experienced something together, etc. These collective shields are formed from the bottom up (↑). Because the manifested people are together, so by the overlap of their biofields (our external auric fields for D-13,14,15 extend and fill the universe) and the interaction of their personal models, a new collective model is created. However, the collective shields are also ready in advance and the people (or anything else) manifested through them have common features, they have something in common (genera, nations). These shields work from top to bottom (↓).

The easiest example is a child who takes a part of his parents' designs and is therefore similar to them. He shares part of their genetic templates and part brings his own, which are the programs of his own identity contained in his level of the Soul. It is the direction ↓ (genetic influence). Physical similarity is contained in the coding DNA (non-Junk) and non-physical aspects (ie all the others) are in the non-coding DNA (Junk DNA), where all 12 strands of human DNA at the energy level must be taken into account. Intensive coexistence then creates a common family shield, ie the direction ↑ (environmental influence). This effect is non-genetic (traits acquired, not inherited) and has 2 components. The first is the influence of the external environment, ie the environment that affects the individual, it is the influence of other people and context. The second is the influence of the internal environment of the individual, the quality of his inner world, ie his way of behaving, decision-making and things created by his free will and choice. Both influences, external and internal, format his ID anatomy and the acquired experiences, experiences and memories are written into personal shields. Depending on the dominance of the influences, either a genetic or a non-genetic influence may prevail. This is done on purpose, so that a person is a flexible thing, and according to his actions he can (within a certain framework) transform and evolve, which is a wonderful possibility. He decides according to his free will and experiences for himself the consequences of his choice, thus learning (it is an auto-didact).
This also applies to teams. If the genetic aspect is thoroughly supported by the influence of the environment, then the templates are strengthened and last for a long time functional. A typical example is the elite Hebrew race (nation), which lives scattered throughout the world, which is a huge handicap to maintaining the integrity of the racial shield, but keeps its original values ​​and traditions, language and teachings, customs and behaviors so steadily that it has managed to preserve its racial identity (= functional racial shield, racial patterns) for many centuries. This demonstrates a person's ability to influence his designs with his behavior not only on a personal level, but also on a collective level. It is clear that racial genetics must be kept in complete purity, it is not possible to mate with members of other races and nations, and all foreigners must be quickly dismantled, which is strictly required in traditional Judaism. This natural strategy of preserving one's own identity (the right of an individual and a nation to self-determination) is classified in today's perverted time as: racism, nationalism and xenophobia, which is a criminal offense. At the same time, it is a completely pragmatic free choice, through which all Ranger Races are genetically protected and maintained, so that they do not pollute their genome with anything foreign and can fulfill their missions. Such a race was once the Hebrews (Voyagers II, slogans: Hibiru, Hebrew). Just as the police department must not be polluted by the infiltration of criminals, so at a higher level, police models must not be polluted by the genome of Predators (the opposite is true today). The goal of the Predators is to destroy all levels of the originals so that there is nothing left between the Shepherd (SVS) and his Sheep (bio-robots), except for the operational interface (NWO). Another goal is to dilute and contaminate the Christian coding of humanity as much as possible through forced global hybridization campaigns. And for hybrid products to automatically become infected with the ideologies of death (see Islamic Sharia law: a Muslim can marry a non-Muslim and their children are automatically Muslims).

Other examples are higher units where there are more individuals, such as genera, nationality, nations, ethnicity, race, biological species, cosmic genetic lines and also their products such as culture, civilization, traditions, values, religion, spiritual schools, etc. All these units have their collective shields, through which their individuals incarnate and whose programs they recruit and copy from them into their personal models. It also gives them a quality called 'collective character'. E.g. each nation has its own specific models that make it unique. It is possible to define a set of all possible relevant features that describe and determine the 'national character'. Various nations The values ​​differ in the values ​​of these parameters and therefore it is possible to measure and compare them with each other. In the many-dimensional n-parametric space of these characters, each nation has its own niche (the house where it lives). That is, such a set of values ​​of these parameters, which determine and characterize it. Each nation could be geometrically represented there by a single point (a point in Rn) or a position vector pointing to the center of the niche. Its range then shows the variation and variance of the parameters around the center (house size). Thus, it is easy to determine the similarity of different nations as their geometric proximity in this space (National Location Hyperspace).

