• Removing an Incantation

    usually not done intentionally. This is a person who holds a deep...

    $140 incl. VAT

    EAN: 0731559016340
    Availability: Skladem

  • Removing the Curse

    CURSE - is already done deliberately, but unplanned, usually in...

    $190 incl. VAT

    EAN: 0731559016319
    Availability: Skladem

  • Removing Enchantment

    ENCHANTMENT - is a deliberate act that is prepared in advance with...

    $460 incl. VAT

    EAN: 0731559016326
    Availability: Skladem

  • Removing an Attached Soul

    The most common symptoms of an attached soul: fatigue, a person is...

    $190 incl. VAT

    EAN: 0731559016364
    Availability: Skladem

  • Removing the Larvae

    they arise as a result of strong psychic disturbance at some level...

    $90 incl. VAT

    EAN: 0731559016302
    Availability: Skladem

  • Phantom Removal

    FANTOM - resurrected forms of the dead. The imagination and memory...

    $90 incl. VAT

    EAN: 0731559016371
    Availability: Skladem

  • Removing an energy vampire

    ENERGETIC VAMPIRE - probably everyone has already encountered an...

    $190 incl. VAT

    EAN: 0731559016357
    Availability: Skladem

  • Negative zone removal

    NEGATIVE ZONES: are psychosomatic or geopathic.

    $230 incl. VAT

    EAN: 0731559016388
    Availability: Skladem

  • Protective aura Inscription - all areas (basic)

    You can make a general inscription for all areas: love, money,...

    $159 incl. VAT

    Availability: Skladem

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