NEKROMITONI from Andromeda (this is a hybrid race of fallen Anna-Serafim from Andromeda, they are the founding and leading team in UIR)

  • They created evil-distorted Buddhist, Tibetan, and Christian Eastern teachings and occult writings.
  • They created the Luciferian-Satanist Bible on necromancy.
  • Creators of the Luciferian mystical teachings of ancient Egypt, Tibet, and the Mayan civilization.
  • They were at the birth of the Alpha-Omega community of Melchizedek Templars.
  • They organize channeling groups and include: Lord Melchizedek, Archangel Michael, Angelic Hierarchy, Kryon, Corteum.
  • Creators of Nephilim (Nephilim) hybrids of Anunnaki and Andromedan.
  • False channeling connection with the alleged Jesus by the so-called Master Sananda.
  • False exalted beings belonging to the Vairagi community.
  • Thule community.
  • ET contacts and channeling with Andromedans
  • Friends of Marduk's Luciferians and Marduk's dramas who founded the Omicron alliance.
  • Various Anunnaki collectives of Jehovah-Anunnaki and Nephite-Nephilim.
  • They are also served by their hybrid human / insect race called Men in Black.

LUCIFERIANS from Alpha Centauri A, B and C (C is Proxima Centauri) and the Blue Race of Centauri (this is a hybrid race of fallen Anu-Serafim from Omega Centauri)

  • They created evil-distorted Hindu, Sanskrit, and Islamic Eastern teachings and occult writings.
  • They created the evil-distorted traditional teachings of shamans, pagans, druids and wicca.


ZETA RIGELIANS AND ZETA RETICULES race ZEFELIUM, so-called GRAY - these are fallen Seraphim from the Lyra / Vega system)

  • Grays from the Zeta Retikuli system opened a portal from the parallel version of our Earth in D1 during the years 1903 to 1916 (the so-called Phantom Earth equivalent of hell, you can get there, for example, through the so-called Bermuda Triangle)
  • The Zeta government of the Rigelian and Draconian Confederations in the Orion system controls the MJ-12 group, the basis for a treaty with the Nazis, and fully controls, for example, the enslaved people in the Zeta Retikuli system.
  • They control channelings with Zeta (Grays) creatures, Zeta-Talk.
  • They infiltrated the Thule community.
  • Their man was the occultist Aleister Crowley.
  • They infiltrated the Black Sun community.
  • They were at the birth of the so-called Golden Dawn (at the Golden Dawn community).
  • They created metaphysical cults through the Enochian guardians.
  • They created an evil-distorted pagan teaching.
  • They collaborated on the Philadelphia experiment and on the Montauk project, in 1983 an alliance with the Earth and the Andromedian Rigelians was formed with the Earth.
  • They cooperate with the Draconian Andromeda Necromitons and with some Omicron Draconian and Odedicron reptiloid factions.
  • He manages the agenda of the so-called Big Brother, a well-known draconian intrigue to rule the world with the help of his Illuminati, the boys from the Montauk project.
  • Grays are also partly represented in the Nibiruan-Pleiadian Samjas Luciferian community and the Thoth-Enki Zephelium community. During 1983 and 1984, some beings from Nibiru, the Pleiadian Samjas of the Luciferian community, acceded to the Treaty of Emerald (amnesty / redemption, but there was not much against evil in this rebellion).

DRACORIANS or DRACONIANS (these are fallen Seraphim from the Lyra / Vega system, they control morphing - change of form)

  • They created the Knights of Malta, ie the Catholic Templar Order.
  • They created magic in Rome and their Roman royal Illuminati Remus line.
  • The Hibiruans infiltrated through their Pharisees and the royal Hallah line.
  • Egypt infiltrated through their Dragon Royal Line of Tutmosis / Ramses.
  • They created Mc Donald's, the Scottish line of robbers.
  • They created the teachings of the Nazis.
  • They created the mystical schools of the Black Sun community.
  • They have the dreaded Kurrendara-Dramin Dragon Queen.
  • They created the shamanism of Native Americans, Peruvians and Africans.
  • They created Haitian and African desires.
  • They created and controlled the Roman Catholic faith.
  • They passed on their teachings to the Toltecs and Aztecs.
  • They passed on their teachings to the Incas.
  • They passed on their teachings to the Islamists, they control the Taliban.
  • They passed on their teachings to the Wiccans and Gentiles.
  • They created the evil-twisted teachings of reiki.
  • They often falsely pretend to be groups of GAs, but in reality they are not GAs, but reptiloid groups from Omicron.
  • These include some Zeta Rigelians who allied with the Odedicron Reptiloids and Marduk's Dramin Anunnaki.