Similarly, it is possible to formalize and quantify various abstract concepts of similarity and difference, be it human typology (Cartesian axes with degree of belonging to a given type), linguistics (semantic differential) or degree of mutual solubility of chemicals (Hansen's coefficients). Using this, it is then possible to estimate the probability (proximity of niches, the degree of overlap of niches) for the possibility or impossibility of peaceful coexistence of different nations side by side. It is also possible to estimate those areas where there will probably be no problems (greater proximity in a given direction) and where they are likely to arise (less proximity). A big difference in a parameter does not always have a conflicting effect, it can also be neutral, eg of the type: 'there are completely different ones in this, but I don't care'. This can also be used to estimate the similarity of different national designs, as the designs and manifestations are two sides of the same coin. These similarity spaces (Proximity Spaces) can be constructed for all collective levels, from the suitability of two partners for marriage (both are done using horoscopes, etc. tools), through human resources in employment, admission of members to companies, to racial similarity.

It would be interesting to see such a Racial (In-) Compatibility Hyperspace and in it the distribution of contemporary human races, as well as a comparison of the cultures, civilizations, religions, ideologies they created, containing the value charts of their originators. And to relate these data to the relationships and coexistence of different races in a historical context. And make predictions of what such cohabitations might look like in the future. And to make the order of the world accordingly, to avoid the clash of civilizations, because the end of history does not take place (it was a really stupid idea) and the last man is only a harbinger and a promise of the coming of the Supershum: a fully realized Christ Being such as J12. This would prevent the death of the West and thus all of us. It would open up the possibility of continuing to develop regional cultures and their peaceful cooperation, as was the case with the original Human Tribes, so that after a long period of fall, the Ascension of Man could take place again. If we do not do this, the Sub-Man will come, the demon will take the floor and do the exact opposite. But he is already here, he is all around us, but we are prevented from seeing him so that we cannot defend ourselves against him. The devil is always a few steps ahead of the Angel. He does not have to respect any rules and therefore his journey is faster. That is why Evil fascinates many people with its perfection and speed of action. To have such powerful tools that in a few seconds beat a tree that has grown for a hundred years. A second of a man against a hundred years of Nature: I'm a strong man, aren't I? (attitude of a seriously ill being). Destruction as an adrenaline sport. It starts with the tree, it ends with civilization and the planet.

It is a physical fact that higher collective levels have different features because they have different patterns. If the originals are the same, their (= through them) manifested forms (program-printer-image relationship) are the same. At the national level, every member of it feels it, they perceive their National Identity (humor is a good barometer). The topic of national diversity is nicely covered, for example, in the book series Xenophobe's Guides (Oval Books). However, the existence of these natural and desirable national and racial differences is severely repressed and criminalized by the JRC because it prevents them from establishing an NWO. It is necessary to erase all differences and make humanity one uniform and unified thinking and feeling slave service race, without its own identity - it will be implanted for it, for ET Predators of Raiders. That is why concepts such as racism and xenophobia are so heavily misused. Today's politics and its instrument of sociology, in its perversion, claim that human races do not exist, but add with one breath that pointing out racial differences is a criminal offense. If races did not exist, there could be no differences between them. Today, even a faint person is able to make this trivial reasoning. Tomorrow, however, it will no longer be, thanks to the passage of new generations through a perverse educational system that purposefully teaches them to think and implants them with dogmas. It is not desirable for biorobots to think, moreover, individually and freely, and to look for the causes of things. The only question that is allowed to be asked is HOW? It is a descriptive level of knowledge of how things are. The correct answers are already given in advance by the System. Passive mechanical buffering, practices memory for storing and maintaining control dogmas for self-programming and forwarding, which is desirable. Question WHY? is undesirable, because it is dangerous. It is a causal level of knowledge, it exercises reason and intellect, an active creative form of working with information and context, it can lead to questioning dogma-axioms, which is evil. When the axiom changes, the whole logical system and its values ​​are redefined, which can lead to matrix breakage, but this is not allowed.

