Removing an Attached Soul

Removing an Attached Soul

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The most common symptoms of an attached soul: fatigue, a person is without energy, sick, etc.A person acquires an embodied soul: in drunkenness, by taking drugs and medicines, by surgery under anaesthesia (hospital environment), etc.

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a) great emotional bond - these are souls who do not want to leave their loved ones (survivors), they influence the person they have attached to, the person is influenced by their thinking - the soul unconsciously controls them!!

b) shy souls - they are ashamed of how they lived when they no longer have a material body and they are now visible without a body, they are in the aura of the person, because they don't want to go to a place of reunion because of what they did, the person perceives their energy and mindset!

c) materialists - even after death they cling to their possessions of what they have acquired during their lifetime, they attach themselves so that they can enjoy their possessions or defend them if they have been acquired by someone after their death by fraud etc.!

d) wandering souls - they don't know what to do after their death, they are not even aware that they are dead and why they don't have a material body, they dream their life as they lived in, they see what they have done - they live like in their dream... they control the alien body in their own way, the main symptoms of these souls are alien voices in their head or actually speaking in an alien voice...

e) addicted souls - during their life they were addicted to alcohol, drugs or other addictive activities e.g. sexual deviance etc., they sit in their favourite places (pubs for example) if they want to, they attach themselves to other persons to enjoy their intoxication again, satisfy their sexual deviations with similar deviants etc.!

f) vengeful souls - are souls who have been treated badly and their thoughts of revenge remain even after death, so they attach themselves to this person and control him, try to erase his will completely, force their views etc., they transform his personality and its plans, if the guilty person incarnates earlier, his abuse begins again - they force him to self-destructive behaviour!

g) prisoners - i.e. prisoners of time and space, they are imprisoned in the lowest astral sphere, they are burdened with the weight of their life, they attach themselves and live with their own misery and with their own selfishness, fear, violence and envy, they leave whenever they want to. On those which one they possess do not give up and feed on it, the possessed often end up in mental hospitals because they hear voices and thoughts – this way they hurt the possessed person!!!


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