DRAGONS (this is a fallen hybrid human-seraphim race of Dracoons from the Orion Confederation)

  • They cause various diseases like the shamanic curse.
  • They create various false environmental disorders and visions (eg weather anomalies).
  • They passed on to humanity very dangerous dragon technology.
  • They control human-lizard shapeshifting - manipulation of the human perception of the form of their members.
  • They disguise themselves as angels, yet they are terrible ET demons.
  • They use astral projections to perform false sex in the D4 astral (incubus and seccubus) and at the same time implant their control implants into the D4 subtle biofield of such seduced people.
  • They use certain sound tones to damage the heart chakra in D4 and thus destroy the loving affection in humans through the astral and thus adversely control world events.
  • Collaborate with Zeta Rigelians (Grays) and Omikron Draconian Anunnaki (Anunnaki and Omikr hybrids) on-Draconians).

REPTILIANS (these are the fallen Seraphim of the Lyra / Vega system and Alnilam of Orion)

  • Their primary race is the flying "Gargoyles", a hybrid, winged human-reptiloid race (dragon moths)
  • They created the Nibiruan hybrid Anunna-reptiloid line Enlil.
  • They created the Taran-alkyon hybrid, the human-Anunna-reptiloid Beli-Kudyem line.
  • They created evil-distorted Egyptian, pagan, shamanistic, and kahuna mystical teachings.
  • They created their Roman royal Illuminati Romulus line.
  • They created the Sumerian-Egyptian cult of the crocodile and hawk and the Illuminati Horus line.
  • They created Malaysian leaders.
  • They want to appoint their Lord Maitreya as the only global ruler on Earth.
  • They created the evil-distorted Christian Western teachings and occult writings.
  • Some groups collaborate with Odedikron's Dracorian dragon moths, Zeta Retikuli by the Grays, and the Pleiadian Samjas by the Luciferian Anunnaki.

gargoyl paraphysics



MARDUK'S LUNIFERIAN ANUNNAKI (a hybrid race of fallen Anna-Serafim of Lyra / Aveyon)

  • They check the Nantra, Tiamate, Alpha and Omega Centauri downloaded into the Phantom Matrix.
  • Their primary breeds are "Stormy", a hybrid insect-snake hominid - Thoth-Enki satanic lines and "Stormy", hybrid insect-snake homid - Thoth-Enki's satanic lines and "Stormy" - blond hominids.
  • The perpetrators of the fall of Atlantis and the creators of the Lucifer Convention in 9560 BC.
  • They created their Illuminati Babylonian-Sumerian, royal Vicherous line.
  • They created their Illuminati Scandinavian line of Kings VI - the famous royal line of the Vikings.
  • They created Mc Gregorovska, the Scottish line of robbers.
  • Egypt infiltrated through their royal line of the Templar Hyksos, which is the starting point of the medieval Templars and today's Freemasons.
  • They collaborate with the Pleiadian Samjas, the Luciferian Anunnaki and the Nibiruans, the Thoth Enki Zephelium Anunnaki and the Centaur Luciferians, as well as the Necromiton Andromedans and the Orion Necromiton Black League (menacing community).
  • They participated in the distortion and negation of the teachings of the Druids, Celts, Gentiles, and the Christian Protestant Church.

MARDUK-DRAMIN-SATANISTIC ANUNNAKI (this is a hybrid race of fallen Anna-Serafim of Lyra / Aveyon)

  • Their interests are promoted by the dramatic dragon queen, the hybrid race of saurohmyzo-human form.
  • They created Seth's occult school in Egypt.
  • Their Illuminati are also known in the Bible as Seth's royal bloodline.
  • They created the satanic bible of necromancy.
  • They created Satanism.
  • They created evil-distorted Islamic and Jewish teachings and occult writings.
  • They created the Ku klux clan.
  • They distorted the soul of Rasputin and formed satanic channeling groups.
  • They collaborate with the Dracorian, Dracosa and Orion Necromitons from the Black Agenda and the Dracorian-Andromeda Necromiton hybrids.