100Monkey effect. The consequence of the existence of Collective Templates is also the Sté Monkey Effect. The point is that if a critical mass of frequencies of a certain quality accumulates in a group covered by a common shield, the information carried by them is available for the whole collective (personal shields are immersed in collective shields and pass on their contents to them). If a sufficiently large group of monkeys (symbolically: 100 monkeys) acquires a new skill, then through a common shield they will get to all other monkeys that have never trained it. It's like free-ware / share-ware freely downloadable from a collective monkey server. This is how the collective Human Shield works. The analogy of monkeys is the current and independent scientific discovery of the same thing by different researchers in different parts of the world. If negative programs get into our common Shield, through a critical mass of manipulated masses, then they will begin to affect all of humanity (this is how they make sense of senseless wars for which there is no compelling political reason). That is why ideology, propaganda and mind control are so important, for which the key is media ownership and the restriction of freedom of speech by both education (self-censorship) and silencing laws (one variant of disarmament laws). Similarly, there are positive programs that are implanted in the Shield by the spiritual work of individuals and groups (personal energetic work, group meditations with a clear intention). All of this has tremendous power, ideas are powerful scalar technologies that program manifestations. Thoughts (opinions, attitudes, ideas, visions) are generated by Scalar Morphogenetic Fields (structures of Partiki Grids), which, once inserted into Planetary Shields, simply have to manifest once in the Planetary Real Estate Hologram if they reach a critical charge. It's pure physics (so no 'wonder'): Scalar Shield Mechanics. Meditating teams of advanced monks in mountain caves can really prevent global catastrophes. That is why the Doctrine of the Masterpieces for Humanity has been taken away so that people do not even know how enormous their creative power is. Instead of actively projecting our Christ visions in order to co-create a common Planetary Hologram, we are forced to passively accept manipulative reverse programs to destroy it. Do you think that if the New Age movement did not serve predatory purposes, it could have existed and proliferated here for many decades? He controls tens of millions of searching victims, decently vibrating pure naive beings, which he abuses as bio-conductors for his pig frequencies, to gum the remnants of the Christ Codes in their personal and planetary models. No government minds because this is protected by the JRC. However, try to start a practice or clinic strengthening natural immunity, working with homeopathy and traditional Eastern medicine (India, China). You are immediately in conflict with the law and will destroy you in the media (Wandering Boulders vto), financially, criminally. The perverted state immediately recognizes who really wants to help people and intervenes hard. On the other hand, Mrs. Kačenka, who mows hundreds of people with the metatronic frequency of BEAST (AA Michael's Blue Sword), enjoys generous immunity and popularity.

Fight for templates

All invisible energy struggles are about models. All visible material struggles (human wars) are about planetary masters. About the control of geographical regions where the energy centers of the Earth Temple Complex, portals and gates are important. About obtaining energy keys and access codes to them, which are inserted into the human genetics of the local population. About the liquidation of the Human Guardian Race. Where the originals are directed, the energies of the Source flow through them, and biological forms also manifest there. Predators steal models of Christ's fields of life and direct them like power lines to their fallen universes. The originals have 2 energy values: static and dynamic. The static value is given by the very structure and construction of the models, which are energy units built from pure energy Sources: the price of their material. The dynamic value is given by the function of the templates, which they can perform, download the energies of the Source and manifest their contents: the price of their usefulness. Various examples are apparent. Price of telephone wire and value of telephone connection. The price of iron rail and the value of the ability to travel on it. The price of a canvas painting and its artistic value. The price of the biomass of a newborn baby and its value as a human or avatar.

1. Dynamics. The first step is to use reverse to bend the originals from the Source to the Black Holes as far as they can until they crack. It's like bending a gutter pipe from the roof, something is still flowing through it. The total flow is getting smaller, but the share of the Holes is getting bigger. This is how the models of our universes and their manifested real estate and life fields are sucked out for a long time.

