Negative zone removal

Negative zone removal

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NEGATIVE ZONES: are psychosomatic or geopathic.

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Geopathic zones, formerly called dragon veins - it is energy radiating from the earth that negatively disturbs the auric (energy) field of all living things (e.g. you don't feel well in a room without any reason, you don't fall asleep well...). There are many ways in which geopathic zones are formed, they can be various underground anomalies such as tectonic shifts of the earth's layers, cracks, caves, underground springs and also places where different types of mineral rocks meet. The degree of harm is not always the same. It depends on the length, shape and depth of the zone. The mixture of energies radiating from the Earth in a given place is the force that affects you. The most of them don't bother us, but there are places that can upset our psychic balance with their negative energy... Then there are psychosomatic zones - e.g. you or someone before you has been in a lot of pain and this energy then affects those who were in that room or it can appear somebody has died.


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