ENLIL ANUNNAKI of Odedikron (this is a hybrid race of fallen Anna-Serafim of Lyra / Aveyn)

  • They check the Nantra, Tiamate, and Avalon of Lyra downloaded into the Phantom Matrix.
  • The Enki Zephelium race and the Marduk Luciferian Anunnaki race formed the Nibiruan primates-hominids, a slave race of Lulcus-Neanderthals, destined for gold mining in African and Middle Eastern mines 250,000 years ago (modern non-Neanderthal).
  • The Enlil-Anunnaki marauding race occupied the Earth from 148,000 BC to 75,000 BC.
  • In the period 25,000 BC, Lucifer's rebellion began.
  • In the period of 10,500 BC, Lucifer's attack on Earth for supremacy over Earth began.
  • In 9,560 BC, thanks to Lucifer's convention, the final invasion of the conquest of Earth began with the help of human traitorous clans in Atlantis.
  • In 9,558 BC, Luciferian forces conquered planet Earth, after which Crystal technology was withdrawn from Earth by the Rangers and the age of darkness came.
  • They created the Atlantean-Egyptian mystical schools of the Order of the Phoenix (PIN Phoenix) and the Order of the Hawk.
  • They created the shamanic traditional teaching of the Falcon (PIN Falcon).
  • They created Nubian, Mayan, Toltec, Olmec, and Native American (Native American) hawk cults and crocodile cults.
  • They were at the birth of the marauding Gauls in France and England.
  • They created communities of Free Templars and Freemasons in Europe, controlled by the Draconian and Anunnaki factions.
  • They are mostly known from channeling as members of the 9-unknown council or the 12-unknown council (in fact, the Nibiru council).
  • They were at the birth of the Pleiadian-Nibiruan coalition.
  • From the channeling, they can also introduce themselves as the Galactic Federation led by Ashtar Sheran, which is known in space as Emperor Ashtar (Ashtar Command - AC).
  • It is channeling from the Luciferian planet Nibiru and they are fallen Pleiadians professing Lucifer.

JEHOVAH ANUNNAKI (this is a fallen collective of Annu-Elohim, centered around a fallen avatar from D11 - Jehovah)

  • The Jehovah-Nephilim-Morantians line.
  • The main creators of the resistance, who very negatively altered the original Free Teaching from the Central Source, which is stored on the Lemurian-Atlantic-Essen 12 CD-T discs, these discs protect the Rangers - followers of the Emerald Treaty and are the most strategic material on Earth. undistorted learning from the forces of the Opponents.
  • They contributed to the negative distortion of Christian Protestant occult writings.
  • In channeling, they also present themselves as a community of Urantia and participate in the writing of channeling materials in the book Urantia.
  • They created the Temple of Melchizedek and the texts of the Mormons.
  • Creators of the Jehovah-Nephite-Nohassim lineage: The YHWH lineage, Jehovah's Bible stories, 12 false (evil) tribes in historical, Judeo-Christian writings, and the Syrian "Sons of Zadok."
  • The Jehovah-Nephite-Adam Kadmon line depicts the lineage of Jehovah, Sons of Belial, YHWH, Archangel Metatron (real name Anubis - Anunnaki demon).
  • Their other lines are Abraham, David, Moses, Akhenaten, Jeshewua-9, as well as the Sadducees and Pharisees.
  • Another line is the Ophanium-Enoch-Archangel Michael and the Tibetan belief system (Jehovah-Nephite-Draconians - Sons of Ball of Orion). They have very negatively distorted the Jewish teachings of the Kabbalistic Hassidic writings, destructively reversed the teachings to 10 Sephiroth instead of 12 in the Tree of Life, and deliberately removed 6 symbols from the traditional Jewish alphabet from 28 to 22 by Pleiadian Jehovah's Anunnaki (Council of 9 unknowns and Council of 12 unknowns).
  • Channeling groups and astonishing teachings from Thotus, Isis, Merlin, and the Archangel Michael are the result of the Luciferian community of Jehovah, the Galactic Federation, the Andromeda Necromitons, and the Nephilim Anunnaki.