2. Articles The second step is that if it bends too much, it breaks and the originals are disconnected from the Source. Now nothing flows through them and their pipes begin to eat. E.g. the energetic nutritional value of the templates and the manifested content (ie, biomass of the slaughtered animal) of our Veca system, which was pulled into the black holes of WeseDak and WeseDrak by BEAST, would ensure their existence for many billions of years of Earth time. So we're a fat bite.

All major religions are great Predators of deception, the aim of which has been the system of massively reversing planetary and human models for thousands of years (especially the last 20,000 years after the fall of Atlantis). Christians have their metatronic temples powered by BEAST. Muslims have their mosques and minarets connected to much stronger technologies (Time Rip, Threshold, etc.), centrally distributed through Mecca. New Age has it all. ArciDémon Michael's Blue Flame is the carrier frequency of BEAST, D-13-Reverse. The Purple Descended Masters is part of the reversed spectrum of the original D-15 Purple / Amethyst Flame of the Keerasha Field. Merkabe's Drunval Melchizedek is metatronically coded and rides on an anti-Christ spin. Furthermore, all possible healing and transformational energies channeled from the entire gallery of local and distant fallen races. Most people trapped in these demonic snares are unsuspecting victims and do not know what they are about. They were born into a program controlled by a given ideology and were programmed with it, without the knowledge of their enslavement and without the possibility of liberation. Or they found it themselves, in the belief that it was a pure path to spiritual realization.

love spellFight for Templates 1: Hyperdimensional Cone

A nice example of the struggle for the reversion of originals is the method of Inter-Dimensional ID Cone (IDK) described on pages 168-9 in the book "Pleiadian Light Therapy" by the goddess Amorah Quan Yin (Fountain, 2009). One is to open his models to the 'Pleiadian healers of light and love', which are the Samjas Luciferian Anunnaci of the Pleiades, a hybrid race of fallen Anna-Serafim of Lyra-Aveyon. Best at night, when one loses conscious control over what happens to him. They perform a 'dolphin brain resampling' on it. The Bipedal Dolphin People is a fallen race of Annu-Elohim Anya. In battles with other predators (Seraphim insect line, Omikron moth line, Odedicron reptile line) brought our Time Matrix to the brink of collapse about 570 million years ago. She was active in the fall of Atlantis. It resides on the fallen Sirius-A and Arcturus in the Phantom Matrix of our Veca system. The IDK method is said to be 'cleansing' and 'engaging the divine axis'.

The Hyperdimensional Cone (HDC, IDK) is an advanced space conquest scalar technology for the fallen races of the Jehovah's Anunnaki based on the principle of an external reverse merkaba. At the planetary level, a system of giant IDKs was implanted into planetary shields through selenite and quartz crystal matrices in the early Atlantis period, so that after their full activation planned for 22,326 BC (former Star Activation Cycle, SAC) and polarity reversal of models and thus el-mag . field, gave them dominion over the Earth. IDK acts as an interface between our living matrix and our fallen Phantom Matrix, into which it downloads our masters. Both at the planetary level and at the personal level. IDK is used in several ways, see points (I-III) below. (I) IDK can absorb originals and their manifested aspects and either transfer them somewhere else or destroy them. The first application is used to drag life fields to the Phantom. Depending on its size and strength, IDK can accommodate people, objects, cities or entire continents. IDK can be frequency modulated to get into the vibrational band of our perception, where we perceive them from light objects (beautiful glowing elongated plasma ships from living light) to fully manifested physical objects (silver metallic spaceships carrying the crews of Jehovian Predators from the Phantom).

