Removing an energy vampire

Removing an energy vampire

ENERGETIC VAMPIRE - probably everyone has already encountered an energy vampire. It's nothing unusual. They are the people you can feel bad when they are around, they literally drain you with their behaviour and thoughts...Energy vampires are divided into: a) intentional b) unintentional c) temporary

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a) INTENTIONAL ENERGY VAMPIRES - they deliberately and consciously use our energy to make themselves feel better, become addicted to energy and behave like real drug addicts. You can often meet these vampires in crowds, on public transport, but they can also be among your acquaintances. Energy vampires include all violent people because they draw their energy from the desperation and fear of their victims.

b) UNINTENTIONAL ENERGETIC VAMPIRES - these can do the most damage, most often it is the mothers with whom we are connected by an invisible energy cord similar to the umbilical cord. Until approx. 12 years of age we are connected to her through the second chakra and share the same auric egg with her, i.e. kind of protective shell. After the age of 12 our energy cord starts to disappear and we get on our own, individual, autonomous bubble. If the mother has a strong need for the presence of the child - she unconsciously attracts the child through this cord and transmits energy to the child to prevent mutual separation. With this connection, the mother's energy turns into a suffocating substance or a very turbulent relationship, moving from love to hate and vice versa. In this case, the mother's energy does not allow the child to stand on its own feet, and in result of that they spend their entire lives together in a symbiotic union.

c) TEMPORARY ENERGETIC VAMPIRES - this type of energy vampires is the most common, if we are not careful, they can catch up with any of us. At times when we feel sick and want to complain or cry on a shoulder, we can drain energy out of other people who are trying to help us. Older people in particular tend to feel the need to recharge in this way. This type of people is not a particular threat to our energy and it does no harm it we temporarily share it with someone. The aura will quickly replenish the transferred energy.

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