SAMJAS LUCIFERIAN ANUNNAKI of the Pleiades (a hybrid race of fallen Anna-Serafim of Lyra / Aveyon)

  • They participated in the distortion and negation of Protestant occult writings.
  • They created the mystical school of Isis and the ancient Olympic gods of Greece and Rome.
  • They control Pleiadian channelings and UFO Pleiadian contacts (eg Eduard Billy Majer and his Pleiadian contacts).
  • They work closely with the Nibiruan Anunnaki Thoth-Enki-Zeta, Enlil-Odedikron and the Marduk-Luciferian line.
  • They created the Mahatma and the Rosicrucian spiritual teachings.
  • They control false channeling contacts with the Virgin Mary.
  • They are in alliance with Nibiru Thoth-Enki and Enlil-Odedikron Anunnaki, Zeta Retikuli, Andromeda Necromiton Hybrids and Centaurian Luciferian Anunnaki.

THOTH-ENKI-ZEPHELIUM ANUNNAKI (this is a hybrid race of fallen Anna-Serafim of Lyra / Aveyon)

  • The initiators of the Lucifer Treaty in 9650 BC, which includes the ultimate goal of creating the NWO (New World Order) or OWO (One World Order), ie the total slavery of the originally free angelic people, ie the master plan of Nibiruan, the Atlantic domination of angelic humanity.
  • They represent the dominant force of fallen Anunnaki groups in the struggle for world domination of the Illuminati
  • These include the Greek Hermes Tris-me-gis-tus.
  • These include the Greco-Roman Nibiruan lineage of Amulius and Julius Caesar.
  • Also, some Greek and Roman stories about the gods of Olympus speak of them.
  • These include the Mayan Quetzalkoatl.
  • They forced human tribes to adopt the evil-twisted Mayan calendar and the Nibiruans the evil-twisted Julian calendar in Rome.
  • They created the Egyptian mystical schools of Osiris-Isis.
  • They created the Atlantic Emerald Plates (copied the translated data from the Emerald Treaty-protected 11th CDT disc, which Thoth stole in 22,340 BC) and modified everything according to their interests.
  • They created an Atlantic mystical school called the Brotherhood of the Snake.
  • In 22,326 BC, they led a Nibiruan attack by rivals on the Indigo Eieyan race and massacred them on the Lemurian islands of Kauai and Hawaii with far-reaching consequences.
  • They created Thoth's mystical schools of Melchizedek's teaching of the Alpha-Omega Templars.
  • They control channeling contacts with intelligence, which introduces itself as Master Thoth Melchizedek and Lord Melchizedek.
  • They distorted Christian Protestant teachings with evil.
  • They created the Egyptian schools of Osiris-Isis-Horus.
  • Most of their groups were loyal to the Emerald Covenant until Thoth became a traitor and ran to the fallen Anunnaki Rivals and diverted from good to evil. He betrayed the Emerald Treaty just before the then Star Activation Cycle (SAC) and was responsible for the Eievan massacre in 22,326 BC.
  • Thoth later forced Enoch and his Kodazhim hybrid races to move from the Emerald Treaty to the Lucifer Covenant in 10,500 BC, launching the long-planned plan of the Knights Templar of the Lucifer race of Hyksos to control the Earth and establish a time of darkness and total slavery of the angelic people, a plan to the victory of the dark forces opposing the Central Source in the target period of SAC 2000 - 2022.
  • They work closely with the Nibiruan Enlil-Anunnaki of Odedicron, the Samyas-Luciferian Anunnaki of the Pleiades (primordial allies), the Zeta Reticuli of Zefelium, the Andromedic Necromitons, the Dracorians, Jehovah's Nephilim (the primordial allies), the Illuminati, the Lentarians, and the Luciferians.
  • They control today's New Age movement and seek infiltrations into the groups of contemporary Indigo children, who are trying to take auspicious paths from their humanity with astral implants.





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