(II) Other applications are used to destroy and crush Crystal masters (grids, shields) and reverse them to make them compatible with Phantom masters, where they then slide themselves without much effort. This also happens in the 'Pleiadian healing'. An extreme case of destruction is the implosion of masters and the immediate de-manifestation of the physical form: if the masters disappear, the manifested form produced by them also disappears. When the slide is removed from the projector, the image disappears from the screen. On a personal level, the observed cases of self-ignition (Self Combustion) correspond to this. It is a real ID phenomenon in which the IDK attaches itself to the victim's mercabian field using a phase-lock and accelerates it sharply, which cannot withstand the originals and fall apart. The homeless quantity of energy concentrated into a physical form (biological body) radiates in the form of a spectrum of interdimensional frequencies (evaporates), from which people perceive only a small part of what seems to them like light or fire. The described cases of self-burning are only testing IDK methods, so to speak, in the field, whether the parameters of the external merkaba are properly set to the current parameters of human biofields and can be used, if necessary, for mass elimination of inadaptable Crystalline population. The basic tuning and calibration of IDH takes place in laboratories where they have enough human material (like human scientists of octopus flies).

(III) IDK is able to receive, amplify, and purposefully transmit pulses of ID energies, in the form of invisible sub-sonic fields of scalar waves that destroy the models of target objects. IDKs operate on a similar principle as so-called Trumpets (Trumpet Technology). An exact copy of the scalar array of the victim's originals is created, wrapped in a small knot, projected onto the target, unpacked when reached, glued to the originals, resonantly anchored to their pulse rhythm, which then accelerates sharply: the material form of the object disintegrates minimally, ev. partially or completely demanifests. These pulses have the shape of a trumpet, which conically expands from the source towards the target. After reaching it, they expand into the shape of a cone or an extended mouth of the pipe (funnel aka funnel) and sit on the object from above and wrap it or wrap it in itself. Physically, these constructs are formed from particles of subspace meion fields. These are ID particles from the D-4 band that are not known to official science. These technologies have been installed on Earth for tens of thousands of years and are historical records of their use. E.g. the destruction of the walls of Jericho, the fall of the Tower of Babel, the liquidation of two crystalline cities - Sodom and Gomorrah - was done in this way. In the Demon Written Bible, this crime is portrayed as 'angels playing trumpets'. A recent known application of these 'angelic trumpets 'was the shooting down of two skyscrapers, the WTC twins in New York, in September 2001. Like these 2 ID antennas, other key US government buildings serving the same purpose are located at the energy centers of PIN's predatory networks surrounding the planet (Phoenix, Phi-Ex, Falcon, Montauk Matrix and many more). If it is necessary to quickly activate these centers - focal points of networks (Spike Sites) for some reason, then it can cause the destruction of physical antennas (buildings, structures) placed on them. This was also the case for the WTC and the area near the Pentagon, which sat on the energy corridors of scalar trumpet networks. It was obvious that the material aspects of the buildings would not survive the activation and it was necessary to perform a cover-up maneuver in front of the public. People would wonder why, for no apparent external reason, skyscrapers would collapse and start poking around. The predatory UIR, led by the Galactic Federation of Light, activated the Illuminati members of the JRC to order a terrorist attack through their own US collaborator Bin Laden, who they trained and sponsored and covert (in collaboration with Saudi Arabia). The maneuver succeeded. In full knowledge of the US government and other components of this planetary octopus (security, information, military, terrorist, etc.). Nobody cares that construction experts claim that the method of destruction of those buildings, analyzed according to video recordings, contradicts our physical laws, it is a toy to silence them.

In addition to the 'trumpet', the angels also 'play the harp', see the interdimensional HAARP System with its center in Alaska, which was an important element in activating the Phoenix PIN network following the fall of the WTC (more on this topic: Voyagers II, Chapter 20, script APIN Systems). Another known known reverse PIN network is the Serpent, sometimes also: the Golden or White Snake, operating, for example, through a selenite crystal base in Chihuahua, Mexico. New Age celebrity Drunvalo Melchizedek gave a nice testimony to the activation of this network belonging to the Thoth-Enkhi-Zeta collectives of the Nibiruan Anunnaki, according to their instructions, in his book "Snake of Light" (Rybka, 2007). Activation of these networks sometimes requires surface energy work, where human bodies serve as bio-electric conductors of ID frequencies, which they anchor through themselves into the planetary models of which they are a part. These are precise energy rituals, obv. collective, at a given time in a given place.

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